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1 ,0 70. KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. 2. KENDALL; MONTANA, MARCH 3 4, 1 903. No. I REGARDING THE BIG DV Much Speculation as to What it Would do for Kendall Many Residents Here Prefer to. Have the Mines Operated by Present Owners At every turn the question is attired: \Will the 'deal' go through ?\ It ie burning question with every 'citizen of Fergus county, and Kendallitee take special interest in the outcome of the ne- gotiations now on foot for the sale of the Barnes -King, the Kendall, and the Wright properties to a syndicate of east- ern capitalists. It is probable the answer will not be known for a month. Opinions differ as to whether Kendall will profit by. the consummation of the deal, some taking the ground that the camp will prosper as much, and the greatest good to the greatest number will result onould the ownership of the big mines remain as at prevent, while others again take the opposite'view. Certain it is that things will take a lively turn in Kendall just as soon as the question io eattliol ong-skay Pirothe other - As matters now stand, nothing is doiug to develop or open up new ore bodies, and no expenditure . is being made in ashy way . that is not absolutely necessary to the direct production of ore to keep the mills working full capacity. E. W. King, manager of the Barnes - King mine is quoted assaying It few days ago: \It may be thirty days before it is settled as to whether this mine n ill change ownership, arid in the memitime we are not stocking up with materials, but when the question is * decided, this mine will need large quantities of timber and other materials for mining purposes, as we are practically out of everything, ore excepted.\ So things will be lively either way it gees, and tide sutimer bere a ill be em- ploymeot given to a largely iecreased number of men, and money will not be close in this prosperonseetsp. Don't worry about the \deal.\ Ken - dell will take care of itself, and will take wonderful strides in mining doting the next few years, is any event. VIRTUE ISIS KARAT FINE HERE A Canto Without a Pear,' Officer, a Church Or Sky Pilot. \This is the first St. Patrick' a day I have experienced. thst. has not been ae- com pulled by a fight of some sort, and I have been in . all the varione mining camps of the west \iines 0 68,\ observed aneold-timer on the night of the 17th, as he reviewed the incidents of the day. Kentish certainly presents some novel features in mining camp life. Since the camp was ,started it has had hut one shooting ecrape,\ For the past nine months it hail not had a peace officer, and du:ing that time there has not been all arrest made for violaCtig the law, mul the town in yet to hear of a jeatiee court. The town has tea church, and it is seldom a minister of the gospel puts in all appearance here. An effort vies made last summer to maintain a Sunday school; but however shuns the spirit might have been, the flesh was weak, and the Sabbath, school climbed the golden 'pole, au. to speak. Then there was a Plan formulated to organize a Y. M. C. A. The scheme reached the point where a committee was appointed to se- lect headquarters, and there the matter came to it sudden halt. In Kendall everybody seems to he a law unto himself. Even the frisky sheepherder aml the merry cowboy, when they come to town to. ; Spend their easily acquired weskit, (Mei) a more or less serious' view of life, and never at- tempt to shoot up tile town. Whatever may have been a man's record elsewhere, in Kendall he leads a life that would be counted highly exemplary even in the effete east. Of course this thill, prosaic monotony of virtuous habits is exceed- ingly tryhig to many high-strung na- tures • but, it seems to be the vogue, and there appears to • be no way of cutting loose from it. Perhaps a livelier and more interesting day is dawning. FROM MORGUE TO FACTORY. Superior Candy Haile on Discarded Mar- ble Slabs from Dead Howie What qualities do marble slabs, used for many years in the morgue of an un- dertaking establishment, lioness that recommend them so to a candy manufac- turer? The appliances used in the morgue and those used in the making of candy are not closely 'dried by most peo- ple, but within the last six Months two 'p e lo tas candy makers have .purcliment, These discarded slabs, aid haie been usher them in their business, says the Spokesman -Review. For a number of yew's these slabs had adorned the morgue of a local undertak- ing establiehment, and many were the bodies that hail been laid (loon them and been washed and prepared for the casket. Of late new contrivances have been in- troduced and marble slabs are no longer considered the proper appliance upon which to prepare bodies for burial. When the undertaking firm secured the new appliances there two large elabs of mar- ble for which it had no use. In the manufacturing of candy pieces of marble of this size are required upon which to pour the hot candy and mold it into its proper shape. Two local colder:- tionery firms heard of the discarded marble and purchased it at a bargain. One firm has been molding candy upon the second hand stab for about six months and the other for four.. In the confectionery business there is said to be much loss on account of the candy becoming aged quickly, and it is not readily disposed of the owner suffers a financial lose. Some people have been unkind enough .o suggest that the em- balming fluid, during the many years that the slabs had been in use, had so penetrated the marble that not only was a certain zest Imparted to him candy, but that it was kept in a state of preserva- tion. Then, too, many people who are eepe- vially fond of bonbons are prohibited from partaking of