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KENDALL CHRONICLE. I he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Lett for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, DEICEMBEIZ 30, 1902. No. 41 BRIBERY CURE A MINK Evidence Insufficient to Warrant Continuing the Case The Affidavit Makers in the Prose- cution Are N -t Very Reliable The charge of bribery against Cal Lewis was dismieeed by Jnet ice McFar- land at the preliminary hearing Satur- day mornieg. Charles Chesler, upon whose affidavit the information of Arthur T Harvey was haeed, testified that on the day of election, Lewis handed him a five dollar bill, at the same time handing him a piece of paper containing the names of the men tor whom he was sup- posed to vote. Chesler also admitted baring solicited money from J. C. Bebb but added as a very flimsy pretext, that be was just \jonshin'. \ A. T. Harvey stag also put on the witness stand but his teatirirrary had no bearing upon the case. At the concluNion of the elate's case, Attorney Von Tobel moved that the case be dismissed and the defendant diecherged for the lack of evidence to justify sending the case to the district yowl... County Attorney Ertsltlea send that he did not feel juseilled : in taking the case any further on the imeorrobor- awed testimony of Chesler and the Just ice therreative ordered the Case dismissed and Lea is tbscharard.. Haney and his crowd were ulnas elbstfillated at their @taxied failure to fasten the t1 ftwee to1 4 bribery 111/011 POMO one, but they will have to get a more reputable set of rfli- rIavit makers if they wish to accomplish any encli undertaking. Chestier Was , nee driven out of Lewistown for vag, ,raney and one coeld acereely imagine a more degraded specimen of humanity then he is. This may end the pioceed- Inge in this county, but the labor party is making preparations to contest Welie's seat on the floor of the senate. A WORTHY CAUSE North Moccasin Union Should HOireiVe Every Encouragement Another ball and enpper is ennounced hy the miners of Kendall to take place New Year's eve, December 31st, in the hank building. The proceeds of therms sueittl events are applied to a fund for the erection of a hospital in Kendall, for the benefit of sick and disabled ruiners. Every person should purchaee a ticket ; it will give them the worth of their money in pleasure, and at the came time you are assisting a most com- merelable cause. MUST PAY DAMAGES Labor Union Ordered to Pay Manufac- turer for Lois Chicago, Dec.. 27—A verdict having a eignitIcant bearing upon the right of laterr organizetion to maintain or assist in maintaining a boycott was rendered to -day in Judge Valles' court, whereby George Ilinchliff was awarded $22,000 damages against the membere of the Chicago Masons and Builders' aseocia- thee Ilinchliff asked for $100,000 dam- ages, which he ullegee he has sustained Ovine to a boycott of the product of hie brickyards at Bolan, Ind., on the part of the associations mentioned, in Wee cAri P AND COUNTY NEWS Joseph Wuntlerlin and wife, of Ken- dall and M. L. Woodmen and family, of Lewietown, leave next week for Califor- nia, where they will spend the winter. Christina* passed off very quietly in Lewistown. There were a few Christmas sprees, hut none of a particularly offen- sive nature and no fights of any note occurred. N Butler returned Monday from Gilt Erie and vicinity, a ben- he hall been retailing a load of rrierchandiee. Mr. Butler says sales are good in Fergus county. Builders' supplies of all kinds may be had at reasonable prices from the Lewis- town Lumber Company, Lewistown. The 'Judith Begin News, of Lewistown, was donned by the sheriff last %trek, nivel 110 401110 appeared last Wednesday, as result,. It is reported that Arthur T. Harvey has helped editor %Valsli tea of his financial difficulties, hoe ever, Ned that the News will again come Mit as usual. 0. W. Mc(7ennel. of Helena. whiter term RS comity attorney of Lewis and Clark C01111ty expires this year. has been iii LowistAiwn sine*. S:1111rilay, lOoking up evidence for the laber party to sup- port their intended contest of seirater Waite\e Beat in tire serrate When the legislature meets next week. The Lew ietee 11 Tyke., ereepone got into their new Innild,eg '4111teriey, having MOVed the Raticittooard nc.•r ail twelve o'clock that night. 'Fite Lear* town exchange is now 'ire of the heet equipped in the stale, their tieing tier 'trate switchboard for tire' X I I .I!tt. i1111i distance lines. VaIlleriessee asIdoissii en route to Great Falls, Nliattatta, al.ete he has a rrenged tar meet eeveral etre niers, represent hie eastern a houses, and place orders (tor err ex tete eivp stock Of . spring goods . fur H. 4i_ree..