Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, February 24, 1903, Image 7

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Kendall, Montana, February 24, 1903. 7. GOLDEN GA -2 CITY LEADS. San Francisca, Shows the Largeet Per- centage of Suieldes--Chleago • Han Ise Whirr& The number of people who volun- tarily shuffled off this mortal coil in Aruerican audpthyr i nifies during last year has been investigated by some delver in statistics arfd the follewing figures indicate the results: San Fran- cisco leads with the largest ratio, 39.1 per 100,000 of population. Nexteornes another pacific emirate' ty, Los Angeles, with a ratio of 29.8. The reader has naturally been looking for. Chierigio. and that,e,ity does, in fact, .come next with a retro of 24.0. f011owed by the nelkhboring city of MilWaiikee. whose ratio is 22.2. New Orleans was the scene of the self-desteuetion , of 21.5 persons per 100.000 of population, anti Cincinnati followed close with 21.2. New Haven is next with 20.9, aiql then comes the borough of Aianhatlae with 20.0, though greater New York ikS a whole is well down the list with i a ratio of only 13.6. This iv less than Roches- ter. Indignapolis,r hiladekthia. pipf burg. JAItimnee, Tiostjii. Detka Omaha and Louisville. besides all of that epee : 14411y eneireevati.desei? An to the ftureign ci1is.Pflfls 5 t Hat with a ratio of 42. followed hyt Ferlin 36, Vienna 28 and London 23. There were more tedicidest ir Saxoey than in any other eenntrr 31.1 Tier inn. - 000. In Denmark the retio Was 25.5 i n Austria 21.2, in France 15 7 in the Ger- man empire 14.3. and Qweden. Norwee. Fele-ipm. Great Pritain. Italy. t' United States and Spain followed in the order given. The table referring to American eities is somewhat rlifer,olt to exnlein. Why the city of the velden gate. end California. with its el , eien e rlimete, its senshine, its; fruit end it flhwere should show the greatest number f suicides seems a inveserv. enlese the prevence of a terve (\Meese --elliesien exPlnins it. The high suicide rate of Chicago is, perhaps. accounted for by the rush and strnavie of that prep t ei4y and the-4arge tureen element it contains—a foreign element, more- over, which comes meinly from t.\Se enuotried ivhsire suicide is most . fre- °tient. The eatre is perhaps true .f Milwaukee nnil of CiReltrat o l. tbe Wit rate at New Orleans may possfbly be attributed to its reletlen to France and the ideas and traditicns brought here from refit, the eeicide carital of the world. But New York city easts a cloud over some of these pan-Irina- tione. Here are the large foreign non- elationn. the stress and strain of and working, th• poverty, the ex- 'eltement. Yet Philadelnbia, tips sleening city of the humorous tiara- _ -e-oraplseers, has -a higher -tatio of 'FM - - - rides than greater New York. Add how is it to be exPlained OM New Haven leads all the other New Fng- land cities in the number of sneides? St. Paul and ithinespolip lie side by side, but 11.4 and seems Min'V'^00111 , t 5 P reit() is in St. Paul it is but 6.5. It at the ertneirteionst must be that there is no meti:od insuicide mad- ness and that the effort to reduce it to rule is doomed to failure. - _ CARP OUSTING WILD DUCK. Malcom Themselves, They Have Dre• •troired the Wild wee Fields to Outset), Canada. The singular eorplaint comes from various parts of northern Ontario that fish are responsible for the disappear- ance of certain kinds of geme. In lo- calitiee which were former ry noted for the excellent duck shooting which they offered the birds are now not to be had at all. The duck., geese and other aquatic birds were formerly in the habit of frequenting the large fields of wild rice In the lakes and streams of parts of Ontario, but now these fields have been, In many instances. -destroyed by the Germiu carp, which - has found its way into these waters. The vegetarian diet of this detestable fish not only reins the flavor of its own flvsb but exhausts the food tuottly of some of the most desirable forms of feathered game, says' the New York Sun. 'The Ontario iiieueeter of fish• cries, who has been in north- ern Ontario for the last few weeks, reports that the German carp has not only become Onneer- to other fish. as has been I requent- cl:limed. hut that in Cook's bay. Lake Simeoe, where there were formerly hundreds of acres of wild rive, not a spear of that plant is to he seen te-s'ay. The same is true of the Holland river. where there were at one time 1.5C0 acres of rice. The carp have eaten it root, branch and seed. ..The almost incredible part of it is that the fish have entirely destroyed the fields in one year. Tl-e sons tie birds which visit the lneality, finding that all their usual feeding grounds Inive disappeared. cut Wert their visit /met move away in eeleteh of others. The local sportsmen complain, too, th , eti.the mire have atteeked the beds of ',vita celery. and thin they, too, are almost completely deistroyed. It remains to he seen what the ef- fect of this wholesale destruction of aquellic vegetation will he noon the game fishes of the locality. The fish- ery overseer of the district declares thaV is a question- -whether the spa :of the muskellegge can he pro- tected rind developed hunt the rice 4 -,,eW egg, of life Rother fish. hut 1,ATs-not sccve the carp of 1 F4fitea . 