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KENDALL CHRONICLE VOL. 2. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thotrands and Have Millions Left for Honest I oil KENDALL, MONTANA, APRIL 14, 1903. No. 4 KENDALL 18 VERY UNCION Existing Conditions in This Camp Should be Changed It is Economical to be Clean Besides Many Other Benefits to be Enjoyed The CHRONTJCLE stirred np congidern- lde interest the past week aboat-the de-• plot -a -hie condition of mahy of the back- yartfs in Kendall. The filth collected at these places is exposed daily ta every citizen who has oveasimi to move Oxen the town and the stench is offensive to all, and is becoming more and more 80 MI warmer weather appreachee. . In place of outsiders cooling to Ken- dall to get a breath of pure fresh air as was the case with mane last. *minter. *inks* something is done to clean up this camp, outsiders sill aveiii the place like it was a pest ilimee. It pays to keep the camp clean, not only in the saving of doctor Wile . later on. but in a hundred other weys. It is a well known fact that when the United States took kohl of the reins of government in Cuba, that the city of itlevasta anti the whole istauri,t! ridden anilmativett were, tlyiug vff by 'thousands. Immediately the United States began the work of clear* up erliiit, Stiff the result was that in ,An re- markably short time Use inhnbitants of Cuba began to get well and soon the plague was stamped oat edit Irely Kentlall will whet be plague stricken if soniethieg is not done to clean up the garbage that is ratting under Al very noses. This question • has beets •aekeik How much would it cost each resideet to have the collected refits° removed, providing they all contributed to a • general fund and contracted 'with some person to call every two weeks to remofe what refuse had collected during that time ? A rough estimate would j•lace the cost ,to each honerholder nt-not .more then ..50c per month—a trifling sum iteleed, to pay for having the health ef our citizens perpet n - at ed . , Kendall temple should not 'fait to keep up an active interest in this m 1 itter turd 1, quickly decide u n po a practic: method of ridding the camp of an pomible chances of an epidemic of contagions diseases Ibis year. --- DRAMAS IN KENDALL The biutehleon Stock Company Fared • Badly in This Camp lintchieon's Stock Company, a travel- ing theatrical troupe played to small houses in the Cook block, Thureday, Friday, and Saturday Hist. The &mit:my produced nice clean perform, arteee, of cotisiderable mein, 'and were deserving of a crowded !Muse each night. There are two reasons why the Hutch- ison Stock Connie's) , were greeted with much emaller: houses Ilittb they de- served. One Was the inclemitney id the weather, and the oilier was the failure, through some misunderstanding, to have the performaeces well advertised, many Kendall people not knowing . in advance that dramatic performances -were to be presented to our citizens. Sunday night after the town was billed tin roughly the eame company played \ a pair of black eyes') to a well. Mel house. If you would deal successfully a kit the public you muse advertise. Gritting Jackson Hurt. Last .Similay afternoon about two o'clock Gritting Jackson had the mis- fortune to break his let arm at the wrist. It appeart that ()Offing was playing in a hay loft of James A whitry'e in the rear ,ef the Cook block, and he steeped on it loose , hoard which slid frononider him pocipitating him to the lower floor. The boy was POMO- whitt dazed lv ilig NTT, but he picked himself up and went home. It was soon discovered that Gritfing's arm was frac- ture(heil 1)1., 1114 as immediately catied. The Dote*.j sett the wounded Ilitilifi her and it is nipreving as well as t12.111d be -ex !tete tsf: — A Quiet Baster Sunday Fa.ter Semlay was an uneventful day in Kentiatt eo far\Ae religious services were concerned, there being only tint - regular Sunday schoolsexercisee in the afternoon. However -there Sae an Op- portunity afforded to these e hit re 411 ital to' diapritY to the piddle their nesv Rester bonnets. 1 here wits the large4 mint d essendiled to lieor the comedy- dratna t tlie l COok bleck that has ?nor before been knoyrii on a Sentlay eight in Kendall. Bought a Share nn Placer Oround W. 111„ Montelitta, a ho has been em- ployed in the Barnes King mine for the past three itiontite, Ich Kendall on Sat- tirday'a coach for !Mee miunty. Califor- nia. It is the interiiiiiiiof Mr. Montelius is. please miaizig Ilia saw '1 0 clitien. Ile has parcliesed a otte-half iettereat amine rich placer groomd and he ys that lie expects soon to pile up a fort no Mr. Monteliusii father is engaged in a cyanide propeeitien in Califisenia near sliere the eon is to locate, ahd the 1.014 sill no doubt he able to give his father many essurtere as to hem it is done in KPlitt11,11. Friday night before leaving Kendall Moutelius rattled it horse, sedate arid bridle, realiz'Aig thereon 450; chalices $1.00 each. Walter Knight, the Lewistown tailor, was the lucky man, Ire. securing the prize a ith it shake of 47 at the dice. Waiter rode the horse home Sunday; be says lie will make Mrs. Knight is pres- ent of the animal. • Keyes—Driscoll A very pretty wedding Wits consum- mated at Si. Leo's Catholic church in Lewistown . jast Sundity morning at nine o'clock, the contractilig parties being Miss Maggie Driscoll, only daughter of Mrs. Mary Anderson\ and Mr. Frank Keyes, both of Kendall; ,Fa tiler Ver- meat, officiated. THE BIG DER SIDE TRICKED The Barnes -King and Kendall to Develop Extensively The Kendall Company to Build an Immense Dam Across Their Tailings Gulch The \lug deal\ Involving the sale and cowelitation of the principal mines