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• 5. - KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Foil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, JANUARY i3, 1903. No. 43 THERE IS NOTHING RE IT How the Kendall Mine is Opeta- ted in Winter The Capacity of the Mill Will be Increased by Eight More Big Tanks The , e ficenerrigh ore in the three open cots of the Kendall mite to keep the big null constantly working for more Dem leo years. itini a heit all the -3re that could be sorked by the open cut method is treated, tin- mine will only have yielded tip a Filiall fraction of the wealth already in sight. Ni-vet yet has any f.ersen, who is at all familiar e ith mining, visited the great Kendall mope, and after an exam- ination of the immense ore lashes that are there exposed, but elm has stated that it is the gre'-atert, body of ore lie ever saw t.r heard tif IVIteis 0110 enters the emit, tunnel e hicit is IleVI•11 handfed attil fifty wet long, a id it told that for the enti.e distance, the me body aver- ages one hundred anti ten feet in width, apil that everything frost the outface piewn to a depth of over ileums ..isupeiritari teem (wIdeli is ae deep A8 the shalt Its beet stink) is pay ire, he !nay then form ten idea ef the amount of tire already in sight. As the work of siekitig the shaft progtem-es, thew are int aloe) uf the ore g %leg tint, but it stead, its:materiels great- er valtisis At this season of the year, when the. open . eta are filled ail,' PilaW, IIIIist of the minim: is Iline inside, where plenty of dry WY Call\ easily lie blasted ont. 'Flip method new employed for extract - big ore (rem the mine is to start a series of Maws front the_ tunnel_ level to the ambler. There are at present FillYt.11 • anal as the ore ii bleated out over- head, a set of timbers is put in, anti sit - i'm lien thaw made. Work sill proceed in this matitser until the surface is reached, and it will take alseit twenty floors to alai/ Il l , to the •urfaee. Most of the timber.. will thee be torn eway and Wesel to ain't her part of tire mine to be 11.4 , 1 iii/4111 ill tit« Name manner. The ore bleist.d telt tie each floor or level is dumped Mtn shelve ronveniently plaved and tapped i long tlip car omit- in the tunnel. Ti,.- presetit capacity tif the Ketelall mil will be itiereaaell by ...heist more tanks early next a'riot!. A force of men will be Plane!i t4) well On the new Num-- titre att toni, HS the weather is favorable for mit.iple work. This addition means that the daily output of the mill will be over four 111111.1re-41 ton of ore. Heti every ton will net the mine treaters at least #5.541. From the time the ore enters into the mill, it ',napes over mid throtigh several shakers. a tit trailer, and bete cell rollers moil it is relieved, to a finenearr sufficient for the large square troika, each sit It CaptaCity of 150 time, whelp it is aubjeeted e to the eyanitie treatment, eshich saves about ninety per cetit. t.f the ore values. Some idea may be formed of the bulk of crushed ore that is treated by the Ken- dall mill every month when it is stated that it is equal to four piles 44x132x8% feet. New machinery Mee been constantly added to the Mill until it is now the most complete mill of its kind in the vomit ry. A new crusher with a vapacity of five hundred tons daily has just been set upend will be ready for business as soon as the new seventy-five horsepower motor is set on its concrete foundation, and the electric current tereepl on. The motor will run this crusher alone. The crueller now in use, which is of lesser Capacity, mill be kept in reserve for entergeney cases. In the boiler 100frl stands two boilere, each having a valet - city of 60 horse power. These boilers supply Steam heat throngliont the mill, and are used for ito other perfume, anti a hen one is disabled or in need of repaits the other one is put into service. Every- thing is so arriteged iliat no dela3s or stops sill be caused by the breaking of it piece of machinery, for a lien stivit accidents happen, there is always a relay piece at band. The relations existing between the matiagetnent of the Kendall properties and the emplot es in the mine and Will 14. - e very harmonious, HMI avisitor 10 property is most cordially received by Mr. H. Lang, the genial superintendetit, who pets forth every effort to make the skit a pleasant and profitable one to the visitor who reinetant1y leaver; from an hour's association with a gentleman V. ho does entail to smooth the pathway of the lives of those a itio about lie may come in contact, foot elf Bankrupt Stork Victim:lion salter of the bankrupt stock of the Deerfield Nlercaritile company are aril attended, and many bargaies are eecuteti. Monday afteretomi there were over IWO [ultra of shoes told, and neatly every man who attended bite pale %talked o bi at -levier)... beirlplieg auto,- oaten the AP. Agree off'.