Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, February 10, 1903, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest loll VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, FEBRUARY 10, '9433. NO. 47 WINING 11 GRERI RECORD. The Barnes -King is Turning Out Much Bullion. Ten Bars Last Week, and Dividends for Years in Sight—Enormous Bodies of Ore are Shown. Thediarnes-King mine, which is next to the Kendall in importance in this dis- trict, is a steady bullion producer. Two bundred and twenty tons of ore a day is Put through its cyanide mill, and the yield is very satisfactory to the stock- holders. This week ten bars of bullion were sent to Lewistown tor shipment to the mint. The company has never made public the value of its bullion shipments, so the yield can only be estimated. It is understood, however, that the output is about $30,000 a month. This is a handsome sum when it is considered that the property hasonly been operated about a year and a half. .Like its near neighbor the Barnes -King proper.y is being opened up by open cute and un- derground workings. The ore body is a monster in size, and every day's work is adding to the visible supply of ore... So far nearly all the ore milled haricot:lie from an open cut, where ore is blasted down at a wholesale rate. Often one round of shots will break down a hun- dred tone. MO ore fells into shoots be. low where it is loaded into ears, awl hauled out through a tunnel to the mill. As wet ore can tv t be successfully han- dled at the mill, duriog the winter and spring months, when there is a consider- able fall of snow or rain, ore is extracted from the underground workings. At preoent nearly all of the ore being milled is hoisted through the main shaft from 100 -foot level. Some time ago the com- pany put t a 70 -horse power hoist, which is capable of doing efficient work to a depth of one thousand feet. In the low- er workings of the mine there is an im- mense supply of ore in sight. 'The .ore body is so large that the miners refer to its length and breadth and height in rods instead of feet. The fact is, even the management itself is unable to compute its size, for every foot of exploration work only adds to the area of the ore measures. While the Barnes-King ore is what is classed as low grade, the cost of mining and treatment is small, and there is no prospect of exhausting the ore supply for many years, even should the present capacity of the mill be doubled. A WONDERFUL SHOWING. A Mine Expert Who is Astonished at the the Ore Bodies. The stupendous ore bodies in this dis- trict are attracting the attention of min- ing men from all sections. The latest operator to arrive is George Pfunder of Spokane. Mr. Pfunder is well known all over the northwest, where he lute been a succeestul promoter for years. Upon his arrival here he immediately made a . bee -line for the two big properties being operated. After irimpecting them Mr. Plunder was prepared to talk. \In ,all my..mining experience,\ he said, \I never saw so much ore in sight as is showein the Kendall and Barnes - King properties. If I had been simply told of it I should not have believed it.; but I must trust my eyes. It is simply marvelous. Why, all Rossland rolled together would not make one Kendall mine, so far as ore bodies go. I inuet say I am well-pleased with the showing al- ready made. It is to be a wonderful camp; there is no guess -work about that. The ore is here to start with and it looks as though there was no end to it.\ THE OMNIPRESENT MICROBE. It Lurks In Unexpected Places and Of- ten Fi , ds a Victim. Thomas Burgess, who had been em- ployed at the Barnes -King mill, left last week for his home in where he will be treated for an affliction of the eyes. Through using an infected towel young Burgess' vyes became greatly in- flamed, and it was thought best to con- sult a specialist. The -deadly microbe seems to lie in Wait at every turn for vic- tims. A similar case to that recorded is reported from New York. A dispatch says: Clinton Moffat, treastirer of Daly's theater, several years ago Inhared one of his eyes and the wound never entirely healed. Last Friday while handling some paper money, the eye irritated Mtn and he rubbed it. On Saturday it be- came greatly inflamed and be consulted his physician, who said he must have gotten some injurious miCrobes from the money and pnt them into the eye while rubbing it. As the condition of the eye rapidly became worse and the other was affected, the physician decided that the injured orb must be removed in order to save the other one. Declared the right a Draw. At Lewistown Friday night a clever glove contest took place, which, at the end of the twentieth round, was declared it draw. TN° contestants were \Wiscon- sin Kid\ and George Murray. It was A lively battle. In the fifth round Murray badly injured his left hand. The \Kid\ has been matched to fight Herrera on the night of the 16th, Another Building. Lumber for E. B. Eisner's new build- ing is nearly all on the grind. The structure is to be two stories high ' It is said a tenant has been found and is ready to move in when the house is ready. Has no Air of Dintrust. ` The scarlet 'fever