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4 KENDALL CHRONICLE. .1he North Moccasini MVO Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. 2. 9ENPALL, MONTO4A, APRIL 7, 1903. No. 3 A SHEEPHERDER SIIICIDED ' Th!.• Dizzy Whitt of Lewistown War rno Much for Hint • i • .4 sheepherder by the name ef Engel) ;vie found dead in his bed back of the Elk linria saloon Sunday night,. Ile -had . waked [or Oscar 1-;tel9etts and cattle to larwistown several Ilaye ago with $700 in his pocket. %Viten found be had hut $3 on his juerson. Tie coroner's jury levee- tigated the cause of his death abd Mend' !lett the man havl coinntitted suicide, takieg the Morphine route. LEWISTOWN SCHOOL ELECTION. There Was But One Ticket in the 1 , 14;id - A Bad Mistake A -light vote was polled at the annual election held at the central school build- ing in Lewistown Saturday Afternooe. This was probably caused hy the failure of the mass meeting %hid' wait called to nomitiate a \Citizens' ticket\ 'to com- ply tsith the law in making their nomin- ations time being j.revented from having their nominations filed by the clerk of • 7. the district. They contended that ins 'John D. Waite is occupyieg the position 1 of state senator lie is disquatffied from holding his place on the school board and the pmvition was therefore vacant. They therefore nominated three men for the two 'deems and Clerk Blodgett did not have any of them placed on the ticket so James 0. Gilkerpon stud Amos %V. Beck, the non-partisan nominees, were unanimously chiselers:. The test book prop'osition was defeated by it vote of 50 to 22. A Good Citisen About to Leave. Dr. Aubrey II. Russell announces that he will leave Kendall aboat May let, to take up his residence iii Lee iatown. where there are greeter opportullIlies to build up a large and well paying practice in his profession. It is with regret the citizens of Kendall part with so estima- ble a citizen is Dr. Ruseell. During nearly a year' residence in . the camp both Doctor and Mrs. 'Osten have made a large °trete of triton, who wish 't hem all the good things of life in their futute home. Hoses Took a Cold Hata'. MosiSolomon,'ot Kendal), arrived in . town on last Friday evening's Lewis- town coach and on Saturday drove down to Marina to visit his son -In-law, Zech Larson, who resides on the northeast side of the river. He was met by Lemon aid, piloted across the stream, and a ben . the deepest part was readied, the ice, which was rotten, gave Way and the boggy and the two men dropped out of eight. The two moms fell out of the bug- gy, receiving a cold bath. Zach still hung on to the lines while Mose clung to one of the hind wheel. of the buggy Fortunately, the horses took fright anti . made for the opposite shore, &egging both men to a place of safety. Outside of a cold water bath no!damege was done, but it was ali experience that. will be remembered .fpr some years to. Come. —River Press. 'Declared a Draw Dummy Rowan, the champion uleaf mute heavyweight of the world, and Ike Hayes, the colored heavyweight cham- pion of Montana, boxed a twenty round draw at the Tivoli theater in - Lewistown Friday night. Both men were pretty badly battered up but their ability to take punishment enabled them to stay the limit. IMPROVEMENTS FOR KENDALL. , This Camp Wil,Snan Ell jOy gottle Coe- •eniences Affopdoal 144 Larger Places ' The many itteonveniences that every' one has to contend with in a new ntins lug camp are quickly disappearing from Kr etiall atej tip -to -date improvement' are beisur installed as fast as could be expected. It is now only a matter of, a few weeks when it local telephone system will be completed -end nearly every busis nese house in the - camp may then be communicated With by the 'phone.. The local post office is also becoming equipTied with vitt\ the conveniences to be enjoyed luy towns long established. Postmaster Jackson huts received moat of paraphernalia for a money order department, and is assured that the re- mainder of the\ equipment will arriee about the 15th inst., after which tinie the may send or receive money orders instead of enclosing the cash which is always accompauied by more or less risk. et. W. Hayden's Raffle. E. W. , Ilaydee raffled a gold watch and chain and a crazy quilt at Cllngan tt Hamilton's ealoott- last Friday eight. 'There were 50 chauces sill on the two articles and dice were shaken to decide the lucky pertsone. Jake Miller, the prospector . and mister, shook the lowest. number 21, and carried off the watcli and chain. 'Ralph Broaderick secured the quilt with 44, the highest nember shook. . Jake Miller ettys that time to tiro . 2 charge of grand larceny but received a king, class lecture from the judge. \ rguildt41 4he \1446rva\ \\' \\6\ lbe Civil docket was begun oo betas - drinks, so lie soaked the a etch and day morning us ith the case of Humphreys chain and tolled the minutes off as long vs. Stafford II tun ph reys bought it set as the money hulled. of hurness of Jackson e hile the ballet usetat Register was manager of the hareem ehost and Thp following people front the wallsida paid for there. Stafford took poseession registered at this Shanks Hotel during of the stock before Humphreys got itos- psalm) of his harness and as there was no memoranda stating that the harness had been purchaeed Stafford refneevi to give them up, hence the case. Steffut (I won out .111 the justice court and Hum- phreys eppealed. The civil callendar ll take up about ten days. the past week Fred A. Earl, Salt Lake; Geo. Edwards, Great Falls; Albert Pfaus, Lewistown; H. C. Wilson, Marysville; Mont.; J. A. Arthur, Lee is - town ; T. J. Duffy, Helena; A. E, Taylor, Butte; Miss Mickery, Lee istown; A. S. Ashbaugh, Chicago. A deal is MI foot to consolidate the two ..age companies doing bushiest\ be- tween Kendall and Lewistown. It is understood that hereafter only one coach Will ply between the two places, the morning coach from Keedall being discontinued. Chronic Bronchitis Cured. \For ten years I had chronic bronchi- tis so had tlmt at times I could not'speak above a whisper,\ writes Mr. Joseph Coffman, of Montinorenci, Ind. \I tried all remedies available, but with no; ado- cocla. Fortunately my employer snip gested that [try . Foley's Honey antrTar, Its (Meet eitealmoat mireculoils. mei am now cnteil of the (hamlets. On my recodintendotien many people haae timel Foley's Honey and Tar, and always witll satisfaction.