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KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Theit Thousands and Have Millions Lett for Honest Toil VOL. 1. KENDALL, MONTANA, MARCH 31, s9o3. No. 2 A IIII.0118 MAN MORES Then He Turned the Gun Upon Himself and Suicided An Early Moring Tragedy Which Cost Two Lives and a Third Has a Narrow Escape A horrible tragedy occurred in Gilt Edge early last Tuesday morning, in which W. D. Patterson, a cowboy in the employ of Oscar Stephens, Jack Peers. a miner, and Mrs. Barney Hedigan, wife of Barney Hedigan, a former em- ploye of the Fergus Land and Live Stock Co., were immediate participants. It appears that Patterson was infatu- ated with Mrs. Hedigan, and the apparent intimacy of the Hedigun woman and Peers aroused his jealousy to such an extent that he determined to put an end to their lives as well as to his own; at about 8 a. m. Mrs. Hedigan was engaged in cctoking breakfast at the residence of Mrs. James Lee, who was absent in Lewistown, and had hit Mrs. H. to take care of her home and child, When Patterson made his appearance; upon Ilia arrival he at or ce began re- pereaabing Mail. V. about her-. tattl nese and perfidy, ask isig her various questions sato the meaning of the treach- ery displayed towards him, and .finally striking her a violent blow, knocking her down ; when she attempted to rise he again knocktd her down with his re- volver, and as she lay on the floor pros- trate lie fired at her twice in rapid suc- cession. Both shots took effect, one bullet entering the body just, below the right arm and emerging jurst,..ahove the collar bone • the other shot penetrated the head above the left ear, tearing off a portion of the skull and provoking in- stant death. \ Hearing the trouble Jack Peers, who roomed at the Lee reeideece and was in bed upstairs, arose and came down to investigate ; at the entranee to the kit- chen he was met by the thoroughly in- furiated Patterson, who at once sent a bullet into Peers' right side; Peers reeled to the floor and Patterson, evidently satisfied that his aim had been fatal, re- turned to the kitchen, pulled off his hat end put it between his knees, placed the revolver to his right temple and 'fired; he fell to the floor without a struggle and expired instantly. The only witness to tfie tragedy was Roeie Lee, the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee. As soon as she could escape the child ran out and alarmed neighbors, and soon a large crowd had arrived to view the awful *scene. Hedigan and Patterson', being be- yond all hope, were left tie they were • found, but Peers!, who NAP yet alive, was 71ponce removed to the hospital, where -medical etteridance was prompt!) , given .him. He l yet alive anti there is a. fair proepect for his recovery. Sheriff Slater Was notified at Lewis- town, and with County Attorney Belden be at once departed for Gilt Edge. It has been learned that Pettereon'e father is a wealthy citizen of Colorado, and that he was a nephew of United States' Senator Patterson, also of Color- ado. Mrs. Hedigan left one child, a young girl. Fresh bread daily at Garlick'e, from the Judith Bakery. Miss Joan Nicholson of Utica, Moto., is spending the wet k at the home of -her sister in Kendall, Mrs. Wm. Newton. On Friday Miss Nicholson and Mrs. Newton will go to Gilt Edge to visit their sister Mrs. Martin. A Rich Strike. Mr. E. H. Crabtree, of Lewistown, and who represents the Case -Wilson mining company in their several mining ventures in Fergus county, was a visitor to Kendall last Friday. Mr. Crabtree states that his company made a good strike one day last week on the \Young\ mining claim in the Gilt Edge district; four feet of cyanide ore averaging $5.00 to the ton was encountered. He also staters that a mill e ill be erected on the property this , summer if the showiug Made by further development is equal to what they now have. The claim is situ- ated between i the Whiskey Gulch mine and the Gilt Edge mine. _Regarding the claims north of .the Abbey mine which his company bonded last fall, Mr. Crabtree said: \The allow- ing made thus far is very gratifying.\ He Never Came Back. Sam Norris, formerly an employe of We Barnes -Xing will, left Kendall last Monday with his wife, who he was to take as far as Great Falls, where shit would board the train for the home a her relatives in 'Ft YHA. When Norris arrived in Great Falls be changed his mind about coming back and instead wrote to one of his creditors here to sell his furniture in Kendall and apply the proceeds to paying his debts. He alab informed Merickle & McCormack, whose livery team he hired, that the same was left in a Great Falls livery stable where he could pay what expenses had seen* sod take it away. Sats,dlar gealool Ilte-Orgassiseil -• Rev. George Edwards, of Great Falls, and organizer of Sunday Schools for Northern Montana, arrived in Kendall last Saturday. Him mission here was to stir up enthusiasm in Sunday School work, and assist in starting a Sunday Sclosol in Kendall. lie found all the people who have hitherto been identi- fied is ith church work in the camp, ready to help all they could and Sunday afternoon a large representation of chil- dren and grown people turned out to atm!) , the teachings of Christ. In the evening a good sized congregation assem- bled in the Cook block and neard an in- tensely interesting religious talk by the Rev. Edwards. Candidates for School Trustees Last. Saturday evening a number of Kendall citizens assembled in J. M. Par - rent's More for the purpose of nominat- ing candidates for school trustees, to be voted upon at the school election next