in Kendall, and which wao the subject for so much talk inn mining circles through- out the United States, appears to have been side -t nicked for the pr-sent at !emit. Both the Barnes -King god tlie Kendall flOuting corn oanies have extensive de- velopment cork in progress on their properties in this district. One important featur3 of the develop- ment work inn Inind isdeep; both companiee have determined to sink to a depth of 500 feet or mere this year, and lime installed hoists of ufficient horse pctwer to attain that depth. The new electric hoiet is in operation on the Kendall mine and it. is a perfect Piece of machinery. It is efficient and economical and the manngement of the Kendall totem express theinselves As Amite; well pleased with it, T*IIIn. Problem /lel sai A new feature slimut the Kendall mill ie the electric elevator belt which solves , ' the problem of removing the tailings from Die in ill. The tailings had piled up several feet in the gulch until they hail reaetted a point on a level with the troughs through wIsich they were con- veyed - from the solution tanks. The plan is to d'inip the tailings from an elevation of about :wenty feet. The elevator helt carries thetn from a tank into, which they nre ensiled from the solution taeks to a trough at the elevAtion above 'nee tioned„through which they How a safe distence from the mill MO the gulch.. The nest step is to nvokl running tail ! hugs down the gulch et ream and through ranches where there is leech danger of peleinilig stock from the cyanide in the Notice to the Public. Providing as mune as 40 residents ef Keielall will each cm,tribute 50 cents per motel', I sill remove all garbage and refuse cellected at their . beck docile semi-monthly, and deposit Ilie same a safe diatence from. the camp. It. W. DUTCHER. Mr. and MCP. M. Maser 1»t ye removed from rooms which they occepied in the Cook block all a inter to Mr. Maser's new residence north of the Barnes -King mill. Mike is much pleaerd to be living In his own -honest. - - Chronic Bronchitis Cored. \For ten yelrs 1 hail chronic bronchi- tis so bail that at limes I could not speak sie,,ee a ehispet ,\ writes Mr. Joevidi Coffman, of 'Men tinoretioi.ltul. \I t ried nil remedies available, but with ho sec- rets. Fortunately my employer sue- gested that I try Foley / s Honey and Tar. Its effect wart almost ntiracultms, and I am now cut eil of the disease. f 4 hi nor recommendation many people have used Foley's Honey and Tar, audilways with satbdaction.\ L. C. Wilson, agent. tailings. To avoid any trouble of this sort it is proposed to build a largo dam across the gulch and stop the flow of tailings beyond the property of the Ken- dall company. This dam may be built higher find higher as the occasioa de- mands: • The Kendall mill is treating front 7,500 to 8,000 tons of ore every thirty days. Stephens' Hotel Leaped Early last week a deal was COO8littl- mated whereby the Stephens hotel --the pioneer hotel of Kendall—passed from the management of genial Fred Stephens to Steve Saicic, who is aleo well and fav- orably known in Kendall,. he having been employed in the capacity of cook in seventh hotels and restaurants live dur- ing the past year. When Fred Stephens was qnestioned as to what business he Was likely to en- gage in, his reply was: \I will stay here for the summer and study the 'situation 'mire thoroughly before venturing into active business again.\ Betrayed or Stolen ,Betrayed or stolen from W.A.Shoules' ranch on the Kendall tailings gulch t,ito work horses, weight abont 1,300 pounds each; one, a gray home branded if on left rho:ruttier, and having a hugs callous Iii mp on right sole of wet here ; the other, a brown horse hrsuidell 0 with four bare Projecting therefrom on left shoulder and P 0 on lett flank—old Will Wareham team. 'A suitable reward will be paid for their delivery at my ran, - - W. A, :11111AULES. A Chattanooga Druggist's Stateneent• Rohl. I. Miller. Proprietor of the Read House Drug Store, of Chattanooga, Tone., writes; \ is more merit hi Foley'e Honey and Tar than in any other cough syrup. The cells for it multiply wontleriiilly mid tt e sell cam,' of it thee all -Aker aritipb sy ruin combined. L. C. 1Vileon, Agent. The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker iittS It Philp Itt. C. H. Williams' artig store LEWISTOWN where you can get. your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\ ; also jewelry repaired anti new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. True and Tried CARPETS and RUGS It's to our interest to sell, and yours to b4, otily that bland of car- pets and rugs tibia has a sound anti reliable reputation. One can toll off the great carpet and rug makers of the coutitry on one's fingers and thumbs—just a handful of companies, who, by skill, Alt, ingrained horn - way of purpose and perseverance, have won the bulk of the good carpet snd rug business of the United States. There are hundreds of other mekere--sothe of whom may be famous some day—but the safety of the carpet buyers today is in bolding to the known great makes. For Inn) mart or woman can tell the goodness of a carpet nr reg by any mrual examina- tion. One must buy ant' confidence in the maker's name and in the store that offers the goods. Our reputation coupled with such carpet surd rug firms as Bigelow Cut -pet Co.; Amstertlem Mills; Leiceetershire Carpet Co. awl Shuttles -onto Bros. Co., statute back of all carpets anti rugssold by us. SEND US YOUR MA It. ORDERS E W I STOWN 1 .1.001414MCIAlico. POSTAGE AID ON ALL MAIL ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MON'll NA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 14 April 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.