Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, December 16, 1902, Image 1

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• ti 14 • • KENDALL CHRONICLE lb:. N o rth Al occ o l st n‘ Hew. Vistde.41 I Iro Thrir Throlafinck mod Have 'Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, DECEMBER .6, 1902. No. yu 10041 WILE GO RHEAD The North Mocca!in Mir inr, Camp Is Pern an:nt No Doubt but that Many Rich Propositions Remain in an Undeveloped State In a mining xiiiy ltiidisIl ilisfrjotis in ren arkally i Iter 111111.14 property being sought niter 1.y outside 4-4.p.iaiists, hilt the active operainins 1i1111.Z tali are producing g testilis la o mins at work me turnin g . tint Millie, at a in at seldom i4 filmed eliterprim• and tile III- (lIc,,8 'mkt' are hulL Other 11011. WIII Ise amied in 1. 11,1 lt,Ini0 Iloti tone igext yestr. Fortunniely tor . hest interest. - of ilit- disti let IL his eirvrr rec.•tved a black eye; it nits too had a boom follow- ed by ii collapse, am Is sti often 1 110 Valle Willi !wit Wining 1 '.1 111 1111.1re,s here has h. en ronservative and of it most twalthy chat :icier. lo no district in Montana .1. ...e tVesi, 1111s ii g.elit.4.1 iiiii 1,erfs lakeu tali of life moonlit', ear, tut- r•am•-• •.1 invest Men!. ne Iii Kendall. It !nay lie said Itlott.1.4.4 • wo 04,1 moo,. leic, ,M Li flue halls iii au k, nave paid from 4 , 110 , ter/1141 1 1 , 11.1111'. 1 6 1.1 . 1111. 1 / 1 1.1 6 4., 11 Ihe /0a/4-Mem 4.11 Mr aw.ct of she Kendall I. Ilsa„ Ii7o0,1100 it nil hi Of Olt- 11111.• been opt-t.e.1 up al an expense of lege than fits,110O. iii the Barnes -Kin g muse It n as • case of tas g e moths right front the start. .1 Wit i uuiitl tifort A'elmoloie goalial In I lit- district yet to he d ev elop e d theirs Ion a/4131411AV ter 111. '1 1.clic , ty a wood mall ski end mining ms it, and they are ma- ting forth efforts to g et en oit the ground -ttntir. gy 11 11 gaintal itislicismslY expended its Kroshall 01,41 art will yield great rents is. The lime is i not far 'Ins- tant %hen Kendall vi ill lie the largest gold vamp itt the west. Things are head - tog that nay now. - John It. Cook Returns. R. Cook arrived ii letvlall'illeS flay of this week, afier it two months' alayin Spokane, lookitig after his inter- ests that -eity. r,,,Co o k will . remain in Kendall for it sine time awl devote his aitentimi to the development of, the mines ill 141,11:14 he is interested here. _ Refurnrd I\ • • 8 ful Trip Mr. N. Butler, of the (inn of II. Greer, 1.1att St Co., of Kendall, retorned home Saturday fr ,,,,, alai) months' trip in the INIiisselshell country, %here lie a as re- tailing mereliatidise. Mr. Butler repot Is the pe,ple of I hat country to be pros- perous and lie says there iP plenty of snow and got id r•leighing iii flint region. He left Kendall again on the Ifitli inst., and will Ise an ay for an indefinite period. McCormick (Jot the Job James II. Nla'otmick ham been ap- pointed the NIontsinsi agent for the Gold RePf Mining Conipany. %%hide purchased the Gilt Edge mines of the Great North- ern Co. last fall. Mr. McCormick is well ansl favorahly ktion II in Kendall where he was employed as foreman of the Barnes -King mine for some time. Ile a ill be located in Gilt Edge. CArIP AND COUNTY NEWS Kendall is more prospeirms today than ever lit -fore and businets is steadily in- creasing. Mrs. Ernest Eltliage left on Motiday's morning coati) for Lea i'-town, returning borne the same day. There is good sleighing now 3111t1 the stages are making record time between Kendall and Lewistown. lien Hester has Iwo man employed iloin ' g th e warriontiriit work on tlie\19110\ elaini,sitintted 4-ii•t 4.f the Fvpiator. Mrs. John Bight -n, of Lewiston st, visit- ed Kendall friends it few (lays last. week, returning to her botneNlonday morning. The new road leading tip tothe list rites- liog mine ts essatspletest and in nor by IraniSterR ii ho tire required to haill bers to the tipper weilkituas of the mine.. w 1,1, n if & D ra per :or having Ilse patented ground in the gulch just west of the Kendall non iisiie, sIll veyr,1 Iii? lowit 1018. 