Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, December 23, 1902, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. 'the North Moccasins Have Yielded Un Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA. MEMBER 23, 1902. No. 40 11 BIG DM IN PROGRESS Impertant to Kendall and the North Moccasin District • Seveial Million Dollars Involved— Means Employment for an Army of Men There seems to be no doubt loat an eviornitins combinatTon of CititifaT will stem have full vontrol of the Kendall, the Woldorf-1)nsper and the Batmen -King noint•e in the North Moccasin mining dietrict. It is persistently rumored that such a deal is as good as closed, and while it is impossible to leant the full pa rticulara (of i he progress of the bargain, reliable information picked up here end there is most assuring that (ally a few oleteile remain to complete the .heal. Should sucha c naolidation t mike place, there a ill he inemenfoe activity in the properties to he controlled by the big corporation, and limey thooliaands of dollars will be expendeol aool hunolre'le of men enoplooyed in thoorolighly prospect - mg awl tleVeloping their possesaions in this district. The ore bodies that would rout rolled by the new corporation see large enemy/1110 verartrtnee\fthesiirect eiun id a mill with C daily cepaeity of 1,0n0 /IMP of ore. and the two palls now in operation rout(' he kept Tootling also li is certain that ehould six million (hol- lers, or thereabout, be expended for the purchatte of the big tooiness je thiadistrict that no time will tor lost in putting the properties in position to pay dividends oil the ieveatment, and to do this the daily output would be increased several , times. what it is ea torment. %Allen it is known that a deal inrolv- ing Pil much money loot been consum- grimed, (athl it surely will be,) Kendall sill he given pr lllll Menet-, the like of %hint has eo tn e to lint few mining ramps in history, and capital seeking profitable investment will be attracted to this district, and it will not be long below an army of men will be employe.; ileveloopieg claione thin are now lying iifle, sailing for capital to become iwei- ested end be wl-e'y,expenoleol in inocov- esiog the weintle that reitteine hiciden in their depths. There is also a vast amount of mineral gt llllll d in the North Moccesin noomobeins that has practically never here scionclesol with the prospect- or's 'lick, a loch ‘s ill then be thoroughly prospected, and when a good shoeing is discovered, it will be an easy matter I., interest money in its further develop- ment. It Is reasonable to estimate that all of these changes a ill take place in the course of the next two years, and that Keioolooll will take its piece as one of the larger cities in the stale. It now looks as though the Montana Railroad would emend its line from Lem istowis to Kendall before the end of next Kendall will surely experience a gloat Ii during the next few years that will make the camp famous the world over. Dill Piekles and swet cider at the Memo Bitkory. Building paper at the Lewistown Lum- ber Company, Lewistown. CArlP AND COUNTY NEWS Messrs. Ralph Broderick and Henry I Hogan pureltasett the Poolare vale f Morg. Nelson, taking possession Smooloty, the 21st inst. The new pro' rietors ere experienced restaurant met' anti will, no doubt, make a pile of money out of the vent ure. The North Moccasin Miners' Union have posters out announcing a dative for New Years' Eve. Everybody weleome. W'm. McLean, or - ascii:Town. ens in Kendall a few olaya loon week sur‘eytmi some mineral claims. Mr. NIcla , itoi iii- f(mrfl,s 118 that he has sold Ilia one-half interest in the ROW) otteltin laundry to Messrs. (iiheon and Lauelsert, foreman anol engineer respectisely ofthe laundry. Cheationts atatall kinds of mow and fresh cootolies at the !tome Bakery. Work on the A bloy Niel the outlook for it beetsning a ,hvi. 'lend payer in the near future is more favorable as earl, day passes. There is a a inze sunk to a depth Of 85 feet in the north drift from the cave, onoi tile body of lore increases in size and value as greater depth is attained. Messre. Harry and Frank Smith. the two young eons of II. Smith, onent to Lewistown Monday to boy some goods for L. Reed's \bee hive\ store. These two you'll/ 1m/sine-It boys are cointiosietot little fellows nod can be trusted too look after the notereet a of the Store in an able Manner. Mr. Smith rs jingly proud of his isoys. Dr. F. F. Anil, Lerwistown.11 . • Pawl Smith returned Sal Imlay f nem a most slicer slid limiting trip Hood his many frieuels have heen f.ivored stilt a elmice rut of venison through the kind- ness of himself and Mos. Smith. While astay Mr. Smith begged two deer, a all anol nionerons small stone. Paul is justly proud of his ' , tigress Hs a sports - Mall. C. A. Case is pneoloing