Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, December 09, 1902, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. I he North Moccasin.: Hat e vleided Us Their thousands and Hat e Millions Lett for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA,IDECEMBER 9, 1903. No. 3S BIG FIRE IN 1EWI8IOWN American House Totally Destroyed Monday Morning Lodgers Compelled to Make Their Escape by Means of Ladders— Defective Furnace Monday morning about four o'clock Leevistoe Ws citizens were a wakened by the alarm of fire. It Was Soon ascertained that the American [louse was the build- ing needing the fire Eighteen attention and the Lewistown brigade made all poesaile baste to the ecene. The thanes tied gained considerahle headway, how- ever and, s ith the the limited facilities for doing effective cork, the brave fire- men sere helpless to save the building front total ruin. The efforts of the the- me,' was first directed to saving the lives of lodgers on the second floor of the hotel, whose means of etymie by the stairway Nas cut off hy tire mid smoke. Ladders wen: raised to the vi iiilloaS ali.1 evei - y sleeper in tlw house wile quick( aroused cii I helped to gaiety, eotue ha y - hut oily time to escape with their lit es. No iejuriem Hie r-perted. The tirt , etssgtor 4to.11 4 useless, for when tot attempt Was made to operate it it ens (timid that the act KM of he machine wee froten solid. Ti\ e engine leid not been in nee for a mein ih or more and the eold spell of the hist few iltiym heel frozen everything stift. After the safety of the lodgers %VHS at- tended to. Mete was liothiliz Ihat could he done to hive the 11111'16'g and Mr firemen directed their work to the pro- tectiell of adjecent property. Marion Burke, manager of the Ameti- can Howie, WItS anabte T 1StiVe any or his R. D. Young who, with his wife. wen ! pied two rooms in the hotel. lost heavily. The hotel and (melt ore were ii.sur d bur for e hat amount could nut I e learned. c•Ptsaln Preston Dead. Capt. Guy H. Preston, for merly of Lewistown, and Captain 'of Company 1, First Montitea Volunti ere, died at Alio- Pottle, Montatia, Monday, December let. If consumption of the larynx. Preston at one (line conducted a drug business in Lewistown, where lie tied many friends. Ile ens a brother 11 C. C. Stubbs, of Helena, end was eel' •and favorably known in the capital city. He wee about 38 years old. Chios VederatIon In Session New York, Dec. 7.—The annual meet- ing of the Netional Civic Federation will • be held tomorrow, continuing Tarsals). and Wednesday. Special attention will be given to lessons to be I limed from . the recent coal strike. • The English workmen brought to :hie country by Allred Mors -ley will take pita in the deliherationn, together eat, Senator M. A. Hanna. former President Cleveland, Bishop Henry C. Potter and President k.liot of Harvard. Among others who will speak are Cornelius N. • Plias, Oscar S. Stratie, ArelibiehOp Ire- land, James H. Ecklee, former comp- troller of the currency; • Charles Francis Adaute; S. R. Callaway, president of the Amelican Loemnotive Wiwko; Edward I'. Ripley of Chirago, president of the A. T. & S. F. railroad; II. H. Vreelana,: president of the National Street Railway. ;16soviation, and M. M. Marks, preeiden0 of the National A ssociattin of Clothing' Manufacturers. It is expected diet the: heads of 11 labor tegitilizations at tend. cArIP AND COUNTY NEWS • 'The Entre Nona chili have ileeided, not . to have any more social .1;1111-ra tint ii fter the holiday sea -on is over. ; A rther ld'Antreniont, nottinger or lite Matlock store ill Kendall. and Liitheri Worden, of Lewistown, have purchased the Merchandise of E. A. Footeri in Lewistown, end will take pos,e'esiint oe theist of February, II003. It. K. Neill, maiimter of the Kendall Gold Nlitiing Compeny and E. W. Kieg., manager of the 'times- K Company, left for spokiine. Wash. lasi . l'ilemday on important mining 1.110ilieS../ . rhey will visit Dent Cr, Colo.