Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, January 06, 1903, Image 2

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2. Kendall. Montana, January 6, 1903 .14141•••••••■•/... FASHION'S LATE What 011lad,' Mast Wear It wesym Appear In ks. New - set Styles. MANDATES. I a publication—United States Laud Office, FT . IMBRR LAND. Act June 3, 1878 Notice for Lewistown, Montana. November 6, 194. Notice is hereby given that in compliance She with the provisions of the Set of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled \An act for the sale of timber lands in the States of California. Ore- gon. Nevada and Washioglon Territory, as extended to all the Public, Land Staley by Shirt waists of fancy velvets, vel- veteens and cordwroys are fashion- able. Some are made simply, the only trimming being fancy buttons; oth- ers are finished with passementeriee, lace and moire silk in bands or pipings, says a fashion authority. These have short; buttons, too. Robes are tempting . % light -weight cloths, silks and stenciled cloth. Some are beautifully embroidered all over or at the bottom of the skirt and front of waist and sleeves. Two -toned cloths are revived for these, and make up pret- tily when trimmed with some rich pas- sementerie or velvet. The newest tea gowns are in empire fashion, with accordion plaited skirts beautifully trimmed with lace medal- lir'ns and insertions. They are finished with handsome collars of lace or em- broidery. lace frills edging the collars. S'esves are elbow length. finished with •several lace ruffles. Light colors prevail for teagowns and white is much favored. The fancy for fruit as a decoration has extended. to embroideries on din- ner and reception gowns. An illustra- tive gown of black point d'esprit made over white satin was trimmed with embroidery in the form of cherries and tl—ir leaves, and had cherry red belt end shoulder straps. Another of pearl .a t in and tulle was embroidered with green grapes. Black grapes were put on a delicate cream lace gown. On sheer gowns are Put hand -work embroidery and lace and winter gowns those of summer in these trim- minc , .. Cord braiding is put on the C - Innest gauves with good results and the silver lace that has been employed so rniich is combined with white lace. Ti n y blossoms are set on dainty fab- rics in large rings and scarfs of lace, toile or satin are threaded through t' .m. Scarfs aye . a4o derv . ] through el ,, th cut in lattices or cincles for trim - mire cloth or wool gowns. Flat trimming is standard for fall and winter hats. These are a trifle larger than those worn during sum- mer and feathers, breasts, wings and nuills are tbe trimmings. Beaver 1-ats will be fashionable and various tinted velvets are submitted. Hats of .: 1 1c nlush so far are in delicate shades. Black green. reds, browns and blues are well represented. Blue and green eombinntions will be numerous and .rre new fancies in these shades are strnning. --Comte feathers are -revived in manv nretty colorings. Birds are wnnderfullv tinted, as are breasts. ar ,, in black and green cotnbina- tir. The rolled, brim sailor in all of felt and beaver will be fash- ionable for general wear. Tie rdlv a new skirt is lined—among tt , e 1 ,, andxome one, that i. All have in.tead the drop skirt of taffeta. This d irt of taffeta is cut like the outer skirt, exactly and finished with a erlfritinr-m—s --- enfl 4 e witit — tr---pi-R +sin g along the edge. We say the handsome ones advisedly. When the not5ide it not of good. firm cloth alining is. nee- essary to beln keep it in shrine, and when the lining is of some cheap cot- ton stuff the wearer certainly would not want it loose. It has one thing to recommend it especially. When it is worn out it may be cast ▪ 004. TT) the ente of a worn-out lin- ing made in a skirt one must hove the whole thine taken apart to reline it, and this is about as much trouble as making a new skirt. With the drop skirt there's only to buy another. It Is to be honed our stores will keep them ready made. \1 understand that Swirl and Whirl ran a dead heat at the automobile race.\ \Yes. I suppose that was what you'd call it. They killed everything in sight.\—Indianapolis News. . Ding --\I just heard Mrs. De Styles say that she found it impossible to introduce her husband into polite so- ciety.\ Dong—\For what reason?\ Ding—\She couldn't teach him to say 'dinner' for supper.\'—Baltimore News. act of August 4, i892. Jesse Sample. of Deer- field, county of Fergus, State of Montana, has this day filed in this office his sworn statement No 45, fort e purchase of the S. '1 SR.of Sec. 13, in Tp. No. 18 N., Range No 15, E. Slontatia Meridian, ft.(' will offer proof to show that the laud sought is more valuable for its timber or stone than for a, ricitittaral purposes, and to establish his violin to said land before the Register and Receiver of this office at Lewistown, Montana, oil Thursday. the 15th day of January, 1903 He names as witnesses: Abraham Huge' lapin of Lewistown, Montana, Frank Sample. Marrelin C. Pernot and Frank Munkers of Deerfield, hiontatia. Any and all persons claiming adversely the above described lands are requested to file their claims in this office on or before said 15th day of January, 1902, ET/WARD DRABBRY. Register. First publication Nov. 11, 194, 'TIMBER LAND. Act June 3, 1878.