Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, March 10, 1903, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE lhe North Moccasins Have Yielded tip Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. 1. KENDALL, MONTANA, MARCH to, ioo3. No. si MORE 1.11W8 TO BE OBEYED Some of the Me.;s_ires Passed by the Legislature. Many of them Will Work a Great Benefit to the State—The Main Features Set Forthkt 1,50 -RAM•160 Here are some of the hills that were passed by the NIontarrit legislattire.s hien adjonimed last week. Over seventy bills Were euttete41 into taws. Appropriating $.52,000 to pay operating experisee of the legislatu.e. A loolisaing county boards of appraisers Lessening tax on sheep for mainte- nance of Wald of sheep commiertioners. Making hank., where comity tuto13 are kept give a wet y bond. - Makirig the oltimping of coal slack in meriting streams a misdemeanor. Providing for the 1i1i1iiiiuittiiiitof regin trati (((( egerits 1411.1 what officials may it Repealing law providing for publica- tioti of occupation licetifiell. Proeiti i nit for compulsory education of deaf and blind. Proving for the investment ot state funds toy land commissimiels. T,. provide for inrther protection of fish iota patMe. ' • • Creating supreme court commission. Permitting inmates of soldiers' liOnaela to retain their !religions., Permitting citiee which have reached constitutional limit of levy special tax to trey Off debt.. Providing that motions lied orders must he made in diet...trinity in which ac- tion is brought. Providing for annual renmus of deaf, blind and treble minded. Providing that pupils of one district [nay attend schools Compulsory educatiori of children and eatehliehing imitistrbil schools, and regu• Wing disorderly juveniles. Amending political code iii relation to fees anti mileage of jurors and witnesses. Makii:g it a misdemeanor to remove packing, wroth., braspea, etc., from rail MeV equipment. Relating to the renewal of mortgeges On personal pioperty. Creating the office of Font.. eatmeology and providing $300 truvelipg exheirses. Amending game la a Pl. 'to 'Menge canvassers for implement houses. Annexing it portion of Silver Bow to Deer Lodge minify. Requiring mum owners toenclose mitr- ing cages.„ Fixing a p --natty for the malicious killing of live.-tock Fixing a venally for carrying eoncealed we:11)one. Amending thegarne law and giving the warden further conipeerettion. Increasing the penalty for destroying tenser!. Requiring county superintendents of echoola to take steps to send certain children to the orphans' home. The fair trial bill. The new road law. . Providing for course in online °drools on humane treatment of dumb animals. Extending time in %% filch a judicial act may be done. Allowing cities which have'exceelled constitutional limit of indebtedness to operate on a cash basis . , Requiring purchasers of state lands to give bond on deferred payments. Providing for employment of conniel in criminal cases when accused is unable to pay for such serviees. Changing hatef when corporations must make annual reports from Julie to Jan - nary. Granting a permanent hind for the slate Ina library. Give t lye sinprentecourt exclusive pow- er to .lisbar Ina yers. Amending the law in relation to the inspection of live atock. Extending the botindaries if Caacarle comity to take a small strip of Clioleati cOunt y . Limiting the hours of work of hoisting engineers. For a ii aitreedirient to I I.t/ y0118144 tit ion reetognizing the eight -floor laa , anti pro- log child labor in mines. I ircludieg seerent hand dealers in the opera, ion of po tv tibrokera act. THE ELKS MINSTRELS. _ The f.towisto wit Organiztatio , to liCatter- , tale, Ii. Kendall. The Les istos ri 'Minstrel Chili will give a perforniance iii t'orik's hall, Kendall, on the evening , of the 14th. the pro- ote. a Will go for the benefit of :lie pub- lic erthool.. This ;slime should lima out he larlgest audierwe in the history 4.f the •4444 i ui 11501e from that, the entertainment a ill r4. one of merit. 'Elie chth is composed of the beat talent of Lee istos .A committee of local citizens, Nlessre. NVareliam, Itiddell. El. - age, Allen, Fox and Ilendetsoir, has hit• II rrangements in hand arid a ill we that the arratigelienta ti tIm,' hall are such as vv ill iliTiO111110 ,1 / 1 1i. lilt' Logo andietoce cX - peeled to he pre,eirt. 'Die program lie ti!...11,11mis: Overture . Orchestra A Gast Laugh ....... Hy One of U. RECTRIC RHO PROJECT. To Connect Kendall with the Coun- ty Scat. The Lewistown Electric Company Back of It—New Haut to be Built at Once -r -The Cost. The Cit izenaElect ricCompany of Lewis- town bas under serious consideration a project to connect the county seat arid Kendall with air electric road. mat- ter has reatelied a point, in fact, where it has about lweil decided to bui141. Those interested in the enterprise are quite well satisfied it would be a profitable invelit- merit. They realize that front now on there will Ire an increasing passenger and freight husinetts twtween the two toe 119, 111101 to meet the 41eirrarill for trams portatiort an electric rated is essential. J. L. Bright, president of the electric moronity, and s ho lilts interest. in Ken- dall, annoisuces that his corporation le alamt to put in it new ;weer plant, to l'OSt in the neighborhood ot $21i.000. Ma. Into the North :Moccasins to Kendall mid the mines, a distance, say, of five miles, arid this Irrmle can he easily imiatettl hy a little tkillful engineering. The road would instantly go on a paying basia. 