Saturday, April 4th, in the 'school house. J. M. Parrent and T. R. Matlock were the two candidates nominated. At a meeting held at the Kendall mine the same evening. Osten Biglen was the man a ho eecureil the nomination. There are to be only two trustees elected and to date there are three candidate» in the field. The question of free text books for this distrwt is also to be voted upon. Voting from 2 to 6 o'clock p. NOTHING DEFINITE 18 KNOWN Every Person is Kept Guessing About the \Deal\ Mies Eveline - Parrent of Foley, Minn., arrived in Kendall a few days ago. Site will spend the summer at the home of her uncle, Mr. J. M. Percent. Get your fresh bread from Garlick, extra good and fresh daily. Utica Pete was in Kendall Monday trying to buy a corner lot on McKinley avenue at the same figure lots tut Belling for in Utice. Failing in this, lie re- turned borne with hie $9. Pneumonia Follows a Cola 'but never follows the use of Foley'm Honey and Tar. It stops the cough, heals and strengthens the lungs and affords perfect security from an attack of pneu- monia. Refuse substitutes. L. C. Wil- son, agt. As we go to press there have been no new developments made public regard- ing the sale of the principal mines in this district. Although it is claimed by some that by the first of April the all itnportant question will be decided, the CHRONIC:LK has it from good authority that the time limit is at least two weeks beyond that date. In the meantime every person is waiting, and whichever way it goes there will be vastly more businese doing than there is at present. Rome Reel Estate Transaetion• Several sales and leases of real estate have taken place in Kendall recently. The lots sold have broright good prices, while leases are made on terms that re- quire little outlay of money. The 25 foot lot which L. C. Wilson bought on McKinley avenue and wiikre he is erecting a fine store building, sold for $600; the residence lot north of Wil- son's place, with a 30 foot front, was purchased by M. H. Newman for $200. Ernest Elsner leaeed from W. A. Shaules for three years, a lot situated uth of the new stone hotel. He isas erected thereon a two -room cottage which he occtspies. Frank Keyes recently secured a three years' lease on a lot south of the Dark Horse livery stable, upon which he has a small cottage nearly trunpleted; and numerous people are leasing lots for either long or short terms. Hetet Register The following arrivals registered at the Statutes hotel during the past few days?—George Arbuckle, Los Angeles, Cal.; A. D. West, Spokane, Wash., W. W. Cane, Lewistown, Montana; E. H. Crabtree, Lewietown, Montana; Geo. Edwards, Great Falls, Mont.; F. II. Bacon, Lewistown, Montana. Mrs. Paul Smith, of Kendall, is spend- ing the week with her parents in the county seat. Broke His Mailer Bone John Dobson met with a painfel acci- dent last Wednesday afternoon at the Barnes -King mill. Mr. Dobson had just run a belt onto a Olney some ten feet above the ground, and was jumping off a platform to terra firma whenhis hand, which was gloved with a greasy glove, slipped from his hold on a beam, and precipitated him with considerable force, his face striking the edge of a 4x6 scant- ling, and cracked the meter bone. Mr. fl beon looked up Dr. McCoy who gave his face the necessary treatment. and advised him to take a few days' rest, which he did. Telephones Will Soon' be Here F. H. Bacon, manager for the Lewis- town Telephone company, visited Ken- dall yesterday (Monday) to arrange pre- liminaries for the erection of poles, and the installation of telephones in our local business houses. Mr. Btscorn says that the switch board was shipped from Salt Lake City on the 24th inst., and that the work of setting poles, stringing wires, etc., will begin the first of next' week. , To South Africa's Field• 16. Simon Butler, who has been-oVerk- ing in the store of II. Greenblatt & Co., of Kendall, left 'on today's coach sm robte' .to Jultanneeburg, South Africa, where it is Ins intention to permanently reside and engage in liminess with rela- tives who luive preceded him. Mr. But- ler will sail from New York on the White Star Line via Liverpool. Raw or Inflamed Lungs Yield quickly to the wo - riderful cura- tive and healtag qualities of _Foley's Hersey and ter, It prevents pneumonia and consurnption 'from a hard cold set- tled on the lungs. L. C. Wilson, agt. has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. True and Tried CARPETS and RUGS It's to our interest to sell, and yours to buy, only that brand of car- pets and rugs which Ints R sound and reliable reputation. One can toll off the great carpet and rug makers of the country on one's fingers and thumbe—jost a handful of companies, who, by skill, wit, ingrained hon- esty of purpose and perseverance, have won the bulk of the good carpet and rag business of the United States. There are hundreds of other makers—some of whom may be famous some day—but the safety of the carpet buyers today is in holding to the known great makes. For no man or woman can tell the goodness of a carpet or rug by any usual examina- tion. One must buy with confidence in the maker's name and in the store that offers the goods. Our reputation coupled with such carpet arid rug firms as Bigelow Carpet Co.; Amsteniarn Mills; Leicestershire Carpet Co. and Shuttleworth Bros. Co., stands back of all carpets and rugssold by us. SIND DS W I sTowN POSTAGE YOUR I LE MOON , COIVIIMERCIALGO • ALL MAIL ORDERS MAIL ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MONTANA -

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 31 March 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.