-. bhp It -eel 61.500 reseirmaree her hiss. It sill Rol I.e great., loot ever. home with a pair of shoes under his There wee no ill-ttratice 011 either of the arm. The sale a ill probably continue buildings wheal are tiperefere total until Wednesday. :liaise). The entire loas ii aiaatt $1.500. — • Jima origin el th tiree re is iiiiketie is MINERS EMPLOYED 13 BUTTE. Mrs. toleitt•oll sail that then. 1ViLa very hill.. if airy, li.e it, eitle-t,,of the eat, en the annual report or tbs .: state stoves in lusesentess-L inspector of mines there are some The preverititin of 1441811111Oliot) is err - interesting figures regarding the oirely a tpiestion mmf cettimeteeing nor number of men employed in Butte. proper treatment in tirep•. Nothing is According to the report the Amai- Pt/ well adapted to sari off fatal hung gamalad company emifloys by fix trOlildet HP , Enlev'm Honey and Tat. L. the greatest number of men, the to C. Wilson agent, tal being 5,497. This number Is ex - elusive of the men employed In and about the lumber yards of the core , pany, and also those employed in and r about the Colorado and Perot smell- ters, which Is 625 more, making a to- tal of 6,022. The Anaconda company alone ern ploys as miners, top men and en giaeors 2,863 men, and the Boston fit Montana company, 1,158 men in anti about its mines. The report gives the United Cop- per company or Montana Ore Pur- chasing company credit for 1,266 I men, but from this number must be , deducted 453 credited to the Minnie Healey mine and 14 credited to the Late Acquisition, both of which mines are shut down. The former has been closed for months. This gives Ileinse u total of 788 men, exclusive of those employed In his smeiter, h Is probably 150 more, making his total number 938. Senator Clark employs 557 miners, 42 top men. 9 engineers at his Co- fusa Parrot properties, a total of 616,1 exclusive of his smelter force, which numbers about 250 men, malting the grand total 865 men. MOTHER FIRE IN ifillISIOWN Two Building's Burned Early Last Friday Night Messrs. Landt and Richards Are the Losers—Mrs. Glearon's Mil'inery Insured Another disastrous tire metered in Lewistown * Friday night god two build- ings on Main street near the creek be - !towbar reapectivele i Messrs. Itieltards and Limit, mete destroyed. 111e fire started about 9 o'clock in the millin- ery alai tiress Making i•SlabliF11111elit 'If Nladallle e-ita pare eontrol before the hose company got teady to combat it. It had net pleat easel much before it wee. di...eve-led told aeveral per - 81)118 who got there firm mere able to ssve about all the stock of m illi ner y, unichine44, tin -Spies, toe. 'rile tire Poem spread to the secoml lintel and tin shop Oleter Jut rims. tied it also being a frame at reel me, was It. HO state of ronfLusiitniii. All Ilse reels and tin stock at -re get omit. hue ever, befete the tire get op the m,.pid et the imilditig. Ke-\dallt School/ It has he-et rumored that the public schools in Kendall will close in another month for want of money to pay the itereemery running expenses. The par- ent)) and guardians of children in Kell - 11811 will be plearted to learn that tbe !tenor is a false one, as H. 0. Wareham, a member of the hoard of trustees, as - awed the CHRONICLE reporter Monday that echoed in Kendall would coritinee in session for Iwo more mont he at the least, and by that time it is poesilpie that eneugh funds may be secured to keep echoed in session the remainder of the term. .1. A. McCauley, principal of the school, reeigeed his position Monday to take a situation in the store of T. R. Matlock's. Mrs. Henry, alio has been inetructing the primal) , pupils, WII8 promoted to principal of the school, and Miss Mabel Lindsay will teach the primary pupils. misers' Hospt . tal The North Moccasin miners' union has secreted a kite upon the hall above Clin- t/an & Hamilton's saloon, and Hill, here- after, held all of their meetings in that place. '11' lie Miners' Union hall is to be fitted up aed used for a hospital for sick and disabled miners. A trained nurse heen secured - Ned it aril be her duty to be on hotel all the time, SO that in cases of emergency, the injured or sick may receive the benefit of skilled nuns - big, together sr itli proper mtdical attest - Good %%Mk by the tie du -par inent pre -Ida tice• twitted the spread of the ti re ii a ity Ott,' r I Fatal kidney keel bladder troublas case Nithollmh se% told are miliseritttilwriya be 'prevented by the mu,-., of Foley'a and sere it, iperiiineet 'brewer of being Kidney Cure. L. C. Wilson, agent. set. Mrs. 61tairst in was jest fixing tie move her sl(a-k treet 'mire to the on her stuck, Imt et Figured on T. W. WANE!' The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' arilit store LEWISTOWN a lo -re you CHII get yonr watch repaired find put in as good order as the day it ieft the \lkicto , y\ ; also jeaciry repaired end i ow je-aelry made to order born Native Gold.. All Kinds of SWEATERS For Men, Boys, Women and Children. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 Jan. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.