\ L. C. Wilson, ageet. CRIMINAL CASES _ Disposed of 11114 Now the Civil Docket is Being Heard The docket of criminal cases in the district court was finished with the Jackson case Friday night. There were six cases up for trial, three of which re- sulted in convictions and three in acquit- tals. Dengel, who was accused of hav- ing stolen a calf from Oscar Stephene, was fountl guilty and Iris sentence fixed at 18 months in the penitentiary. Fee- ley, who cut Richard Hall on the 23(1 of ELECTS]) A FEU TICKET The Taxpayers of Lewistown Swept E•erytiiing Before Them The taxpayers' ticket won out in the city election itt Lewistown yesterday, in a clean sweep. Following are the majorities of the taxpayer's candidates over the candidates on the citizens' ticket:—For mayor.. Eldrich 64 over Pegan ; treasurer, Shaffer 37 over Kear- ney; police judge, Francis McGowan 66 Over Wm. Wunderlin; whierruen, hat ward, Walter Smith 44 over Joe Nor - March, was acquitted. Frank Ettein, man; 2nd w l erd, Jesse Pinkley 1 over the boy who went into the trunk of W. Jack Iltighe;; 3d ward, N. J. Littlejohn Miller, the baker atttl took out $425 7 over Bernard McDonnell. pleaded guilty and was sent to the re-' form Khoo!. He is only 17 years of age. The case of State vs. George Perrie who was accused of committing an assault upon the person of Phillip I. Mottle, re- sulted in an acquittal. Perrie was con- victed in the justice court but won out on all appeal. Peter S. Kelly who at- tempted to extort $300 froth Oscar Stephens under threat of burning fences and otherwise destroying Stephens' pro- perty, changed his plea of not guilty to one of guilty and was given one year at Deer Lodge. Jackson, the man who so badly tangled up affairs of the Montnuta' Saddlery company (luring his short ten- ure as manager, was acquitted of the — 'V D ESERT LAND FINAL PROOF --N tiee for publication -Department the Interior, United States Land OM Lewistown, Montana, January 24, 1903. N tire ill hereby given that PHILENA liOLZRNIRR, Assignee of Jennie M Meserve, of Ferri cothay. Montana, has flied ,,,,tie,' 4 intention t. 2 task, proof of his de..e i land claim lip. MS for the SWk NW'. W . SW , : Seelff AI N titay see' 14, Kiwi , s.,\... •.. Tp. 17 N . it la R., M. M. before Register an Receiver at Lettistown. Montana. da Shay • dit_y, the 4th day of May, 19014 lie names the following witnesses to or , the complete irrigation anti reclamation said land: Theodore Muller. A reniball Ili kin.. Theodore Lindsey avid Cherie. . Meyer, all of Lewistown. Movotanet Rue . an }MAMMY, Register. Meat publieation Jan 27, 19P11. Ti le edit!' Beale News poses as a la- bor paper and it is the only publication In Fergus county that does not employ et least one member ot the Internetional 'Typographical Ustioe. said. Miners Union Hospital. Last Saturday the North Moccasin Miners Units!) moved its furniture and other union belongings front the old hall opposite the CHRONICLE office into the hall above Clingan & Hamilton's saloon, which tbe 4110i011 leased several months ago. It is the intention of the miners to at once partition the old hall into hospital wards and nee the mime for the accommodation of union members alio are on the sick list from time to time, and for injured members of the union. Dr. Gaylord McCoy, the union physi- cian, will move his office into the build- ing. This move on the noctor's part is one nett will be appreciated by the min- ers, at the earne time making it much more convenient for the doctor to look alter the wennre of his patients. XXI '1 011 jEw ' ll/ T.!. Clintil The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. H. NVilliams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repoired and put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jeeelry repaired and cew jewelry made to order from Native Gold. True and Tried CARPETS and RUGS It's to our interest to sell, and yours to buy, only that brand of car- pets and rugs us hich has a sound and reliable reputation. One can toll off the great carpet and rug makers of the country on one's fingers and thombs----just a handful of companies, who, by skill, wit, ingrained host- esty of purpose and perseverance, have W011 the bulk of the wood carpet end rug business of the United States. There are !hundreds of other makers—some of whom may be famous some day—but the safety of the carpet buyers today is in holding to the known great makes. For no man er wortian onn tell the goodness of a carpet or rug by any usual examina- tion. One moat buy with eonlidence in the maker's name and in the store that offers the goods. (ht r reputation coupled with PIICII carpet and rug firms as Bigelow Cespet Co.; Amsterdam Mills; Leicestershire Carpet Co. and Sleattleworth Bros. Co., stands back of all carpets and rugs sold Ivy ns. • 8880 tiS E W I STOW POSTAGE YOUR 1\1 CALL: 1 1 A i i. flattens C 1ALC ' 41 IL ORDERS . ,MA IX wisTow N, MONTANA so

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