Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, March 17, 1903, Image 1

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A KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Therri l =rids and Have Millions Left for Honest roil VOL. I. KENDALIL 4 MONTANA, MARCH t7, tei0j. 2 - • No. 52 11 HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING, School Trustees Want $3\ for That Purpose. An Election to Vote Bonds is Called for April 18th—The Money Should bz. Appropriated. It will not be long sbefore Lewistown will 'lave a new end hateleome high school building. This w ; .II he gratifyiog news to thaw a ho hike 1111 earneet inter- est in advancing the tehicationial insti- tutions of that cotnrnunity and of the county in general. A meeting of the County High tallied trustees was held last Thursday evening. ' [lie trustees ere F. E. Wright, Theodore JHogehind, W. A. Hedges. Frank Barnes, N. Von Telwl, Itavid Hilger owl It I Isp Bleyersiek, stiperintemieet of sch,, 0 1... The quesnen of a lieW buildteg was 'lip' cuesed by the trestees, and 11, W;18 ilgreed neat at least $30,000 should he devoted to its erecti..n ;old equipment, 811,1 evt•ry one of the trustees e as favorable te Mg ahead at once with the prnject. It wam unanimously voted to call a school election for April 18111, to bond :het:ire:1- (y for $30,000, the bowls to run I a rill y years. It is an admitted proposition that the lemds can be Hooted at a per cent rate of interest. . If the voters should decide against Me issite it a ill lie in the limier if the iieles.1 trustees to call for a mpecilil till 10 reise the iteueesary fueils.This tax *0111.1 entente to bum live tfrtee It is more than likely the bond election will carry by a large majority. The tax lavers would much preder 10 vote 101111s Slither 1111111 to pay the extra tax, and all in one year. The erection of n Irk+ selmool building tit au early date is quite 8.111.e111131. T11 , foreSelit quartei•s of the high school a e wAltled tor other purposes, and they west be given ti' , . 'Ilme trustees' vies, mm If 'lie case are in harmony . 'anti those mititettained by every taogressive aiil thoughtful ei.izets. . A handeottle high egoted ,will serve nit per o-st tor ninny %elite—M.111.1 be mi ma- terial :actor Ii itilvancing olio:anon in she county, suni it wi•eld le. re lllll welly in the limit rim to now build stilistaiiiel and %tell. PLEASANTLY. 7 , r1s• Lewistown Nitimmorei. %A.m. Hsudatt and Dave Pi The Lewistown Idimitrel club enter- tained the people if Kendall Saterday tiight and in turn the inend‘yrm werteesi - ter - Mined, mind m.I ogether the °Mallon was a most (.ilji) , i able mine. The perform- ance wait a creditable one and if the 'mightier tind applanse indicative ef the feelings of the audience, the litter's eolith/elite. was vomplete. ' the hall was nearly filled; it ear the largest au- dience that ever came toeether Iii Ken- dall. ' Hie program Inchnted the listed teetures of minstrel entertoftei ents, tied a few local hits thrown in as ext.a spice. ()ft the cede a ere Liens III...Igen. Dick Henke,. W . rillter 1Vells ainti Walter Knight ; iii the remoinder of die circle eery F. E. Flini:11, hoed...alter, little Hazel : Smith, the chib ' s mascot. 'nen Smith, C. .V. Hopkins, Al. Weydert, Ted S111011, {lorry l'rice, ' 1101 lioi.kine Hugh Wagner amid Mr. Chase. The vocal tom. - tiers acre: Under a Bamboo Tire . , Louie Ithslgett ; Nly Little Sondem. Cle en, C. V. iiiipkine; I'll Live • Ativhow ' I ill 1 Die, Wolter Knight ; liIly fta 1ev, Pick Hanke 3m1),1 Ought Wagner; Wait. Hazel smith; When Siorkeep are Comes to Towe, Walker Wells; Nursery Rhymes, Mess's. Illisleett, Henke and 1Vagner; vocal solo, ; Stilyntion Army, Torn Smith, B . /till/en, Wagner, !Janke, Ted Smith. Hazel Smith made a hit milli Ilse ntelience and reeemeled with polluter teem Routes. The other 1111011)4s were well received. C. V. Hopkins rt u- dere.) it mandolin solo with tine effect, and Hick Latesch and E. A. Petersoe were exrellent with banjo ii nil guitar Louis De( ' -eee ' s polo 011 the cornet, cattle in for a ppla rise. ' floe en s feretinment con- cluded with ii laugh provoker by bells Bloileett and his hypnotic 