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KENDALL CHRONICLE 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their ousands and Have Millions Left for Honest toil VOL. 2. K,ENDALL, MONTANA, APRIL 21, 1903. No. 3 VENTERS WANTS 310,000 He Claims Alex. Lehman Alienated Ris Wife's Affections A Scandal in which a Lewistown Man Prominent Part A sequel to the sensational eheating affray which took place . in Le town last February, when Jack Venrere,.. a barber, took three shots at Ale* Leh- man, will develop next week, when At- toreey H. L. DeKalb will begie ;Olt in which Venters asks for $10,000 damages from Lehman, alleging alienation (lif Mrs. Venters' affections as cause for the Ration. Venters was in Great Falls Thureda) en tame to Helena, where he is nolv-enri- ployed at the Grand Central hotel, frnin Lewistown, where he arranged tor filing the complaint against Lehman, says the Great Falls Tribune. 'It was on the night of February 28 that Venters sent bullets whistling4fter Lehman because he found him iii corn - piny with Mrs. Venters at 12:45 , Flar indulging in the impromptu target practice Venters was tined $250 March 2, end the day following, he commenced „,104 , I.vorce pop. grounds, the corespondent being nb ['ti- ded as \one young man belony to the firm of Charles. Lehm 11 an Sons The divorce was granted March 24, and oi the meantime Mrs. Venters had •Velt Lewistown for Great fail*, end from this city left for a delbastiwn neknown to her husband. According to, Veuteria' atory he isthie victim of mieplaced friendehir,. lid de- clares that he meei Lehman in Helena dieing the legislative session of 1901, at which time the Lee istown marl was a member of the lower house from Feigns county. Joel Venters was minding the tetrber shop in the Gratelon hotel. Ven- ters says Le11110111 urged him to locate in Lewistown, end lilleges that' slide in Lincoln, Nehriiska, he received a tele- gram from Lehtnau, advising likin of•a good opening 'in the Fergus. county metropolis. Venters came eeet in re- sponse -to the telegram awl watt acorn- panied by his wife and child, I bele t ter a hey, now three year. of sire, the cualmly of WiliCh Wild ugarded the father in the rerent 'decree of divorce. Lehman, on the other hand, clahns that he Was not nndnly familiar Arbil Mrs. Veeters, and lm, denies many of the rdltetetions made in the complaiut. Alex. Lehmen ie one of the best known risep in Fergus (Nullity, and he also lime all extensive ecquaietance throughout Montano. WELL PLEASED WITH FE,RGITS I. C. Wilson Predloti a ttrlittil Future for Our !Wining littltup'ry E. C.,Wilson, of Trenton, N. .1., who has been in this county looking after his mining interests for the past week, is a ell pleased with his prospects Itert;, and since investigating the mining busi- ness in this county touch imprileeed with the future of that industry. In speaking of his trip to Kendall and Gilt Edge, he said : \They err both t great camps In Ken- dall the managers of both the Kendall and Barnes-King mines took me through their mines and Mills and treated me more courteously Lhan I was ever treated by the employers of big mines. The secret of it is that they have absolutely nothing to conceal. They have moun- tains of ore and are not aftaid to let one see what they have and the business they are doing. The same conditions exist in the Gold Reef in Gilt Edge. I . well: ... no feel sure that the Case -Wilson Cyanide wn klz Development company, of which I MD Takes a a member, has two excellent properties, one lying just north.of Kendall and the other eolith of Gilt Edge. We have struck a good body of ore in the latter mine and are very sanguine of making a good strike within the next two weeks on the Kendall claim. ft , Accident at he Barnes -King Yeeterday (Monday) a few minutes before 12 o f eloek. - noon, Joseph McDon- ald had the misfortune to accidentally cut his back so huffily that that he , 14 It have to stay in -bed for a week or two at least. The accident happened in a pecu- liar way. Joe. or \Curly\ as be is gen- erally known, was cutting wedges in a very low roofed shed, using a double bitted axe. He was about to strike an extra heavy blow, and iti . swinging the axe over hie head it struck the roof of the building with such force as to knock it from his hand., and it fell on his back. cutting him so badly as to sever the larger innsclf.s there. \Curly\ walked down to Dr. McCoy's office in the Cook block and had the wound, dressed as quickly as possible. efterwithearried to the Shuttles hotel 'where. he will remain until the wound heals. Will Do More Than His Share Fra[,1: 'linkers, an old timer in these parts, and w ho has _ulstilAllIsnt.TY been mriiric%e klie.-41.nwtiM TrItT1P, Wan i tor to the CHRONICLm . office last Friday. Frank is very patriotic and he is always willine to contribute considerably more than his share towards the ad vanceinent of the community in which lie fives. Although not a family man, be is Hebei - tons about the welfare of our piddle 8C14OOls Slid, like all progressive citizens, lie Ii lixioup to have this district build a sithemittial school hoitee—orie that would he a credit to this promperone Mtn p. Frank offers to contribme a neat little slim to help this worthy cause. Legislators Are Willing to Sleet The sentiment of Montana'e tore seems to be mitaimi favor of (althea an extre session of the state legislature at }tele' it, to make a seitable appropri- lotion to have Montana represented at the St. Louis Fair IISX 1 year. Senator Webs. and Representative Hager, of Fergus county, announce their willieg- nees to attend without cost to the State and there belittle doubt hut that Itepre• eentative King would also spare time from his business to lie in Helena on May 26, the date on which it is propored to have the etate legislature meet, Mr. Arson Deranlean has secured it ernarset to supply 30,000 reilwav ties in be need in the . extension of the Montana railroad to Lewistown. Mr. Dertmlean e ill erect a saw mill in the Little Snowy nionntains, and commence