- . birt & Co., of Kendall. Miss Adelilt McCoy, sister It( Dr. Mc Coy, left Kendall hlorelity re this week for Utica, Montana, Kind (roue r herr sine will leave on the loth of J.moory for Loti Angeles, Cal., where elle wet en future reside with her !melte'. who us in feeble health. InelallatIon of °Moors The wives, daughters and ewcettrearts of the members of the NIniterinto baler, nil Lewistown, had the privelege of a threes ing a public instellatioe f ottieete last Friday night. The occasion eas one re the most pleasant ever given rimier the auspices of the order. Tile music wits excellent throughout and tire o sent were responded to with impreettive and eloquent speeches. _ _ A Painful Accident Last Sunday, the little daughter of Thomas Walsh, a a ell known miner in Kendall, caught the tip of the first finger ot her left hand in tire cogs of it clothes -wringer, with the result that the finger was pinched off as far down arilire nail reaches. The accident Was a very painful one. The Will of Thomas B. need New York, Dec. 27. The aill of Thomas B. Reed was tiled here today. It gives all his estate to his widow. Mrs. Sugar) B. Reed, Red makes her sole ex- ecutrix, it bequest to his father and mother having lapsed. ORISMIS ENIERIRINMENT Many People Turned Out to See the School Children They Played Their Parts Well and Sa..ta Claus Remembered Every Child Last Wednesday evening (Christmas CV'-) the spat:ice's hall on the first floor of the bank building was comfortably filled with the parents and friends of the children of Kenthill public echool. Tire children lined been preparing for the exercreee that took place that night, for three weeks in ad vaece, anti they bad their different parts down to a niceity when the time came for them to appear before the public. SOCtle of the little ones were more or less overcome by stage fright. this being their first appear- ance before an audience. but they are intlileeerving of credit for the manner in *Inch they canoed out their parts. Nirs. Henry, who spent much time in Pr.aarring the young °nee, IS especially deservittg of 'trait , e for bringing them to the niegree of perfection which they re,,ched. Following is the programme *Was wee .oresdensie rest log—Entire school Tableou—Tessie Palmer. firer t a —Ella McLain. i tat ion—Fay Dobson. aeon:— \Jack Frost\—Primary pupils Recital —Ida Berme) Recitation—Elmer Nelson. Dialogue — \The Ship\ — Grammar 'slats . iie.ititiion—Couil Abbot. Drill—Primary u upils. Sorig-\Merry Christmas Belle\—lea- do l e Cal , lei_Nitty Calder, Nellie Bul- 1 nmi. Ella NICIalln. ation--43tiffing Jackson. Christmas controversy — 'resole Pal- mer. Gertrude Jackson, Dora Butler, Msry itigierr, Julia Butler. At the close of the programme Mitt@ Ella MeLtstri came forward and, after re- citing the folloeing stanza composed by Mrs. 0. F. Wastuanstiorff, presented to Mrs. Henry a ring with opal settings:— Santa Claris is here on Chriettesa eve to treat the children of Kendall town ; he's watched us sing and speak and drill, but he hase't forgotten the patience and skill of the teacher who taught 1113 With - 011t R frown; and ire brought a rine, a little thing, a token of the (lava of Yule; we ask you to take with the love of all the children who go to school. The presentation came as a surprise to Mrs. Henry. Santa Claus their entered and dist ribti- ted amongst the children the bags r,i nuts arid candy that had beeir preparetl for them and hung on the tree. Through the kindness of Mrs. John R. Cook, tie school was presented with a very perfect photograph of the school building and grounds. SCARLET FEVER SCARE There has been a good deal of fear in Kendall, by some of tnoee who have chlidren, that they would be stricken' with scarlet fever ue do , result of Kelso - elation a th people who resided %here sicknese of any kind prevailed. an , in matter of fact, there has not beett Ii caree of scarlet fever in Kendall (hit, sear, re- ports to the contrary notwitlistatalieg. County health officer ‘Viltem, etinte ri Kendall to -day (Tuesday), at the fortillel.t of Dr. McCoy, and after examitring every ease !hat wat reported by the sentry ni 1 • 1 4 to be the \real fever,\ declared ere- phatiac camp. llytht no scarlet fever prevaile in this S Company will alpply Yoe. Lumber hingles.? Th Le e , . wistown T. ff. WW1 The Chronometer Watch and Chick Maker has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN Where you Cali get your %aid) repeired and put in as good order 1114 the des , it left the \factory\; also jewelry remit re.1 and Lee jewelry made to order hoer Native Gold. _ FAIRLY SHIRTS All this may judge for yonreelf. fortehle eisee—and to make tine price White Shirts $1.00, SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS GOOD make We workmanship right. Coloted L7 Goou from Interim $1.50 COMMER LEWISTOWN, Have no with one you think on and Shirts W I place a factory our aorthy par $2.00 STOWN They rnnst he they can pasts but they are not - com- we bought enough 75 cents to $1.00 EXPRESS PAID ON ALL PURCHASES of Ithoo OR °Vett in our stock. capital \G\ to our store. prices are high, flannels and excellence. $1.00 and $1.50 Flannel Shirts CiALco. MONTANA before mueline—full, Then

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 30 Dec. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.