8111;jeelS. • After the eieformonce the limIt Was cleared for dancing, Hering their stay in tuwit the members of t he club awl or- cla-iitra mere enteittneed at Stephens ' hotel, awl upon leaving they all expresms el themselves as having had a pleaeant visit. - RAILROAD EXTENSION. The, timmostatma Line will be In Lewlslow - m by Mlimtassmaiiimar, - Vice tr eiler.t Haslow of the Montan I railmoad gives out the statement tliot his rote : Frill be built to Lewistoen at it date net I,ner than .11.1v 1. All the con- tracts have betel let, and good progress Iii grading will be made as S(801118 the %teat her is favorable. Mt. Hail ov fer- tilen statee the Carnegia steel %yolks have promised the reils aid go on the first boa/ no the hikes). and thence on the Northien Pacific I. Lombard. quite a lot of ties hay , iwett delivered, and Derailleati Uroillers naves controtit itt deliver 30,003 ties along the line of road between Ithek eieek end Lewistown. Tee terrine:II arrangements at Leats- • own hate at laist been eett led, Aecord- ing iii lbw Angus. 'the yard* and depot eillIttryetsk Peter Stiiebt ' s ranch east of tiny tf,us itt time hetet of First livelier. ' Tliitt much was fin - mil:4 pnrelosseil Ily E. Wt ight _fot $.11),000, nod the road lino all the de's t. and sit Haling ground it re - it i rem. II the new plans are ftecepted the rued will leave the tireviefriq wyreptiii sur- vey west of the Von Tilde railch and louSSilig across the Weydert ranch, the M.-11411er ranch and aver the school secs lion, come down the coulee jest smith oh the old ileuetery, stone tile hill sonic f*e squares hark of the Cook residence stet thence diagonally across ei:y blocke nul streets in near the -point whet.. Eighth tivenne intenseeto the city liountla - y. ' Flue modelled ground of t. AI. Star ford, (i. W. Cook, G. J. 1Vri.letimil nen! Chariest !Adenine is traversed: the crisis. bug of Main Street is jest south weet of Ninth avenue, 1Vation Street at Ninth ii ' velitte. Leavitig the toweilite ort Eighth erenne.dife nit;1•1 Sill cross the Hay ranch above the barn, a ' ong the e1.110 hill 15 the Oat stem of the bridge across the creek, thence mirth to the terniinsi. A Pioneer neves Gen I., MO Celestial Diggings. John E. ;Murray, one of Lewistovides oldest atid most iesoected II week ago today, atel the funeral took piece from the Catholic chinch out Prt- .i 9 r. Mr. Nilo rray settled in Lewistow iti 1 1884, stint - snide 1887 he conduct , eenertsi stole ift the Corner of Medi Font . ' It streets. The de, co , ed was leirn iii Irelatel in 1827, end noel...milted hip pa elite to Maine, e beret... grew to man hood. He weatt. the stempede toPike ' s Peak, tied in the !midi -to Alder Gulch in 18414. Iiii-tatimick Ile wam the partner of W. A. Clark. latter 1,1* moved to White Sutphen . Sprier, where lie Nerved fur (MO terms Is prohatejitilge. Judge Murray was a man of eterling character and had many warn, hired,. A wife atuutl yomie son survive him. Hall and Mapper Tonight. The ball and slipper this evening will be nee of the 'drama social events of the season. ' fliere is no geestion bet it will be a tile:towed ocivilion, and timst there will be a bop tarin)tit. The ladies will serve itiPper in the Kendit II hotel. As this is Ft. Patrick ' s day it is pomp - thing of it holiday. The ball ie for the henetit of the Catholic church hitni. The Lewi - town \!ettt & Provision Co. carry fresh ineatr, dab, liturit . made lard, and home-meilo limn* sad baron. !HURTING THE BIG DM. Chicago Reports Say it will be Put 1 hrough. The Prir: Named—In the Mean- time the Mines in Good Shape and Produ:ing Heavily. Negotiations for the sale of 11.e tie; 11311 alni Karnes- king ..ropertiee are in active progress at Chicago, where the promote .s of the enterprise now are. Priiiitti letters front there, written by people alio are believed to lit; \ familiar with a hat is going on, state the iheal is alitiota certain to be consummated. A. S. Wright, who is one of the pro moters, is quoted hy John It. Cook as sayieg lien the deal it as good as made. The letter is ift Chicago on mining bitsi- neee. '1 he exact tIguree that represent the Money involetel It vu never officially been given out, but in Chicago the :menet is stated as $4,000,000 for the Kendall property and $2,500,000 for the Ito rties-K ing 'eel Vmight propei ties. This includes all the assets of the com- panies, embracing eater rights, India, .moml fitly diiimiog If the sale imt noele the new — matinge. teen L e ill proceed at mice to spend mu liurge amount of money on int prom C. mews. The present mills %ill be en - Urged or a new one !milt. In the lanes event, the mill will be of great (Innen- Kiee, pr. 