0. F. Wasmaffs,lorff is tl.ting the surveying. Win. A. Gordon, of Lewistown, 14 :10 11 passenger Wu MintilaV Moo \In- go: lug vouch. Mr. (Torsion haw 'seen plias.- mg a rouniser of gasoline lamps in Ken- dall's liminess booties. The dennots1 for coal in Kendall seems to he greater than Ilse supply, ansl orders . placed tor that Oiled oh 11101 euuist 141111 several slays lwfore . hwiitg tilled. The Kernes-King will is a large con,uttser o' Furs Paul Smith and her sister, Mk, R11 1 11 111 .. f 4111, . 6 .. ... 1 t.li11.111 for LeWisttiWII t I Wedtiesdav's voitch. Mrs. Smith %till spend PA couple of weeks at the home of her parents while Paul is limiting for deer. Keenhal's lensinfres men alto look iihratl, great 'woo for the camp next spring, slid they are making eprirtiliOnft lii handle the inetea-asl trade that will sorely come to the grea - est gold camp in the Weal, for the I amp 'Merickle & McCormick, of Kendall proprietors of the stage line 4.peraiii g bet wren Krin11111 Mai Le ‘• 'stow ti awl recently owned hy M arv ,. y are two of Kendall's most entsrprislen: imsiners men. 'Hwy have evei y confi- dence that Kendall %%111 grow iii rt it strides, and they are increasing th facilities to Itat.dle 2111 ever gr.% log t rad , in their livery stable 1114 At ell as oii II - stage line. Many People Com. 111101 iiis The rtwir colielfee het wren Kendall and Lewistown are erowdeil wills passengers daily. Nlany of Ken- slall's residents leave visited the county 10•81, 10 1111 1111..1r X11131 4 141111111/1111Z, Alloll numerous to rang •15 1111111 6 to Ken- il;ill in search of profitable employment. We do tio, hear of many going aWay ihI- It ppOi SOME $1 AND $11 BILLS H. Smith, M•nager of the H • it.akery, moi AC01111111111111.1ne rellow Great hes been the -demand in K en dall Ion $1.00 and $2.00 hills it-' ently. 1mi they have beet; very scarce. II. Smith, nimiager of the Home Bakery, always oil the look -out for the needs of the, public, sill hereafter have on hand an ample aupply of money in $1 00 and $2.00 bill-, for the accommodation of the store's II NEW MINING COMPANY Will Operate a Mill in the GE t Edge District Hive Some Valuable Property Under Bond-Davil Scott General Manager • Articles are being prepared and it ill 801111 he till,' ineorporatine. \TM , Main- lobth firomp •tiold Compally,\ Ilint0r laWm 111 This property is militated iuu the Ktlge district and was r e...• t oly lu tea for a large stint ley Nlessrs. Jones. Full and :%latiliews to I favol Scolt, represetitativ.s of the invorporalors. 'I lie capital stoek of the vottipany shall lit- $10,000, the saw,- lo fully paid alai Ttir curfotroir est-tenee of the. 00111 - pony sli..11 lie low II lier10.1 in twenty yews, and the iviotnep.s. la 1 11 he PlIper- eised hy a hoard of tire trus ves. com- p. isitut , lie foll , ,wing prr000r -F. NI. Baker, G. Crowell, I. \I id Aiehisoti, Kits . hiiivi.m sleott, Jr., 4.f Gil , EAste, \l ehululu.. alssi itully ficol , f, of Cripple Creek, Colo. L. , 291ISsos..4.4 redas•peeny..a ill le-. in A tele- hem. kflo • ClseY.'Istoe. NVY•uffii.g, %%MI lily principal otti,••• ii ',col -lop it, Moot Tile rrefiural wat.altr. l 0nefil Si oil, Jr., 411 Gill Edge. .stea that eettileithin is r apitily v isiting 1111. WI1114 of develop- ment. A mil. to filmy 111104 1'.11.3.11) . 