themen account of the injury resulting to their teeth. With the candy made upon these valued Glebe, it is said, teat not only are the teeth not injered, but the use of this candy keeps the teeth preserved for yeare. It is stated that not only have the qweetmeats lately turned out by thee(' firma .met a heavy local demand, but their good's are becoming common in other markets. It is expected the de- mand will continue as long as the slabs retain their vigor, , Anyhow the reputa- tion of the firms will be established. Pneumonia Follows n Cold hut never follows the use of Foley's Honey ad Tar. It stops the cough, heels and strengthens the hings and affords perfect security ir Ill an attack of pneu- monia. Refuse eute.titutes. L. C. Wil- son, lett. ST. PATRICK'S BALL. ,Tbe iiewision Long to be Remembered as One of Keen Kujoyment. The ball on St. Patrick's evening was one of the most successful ever given in Kendall. In spite of the inclement weathar there was a large attendance, and while the storm raged without. there was a gay scene of revelry within. And not only was the spacious floor of the hall fully occnpied by merry ‘lancers, bile the space allotted to spectators was taxed to its capacity. Everything passed otf in the pleasantest .manlier possible, and the fact that dancing did not cease till live o'clock in the morning, tells bow thoroughly the guests enjoyed them- selves, The several committees worked faithfully to make the affair a emcees, and they succeeded beyond their expec- tations. At midnight the merry com- pany sat down to supper in the Kendall hotel. This feature of the occasion was in charge of the Catholic ladies, and they gave a spread that would have satis- fied the most critical of epicures. After the various delicacies had been discussed, and wit and repartee had been given full play for an hour, dancing was resumed with renewed zest. The guests were free to confess that the affair was the pleasantest social experience of their residence in Kendall. The proceeds will go towards building a Catholic church in Kendall. WIII Give Lewistown a Trial J. E. Lane, of Hailowton and his wife have arrived hi Lewistmen and will take up their permanent residence there. LIFfte tine been chosen manaeet of the nee• lumber company a hich was organized by the consolidation of all the lumber intereots ill Leivietown in Feline fey, Slid will commence bus , riess on the first of April. Al Hoopes hes returned to Lewistown from Warm Springs where he Sae sent tievend months ago on account of a tem- porary mental derangement. He is en- tirely restored to rationality and looks better than in several years. Haw or Inflamed Lungs Yield quickly to the wonderful cura- tive and healing qualities of Foley'a Honey and Tar. It prevents pneumonia ii '(h consumption from a hard cold set- tl d on the langs. L. C. Wilson, qt. Colonel Jasper of Bed Rock gelds Came ove«ni tile 17th to learn the latest mode of celebrating St. Patrick's day. After stitilyirg the styles for a while lie con- cluded the old way was to be preferred. lie thinks he will be sober euough to- morrow to return home. STOLE 9400 And Was Caught Napping Soon After- wards—Ettein In Trouble Frank Et hem, a young man employed in the Miller Bakery on Main street, was arrested late Sunday night for stealing $400.00 from Miller' trunk Sunday morning. He took the key front Miller's pock -et, got the money and hid some place in the city until night when lie went to bed at the Lewistown hotel, first giving the money to landlord Wrtght and asked to he called for the Great Fails coach. He was discovered there by the officers and all lint a few dollars of the money was recovered'. Cresap-Attii Dr. Frederick V. Attix left Lewistown .Friday morning for Livingston where today (Tuesday) at 10 o'clock lie was married to Miss Ruth Creeap of Humans- ville, Missouri. Miss Cresap is well known in Lewistown, having spent sev- eral months with relatives there. They will return to Lewistown about the first of April grui will occupy a residence lately built on Main street, Cough !levied on Her Lungs. 'My daughter lied a coneli which set- tled on her tunge,\'says N. Jackson of Danville, Ill. \We tried many remedies without relief. until we gave her Foley's Honey ad Tar, which cured her!! Re- fuse substitutes. L. C. Wilson, agt. Rule Make, who has been employed by the Montana Hardware compatfy for a long time, and Charles Foeter, of Lew- istown, have pureliased the mercantile interests of Randolf tt Stafford in Gilt Edge and eill take possession am the first of the month. it a , Dr. R. S. Hedge.', Lewietown, success- fully treats diseases of the .bladder and stomach. The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. II. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you CSll get your wa tell repaired and pie in as good order as the day it left the ''factory\; aliff) jewelry repaired and yew jewelry made to order from Native Gold. Quality The best of everything in men's wear is First to be found iwie. We carry complete lines of Knox, Stetson and Gorden flats, Stein - Bloch Clothing, E.fett' Shirts and Collars, Wilson Brothers Underwear, hosiery, Shirts and Suspenders, Dent's Gloves. Is the Best Too Good When the Price is Right? A weldfltting, more than pays to I iou of patterns was matchable at the SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS well made buy where eever so price, as is LE W COMMIERCIALCo. LEWISTOWN, /Mire a specialty good each I adds and line STOWN so our we MONTANA much to is made of $1.25 and carry. - . your that $1.50 . comfort that it line. Our selec- lines are un- EXPRE38 PAID ON ALL PURCHASES of $5.o• OR OVER

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 24 March 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.