Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, March 03, 1903, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. the North Moccasins I - lave Yielded Uo Their Thousand.: and flave Millions Left for tionest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, MARCH 3, 1903. No. so PLUNGED INTO A SHIFT. 0:in Johnson and Horse Have a Painful Experience. • 1 The Rider Has the Time of His Li! r e Digging Hit Way Out of the Gloomy Depths. Orin JohJason, an employe on Gilson's rat elf, bad it sensational experience Fri- day, which will hitur reotined if. his memory. Tbat he did tint lope his life is dile entirely to his grit and his ability to work his way out of it very small corner, and in the face. too, I f great opposition. Johnson and the horse he wits r:ding olnliged into t.ti old shaft, from which the former did not eSSOIlle Whit lifter fou hours of hard effort. a hile the horse a as dragged out two hours later. For twenty-fonr hours it hail he it storming and the wind bowing it gt.le, canting the snow to drift badly in ex- posed places. Johnson'm homeis taelve miles west of Kendall, ito1 Fridaiy morn- ing he started for this place, hoping to reach his destination I.y mtouuu, and re turn liefOre 8111111oWit. III eirder it the he ainuidoiwil the usually traveled roads II n41,insi rued mew thir The conntry immediately west of 'Ken- dall, NS is the case in all other diromion- , , for that matter, is dotted all aver with prospect holes—sotneileepomme shallot% . Ilei e aott tbeie a bole is left uncte.tered. making it a Ittokterotis pitfall tor man or bestst who may he abroad after Ilark, 0, when there is Consitiekable snow on the g nmail. It a as in reit.\' of these treach- erous holes that kflinaon was made if prisiawr, and which, tinder lesft luau- nate circumstances might have proved a living tomb. Rider and horse were go Rig tip I.ast. GIO111441 gulch, tuaking to a aril Kendall. ,They %ere taking the side grot 1 itil,K1 . -ailually eorkiug to the top of the rather precipitous hills that are characteristic of that locality. Suddenly the faelrmovitig horse plunged into it 511a11._the nowt', of which Niti4 hidden from view by it drift tof snow. The aid mid, at the time, WAN 1110Vitill at it fast center, and 80 gold( was the plunge that Johnson had no time toescatte, but %tent titian, with the horse on him. The shaft had heel) inn tell up and waft about tel Or twelve feet deep. In f tiling into this' hole the horse's body went half way doe ii sod lay in such a manner as to complete ly till the 81111CH 1It 1.111\ too, virtually n kiuig Jelinson a prisoner below. The two hind feet of the ItoreeAught in the logging on the side, thus preventing sitiking to the bottom. This ens a (whin/de eir.eimstattee for John- son. The horse, 'weever, could not re- cover himself, and the man below could not get out. Johnson saw the dangerona plight he Was in, and immediately began figuring out how to escape. There was no open- ing to the top of the shaft, and Lie only thine lie could see to do was to dig his Way ei the surface. Ile removed some Of the lagging on one side of the abaft near the bottom, and with his Jacket- nift. awl his two fiends he began the Progreso was slow indeed, for the ground swAs frozen. A circumstance in Isis favor, however, was the fact that Mei-haft had been Plink in sOft truiterial, told free from roe*. Little by little a liole WAN thig behind the lagging. !he dirt, as it loose, falling to the bottom of the shrift. s In three hotirs' thne 014.1e:it - less J1111,- SOI1 holif WO , kto41 his way to the top and escaped. 'the flesh on his fingers hail been worn to the qiiick, 'Ind they %vele bleeding profusely, a Idle the knife blade had beet' green.' to it Otte tulip. Mean- while the horse lay tightly wedged iti the position it had fallen. 'co accoun- plis ; 11 his resette it would be necessary to have assistance, SO Johnson) trudged hi the direction of the nearest habitation, witet•e he was given refreshments. Ile was well nigh eN ho fisted. hut soon re- vived, NMI later in theday the horse was dragged from the shaft. THE SEASON Or LENT. Ii ii Ilt.otlo g OltotosrA rat fit Kendall; lout It Not Curried to an Extreme. tornt mitt 1111, and there list tlispoei- lion in some quart era to eschew some of the fravolotes that beset the path of the at farer in tiiiiiing Cif R1118. While, 1110611 folirlitillpo HIV lees numerous than forte - only, there is no disposition, boa ever, 10 lirioN• toff Ill\ cotnmeicial Sind poker hits its devotees, as usual, awl they play the game a itt ithi Ilie en- thusiasm and feckless utl,iu iii, in that chatacterize their work flitl . hig the aeiO011 N hell 1111 tittit-tial religions obligatitws lire I U1 i• Attie, diavotiott to e0Obiner• rialisoi is not4tie - to airy alIsposiition ignore Ille 41116'8 NOVO4'11114 the lenten ...risme Mum people are the staves of habit, nod ills bard to ffitset the curl - toms of everyday Ilk , . Mild t•SpeCially Whet! it CtIlleti to 1.61y141V the reductive gante...of poker. Really, in a 10W11 like Ketutall. where the religious ffectinteet ts eft strong as to he particularly conepie. lions at all times, it would treem 1114 Lill/Ugh lent ens really unnecessary. Looking tit life here from a certain as- pect, every day is Sunday, nod every Sunday it special day for religions