Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, November 18, 1902, Image 4

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4. Kendall. Montana, November 18, 1902 KEND.AL,L RQNICLE 1St. Peters at Rome. This is a remind- l er that Kendall should have a church. • Published weekly where the big mines are situated. K. R. CLEVELAND Editor and Proprietor. ITIBBOBIPTION BATES: One Year $2.00 Six Months ... $1.25 Pay in advance and avoid the disagreeable dunning letter. A Cure for Wife Beaters. Kendall has t•to many wife beaters in its confines. Every few days a re- port is tin ulated that some one of these brutes was hammering his wile; in tact, occurrences ot the kind are so frequent that they have become com- monplace. One day last week it be- came necessary tor a lew men to call upon one of,these cowards and threaten In give him a dose ot his own medicine it he did not cease brutally beating the woman he had sworn to love and pro- tect. When, a person beats his wile he brands himself as a cespicable coward and should be entitled to no consider- ation trom his fellowmen until sui h time as he can see the error ot his ways and shows that he wiil not, upon any provocation, maltreat and abuse the weaker sex. The public whipping post, although a very severe torm of punishment, would be about the proper idea tor such cases, and ' there is no' doubt that one treatment could be sufficient to me a wife beater of the woi st kind. Repudiates the Supernatural. Very Reverend W. H. Fremantle, D. D., the distinguished Dean 01 Ripon; *England, has stirred up .a tu- mult in Church of England circles by publicly stating that he declines to ac- cept statements made in two of the gospels of the New Testament. In addressing a meeting of the Churchmen's Union on \Natural Christianity\ he remarked that they :were met on the threshold ot two 0 1 ... the gospels of what f.ertne4 • —the birth Of Christ trona a virgin.' His own uellef was that they ou,ht to leave that out ot account, bet ause, •apart from the first two t hapters of St. Matthew and the first two chapters. ,ot St. Luke, the virgin birth is abso- lutely nonexistent. y The next point to which Ilse Dean - arid attention was to the miracles. He asked whether it was irreverent to beliewe. that Christ himself made a di,.• .• tinction between what modern science would have recognized as death and the torms of swooning, of hysteria, and that, when he bade his disciples heal the sick and raise the dead, he was speaking of what would be accepted as possible by Scientific men of today. As to the resurrection, the Dean could not look upon it as a violation of natural law. The preaching of the resurrection in latter times was of a sptritual existence. Tom Johnson of Ohio has folded his tent and quietly gone into winter quarters. New York is to have a Roman Catholic cathedral that will seat 7 5,ecto people. It will be aso feet higher than Have you done the assessment work for 1902 on those valuable claims you hold? If not you -had better get in and drill. fThtv thousand excursionists have vsite California during the past two nt s. Plucking tourists is a great industry in the golden state. It beats farmtng or mining. J. Pierpont Morgan is now camping on the trail of the son oal business. As he has about everything else, he might as well take that and wind up the trust business. . Nat. McGiffin, Cascade county's de- faulting assessor, saved the state exam- iner a heap of trouble by having his books kept in a satistat tory manner. It took but a short while to learn the exact amount of McGiffiri's shortage. President Ruusevelt ism) the wilds ut Mississippi hunting bear. The black bear of the south will be tame hunting tor the President who is more accus- tomed to going atter grizzlies in the wilds ot the Rocky mountains. According to the report nom Wash- ington there ate $20,000,000 available tor irrigation. With that amount ot money a good many aires of ground can. be wet etOWn. It is to be hoped that Fergus county will come in tor a share. Tbe careless .hutner wh., thinks every moviog thing is either a bear or de. r, is so pit-intim that a spoitsmaii in the woods neve tan tell what fritafiroil he may be ptineruted with rifle ball. A wan take•a ,..outi many ham es on hi• lite when he goes out atter g.' me now days. Four mining 4 taints I ear the Abbey group sere ls.nde its $.,po,octo last week. It looks like a good may thousands vi dollars will be spent on dt s eloping • the inin,eral resout yes of _ this distlict the itisuing year. will be as ',vet% as am ta the big camps In the west inside t.t S 1C0 years. Omaha had a sensation last week that ereated a - great cimimotion Ifl church circlet. Rev. Wm. C. Rabe, pastor to a Gelman Baptist ctrurch, and Miss Agusia Busch, a city rids- ._ — sionary, were bound dead clasped in each other's aims in the tornwr's study at the church. lite) had been asphyx- iated by t scatting gas. A Grand Rapids, Michigan, widow has been awarded $2,soo trom a lodge of Modern Woodmen. It would ap- pear that last winter a Mr. Lewis, while riding the goat, was so badly shaken up that nectosis Wits the result, followed by death. Now days it takes a strong man to withstand the strenuous work of the average initiation. There is a good deal of trouble over the school book contract in Montana. The pri:e charged for school books is from so ptr cent. to 125 per cent. higher than the rate agreed upon. There seems to be no doubt but that some \crooked\ work entered into the A Complete Line of Sash Doors Mouldings Building Paper Fine Interior Finish Cedar Shingles Fir Flooring Siding Ceiling Common Lumber and Builders' Supplies How About That House? You will need to build It before winter sets in Remember we can supply you with Jutuber and building materials on short notice and at the best terms. Write to us or Call upon us Lewistown Lumber Co. Lewistown, Nonfarm Office and Yards: Fifth Avenue and Water Street. Telephone 77. letting of the contract to supply school books to the state. State Superinten- teirdent Welch is liable to make some startling ta insures it the difficulty is not .settled stain. The t ity ot Helena has been ad- judged bankrupt and the supreme court issued an injunction restraining t'le city from paiing out money. It is an unusual state of affairs and there is much speculation as to how the city can do business at the old stand. City, Attorney Horsky says lie has \evolved a pint\ that sill meet the situation, but his \plan\ has not yet been Made Public. Wall street is in the dumps. It was expet ted that after the election specu, lam,' would be' revived : But stn 11 has not been the case. , Site( uladve stocks are sluggish, and -prices are low' ar than tor some time past. From this condition - of affairs it way be interred that the investing public ate a bit leary tit the game. It may be that the shrewd ones are smelling from afar the general stump that is certkin jotke place sooner or later.. A gambling house proprietor in Spokane became mad because of an accusat'on made by other gambling house owners that he was running a \crooked\ house The gambler de- manded an apology and when it , was not forthcoming he took action which closed every gem - tiling house in the chi. It every city could have gambling within its borders stopped so easily as that, charges of \crookedness\ could le trumped up daily. Dr. Gaylord McCoy Successor to Dr Wiemer Office on First Floor Above the Post Office, Kendall, Montana. John Jackson, Jr. Notary Public Conveyancer, Etc. Kendall, Montana W. J. Wells & Co. ',gag The Only Exclusive Men's Clothing and Furnishing Goods House In the Judith Basio. W. J. Wells & Co. LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. Judith Steam Lapdry M'LEAN.d LITTLEJOHN, molts. LEN'ISToWN, MONT. , .01 Strictly first-class e•ork. „Particular attention given to Kendall and outside orders. H. SMITH, Agent is Kendall. Dr. A. 11. Russell Dentist Graduate of lloivr role, of M 11110SW Office and Residence two doors north of the Chronicle Office Wili it., to firnilttll from tho 10th to tool of • ttrin 111 nod III I,.. 1.10.11 from eh. 3d fo 0th CHRONICLE $2.00 A YEAR

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 18 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.