—Notice for publication. United States Land Office, Lewistown Montana Nov. 6, Mal Notice is hereby given that in complienee with the provisions of the act of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled \An act for the sale ot timber lands in the States of California, 0 , egon, Nevada and Washington Territory\ as extended to all the Public Land Ste as IV act of August 4, 1892, Frank 51 linkers of Ken- dall. county of Fergus State of Montane, has this day filed in this office his sworn state- ment No. 6 for the purchase of the Lot 4, See. 2, Tp. 17 N , R.17 R.SNSW . 1 4 of Sectiqn No. 35 in Township No. 18 N, R. 17 it, and will offer proof to show that the land sought is more valuable for its timber\ or stone this:, for agricultural 'purposes, and to es ablis' his claim to red land before the Register aid Receiver of this office a. Lewistowu. Mot.- tana, on Thursday, the 15th day of January, 19C3. Hammes as witnesses: Abraham Hogelaed, of Lewistown Montana, Frank Sample. Mar - relict C. Pernot anti Jesse Sample of Dear' Held, Montana. Any and all persons claiming adversely the above -described lands are requested to file theft- claims ha this Alec on or before said VS day of January, 1903. EDWARD BRABSRY, Register First publioation Nov. 11, 1902. A PPLICATIOS FOR PATENT No. 911. United States Land Office, Lewis own, Montana, December bit, 1902 Notice is hereby given that Renitiala K. Neill, whose postoffice address is Kendall. Montana, has this day tiled at appliention for patent for 1292.2 linear feet of the Cyan- ide lode or vein, being 6902 feet S. 86 deg. 110 noin. W.._ and 602 ft. N 86 deg. 50 min. measured along the course of the vein front the center of the Discovery Shaft. bearing gold, with surface ground 400 feet in width, situate<1 in North Moccasin mining district ' (atiorganised), county of P'ergus, state of Flontana, designated by the fie d notes and official plat on file fin this office its survey No 6379 in Sec. 32, T. 18 N. R. 18 E. Montana me, Mien. and particularly described as folio% to wit:— Beginning at the N. IL Cor. No. 1. frot. which the corner between Sees. '29 and 5.! T.18 N. R.18 IL, bears N. 7 deg. 17 min I. 672.86 feet: Thence 8.16 deg 13 min. E. 30. feet to eor No. 2: Thence S. 6 (leg 11 min. IS 262 feet, to cor No. 3; Thence N. 88 deg. r.t, tutu. W. 1800.7 feet to nor. No. 4; Th. nee N deg. 11 min. W.344.1 feet, to cor. No. 5; Thence N. Ill deg. 31 min. R. 1239 feet to the place of beginuing. containing an area of 12.21 acre - of which 11.19 acres are '!aimed; magnet. variation on all courser 19 der. Si, min, B. The notice of location of said C5 cuticle lode claim is of record in the office of the Recorder of said F4311011 eountv, Montana. in book 7 of lodes, at page 210. The adjoining claims are, OH the East the Dixie Lode, (na- autvered),.lieurParrent Claimant: on the South, the Kendall Townsite, Johi, R. Cook, et al., claimants; on the West, the Mascot Fraction Lode, (unsurveyed). Scott Harbour, claimant. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of the mining ground. vein, lode. or Premises to described, surveyed. plat ted, and applied for. are required to tile their adveree elaims with the Register of the U. S. land office at Lewistown, in the state of Mont. na. durinrrthe sixty days' period of pub !optical hereof, or they will be forever barred by virtue of the provisions of the statute it, such case made and provided EDWARD 1311A88151%, Register. J. It. WARSON Atty. for applicant. First publication December 2,1902. MINING ' SCIENTIFIC, FORTY-THIRD YEAR. pRESs 43 Pages : Weekly : Illtstratcd. INDISPENSABLE TO MINING MEN. $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID. BUND FOIL BAXPLZ (\I\ - MINING and Scientific PRESS .?.30 LAI:FEET ST.. W FT.LNCISGO, CAL. Foley's Honey and Tat for children,afe,sure. br-eplates. Foley's Honey and Tar cures colds, prevents pneumonia Foley's Kidney Cure makes kidneys and bkoller right. BANNER 8Ap....ic CHOICE BUSINESS AN. RESIDENCE LOTS I FOR SALE Kendall Investment Co. Kendall, Montana We are now in the new bank building and are prepared to show to the public a splendid chance for Investment in both business and resident lots. special terms will be given parties wishing to secure sites for residen- ces Quite a number of such lots have been sold in the past few days, and several very neat cottages are now being erected in the residence portion. The town of Kendall is an assured fact and people on the outside are beginning to realize the importance of securing property. The mines are known to the whole mining world and are spoken of In great favor. The town site is beauti- fully situated. One of the finest hotels in the state is almost completed and sill be opened in a few weeks. Call at the office and get prices on property. Maps and other informa- tion for the use of the public can he had. Communications from the out= side cheerfully answered John R. Cook President John Jackson, Jr. Secretary the most healing salvo in the world. agent.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 06 Jan. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.