Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, December 02, 1902, Image 6

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6. Kendall, Montana, December 2, 1902. HIE MIR Of OHM Most People Afraid to Think of Another Existence This Life Only a Small Part of Nature's Eternal Plan—A Bioadet Life Beyond So, blighting has this monstrous fear become to the hearts of mankind in this materialistic age that few peo- ple are willing even to talk of death. says the San Francisco Buuletin. They refupe to think of it. Not knowing what unexplored horrors lie beyond it, or whether it means total extinc- tion of all conscious individuality, they fly in terror trom the dread word. \Life the!\ is the cry, and they seek to shut out the grisly spec- ter in the whirl of business and so- cial . life, or to drown it in the clip of pleasure, or to hope—even if they do not believe—that religion has laid the ghost. Allowing for all that the various re- ligious and the theosophists, spirit- ualists and psychic scientists have accomplished to lift overpowering dread trom the hearts of men, the fact remains that the great thinking, toiling majority are Bull sure of noth- ing beyond the tomb. Few have, the hardihood to say more than \1 hope— but I do not know.\ The world has placed the laurel wreath on the brow of many a noble benefactor, out what honors and re- wards would it not heap upon him who coald place before it indisput- able evidence or immorttaity': Evi- dence it has had, of course, but not such as has been convincing to the great majority—the majority which elies on its five senses :cr the recep- tion and perception cot all truth. Yet, in this new century of unrest and of great psychic activity, there are indications that tne minds of the thinking people ale developing to a higher plane, and that greater evi- dences of man's mental ana spiritual indestiuctibility are being produced In a manner to appeal to reason as well a.; to faith, in t..,e scientific study ot the phenomena of \occult- ism,\ hypnos:3, (tali voaance, psycho- metry, thought transierente and the like, tne discerning e3e may clearly see the beginning of the flame des- tined in time to dispel t.,.e world -long shadow of the diead ueath. Take, for example, the simple fact, easily demonstrable by thousands of people, that thought can be aent through space consciously, from the mind of Smith to the mind of Jones. When you have proved that a man in the body can send his thought to an- other mind, you have gone a long way toward proving that a man outside the body—an excainate soul, if you please—can likewise send his thought to a man in the body. A man capa- ble of receiving thought by means of mental telegraphy has only to uevelop this power to a sufficient degree of delicacy to receive the thougat vibra- tions from the souls of men who have stepped out of their bodies at death, assuming that there are any such in the universe; for it is an esta'iliehed fact that distanc9_is no bar to the transmission and reception of thought — a mental message being as accurately registered from a sender one thousand miles away as from one who stands at your elbow. When this \sixth sense\ becomes more gener- ally developed among the masses, un- questionably Irwin be used to carry on these investigations into the great, overshadowing question of the immor- tality of the soul; anu I look to see tite dread of death, or at least of the annihilation, driven from the mind of every such individual, in the only really satisfactory and convincing way possible; that is, through his own personal investigations. Reason and faith and the testimony of others may be auxiliaries, but they are not sufficienc. You must know by reach- ing up and dragging down the proofs, out of the infinite storehouse of truth, for yourself. I am unable to join in the common belief that death is a \sleep.\ To me death seems rather the natural, refreshing awakening (of .the inner or \astral\ man) ,,rom the troubled sleep called lite. Life is a tittle jour- ney in the dark. There is an iron door at either end of the obscure path, shutting out most of the light of the eternal past and the eternal tuture. At birth we leave the outer void, enter this dark little world of phy- sical expression, and clang behind us the iron gates of Memory. There is a brief groping in the gloom, with out a feeble ray of light at the begin- ning, and a will 2 o-the-wisp dancing about the end of the path wnere we step out through the dungeon gates of death into the Infinite. The freed being rises out of death like a golden dawn out'of titter darkness. This wider vision is not new. Hun- ureds of years ago Seneca had prov- ed immortality for himself, ,efore he said: \lhe body, tieing only the coy- uring of the soul, at its dissolution we shall discover the secrets of na- ture—the darkness shall be dispelled, and a glory withot, shadow shall sur- round us. Nature that begot us, ex- pel us, and a better and safer place .13 provided for us.\ • amnditIons are not made alike by death. Death is not a leveler. It lev- els nothing but cages. We bury the tage. The treed canary differs as much as before from the eagle and the parrot. The fool before death is Aid a fool after he has ghee his outer shell, but still with the opportunity of learning wisdam. Socrates is still eocrates, though with increased op- portunities for a wider vision. Life nust be continual progress, whether in the body or out of it. __et a man's mental progress stop, and he is dead. , ven though still able to wiggle his fingers and toes, and to buy and sell. Fear is the child of gnorance. As a motive it is the beginning of all evil. If we fear death it is because we are ignorant of what is beyond it. Fear of the future perhrong --- - - prera lilt. Fear of anything shuts &no chills the aeart. Kindness and serenity and fearlessness open and warm the heart and, make human tire something more than that of the squealing rat in a nole. Fear of death puts youth in thrall, paints dread acmes the face where cheerfulness ought to he written, and sits, a hollow , eyed nightmare -hag on the chest of age. Fear of death spoils life, and it has been well said that the coward dies A thonsand deatns in fearing one. When we fear an enemy we invite the attack. We fear chiefly that which we do not understand. The mysterious is generally frightful. We fear and magnffy the Unknown be- - arise we do not understand its nature. A nearer, clearer view causes us to nass the bubble danger by with .a smile. It is perhaps not the unknown thing we fear, so much as tne belief in our nability to cope with it. When men know what life means they will cease to fear the pleasant excursion called death for the Key of life also unlocks the rusty gates of Death. That key, I have excellent reason to believe, is to be found by each for himself, in the study of his own Inner powers, through reading and phaychic develop- ment and personal experiment along 'he hundred and one lines of phsychic science. --When hag-ridden man can orove to hi a own satisfaction, without the intervention of intermediaries, that he cannot die, that life is eter- nal, both forward and backward, life will be sweeter and brighter and less feverish and less hopeless. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.