development work noon the claims in this 'list' het for which he eectired :melt tt desirable lewd for the Caw -Wilson company. it a short time ago. Mr. Case is delighted with the following thus far and the out- look for erecting a mill on the property White the expiration of the hotel, is moat favorable. Three Bilifie are kept working comatatitly. end the force of men sill be gradually increased. Messrs. Davis & Armstrong, who at present have good posiostionto its Lewis- town, selling dry wattle, 1htáe do- veloping th- theist Scott mane in the Sinith Moccasin IfIrMiltnillP, %%kit hopes of becoming millionaires, visited Ken- dall Sunday. While here they ment through the two tug mines awl mills and gained many pointers regarding the Ii eating of we by the cyanide process. Thomas Stout. t he . A ryns reporter, Au- coMpanied these two young lensing men. Every married man in the employ of the Barnes-King Company was presented with a large turkey for Claristmote, Mon- day evening. It took about five hun- dred pounds of turkey to supply them. Each married employe could be peen going home Monday evening eitlo a turkey over hit shoulder atoll a broad, contented smile upon his face. Perfooct harmony exists het ween eMplOyf r and etnployee in Kendall, and the millers mod °there fully eppreriate this mani- festation (of the good will and friendship towards them by the Barnes King com- pany. Fresh bread and cakes at the Hone Bakery. MIMI CASE DISMISSED McCary Failed to Show Up---Cou'd Not Be Found Waite and His Friends May Take tic Offensive—McCary Will Be Cited for Contempt. prelitninory hearing of John D. Wahe, who weiiii oirreeted last week on- a charge of bribery, poeferred by Arthur T. Harvey was set. for hearing torture ittatice McFarland, in Lewistown Mon- day morning at 10 o'clock, but after wafting for over health hour for the ap- pearootice- of Charles M cCe ry, the Iligli• field stage driver totem whose affidavit the complaint WA. based. the court sus- tained the motioon ot Waite's attorney, Rinl•df Vol' Toble, that the case be dis- missed. Quite a c-owol haul assembled to see the outeonne of the CHSe anti some, at lem.t, looked •ilisappointed at its tame finish. Se:nom-elect Weite and lois friends were in no wise disturbed by the pooh:Ltd- resoolte of the trial and express- ed nornoselves as sorry Mont MuCotry felled t ii show`up as they had a nick or tete tip,itien sleeve for yentleinan. H.03Neeen in town last Sumbsy night hut two :sheriffs atoll Arthur T. Harvey could tood lociee him tioe next morning WiNeel hr vet. particalasly (desired. Comity Attorney Belden says that Me - Cary sill lie coed for contenopt. Ex - itchy a here Mr. Nit:Cary was a hen Ile til Id have keen ill court je a mystery mu most proisle jul51. 110W, Wel %by lie was not there iN as yet mutt ire sitstmIrsible myetery. The parties Itehind the 1%'ailie ofccutiol., or the pdriies tight in front ti tde partiem that are behind the prinee- tarvent, poly then, the matter ail! tout be hits opened it shownte$ Williams' olrupped mood that they will wake , things drug store intereethig yet; and on the oilier hand, LEWISTOWN PLEASANT SOCIAL EVENT. Mrs. Fred L. Stephen% Entert•Issed a Few Friends at Card. Last Wednesolay evening Mrs. Fred L. Stephens entertained a nunilser of friends very pleasantly at cards. Pro- gressive whiat was the genie !obeyed end a good deal of interest was manifes:eol towitods the close of the series. After seven games were played, the result was a lie between two of the contesting coosples- Mrs. Ebbage (k Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Henry A: Dr. Russell. .111ree deals were played to decide the winnere, the game ending seven to four in fey. 't ot the first moiled couple. M's. Eliliage wits alW3rfltS1 a very pretty souvenir -sroon,ot Kendall. The...consolation pr.,ze - it novel sail tray—a an awarded to Ernest Ebialge. After vitro's the oarty ttoljourneol to the dining room of the hotel where justice was done to a most somptuutts enoper. After supper the members of the party left for their re- spective loonies, declaring the event to he one of the nowt delightful in their experience. The g uest. were, Dr. Aubrey H. Russell anti wife, Her- schel King snot sift-, O. F. 11'a:omens- olorff and wife, John Jackson, Jr., end wife, Erioeft Eblosge and mile, Mrs. Stella Henry and Carl tirtinwold. Moses Solomon, a well known pioni er of Montana, and who has been in the retail honor linsineas iui Keisehell wince the vamp starieol, left Wedneedey oti mlii extended pleasitre trip in the South and East. He will visit a ith his flaintliter at Fort Benton, Montana. elijoy the health giving lentils at Hut Springs, Ark , and recall' rem i of hip lsoylsettei ;Ix with a sisteilts Chicago. ill- Mr. moo will not return omit March. 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