Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, November 18, 1902, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. 40 The North Moccasins Have Yielded 11 Their ill ands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, NOVEMBER 18, 1902. No. 35 R STRENUOUS MARRIED LIFE \Fatty\ Campbell and \Moccasin Kate\ Soon Separated Too Much Whiske-r Caused the Trouble—Bride Compelled to Returti Clothes Lest Wednesday afternoon W. S . Campbell and Ada .11...,.ktity, two well known characters of Kendall, were uniod in the holy hotels of matrimony at Leann...wit. Mr. Crt - Mithell is better known as \Fatly\ Campbell, and Miss Ray goes by the sobriquet of \Mocettain Kate,\ The young con le did not enjoy the sweets of married life many hours before the fact that they were not suited to each other made nself plain, when it took lent a few short moments to die - solve partnership and break the solemn pledge each had mode to the other a ft% boors before. It appears that while the - iiewly mar- ried couple were driving from Lea istown to Kenilall where they were to begin their happy home life, rouse differeker ski opinion arose as to what \Illocirriet Late, .4ingjea should ,bea The question — Wriii Mit — argired to setY leegth, howevei before \lifitccarrin Kate' a:04: \1 siou'a Want to live with you, anywo y7\ \Fatty\ quickie replied, \All right, Omelet *Inee rinds 1 aroatiam for you\ awl at the half- ary *aim else complied with his comiesiode and took off the clothe', manor the ternsincier 44 the journey clad in an underskirt awl a fur coat. Sam McMurtrie and wife, who accom- panied the couple to Lea atm% n in order to share in the festivitiee anti inciden- telly give them good advice RP to bow to live a happy and contented married were retooling home with the brideh coople. anti nccupied the rear seat of e light toeing wagon, elide \Fatly\ and \Moccasill Kate\ rode in elle front PPR!. it would have been very unkind to eorti- pel any of the party to e nlk home after the disagreement, so it was decided that they would continue the Jon rney together and when Kendall wro% reached \Fatty\ and \Moccasin Kate\ would each -go their way which, it was nederstood. would be in oppoeite direction. Probably the trouble worthh not have occured at all had \Fatty\ not celebra- ted the wedding too freely by \tanking up\ on had booze. However, there is no use as to what raight have been. it is known that a hen the party were within aboot a half -mile of Kendall the booze asserted itself stronger ihan ever and \Fatty\ foiled an outlet for his streenoeity by trying to throw \Mecca - win Kate\ out of the rig. Then a bee fight ensued and •'Moccasin Kate\ al - Omagh not crazed by drinking cyanide, proved too strenuous for her fellow pas- sengers and dumped \Fatty\ out of the wagon, also McMurtrie and wife, then took hold of the ribbons and drote on, the wagon passing over Mrs. McMileitrie, but doing no serious injury. . The end was not yet over for \tatty\ though, HP he got into a mix-up a ith his brother who had heard of the discs - trouts (Wish to the wedding end proceed- ed to chastise him by giviniffiihi another poll nil, lot. \Moccasin Kate\ enrage' f the colt - duct of her husland, took of 10 wedding ring and threw it into a hrtf heap by the roadside. The next dg he took the afternoon coach for Lew itOwn, lii- forming no one where she wflul finally locate, but Stated emphaticalltt that she WOlild have nothing more to lid with him —\Fatty.\ As for \Fatty well, it all Seems like a dream, and he here not yet ciente to. Another Mill for Gilt /Edge Henry Scott, the first editor of the Democrat, was in the city Tuesday horn Edge. Mr. SCOlt 18 engaged in Mining . it; the Gat Edge ,listriet at preseet, being interested in the bond on the Monomial) group of Denies. The Whipple saw till la -gait eta mg timbers for the Altmottoth group Wednesday, and a great ainonne of Development is en progeeps. A new milling . phint *ill prob ably he erevied on the group dining the sinter, the machinery for it having been mitered front Butte.