'lite announcement that the road is likely to be built the coining summer is reveived with enthrisiarin. Property owners along the route are willing to grant right of way, and ample terminal facilities can be tweiired here with tio material cost to the electric company. Kendall Capital Inverted In Lewistown. N. Clietten. the %Yell -known tetsi• Ilefif4 1114111 of K(9.411411, hits purchased it Idoek of lai.41 in Stafford's addition to Letviatoe it. Ile holds it as an invest- ment. \It Is Essential that We all Stated Together.\ Yea, verily, if your brother wonder front the straight and narrow loath of irteproacheble rectitude, do not Modell his aced with unseemly jo , Iiing, hut rather Rock by kindly counsel to direct his foctftfelts nlontt the highway of pro- denrearul discretion.—Lewiatown Dent- oeiat. A Revere Cold ter Three Months. Fullusi illg letter from A. J. Nunba iim, of Batesville, 11.41., tells its own story. \I suffered for three months a ith a severe (told. A druggist prepared tile some med- icine, lied a phyaiviain prescribed for me, vet I did not improve. I then tried Fo- chinery and other material for the Panic le) -'P Honey moll 'tar, and eight doses have been ordered. and it is t he intention 44111441 ine.” Refuse substitutes. L. C. to start a ork on the stone structure its W il'\\4 \li t • - Umber a lianolaoo Tree\ Lanai* illudgett s o u ,' ap th e weather conditions are favor- La grip cotigha Yield quickly to the A ''y Litilo. southern Queen\. C. V. Hook's'. wonderful enrothe 'go:dines ol Foley'a nother L im o End Ni \\ able in the spring. faurg14 A _.: in . . . t. We Hope Tile new plant, it is nederatood, s ill Honey and Tar. There . is untiring adee '•31151 as goad IA.\ I.. C. Moon, ars. • - ill Lit e A nyhOw Tall Vie\- Walter Knight be keeled on Spring creek, some four . Once More. All Lasigh miles above the site of the present plant. NENTYME ' 11i11) 11 : . iii . _\:;ji: k -a u - Ui e - i „'Ul' H \U l ii, wux . i ' ie ,', The iieW Site it ffocals all excellent lora- Hazel Smith, Our Alascot ti e fine water fall which can be developed , a T. W. Viiitil -Wait\ Not Another Laugh tion for the poser house, (y) acrount oh . Jost Once Moire Excure Ur We Forgot , at slikklit cost. 1Vith a little ditchiog a •• W hen Shakespeaie CIA FOC to Tow Ed Wright fall rot about seventy feet, melting a head SZCOND PAST. Of sixty-flve feet, miry Ire utilized. This Overture •Orchestra will generate five or six hundred horse N unary [Homes Blodgett, Hatike anal Wagner Vocal Solo . . ..... Hazel Smith Salvation Array Tom Smith, Blodgett, Wag-ner Tett smith and Hatilve Minden) Select it,,, 1.011,CII arid Peterson Prof Hypo and a few of his rubjects Louis Blodgett cotselude a it I, a wonderful exhibition of the potters of tial;:gertiout nhleh Prof. Hypo alone Iota lover the midair of the o.e over allow lie alone bar the 'Dame'. of suggestion Tits Cilact.s I\. E. Moat'', interlocutor, Hazel Smith, 011r mascot; eutdr - Wright, Kitiglit Blodgett and Ranker 'tom Smith, (3 V. tiopkina, Al. \I eyolert, Geo. Hach 'fed Smith. Harry Smith, Harry Price, Will Hop - h is. Hu g h. Wagoer. Orchrst Lodi sax.- Ralph Pamlico, Louis Palliate, Dick lassisch. Mr. Peterson, A Pleasurable Occasion Marred 14 an Unhappy I esa:Ident. A seriousi mishap overtook it yonteg conple who were Mit rilli• it few evening.; a.). At 11 111(11111.11i s hen they were deeply absorbed hi each others'a company, and e bile the gentle- man wag trying ill guide the epeedirig loosen ti ith one 'mad, while eith the other he kept the lady 319 near the mid• he trf the seat sis possible, the cutler hit a high place. It turned Over and the liely ploughed into the 51101%'. Her com- panion foil mot. 11 11 limit at buil 's liierult It het s reit t Item . \\ * hen the' recovered front their emharraittottv, poiitir s to it was found the lady TilillgS wete finally righted noel for the rest of the t•veiting pletteure flowed Oil uninterropie I. power. l'his poser, in midition to the iii.uty in use, will give tire com Maker - pany ample power for all the business l'ontensplated. The cost of an electric road to Kendall mould be but nominal. There are no LEWIST'OWN heavy arailes to be iuve rcome; the conii- si lore you caui get Yisal , oI l l er a rwll s he ic i lIrer v it repaired fit:•togr order also jewelry repa . ired try is comparatively flat, and is an ideal „ one for an electric road. Tbe henVieSt aliot cew jewelry made to order from grade ail! let from the basin proper tip Native Gold. The Chrosseter Watch aid U. hart opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store Are You Sure v • Are von sure you're getting you're money's worth ? Every time a man spelas $8.00 for a pair of MOWS lie doemn't get all his $11.00 eotillea him to if he deeen't get a pair of HANAN SHOES If fie Does, He Does - All that hardy leathers, scientific conet met ion. flawlese finial', arts torratic faallion arid faultless fit eau make Shoes, II AN AN SHOES air. All that painstaking and thoroughly competent ealesmen can do to plertre you and your feet, is done irt our store. We are Sole Agents for 'lanai] Shoes SEND US E W I STOWN EXPRESS PAID ON A ir . YOUR COM Pl'olftts'ls'i,LSES MAIL ORDERS CIALCO. s ()it ()VEIL LEWIsTOWN, MONTANA Kelly dc Moulton, Lewistown, pay cash for bounty claims.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 10 March 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.