Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, November 25, 1902, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins rave Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest 'Foil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, NOVEMBER 35, 1901. No. 36 IMPORTANT DEAL CLOSED John R. Cs,ok Secures a Large Interest in Rich Property Watet Right Included in the Bar- gain—The Claims Adjoin the Abbey. Last week John R. Cook added to his niihitie interests in this Election hy eine- ing a deal with David Wareham. by 111t11 Mr. Cook secures tao-thiialti in- terest in revei at (Anhui) joining the Abliey mine. The dead is an imp.arouto One to Kendall, fir it ineanit I hut the Claims bons/lit %ill Ite develitia,1 with a viett to erecting it mill thereon ii the near future. 'there i8 ail entitle stapply of water on the preperly for the opera- tion of a mill. 'I he claims metititmed in the sole re the Black Tail, Pjne squirrel, Minolta le fitet. Magpie, Elk H0111 and interest in thr lbs creek inaction power mine. The price 'mid NI,. Cook hos seemed ill the hove mo- pe, ties some of ile• finest plospecis this district. Suutaiplee of ore 'tear ilie amines heave ansoyed 1111;11 gAs Itt31 to the tott,Wnd front prweent instil -ammo enough ore will lw expose , ' next wpm* lc/guarantee the ereetion uT a TOD. Work titt the Aidwir ie prov ....slang, the force of miners being rise/teed hug. This property . matinees to anew up well a nd jiff inlyttrra IlilVu reeently cently received ewer mow gratifying re- turns front samples taken front I he thine and itasayeil. Aetive Its Little It•nekles Allan MeLittigIiiiii, one of the hest known. initiere Vilie *dreffriel; returned to L wietown it few daya ego from the Little Reeky 1110111intins, where De haul been working in the Zonation Ptitetim mines for the t ia• months. He states thnt the Abler 11.1 klieg company im doing ,(insider - able rleveleprnent eork on the Alabama mine and their group Of eyonide l'Itlilli14 on the sontheast slope of the range The d_evelopment tunnels on the (yan- ide properties Lave expiated large quan- tities of good grade cyanide oie. One of these tunnel.' is 44X) fret in length und another is in 150 feet. 'flue company is also, doing some development on the Alabama mine. The August mine on the north slope of the range is Whig worked and is reported to be looking wet. Cox et Skaggb' sawmill, which Was moved from this county last month, is now located near the town of Lure - dusky and is cutting lumber for the new cyanide mill that will lie erected loy the A luler Gulch mining Co. Consider- able slum 1185 Linen in the Little Rock- ies within the past month and Mr. Mc- Lausrldin said that when he left there a week ago the snow was about eight incites deep in the foothills. t itonotway Last Wednesday. An exciting runaway occiired last Wednesday mounter about ten o'clock from the Barnes King hoarding noose, on the mill road. John Ronunstadt, who drives the milk wagon from the Stephens ranch, was in the boarding house delivering milk, a hen tile vionally gentle horses became freightened anti made st until run down the road its far us the mill, then tented up on the rood lending to II. I. StillW'8 residence and on down the steep hill in the rear of the CIIRONICI.K office, tit -re the horses he- l'arne detoched froll the wagon nnut were soon afterwards caught. The diumnge to the it 14l was slight and as Mr. liontinstnalt haul about completed his ramie la.fore the refine ity no person Wal made to go without milk HS a result. Moore Denee Next nigh , the Miners' Unitai of Kendall entertaill their friendo at a eningl ball in the new batik build big. Ninny people herentamt hew! sig- nified their intention to attend, and there will mu &edit be many come from neighboring tower , . Good mnsic hate !wen engoged for the amain/neat Anil the committee ui arningement is putting (fella u -very effort to intake the event a memorable one. Slipper a ill be served HI the Stephens lintel. Everybody IS I, hjallv iiivited to attend. THANSEIGIVIWG PROGRAM Public School lrattertalmonent for Wed- nerclay Afternoon. Seing of Praise-En .ire ochool. Regretted to Thaeksgivitig. LOGIN FOUND 'GUILTY Montana Train Robber Likely to Serve /4 Long Tern ,. Kama ville Tenn., Nov. 21 - Harvey bigan, alias Kid Curry. the NI/Intone robber and safe blower, Was found guilty c n hi ten coming of a nineteen a. , nut in- dicternetit in the federal court tido after- noon n . Sentece ens not iharreed on the Pri.oner ltv Judge Clatk, but coon was Ildjuitrued to Saturday. Noy. 29. st which time a motion (Of ft IlOW trial will he argued and if overruled sentence will be prononnced. Loiran, by the nualictinent, h a ts here famed guilty of forging minter) of batik ntfiCiallt to Montana blank mates ill six eounte. In passiibr ille mn and gal oey haring it hi hie pos-essien. Three counts in alibi' Ile is antr t ied 1 .1 hit eon - denting bank notes to the amoont of 0,620, were thrown out at the 1051 hill - (iii 01 the propectition. 