oliserv- ance. Hoe ever that may be, perlinps it is well to take cognizanee of tent, not only from it ronea attitude, but from !I physical etantlpeint as well. It is good for 0111.3 iii occasiiiiially call is halt, and take stock of one's condition -to find ont o how things are di ifting, and see n hat matins) , be done to right any wri.tigs that may exist. Kies it Lender or the Motto,. I tlw Loose of the Montana legisla- ture, Ernest King of this comity, has mad* hitt way to the trout. For it lime Itepreseetative Coneor Iola acted as floor lender of the majority, but lie be- came tuipoptilar and lie was quietly pushed aside 111141 Mr. King %VHS honored with tne . pinee. Ibis was n !et -oration of the latter's soperior ability atel skill in matters legislative. So Mr. King is !ilia . chairman of the steering COW.- mittee, a place of' lower andInfluence. It is a p..sition much Knight after, but it requirem brains and alertness to fill it in a eat,islactory way. Itepterautative Ililger is it minority member of the same committee, and lie is doing good work. Ile hes been active in committee work, and has taken part Hi many 'whiled debates. Wea cer and Riser have lowered their saloon to the sidewalk level. They will soon put in n new front and new fixtures AS TO THE TWO BIG DEALS No Decision Has as Yet Been Ar- rived At. The Bond on the Kendall Runs Till July --A Sale is Likely — It Would Make a Big Boom. The litg mining deal, or rather deala-- for there are t wo of thetn—continaito at tract at tent ion at home as well as 011 the 01118iolo. The relairt that Monday was the date Rued for making the first payment, a as not fonfuled on fact. The 'troth i*, thereris Ito paymet.t due on the Barnes King propt rty till about the middle of the prescnt tipthtlt, nod the Gond on the Kendall runs hi! July. It it 1118 oopular belief that ouc, bond euv• ere the whole transaction. Snell is not the case, him ever. There are tau hoods, of tramways haversing the lettgth of the property. At the same time the two mills now milting might be enlarged, Htil the whole operated by electric power from the Warm Springs plant. If the lll i ll es are made to yield 1500 10118 N that a (m1 , 1 mean it Inrire pity roll. With ...itch a pay roll Kettilell would he a ven! bit 'Y place—a Iiig town, in fact. 'Ilicre seems to he no lesson to donlit that the deals will go I It rough. The men who ow it the enittes think they Will. Wlii Have a New Deur Store. L. C. Wilson, the ilruggjst, has pur- chaeed a 25 -foot lot on the east Bide of NIcKinley avenue, midway between his store and the Wetice block. Nana ate living draw it kW N store !mailing, which lie will occupy. LINES ON LABOR. Rhode Island fatoorietr employ 91,520. perttons, 5,447 of wItum are elitlaren. There %%ere 75 strikes itt Catmela last year, most of e hich were successful. San Jose, Cal, Pvlsool teachers have taken initial steps for the formation Of it tettchel& 1111i011. 1511,1 one ham no connection with the Si. is 8 „ff„i„ g f rom n„ other, la-yond the fact that th e same extraordinary 61.yriage iti the supply of people are interested in them. The Itarties-Kingatel the Wright prop- erty, as it le called, are grouped together aeriant girls It is estimatea, Ity etu z ployment agents that neatly NU) eer : vaulta . are needed. • iii title howl. and the Kendall group of A stringent elidd labor law has pitP8CkI cl.firns ill 11110111er bond. The sale of o. a . le nensted Senate. It. forbids the el11- proper' y dote not affect the totttet. Au the iv ,14,41.6 heave fin ill the ex- lit. iv of children under keirleen nminatiem et t, mines it is their Ye\\.°1 \116.\ \\ *\.\.IY 11414)r ' a\ • portseire already in the }Donis of the l' fl ulvide\ \n\ lie a*\..\11 iluder gentlemen who are figuring oil yeah.; of age tufty emit et night. chase. The latter a ill no (Ionia renelt :III Carly •titoctioon to bny or I'Vjet!I it part or the %hole of the property involved; for every day's delay means the lose to them of two or three thousand the daily output of bullion. It was expected that John W, Gates, the big end of the purcha-iugeyritlieute would visit Kendallat this lisle-, lint. he Reigns to have cut out 1114 pert of his western trip. His partner, -11r. Drake. is PIM to be still at Wit &Igo..., How will the mines be worked, ii Ili* tie..1 goes through? \flint is is questem wlech is given many 11115,5 C'S. One them). is that at thousand ton mill will lie ereided at a eotivenient point to the ',dates, and the one sent theiete by an elahorate spume 'leaf OIE \\ T. Yil. WAND Tie (Ammeter Watch aid Clack Maker has opened a shop et C. H. Williams' drug store LEMISTOWN %here you exit get your repaired and put in otloo good order its the day it left the \facto -y\; also Oa airy repaired mid Lew ism elry made to order from Native (,old. IF you LIVE IN KENDALL , And come to Lewistown line Dry floods, Carpets, you can find the largest of down -to -date Clothing, Hats & Shoes SEND U9 YOUR MAIL ORDIIRS at dependable PAILLSTO kAll I,F,\N 1TOWN, v IMERCIALco- it0:.CtA prices WN N A at I.XPRESS PAID ON ALL PURCHfiSES o f l7t '\ , ( OVER Foley's Kidney Cure makes the kid- neys end bladder tight ; Contain. noth- ing injurious. L. C. lA Non, agt.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 03 March 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.