11:114 open rervted• upon the property and, I kilt. it IS eXptm•Ird, Will t,s-iuu i.c.ive °pet- , anon within ilort. the iloteloinery , th e n -our Iuussiug in tw et. it (nail II•ir- lowisat su Gill Kdese. Al. rady souls t etity men tire liii Ills pay roil iii this force %ill l's- inert...bred us einsiltillilitt may It -Otis hI has opened a shop at C. H 'Hes gorily is mequestion- drug store :illy one ni Ilie righost 1.riptoillinlia ill LENVISTOV7N the Judith mountains, mid alit become 'here you (-UM g et your watch it -paired \'I rich it pn.ditcer as the other misses and 1 .1st hlu lip g r iN.P1 order HP Ille day It left the \(amity •\ • HIP° jet; ry repaire.1 A 1 11111111 6 11 111 the vicinity sif Valge.•- and s jewelic made to order from L- , wistoan eituvrait. Native tiohl. NEW HOTEL T1 1 / 6 Flot•hIng Touches Are 11101it6 011 Will Soon He Brady new atone hotel of W. A. Shat t lee is now nearly completed. Extra carpev- te,s aid lie employed to milt to a finish what woodwork mititiins undone. The painters are on hand and have commen- ced their work. 'rite large kitchen range IS in place, and the hotel furniture %%ill be here 31,114 ready to put up in a few clays. mid rally next January the hotel .will be open for the reception of guests. Carl Grunwold, who has leased the Mid l- ing for several years, is an experienced hotel man, anal Ints 31 host of friends in this district win, wish him the success lie PO Well 410PerVell. -- Meat Market 811111 Last Sat urday a deal was closed a here- by Mersrs. Robert Scott awl W. N. Wareham came into possession of the Kendall Nleat market formerly own MI hy 0. Wareham. The new manage- ment is 'flakiest arrangements to entirely overhaul and re -fit the market building, putting in a new floor and re•modeling the reIrigersitor hoz. Mr. Scott. who is bong experienced in the nieat business. says that they will soon have a Meal market in Kendall espial to ally ill the county for supplying the it ant• of its patroii• with the best of everything iu their line. John Jackson, Jr., is agent its Kendall for the I. trealan's Fund 1 tistiritente C o of California. lie %mild he plearwsl to call upon you . sliyuld you Cate lo discuss the metier Uleifilfg your tattitlienes or valuables intoned swiftest loss by fire. ZWELEI I. W. WARIth The Chrosometer Watch aid Clock Maker 11118 iii 5 ' Think a noment! Do yon think its possible for the merchant. tailor. who - buys A few yards of 1 . 1otli ssf a pattern. soul employs a hanalful id tailors for it few iiiii ti I his ra ,.11 year. :o producr clothre iit time lowest possible cost? He is lie i... simply a retail hsilor. The Stein=Bloch Co. are W holesale , Tailors 'cliey itny thointaiat• Ill y a nig where the re•tail tailor hieys one; they em- ploy thousands of Itsilore u herP114. employs a half dozen; their process of tailoring ere the Pattie MP lois, \ il ly mr ...,, ter executive ability. Larger pur- elisasitist potter. tremendous nutlet, wieutitictilly equipped tailor shops, every I Ii is thine t at sloe ilio;a1-111 Sololo. reeltires the cost of Production to a minimum, while set the 'tante time the skill if Huth operas ive is oleveloped to the greatest degree; and, the rertilt is that you esti 1.ity Strin•filovh Wholesale-ctsatont-Tailoted Clothes that will gratify as weli as satisfy you At Less Than Half a Good Retail Tailor's Prices Suits a ml Oven- t -tits bon $18.00 Upwards. SEND US E W I STOW RXPRESS PAID ON ALL N YOUR MAIL ORDER' COMMERCIALco PURCH P. SEM of A5.00 . OR OVRR LEWISTOWN, MONTANA patrons. Subscribe for the Ctittosucui, $2 a year

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 16 Dec. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.