work on the contract this week, empInvinit a large force of men. The sawmill MDfft to he need in the work arrived at Harloe ton last Tuesday. .1. D. Livingston, lineman for the Lew- istown Telephone Co., who was engaged for the last two weeks installing the local telephone system, left this morning for Gilt Edge where he will put in an ex - ex elm may . Mr. Howard I. Shaw last week per- chaeed 440 acres of improved land for $4,000, from Julins Vetereen ; the ranch is located on Cottonwood creek, and Howard in well-Oleased 'elth Hilger ift Ittisenburg, of Lewistown, iineb• sale. Mr. :mil Mit. A. P Hall went to Lew- istown on Satnrday nfternoon. M rs. Hell intend, visiting in Lewistown for a week while Mr. Hall goes to Stanford on bnsiness. A PROMISING DISTRICT Otrrles Good Values and Covers an lin- manse Area The New 'World (Cook City) Montana Mining District, located near Bozeman, is one of the most promisitig mining dis- tricts that has been located in a long wlide, according to O. A. Tibbetts, a mineral expert who is well a‘quainted witI the country. Mr. Tibbetts, in a letter to 0. P. Chisholm, a Bozeman cap- ittlist, says in part as fullowe:— . \The great surface mineralization throughout the district has been known Stird its value recognized for many years, there has always been the muter - Pty as to whether the mines would vi- to be permanent and enduring or iplily a surface mineralization which kild not carry to depth. By develop ment 01) the Scotch Bonnett, Daisy, Bilk Warrior aid other properties this wyblein has been practically solved and 44) future of the camp is assured. When ttris camp becomes generally known, as it twill be early in the epiiug, capital 1‘ ill *available for the reqiiired tra nsporta- tile facilities. At present it is only lack of rail connection ti ill IIIH %%odd (hitt is keeping the country beck. There tire at least six different properties suffi- ciently developed to become higdichiend Oniers with any reasonaltie facilities for handling the out put. These properties capnot be considered het . ter Ono' their neighbors, but having more development wail( are simply hvginiting to indicate the poeeibilities of this great mineral belt. 'flue New World dietrict exceeds .1t)s.2e Jiiiii14:11 444 extora ..arramirrererg -eager thug 2,C00 in incral kwai u nsey; of 'a lie!, have pasr.ei1 the revere -et stage, and iiiIt more (stewed locality would be considered mines. There are many different characters of ore carrying gold, silver. (topper, lead am! iron, which taken together with extensive bine deportite furnishew eteey material requisite for Pile- • ceerfal smelling. excepting the coke which mums be transported fro:n the out silie h 'fere is already developed in the vat. ions properties a very lorge tonnage of low•and medium grade ores ranging in value from -$15 to $50 per tort, which ram not be utilised under present conditions, but which with cheap transportation. 'uttel reduction, would add -many him - dreds of thonsamls of dollars to the wealth of the world. This district, when properly exploited and the gifts of nature made use of, will he an empire within itself. It is more extensive by far than the Coeur d'Alene or Butte and has much better surface showings, the values being chiefly in gold, while in the Coeur d'Alene it is lead and silver, and in Butte it is copper.\ The Bond Proposition Carried The vote in Fergus county 1;ist Satur- day on the question of issuing 130,000 bonds for the erection of a high school in Lewistown was largely in favor of the proposition. The vote in Lewistown was 299 for and 11 against; Gilt Edge, 0 for and 12 agaiust ; Kendall, 9 for and 2 against. The exact returns from other districts in the county are not in at the time of going to mess, but it is known that the proposition carried by a large ma jority. ttettare-Btephen• Mr. Ernest H. Bullard arid Misi Elvi I a 'Stephens. both of Kendall, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at Lew- istown last Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Henry Quickenden of the Preally.terian church performing the ceremony. the lottelY young couple have a large circle of friends In Kendall who wish them all jot. and prosperity in their future wedded We. A Chattanooga Druggist's Statement. Rote. J. Miller, Proprietor of the Read House Drug Store, of Chattanooga, Tenn., writes: \There is more merit in Faley's Honey antl Tar than in tiny 'alter cough syrup. The calls for it multiply wonderfelly and ee sell more of it than all other cough syrups :.(ozabilie.a. L. C. recent. Th:, Chronometer Match and Clock Maker I as opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store j• .LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch lepaired and put is as good order as the day it 1 ,left the \factory\ ; also jevielry repaired end new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. True and Tried CARPETS and f RUGS It's to our ieterest to sell, and yours to buy, only that brand of car- pets end lugs which has a sound and reliable reputation. One can toll off the great carpet and rug makers of tlw country on one's fingers and thumbs—jest a handful of companies, who, by Skill, wit, ingrained hon- esty of purpose and perseverance, have wen tbe , bulk of the good carpet and rug boeiness of the United States. There.. are hundreds of other makers—some of a horn may he famous some day—but the Rarely of the carpet buyers today is hi holding to the known great makes. For no man or woman can tell the goodnese of a cerpet or rug by any usual examina- tion. one must levy e jib roefidence in the nnikt.r's name and in the store that offers the goods. Our reputation coupled with such carpet and rug flume as Bigelow Cn-pet Co.; Amsterdam Mills; Leicestershire Carpet Co. mei Shuttle worth Bros. Co., stands back of a!l carpets and rugs sold by us. SEND Us E w 1 sTo‘vN POSTAGE YOUR AID ON MAIL ORDERS C CIAL ALL ORDERS _CO. MAIL LEWISTOWN, MONTANA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 21 April 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.