'Went and manager of the Itarnes-K mg. returned late last meek from Ileleme In !making over the 111111e and mill lie foetid everything win kine s ttisfac.ory. The ore teethes stre.alete leg 111) large* 111141 richer 111011 ever 1.efore in the history of the property. Serum 011ie ago mm number of miners were laitl off; bet last eeek the fume was again it - creased. 11 is 11101e111101ki the vleams, for March a ill be the largest imuIlw his- tory of the mine. \l n.. King is 1:11 I 110 I 318 Saying the company id indiffiPe- ent es 10 lite sale of the property; if the pending deal falls thiough thew ate other ;ranee ready to take it. .Clarener thirties, ii stoeltholdier in tl e comottey, said: \ Persunally I hove the option will not tee teken sup, eti We 1111Ve half of the amount of the option in eight in the mine already developed, and the lichest pat liii the mine yet t.m be worked. (hi the north end of the 6000 feet ee own iii the guuiiu1i, we have more running from $15 to $150 per ton, nod dime mif it tins yet been worked or developeil. We have been WO1king eighty men at devel- °einem and other work Idiom the prop- erty, sold have beset otittieg 154) tens IL day throngli the mill. We put the ore iltiough its himi1uhv 1114 W;1S ever drew in Montana, :111 , 1 personally I set. no par - Heeler reason for eellitie.. \ As has been stated the comr.pany con- tempt:item ereeting anether mill, 111 be 10011141 al the northern end of the prmh no* . ty. Tile will not lie changed unless a sale of time mine is made in the meantime. At the Kendall everything is running along its 10111111, 1%1111 results highly grati- fying - to them management end stock - holders. Tlfelnilliim yield for 11141 iuiu)iit hi Well he ',tree. Although the vommitimily lulls en immense eiraiony ef ore in sight amid ready t uiuihhu 11eVe101111001. 18111k continues. 811 1 1 lesliets of time imetaal up ready for exit:at:not.. ' Every month adds to the rest , . yes. A MASONIC Ti. DK ISO II er 1411•Willtleilen Will MOM One Thu is 5,1.,, 1,1,-F. The Masanic fraternity of Lewistown has decided to put up st handsome build- ing to cost at least $20,000. This con- eltiPiliti was moldy renclteml last week. It a ill go 1111011 Fienth stieet ' , twit of the present site of the posnittice. awl it aid also front mom the rear street. Oti the tb.n. %t ill be ii room and the two tipper thee s e Ill he eleV01eil 011 0.0- eiety purposes avid offices. It is tlw plain to erect it I 1 1 1: 11 I•1 I 111111.1i10/ --011e 1101t Will he an oritement to i he srtititevt,nre of the man. — l p ly t r lr. i ats S. ti TA ; 11 . :77nd P- fu stonier:le The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker has opened at shop at C. !I . Willie me ' drng store LEWISTOWN where you can get yotir repoired anti pet in lie guest order as Iiie 'ley it ;et& the \factory \ ; aiiio jeuelry repaire.1 NIIII LOW jest eiry made to order hien Native Gold. Quality . The hest of everything in men ' s wenrinin First he found hers tVe carry complete line* of Knox, Stetson tind Gorden HMI, Steill- 11104214 Clothing, FakW Shirte and Cidlere. Wilson Brothers Uederivear, lloviery, Shirts and Suspenders, Dent ' s . Gloves. Is the Best Too Good When the Price is Right? A well -fitting, more than pays to tion of patterns IVIIN 1111telmble at the sEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS well madiShirt buy where never so price, as is E W COMMERCIAU. LEWISTOWN, n specialty ceod each I niltle 11011 line STOWN BO our We EXPRIM MONTANA tolleli to is made of $1.25 and Carry. yonr that $1.50 comfort that it line. Our selec- lines are 011- PAID ON ALL PURCHASES of flis.00 OR oViot ,

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