— Lea stow ii Delete chat. Grading For New Road. Work with commenced last Friday grading the bill ars:. oh the CtittorncLic oilier 1,..r a ro.,,is 1111114111 he made to the West Wu' kings of the Barnes -King Wins. It is 1.114i Iliteisllun of the Bo rues - king company to haul tint bet a for the mine 49. ii , re lie'lesher and let *hew Ii ase wine through a shaft that can . 464 - tH t.4, 40#W 11 ..10 1. waje erus l\ 4 14\ . \ + \it- foe •Alakkroi 1.1 4i,,t6 sJan netts to ililhatte#10 . jUat .. bielow . tlin open cut, kW he, e Ion en liven, and carry Owen throtigil long Willie -le to 'a here they were Otattle.l. A ft.Amil &teal oh t•Xtra so, k eat% Loi 46se , o14.1 4utlle 1.44a1 a tIP be united hen t lie new road us romplesvol. 1Winers' Union Donee The miner etUt K cettlall toe expecting to pee the seaciteet Hon of Ow bank butloing Hilly occupied by u :teeny . 1 lentil of daiwers Thoirksgiving niche. Every perpoi. a tin dances any they are viirg as+d mony tiekets are being ljeought by people a lee take all interest iii tin- t -amp anti have a desiie to help the Lep, along. Final Returns From Blertion. The official i•oinit of the votre east at the election Nov. 4 was rompleted by the comity cornutissioneia en last Tlittril ibty . afeitremon. The total vote of the empty was 2.350. 'the follow leg weee ast for he various eeteinlates: For. ongrese—Eveme dem., 832; Dix- on, rep,, 1,063. Supreme emir —Lealie, 'Is -m., 902; Holloway. rep., 1,162. Slate a -moor— A lexa tiler, dem., 1,087; waite rep., 1,153. Representative -- Hilaer, dent., 1,022; Robinson, deni.,.813; S.1 We rep., 985; King, rep., 1.089.. Sheriff— Slater, dent., 1,184; Mehl), rep., 1,072. County treaseirer—Shaw, dem., 1,045; Croft, rep., 1,137. Clerk and itecoriler— Hazen, dem., 1,131; Kelly, rep., 1,079. County assesror — Pick, dem.. 1,298; Foe ler, rep., 992. County eittortiey— MateGowan, hem , 917; Belden, rep., 1,217. Superintendent of (rebook—Mita Myersiek, dem., 1,505; McKee, rep.,723. Coroner—Tracy, dem., 1,000; rhtvid. rep., 1,057. County iturve3or- Hoge - land , drem., 1,Q96; Staihrit; rep., 1,066. Public selniinistrntor—Nave, dem., 922; Day, rep., 1 185. In favor of the amend- ment concerning comity commiasionera, 494; Nonfat, 477. In favor of building new $20,000 comity jail, 516; against the proposition, 549. !JOWL) FOR $40,000 Chntract Let for One Hundred Foot Tunnel other Development Work Will Commence Soon—F. S. Ack- crly Bought a Claim A impo rtantnuniing d W eal as closed 1 tIe) t week %%tenth may result ill Kendall 1 ving another big mill erected before I e year 1903 posses away. I. M. Ilubensack and John Latex, of I a hoot% ri, together with W. C. Knipe, Kendall, have bonded four claims I heated just north cf the Abbey unite, tithe Care -Wilson Cyanide Miiiirtg and dr velopinent comps riy, of Trenton. N. J., ifir $40,000. The duration of the bond is eighteen months told work must be per- formed contintiouely to satisfy the terms the agreement. A contract has been for drivieg a one -hundred foot tunnel tuid a force of men started on the woe k Mote lay, The claims named in the bond are the Motettaitt King, Big Pine, Broken Ley null North Poly. The elitism are prat - drolly undeveloped, belt assays on th$ uplice ton well enough to warratit C. alatlieesetteekawas 4wiestraisat-sst„ttie wont- .lartie.airtiout •rx penance(' mining untie, enter intotthe contract which at afnia a gte.ti chance to make millions for the et)mpany lie repo -rents. There are vu lie' ch.iens in the) vicinity hien