scare continnes to keep a good many children out of school. However, there is still a fair attendance and good progress is being made. Which Refers More Particularly to Ike Weather. The weather has been somewhat eratic during the past week. There were oc- casional spells of zero climate, with sun- shine, clouds and e breath of epring sandwiched in. With the latter came to town the cowboy, with his spurs, thirst and buiyant spirit. A Night Alarm. Worse than air alarm of fire at night is the brassy cough of croup, Which sounds like the children's death knell and it means death 'unless something is done quickly. Foley's Honey and Ter never fails to give instant relief, and quickly cures the worse forms of croup. Mrs.,P. L. Cordier, of Mannington. Ky., writes: \My three-year old girl had a severe case of croup; the doctor oak! .could net live. I got it bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar, the first dose gave quick relief and saved her life.\ Refuse substitutes. Sold by L. C. Wilson. II BLOW RI THE TRUSTS. The House on Saturday Passed a Vigorous Measure. Its Main Features—Rockefeller At- tempts to Dictate to Congress. Extra Session Possible. By unanimous rote on Saterday.the House of Representatives rABAO.1 the anti-trust bill. For three home the Democrats offered a series of amend-. men is designed to place \teeth\ in the bill, but they were ruled out or did not pass. The bill as passel requires corporations \hereafter organized\ to tile returns covering its articles of incorporation, 1 financial composition, condition, etc., with the inter -state commerce comnsia- sion, on a penalty of being restrained from engaging iti inter -state commerce; prescribes penalties tor false returns, etc. The commission is given authority, in its discretion, to call for similar re- turns from existing corporations doing an interstate business. The commission is given ant both y to compel answers to questious r und it fine not to exceed $5000 is impress,' for fail- ure to obey the commission iii this re- spect. Rebates by carriers in made punisha ble with a fine of not less than $1000, and corporations violating the provis- ions of this section are forbidden the use of the instrumentalities of interstate cow coerce. Carriers are prohibited from knoeing- ly transporting articles produced, manu- factored or sold in violation of the Sher - flan act. In case of prosecutions no person is to be excueed from testifying on the ground that Bath testimony would tend to in- criminate him, hut for such testimony the testimony the witness is not to be prosecuted. The circuit courts are given jurisdic- tion in cases of violation, 311d it is made the daty of tne district attorneys to in- stitute proceediegs to prevent violations, and individuals damaged by violations are given 1111thority to site. A Washington dispatch says that John Rockerfeller has telegrnplied several Senators to stop all anti-trnst The report bias created itsemiltitiun. The President has announced that if nothing eubstnnthil is done dining this session in the way of curbing the trusts he mill call an extra seseicn of congress. The litssquerade Ball The Knights of the Maccabees arc making elaborate preparations for their masqii‘rade ball, which takes place Fri- day eveniug in the Cook building:- .b. is loudly necessary to state that therewill be a large ettendatice, for if there is any kind of a party thin draws people it is a masquerade. The present occasion promises to be one of great merriment. There will be gay red grave costumes, and maske grotesque and masks severe. Prizes are annotnicts1 for the best cos- tumed lady or gentleman, for the best sustaieed character, anti for tho e inner of the cake walk. Slipper is announced to be served at Minutes hotel, • cemmerelat szpittenen. • Pete Leary has annexed the large apartment next his Wedge Buffet, and it is being used ai a club -room. The most reliable preparation for kid- ney troubles on the market is Foley's Kidney cnre. Vold by I.. C. Wilson. • -_. at It is the intention togive a hall on the evening of March 17th for the benefit of the Catholic church fund. —.44'4 JEWEL T. yi . woritti The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker Ins opened a shop at C. 11. Williams' drug store - LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired iind put in AS good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jewelry repaired and sew jewelry made to order (ruin Native Gold. If You Are a Man You In First, Woi king Shirts—Men's ing shirts. light and Men's heavy yoke some stores sell at Me : We heavy working 75c each. Men's heavy, navy All SRAM US YOUR MAIL ORDERS_ Will Be This Ad dark colors, back working $2.00. Price shirt in blue flannel Kinds of LE W COMMERCIAIACO. LEWISTOWN, interested About SHIRTS and shirts, $1.50 several overshirte I Boy,' all sizes. Working sTow with each. different MONT heavy, Price extension at $1.50 Shirts strong, $1.00 kitide, up A S; 1 each. !leek to Here N well band—good at 50c, $3.00 EXPpRAEI.S.DSON PURCHASES made work as Mr, and each. ALL of $5.00 OFVOVER

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 10 Feb. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.