91fit,ther 1<efp the water con- liihet•bed, and that to their oreseeciettirthesie waters must he at- tributed c tite decrease in the number of ImisknItonee frequeriting them for spawning purposes. A ?don.tea. Ilinahroom. Weigth three pounds four ounces, eirettutferenee ceetysfive inches, is the 'Isserintien cif another monster oushroom which has been gathered at Braconash, Norwich, England. NOVEL PRISON REFORII. Italy Proposms Compensation for Non Who Have Been Unjustly Condemned. A A new criminal bill is about to be discussed in Italy. thud it is thought in Rome that it will be passed. It proposes to concede to those found .to have been unjurely oceedemned to prison an indemnity, to be decided (spun by the courts, says a report to the aka go Tribune. If the person hes been in prison through a real judicialerroe the indem- nity will in some way correspond to the financial lose which be and his family have suetained. while if he has been condemned through the had faith of a third person, through false testi- mony (for whieh, of copes., the court which condemned him Is not respon- sible), the indemnity will be less, but •t lee atit sewillit a re ttie *heresy i thal tO begin life anew. It has been proposed to Indemnify these living when the law passes who have already been released from un- merited condemnations, or the families of tiller who hate died while undergo- ing unjust sentence. as NOM!' POR PUBLICATION De paft- went of the Interior. Land 011ice at Lewistown, Montana. January 3+4.194,5 Notice is hereby given that the follow ing named settler has filed notice of his inten- tion to eswite final proof in support o f its claim, and that said proof will he made be- fore Register nod Reielver at Lewistow Montana. oii Friday. March IS, 1901, viz: WILLIAM A. SHAULKS who made homestead emit'! No. 2221, for lots 3 wet I, sec. 5, lot I, ne', see. 6, tp. n., r. M. M. Re names the folk:vying witnesses to prove his continuous residellee upon and cultiva- tion of said land, viz: C °ries Millard, El- mer Hunkers, and Willard 0. Norman, of Kendall, Montana, and Lincoln P. Slater, of Lewistown, Montana. EDWARD BRABANT, Register. First publication Feb. 3, 1963. rt h iGTIR.11 FOR PUBLICATION - Depart. robot of the Interior, !And oilloo at Lewistown, Montana, February 20, 1903. Notice In hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of hi. intero Hon to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made be- fore Register sod Receiver et._ Lewistown, Montana, on Thursday, Winch 36, HI03, viz: .1111IN HASHANJ, who made Homesteuil Not ry May 271,1100I, for lots 2, IL 4, SW , ..S . Mi *c S. Tp. 15 N., R. IAN., M NI. He names the following a doesses to prove his continuous residence loam and c.itt is -at - thy, of said land. viz: Alfred C. Farm. An drew J. Rogers, Charles Wright and William S. Wit rbam, all of Kendall. Mootann. EnWARD liRASSRY. Register First publication Vet. 24, Ift'lt. bits BANK OF FERGUS COUNTY (Incorporated under the laws of Montana.) Lewistown, Montana. S. S. ROBSON. President. LW. ELDRIDGE. Vice-President, F. B WRIGHT, Cashier. AUSTIN W. WARR, Asst. Cashier. Board of Directors: T. C. Power, Perry Sl'Adow, W D. Symmes, S. S. Hobson, L. W. Eldridge, Holzerner, L. H. Hamilton. &Wain W. Warr Frank E. Wright. Capital Stock $2oo.000. Surplus and Reserve $135,000. Correspondents: American National. Helena, Montana Reed & Millard's Saloon McKinley Avenue, Kendall .11 1 Headquarters for I he Choicest of Wines Liquors and Cigars .4 .4 Large Club Rooms Attached '41.4$ We are always pleased to see old all new friends. Kountze Bros., New York, Continental National, Chicago Illinois Interest Allowed on Deposits Left for a .5pecified Time. W. G. Norman & Co. Manufacturing Jewelers Lew i.stowa.Altostana Fine Watches aid Clocks Repairing Given Careful Attention W. G. NORMAN VISITS KENDALL ABOUT THE TENTH OF EACH MONTH. HE ALSO CALLS AT OTHER TOWNS MONTHLI Kendall ji,ivery and Feed Stables MERICKLE & AVCORMICK Proprietors Opposite Stephens' hotel .41 Headquarter2 for Lewistown, - Kendall Stage Patrons Given Every rittention Livery and X Feed Stable North coil of hIcliicley Ave. '41 4$ - R. W, DUTCHER, Floprietor. 4 1 .0 Livery Rigs and Saddle Horses Good Paella as for boarding stock Kendall Barber Shop For an Up -to - Date Hair Cut and Shave call at Ed. Hayden's Iii the T urner Block NIELSEN & HOFFMAN Merchant Tailors Lewistown, Montana • WIll be la • K ENDALL the ioth of each month Stock will be cared for at reasonable to take orders for custom made clothes prices. and suits made by eastern clothiers ob Printing ee_74 „ With our own ideas coupled with your suggestions, we think we can do as artistic things in job printing as any establishment in the state. If experience counts for anything we will be able to suit you. No order too small or too laro: for us to turn away. As to rates. the Chronicle Job Office will be on the safe sick, ard not allow an order to be sent elsewhere on that account. Subscribe for the Kendall Chronicle

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 24 Feb. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.