alaegive a goal showing on tle mu - litre but they mot nottleveloped tunny depth. It has been proved conclusively by the Ileep'tiorkinga on the Abbey that eta. great belt of cyanide ore extends iii nor: Ilea). direction for pevend miles. The Abbey mine, at a depth of 4te) feet, has struck an enormtme hotly of rich cyrtnide ore, and the claims upon which C. A. Oise has Revered for his coin pony steel' a destirahle bond, are on the same Ltd I. it It Ii belt or vent of ore. Last week E. S. Ackerley aecured desirable tnining claim front Wen. Sinn!), of Kendall, for n cosh emoiderstion that will keep the seller of the property in Inxitry for awhile. Mr. Ackerley hns extensive interests in the virility of the Abbey mine, where 1111. property lie re- cently purchased 1/ 1 situated, and says as good mine\' will lie maned up in this district HP nny that are a Irctirly operating Jury Panel, November Term The following is the jury panel chotten for see-% ice (WON/ the jury session of the distri t court of the Tenth Judicial Dia- trict that will convene ii, Lea i8Loa it next Monday : John Branger, Bernard McDottnell. David Hilger, C. I. Wentworth, Mark Gage, Charles Lehman, Domes Taillon, J. R. Bevis, G. N. Alton, D. K. A eider - Ben, D. F. Beck, $1. Brass, Andrew Green, John II. Chortere, Phil Ling, Lewietto)%n; Chas. Nlilleird, Frank Moni- kers, Theodore Lineleaty, Kendall; Ed. Nave, Deerfield; John Brooke, Salt Creek; J. L. Kelly, Platt% Moe ; C. G. Bower. Stanford; Ed. Hart. Geo. P. Flitch, J. Moore, Ciarneil; Doter Bra- bant, Cottonelsol; N. T. Smith, Roy; Al. Sullenger, II. D. Ark a right, Great; Range; M. M. O'Brien, U. E. .McKoin, Gilt Edge; H. M. Packard, Barney Ras - ford, Neil Melanot, John [rest -hi. Two Jail Breakers James Burke tiral Loins Peuerson, two inen a it, were a, rested near Kalispell recently, were taken to Helena lost Thersdoy toed placed in the county jail. The men %era arrested through the effuriP 04 Poutolikli hopecior Beatty, of 'Orem Pans, on a rhaege of Its viug stalely property its I heir poesesnitut, intl tryieg to li ',pore of Ite 14, MM. This' property %hid' they »re charged with heaving stolen it' tt large (omit ity of one and Iwo cent stamp11. 'flue men would net way whrre they got - them . Tney hail been in jail tally a few days when they managed to effect their ea - rape, and in spite of the fact that Burke had a 20 pound Oregon hoot on, lie mon- eyed to get 10 miles away before recap- tured. He was at liberty only a few hours. Every honer in Kendall is rented anti the demand is not yet setistied. The note who advertises will not allow himself to be forgotten. lie is tulti aye ready to deliver the goods. - Ile (rovRio! Oki of WORN Is a Dtzuflul Head at Hair The croweing glory of a man is a Smnrt Hal ; and the place to get the hest and most fashionable - lists in this town is at our Store. We are pole agents for the celebrated Keox and Gordon Kos and carry by far the largest 'immurement of exclusive styles of the would reilowned John B. Slot' son hats. Every new ghape in these makes will be found here. lively shape that MP show, Ric carry in rteverel dimensions of height of crown and a idth of brim to every size, therefor-, YOU ARE BOUND TO BUY A HAT THAT WILL BE BECOMING TO YOU The man with a small face who wears a size seven hat, must not buy a big hat that looks Po well on his stout friend: and \vice -versa\ That's why you find so many men prefer to buy their hats at our store; beside., our price markings are the lowest, consistent lewietowe. with quality, to be found in SEND US E W I STOWN F.XPRRSS PAID ON ALL . YOUR MAIL ORDERS CIAlico PURCHASEs of si.,.. (1„, oVkit LEW1 , ,1OWN, MONTANA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 18 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.