„ before returning to Kendall. When m 1.0Wisloa It don't hi -get to and inspect lit-' beautiful 'toils at Madame The season's best styles at lowe,t prices ;-also drit.einitk lig. C. W. Kelley and II. A. Alonitini will, on January h. 1903, 411.1.11 . 441.1, ill I lir ...let:1Hk: light littilding iii Lewistuu 1+, where they mill deal in teal estate, loatie and illiterate, end do als.trailtilta, C.4111- xoyauwitiu, etc. Tlitt arm alliOWC will he Kelley sk Moutemi, IA -who're - Wm onion labor people ark soaking war on the Ciiimitiotti of that town. Every ;termini who employs a Chinaman iti ttreferrotor to it white maim Wit km ii hardship to, Americium tilsor Kendall is forluna . te in not having ally hut %bite labor employed within her boundaries. • The Morris Sloane rends on I.n v.r creek,'s high is conaidered one the best (arm raitiches iii Ferens county was a..14 In t-we,k'ui 7. r. - Frook, oftiartrrti City, Itlieetetri. $10,01)0 being the price peitl. Cook •& Hager, the real estate dealt -re eegutiiited the deal. George Flook, son or the purchaeel, e ill more with his family oil the place in the spring. TINE FOB BANTA OLILIIIS Where to Ray Pieventa - for 4dIni , trYounger Volk -Xmas ttrocerlgoi If you are puzzled abouta hag TOII shall huy to fill yourchildreWdtotikOlk, Christimia eve, jtiet step in at L. Reim's. Fl.' Bakery and ask the genial *lel obliging malinger, Mr. H. Smith, tottliow, you their line of Xmas goods. The stoek iticlutles tiledre, toy piamis, drums, dolls, bookie games of all kiwis, orangee hen. alias , cendieri l mas aed, iii fact . , r Very - thing a child emit( desire. - Mille the store give a thought to what you will need .in preparing your Xiiine liiilier mid you will find that you can It -re satis- fy your wants Met way. The more carries in stock fresh, crisp and tender Kalamazoo celery, nice , eranberries, sweet cider, minee ineat,.ititer kraut, dill pickles, fresh fish, oysters. and Many desirable and seasonable deliett- cies. The Home Bakery is fast waking it reputation as beings Inure where the ' puit-linsing public can cell for an article anal be smite they will get it. Customers of this store are always well pleased and they generally tell their friends tavola the advantages of trading at the Horne Bakery. WIERM STRIKES IT ROI 4arted a Force of Men Mond y Will Control the --Some of the Richest Samples in the District . D. 0. Wareham, a well known Stock : . oriii s.f Fergo9. voiloty, •-x oects to' lie Ii inillioiliiire - Soine Ione ill Ilie hear fill ilre • and . the chalices are favorable, that he will ti'auet more motley than he can •petitl in ii neinral life time, be lie ever so ex- travaemit. Mr. WHrellalli huti mincral elaimelui Ilan' distriet that Itstic mighty ititsl to himself end others who have ex - smite -at it, and know whateemplem, taken :it random, have assayed tit gold. Witre- ham stales that the richest samples yet reported in this district have been takrn (rote his property., The lucky oe ner of these promising eliHnibi la not dispoeed to sel/ or bond them to any person, but will develop awn' himself. NIontlay mornieg he noirttd four men at work driving a tun- nel, and it i5 his intention to increttet: this force lu time to time. NAhett of her death, a post mortent examina- tion was made Friday evening liy Drs. Stoll and Wilson, from a hieli it wits die - covered that She died from heart titio.ape. She seemed to be very mulch affected by to