'I he lamest punishment on the ten comite is tive years and the tnastrimin 15 years. Some uu( the counts tieing virtuality the same, Logan stands lo reeeive from 30 to 90 %ears. Logan stud his bend on lady 3, 1901. bet up a Greta Northern train lienr Warm..., Montana, opened ine expless voile by da m ynite-andu secred 000n $40, i of u-lantplete new 111411k mates of the Netball - el bank of Nlen na ta, the notes lacking Roll Call by Quotations the signatures of the bahk ottia•ivilm. -. Legan was arrested near this ei y um !Din...wilier 13,, Int.A.,,,,tio-ia abootatia tee i polivemeu and has been in jail son e. mu Salutatory Van lin mew. IfelOing of I'roclatrietion - Jessie I I 'iodine/au. song - A Ball for Ruby Primary PUP 1 ha • vt Essay - Thinitnissiving Da f _ Prank it vtu Itecitation - Thanksgiving Dinner - Gritting Jackstet. vIlf Ae0t4tie- Thanksgiving Song .ctiorus. ix Recitation, a character sketch --The Little Pilaf im - Nellie Bollard. Dialogue -What I Love -Arranged by Kenneth King. It Recitation -Some Things to be Thank - fill H etchings. xit Ditilottnis Firat Thanksgiving Song, Thankolgiving Day --Dora Binder, Tessie Palmer, Julia Ruttier. mit 'levitation -Thankful Hearts - Clara XIV SOlig-The Old Home Far Away - Grammar Rooni Pupils. xv Dialogne-Mrs..lonea takes tea with Mrs. Brooks-Mtviy Biglen and Freda Cat loon. XVI Recitation -Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight- -Frank Smith. xvit Essay - November Events - Boyd Bashavn. xvitti Chiang Pone by entire school. E. .1. Morison, of Lewiotown, drove over frem the county seat last Svinahly in company With L. W. Peck, of Utica. Mr. Monate' hasa extensive mining in- terests in this district and there will most likely be some lively doings on his claims by next TO SETTLE COAL STRIKE not touched upon is that of the weighing of veal lay the leed toe. 1Vhile 110111 a.ialaita have expressed a %%Mini:netts to settle their differences a00111 themselves, it la not to lie Nan - sullied that it carries with it acceptance of the terms prttiaeted. nil' are men- tioned 149. a limns, it Is oundetstood, from a Idyll it Pet .leit,eut is to he effected. LETTERS UNCALLED FOR. Lim of lettera lemainieg iuu this office towelled for Oehttier Si at. 1902. When eititine fttr there letters please say \ad- vertised \ Br ttttt ley T. S. Berk Win. I(eitedi..i It I 'loss L. 11. Clark Ore. It. Duvall Chas. Daly Martin I ultuliluhe Maurice 0 tin -en 1 s. Kepforil H. C. Kintip Lai intim A. H. McLatiehlin Duncan :11nrruty 1)aviti !dr Intyie .las. Meanly .1. T, Myer\ , J. W. Sendein J. L. E. N. Stoles Win. Steven.. \t n.. t o.tuniihu i. Stinlel NI tea Ititi hart. Wright Juts. .7. Wilson Mrs. W. 11. Winder Ben II. Williams O. JOHN JACKtlON, .1R. Post Master. THANKSGIVING DIN N ER Good Groeerle. Very Neeessary In Its Preparation. One of 'lie ti,nt thinga the thrifty hottsewde tote it, mind alien pre l im ing luwthalekaariying diuner is good grocer- ies; %keens tolinvii 'hem fresh, sad or the beet. qintlitp ; another ter) im- p/anent item is fresh, luscious fruit ; fled 'xtrivies• line Operators Get To g ether Ra d tier thaLkstelvois dinner is not complete Talk Matters Over a ilitottl it tooter of hell. She knees Scranton, Pa., Nev. 21. -The mine that lie hue Bakery can oupply workers, through their retwesentaikes. her welds in these ilit ugh because elle have agreed with ths mine oeiwrs Dos 'wen 'hew lief .ire. {tete she finds adjust the alifietesioes exhume twitters, choler atiihee meat mil! nice rostihervies, them outside the anthracite coal etrike gaud kLetiiawn sweet rider mot Kellum' - commission. The proposition was innate Dx.) celery thaai 18 ietaler mid crisp. Navel ntl a COITI promise basis anal mama no ions, oranges, haul lent P.\1”* Hell Flower it is expected, will be at once entered apples awl CAUL Ildat grspes. all Beata, neon, with a„rfiaatrelp , Into- of settle- 5411111 noel juicy ; and her every a imla is anent %interns the mid of l he iiii;iirators. +. 14 . 11611ra tit ate aril arteorted stock of 'I he rough proposition which is to lorin halt, tre-it trout. pike, white the basis of liegoliati6its Is ut 10 per cent. nee in %twee. a nine -haler tiny, end trade agreements hetet-en the minets awl the company by whom they are em- ployed. Only one of the four , denotnils umVwl.-r. iii hulk or in eons, atilt smoked herring awl halibut. 'Due Home Basket y flits Per tinier and delivers the wood.; 'Pete Hre lull 11'011110100114 :0 make alit tilt 10111t. stuff and she gels just isaa atilt orderr.t. No Time They're they'll fit would expert though in Stein There's (oecasionally the Wasting --No Uncertamity--And When STEIN—BLOCH 11.1!st 0 SMART ready for Yon to put with perhaps to have 11 Iligh-priceil latter case you are -Bloch Smart Stfi.00 No TA11.0141.:1) often and Trifling You Buy CLOTHES on now Pt trifling tailor make disappointed. Suits Upwards No -lo-morripi *Iteration) your and Overcoats Disappointment any time, and join as you clothes to fit you, SBND US YOUR MAIL ORDRR.8 E W CO I sTowN PARCIALCO. R X 11 ' , R A B I i ON ALL PURCFIA FIRS of $5-oe OVER OR LEW VsTOWN, Mu. IANA

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