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KENDALL CHRONICLE The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toll VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, JANUARY 6, 1903. No. 43 OUR MINES I1L ERE Many Changes WI Be Made in Kendall This Year 1903 Starts Off in the North Moccasin Dis'rict Promising Much Prosperity veer 1903 (111 , MM a ill) the bright - ...1 for Kendall. The two mines Olio are low in operation here are al- eeely payee( divirlende, and their (level- eierient his only just begun. Many Ili li.r prompeeto it, this district are show - up . quelly %tell so far as they are de - el reel, ii tot give every promise of he- ..reat producers of gold bullion 1,....• eiii most likely be five more cytn- mills pie rip this year, in this C hiell means many thousands ii Ileis will be Ppela in wages, and hide mineral belt of the North c airier menniains e ill be developed. el dent eft through that will to,, - c the Kendall, the Barnes-King ii it• Welblerf-Draper properties, a I. daily capacity of 1,000 tons iii, deubt, lie erected, and e. uilll lit present runiiing will kepi ill uprottiree Nney 4M the in the mines ahd mills here resideeee lots with the in - f hiellisig homes Ohl them the eerie. •• -muffler. elf inquiry are arriving daily leorde en the outside W ho thrive an y Kendell, and wirer to invest i.eney disti ice There ie plenty f -ere iii capital to come in and find bt 1.0 leveeinietes here. Numerous pro - IC lying idle, only the necessary melo Cork being done on them, ihe .eit-ott that their owners are C it heel Interns to develop them. These phi-1..•••Io %Ill ill lime be taken up, but is riic [niers reljoining are developed ieurid eentein immense riche, the vol, '.. ef the undeveloped prospect her wally inereirsem. The wise investors cCIilIg ill MI the gr011Ild ffoor and !ammo, / geed preperty before the prices advan. 0. ne ihey most timely will. PLEASANT AFTERNOONS ?Arm. 0. I\. WumenatisdorIT Entortai.eed A Pew Erie dm Mrs. 0. F. 1Vasmmitsdorff entertained her ce-workere in the Sunday School. ter/ether wit Ii thei r child ren, Wednesday Joel Friday nitre neon, of last week, at a Chi istiias tree for the little ones. The Ire\. %as pro -161y decorated with tin imal criokies. end the usual Christmas tree decoratimis; a small Santa Claus doll wam linter in the renter of the tree. A ' , mit 3: 30 p. in. the room was darken- ed sitiel the tree lighted tip with candles, 'riving it a very pretty effect. When drenty refreslitnerits were served to the people, retell child enjeyed a ba s k e t, o f tiits 14111 candy from the tree. Follow- ing a ere the invited guests :—Mrs. IL I. • SlitIW and baby Elenner, Mrs. Herschel Kite: and son Kenneth. Mrs. Patti Smith, Mrs. A. tl Known. Mre. John Jackson mord daughter'. liertrnde, Helen and Bertha, and Mrs. Ernest Ehbage. Builders' supplies of all kinds may he had at reasonable prices from the Lewin - town Lumber Company, Lewistown. SUCCESSFUL DANCE The Miners' Union Entertal -, Their Friends New Tears' Eve. On new years' eve, as announced, the North Moccasin miners gave a dance in the new bank building at Kendall There was a large attendance and every person was in a mood to join in and have a good old time. It is needless to say that they succeeded, for when the merry makers of this camp go out to en- joy themselves, there is no half way business about it, they just bubble over with happiness. About 11 o'clock p. the first call for slipper errs announeed. and ticket numbers for 13 couples were called promiscuously from No. 1 up to 150, there being 150 tickets out. The idea of thus calling thirteen couples to first supper proved satisfactory, as no favoritism could lie shown, and no er- son had any cause for complaint. Sup- per was served at Stephens' hotel arid the reputation of that hostelery for serv- ing the best in the Ihn,1 was fully main- tained. After supper the crowd danced the old year out and the new year in, and gave 1903 a good start by keeping up their merry making until the dawn of day. The net proceeds of the dance will foot up about $80, a hid, sent a ill be added to the Kendall -t rriiners' hospital fund. — - CAM' AND COUNTY NEWS Lest Sunday night Curt Derthis met wia4 -art—oeisitient tioroes4iing will that will give him a few has rest, which he needed badly and could pee tie other way to get it than by phymivelly disabling himself. He was fixing the ore shaker, and Was Simon to straighten up from a stoopreg position when a run- ning bett-ealowitt the back of has meek; tir attempting to get away from the belt he stepped off a platform and fell about 12 feet, getting a severe shaking up. All trimmed hats at cost at Madam Gleason's, Lewistown's leading milliner. The store windows of Lea istown'e busineas houses nearly all presera metropolitan appearance, and great is the surprise of strangers to see a town situated 65 miles from the nearest rail- road, having the subritaotial store build- ings and carrying the immense stocks ef up-to-date goods that are to be found in Lewistown. Miss Clark, of Lewistown, is visiting at the home of Mrs. A. P. Hall. In Bed Your Weeks With La Grippe We have received tite following letter from Mr. Roy Kemp, of Angola, 111.1. \1 was in bed four weeks a ith la grippe aud 1 tried many remedies and spent considerable for treatment with physic- ians, but I received no relief until I tried Foley's Honey and Tar. Two small bot- tles of this medicine cured me arid now I use it exclusively in my tamily.