Work the death ed the little Cooler eirl whom she Was attending and that fact perhaps hastened her own death. She rittlit• here heal Whiekey Gulch, having come to thetjilatce 111)0e1t4wo months ago f Property Himself Helena. • All efforts to locate city of her relativeri except is little three year old child being kept by a privitte family in Helena, have been without avail, and stir was levied Sunday afternoon au ' t ee o'clock at the expense if the inanity. , Mat PIISLIC SCISOOLS • Parents Are Urged to Co-Opers , e IVItti—Attendants« Not Re a talor Tile follow lug pupils have neit her lire . n tardy nor aliment for the mentli air g Nov. 28:- Allen Abbot. Frontlet Bigler:, Latureece Bijtleum, Art her Barnes., Sleuth- Gemlrow, Jessie Hatchings. Clyde kInt- eltings and Clara Ridell. Patents are rano...Hy iegliested send their childarti legnItely, as their abe.etwe fmui school m tut only themselves, but does a great injtuoit.e Iii those who . attimil regtilarty. Parentsabondl remenawr that ..\100 application , stud min..' nal tiitetottnee a..ancement sehottll necessary I v atoll teachers/ cal, accunit•lisli very in this u-e-ct tulsa t•ttielliSrii-OVerate with their hiehee. Call and see the }Inept line of die - twee\ usivingh ore iu *wilt to - ansiesatve i•susittets, is isseltest. jeurli y, ete. et er , theereettoii of H mill, it will is. b o th ,litovit in Keethal Tit A NI. l'erreld'm .witlemet delay. ; store. All a rt t. les nicely ei gloved bee 'Tha claims under development are the Of charge. Itei.eut Is. r 9 and lit .Stsmil-l'at nod Arizona, and are situated at the north end and adjoinieg te iiut the: hut rules- tiled elaims, Viz: the Horse sdioe and thellule Shoe. DIED Or HURT 'MOLE. Mrs. Garnett Xing, a widow, kapired Alter a- Brief litetHan Lewistoe ii, Dee. 8 :— Mrs. Ga Ong, as idow u•oinan who came . here a iew days ago and Into been employed by .Itthe H. Cooper to nurse his two little girls It -ho %ere sick oh scarlet fever, died It the Beat residence Friday often total at one o'clock 'titer a Phort ill u,esp of scarcely leo days. There being some- what of an illicertafilly on the part of her atlettding ph ymician to the cause T. 1913E11 The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker has opeeed 14 shop at, C. II. W iflii s' 41, 111/ 910 , r LEWISTOWN where you can 9:e! your match ielisircil situ hull Iii as WO I 14der its the ,lay i t lett the - litt•to Y\ ; ells) jest hy icintired and m es lesteity Mode to 'ogler lion' Native tio . ...... a iloment! . Think Po yen think us possible f,ir the merchnet tailor. e Ito tmys a fe•A yards of Moth of 14 piirteril,'....1 employs a handful ef tailorit for a fee months eaeh year, to't)rtwfuee clothes at the hutment possible cost? He is lie is, simply a retail tailor,. The Stein=Bloch Co. are Wholesale Tailors They buy trieiteands of yanls where the retail tailor boys one; they ern - yin, thouagsan of tailors where he employ's a half dozen; their pewee,' of i leitoring ate the @One el his, \tar greater Pee' etive ability. It rger pur- chasing power, tremendous outlet, scientically equipped teilior shop'', I everviltingshme•611 the brondest scale. reiltwes the vont of production to It minimum, While wt the sgme time the skill of enrii opera' ive is (let eloped to the greateet degree; and, the rernIt is that yon Ilia buy Stein-tiloeh --WholvsaleachstotroTailored Clothes that will lustily ao well as setimfy you ., - - At Less Than Half a Good Retail Tailor's Prices Snits snit Overctiai is frote $1800 t! pail rile. . IIIPRESS BEND US E W I STOWN PAID ON ALL YOUR - CO V iiiERCiALGo. PURCHASES 'MAIL I ffhoe .6 0R ORDSR8 OVKR J,F,‘11ssTOWN, MONTANA

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