\ Take no substitutes. L. C. Wilson, agent. Business in Kendall is increasing, and the merchants here are as prosperous as the most favored ones in any country. A Life at Stake If you but knew the splendid merit of Foley's Honey and Tar you weuhl never be without it, A dose or two a i I prevent an attack of pneumonia or la grippe. It may save your life. I... C. Wilson, agent. Montana winters are delightful. This winter, like the last three winters, is very mild, and only for a few days thus far has the thermometer registered be- low xero. SILVER MINES CLOSE or the White - Met,0 Toe, Low to Make UM Mining Profitable It is reported that the mines of the Hecla Consolidated Mining company at Glendale, Beaverhead county, will be closed down Wednesday evening and will remain closed until the price of silver advances to a point at which the property can be operated at a profit. During the last few months the work of development has been carried on at a loss. There was a time when the Heela mines were large producers of silver and lead and dividends were paid from the output, but during the dividend -paying period the white metal was commanding a good price in the markets of the world. The company has a large smelter. When thes lump in silver occurred the smelter was closed down and has remained silent since that time. ell the ore extracted in recent years has been shipped. For years tint company managed to hold its owl and at the same time explore Its grounds without financial loss, but within the last six months the ex- pense of reining has Increased and the price of silver decreased, leaving the company the alternative of operating 4 a loss o several thousand dollars per month or closing down entirely. has de( ided on the latter course. LABOR MEN BIZET eet &ma 49111% 46•0 Istbstive 'f• An import:et meeting of the ex- ecutive ' - oard of the Montana State Tralee council was held in Butte, a 1ew da)s ago to arrange for the pre- sentation 01 hills and the pusning of leg.slat ion at the coming aeration of the Montana legislature calculated to be:Iefit the wage -workers. President William Erler presided at the meet- ing and 0. M. Partelow officiated as secretary. The other members pres- ent were Frank C. Ivea of Missoula, Thomas F. Murphy of Anaconda, R. C. Lemett of Helena. James A. Gra- ham oh Livingston and D. F. Statem of Butte. Following the recommendations made by the convention of the Monta- na State Trades council held at Liv- ingston last August, the executive board decided to do everything in its power to push the initiative and ref- erenrum and the eight hour constitu- tional amendment bills. It was al- so decided to push the enactment of legislation such as would lead to the establishment of a state smelter; that legislation be enacted such that where property is Idle on account of a dispute regarding ownership it will be obligatory on the courts to appoint receivers, and the business will be conducted in the name of the public until such a time as the issue as to ownership is settled; legislation to prohibit the importation of prison made goods; providing for a reason- able attorney's fee in cases where a wage -worker is compelled to sue for wages; providing for the appoint- ment of an inspector of mills, smelt- ers and machine shops having power to condemn any and all dangerous machinery and appliances, and power to insist on the enforcement of health prov I s ions. It was decided to have measures drafted covering the recommenda- tions above, and John Morrisaey was empowered to represent the board in the matter of having the proposed measures drafted and in pushing the legislation at Helena. In this work he will be assisted by R. E. Lemert of Helena, also a member of the ex- ecutive board Madam Gleason, of Lewistown, is sell- s nd I ing all trimmed hats at cost. Shingles ? The Lewistown Lumber Company a ill supply you. The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maier has opened a shop at C. H. 1Villiams' drug store LEWISTOWN a here yeti can get your watch repaired amid put in as goo.I order as the day it ,eft the \factory\; also jewelry repaired and Lew jewelry made to order from Native Gold. All and end pa rticribir for n will SEND MAIL For weroteda. we have moment take US Ifollit ORDERS Kinds SWEATERS Men, Heys, The them sweeter think our chances of %Yemen double in mplemlid ides come of buying on trio E COMMDICiALco. I,I.;1\ roil k W IsT0WN, and neck assortment here a sweater ing I Children. reel sales. STOWN All is the sweater at low prices. AC think we without giving MONTANA styles wanted can and colors --wool for this Peruke', If you have any satisfy you. Don't us a look. We EXPRESS PAID ON ALL - PURCHASES of $5** . OR OVER

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 06 Jan. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.