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KENDALL CHRONICLE VOL. 2. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thlsands and Have MiIlionq Left for Honest loll KENDALL, MONTANA, APRIL. 28, 1 9 0 3 . No. 6 HAVE LOTS Of ENJOYMENT Kendall People Keep Right Up With the Times Have Most of the Pleasures Enjoyed by City Folk—Energetic Young ,,People People living in the cities too freqUent- quently become imbued with the idea that there is no amusement worth men- tioning outside of that to be found in the large towns, and they often express sym- pathy for their friends who happen to be isolated, as they say, in a small mining mining camp many milee from the rail- road. The fact of the matter is that many people living in small mining camps, far distant from metropolitan cities, partake of exactly the same amusements and are as well informed of the doings of city life as are those living in the cities. Take Kendall for instance. During the cutter season there was a well organized dancing club here that gave parties to its friends every two weeks, and in the intervals there was frequently dances and suppers given by some of the local organizations—both cherds and 1aber—Yoe tbeterrefh-erf -verse itesrjeo-osir. % to help some person or family leerfortn , nata than themselves. Tbere was also a prosperous dancing school kept Up during the %ruler mouths, where many people who had spent meet of their lives in larger towns and never it -armed to trip the light fantastic, became aceomplisheit and graceful dancers, and could now du themselves credit in any city ball room. Ocretsionally a theatrical troup would visit this camp, and it may he saki te the credit of Kendallites that alien a meta- sonewe play wee ttreeented I ere it Inas invatiahly greeted by a large and ism- linsiastic audience. Then whist parties aere given frequently for the enter - t aiumept of those who enjoyed that form of pastfine. Now that spring is 'here and it is too late for indoor pleasures, our energeticyoung people are making pre- parations for oven air exercise and fun. Recently several of our young men got together and contributed ferule for the purchase of a lawn tennis outfit, Red they are leveling the ground lor.a tennis court on the hill about 200 yards east of the Barnes -King assay office; there are those again who enjoy baseball—it is as thefilt propointion to get suitable grounds near Kentish, but the baseball spirit is not to be kept down by obsteeles ot that sort; the entlineiriste of the die- mond will have a suitable place to play the national game, even if it is necessary U, grade down one of the mountains to make it. There are those too, who enjoy walking over the hills, (licking the nutty colored and fragrant &Wire SO abundant here, and it is not improbable that a walking club may be organized ere long. One thing more : Kendall is remarkable for it, large reading public. The 'umber of daily palters that come here is astonishing, end magazines— veer!) , every grown person in the emir takes at least one monthly periodical, while many of oar people take half a dozen of our high-class magazine', and in this way keep well Wormed as to the doings of the miteide world. Indeed the Kendall . people do not feel isolated. ASSESSOR VISITED HEIDALL Big In lot Taxable Prone rt y Over East Year Assessor Frank Pick and wife of Lew- istown, were in Kendall several days the first part of last week. Mr. lick Wits getting a valuation of the properly in this camp for the coming assessment. Time taxes f;ont Kendall district this year will be greatly in excess of last year's collection ; there will be the year's out- put of the Kendall and the Barnes -King mines besides the many costly improve- ments that have been made upon the'tie properties since the last assresernedt was levied; there are also several more expensive and substantial buildings in the town of Kendall that will be eases.- ed this time. Very little of the foregoing property was on the tax list previous to now, consequently the showing made by Kendall district a year ago. WAS Mail; but there will be a vastly different story to toll next fall when the taxes are levied. Kendall will then be in a posi- tion to support a Well equipped \public school for the.fullterns;- then will also doubtless be it deputy -sheriff eppointed to look after the•morals of thiscamp and keep down the overflowing spirits of the man who likes to \tear up the town\ ank makes himself generally obnoxious just because there is no police officer around to \call Iiim down.\ Sorry to See Her Leave Mrs. Stella Henry who has been teach- ing school in Kendall since the beginning of the fall term until the school was closed several weeks ago, left last Sunday morning for Everson, in Fergter county, Montana, where her uncle resides. and where she is engaged to teach the sum- mer term of school. Mrs. Henry made many friend* here among the parents and friends of children who she taught ii vehoot omelets* NA Wei veraally by the Pupils who attended her. She is a good teacher and, although not harsh in her treatment of the little folk, she always meintained the strictest discip- line. Kindnese, supplemented by a de- termination to be respected and obeyed by those under her guidance, has made Mrs. Henry the aal-ject of much com- mendation front all those who were in any way familiar with the able manner in which she conducted the schools of Kendall. They Think Kendall Si All Hight Messrs. Mat Regan, Hermann Schnick and Walter Benefice, all Lewistown burli- ness men, visited Kendall last Sunday end went through the Barnes -King mine and mill, and had the method of mining the ore and the treatment of the same from the time it enters the mill until the gold bars are produced, explained to them. Mat Regan has a valuable min- eral fraction located contiguous to the Barnes -King mine, and he says be may erect a mill and grind out the yellow metal on his own hook before long.. Walter 13onafice is about to locate in Kendall, lie buying been engaged to work for the new meat market firm of Abel RV Company. All three of the visitors pre- dict a wonderfully bright futiire for the big gold camp of the North Moccasins'. GOES BACK WITH THE SHERIF! A Young Lewistown Ottleopath alma Free Serious Charges In Allsolourl Sheriff S. N. Roberts, of Kirksville, Missouri, arrived in Lewistown Monday with a warrant for the arrest of Dr. W. S. Miller, a young osteopath who came here about three months ago for the practice of his profession. The crimr. for which lie was arrested is seduction, a seventeen year old girl mulled Mamie Anthony, of Kirksville, Mo., heina the complainant. Miller, who has led an exemplary life since coming to this city, Stoutly denies his guilt said says lie is anxious to go back to Mo. witere he is sure he can clear himself in a very short time. Sheriff Roberts has a different ger/ to tell. He says that Miller was treating the girl while he was a student in the Still school of osteopathy and took advantage of his position and her weak- eneti condition to seduce her. The nffair has treated quite a sensation. Sheriff Roberts will leave today (Tuesday) with his prisoner for Kirksville. They oot a Touch of City Life Tim Ryan and Darr O'Donnell were over from Utica Saturday. They were amazed to see such a large city located in tilese hille, and expressed regrets thet tat could not stay longer and take in mip of the sights of this lively mining csiditp. It is safe to bet that they will n.14r more be content with the quiet Utica, but that their restless spirit assert itselt and they, will fluidly re - to permanently locate in this busy camp. They report that Class. sden, foreman of the sapphire es at Utica, recently returned from land, and gave out the information t11111 the Utica aappliire mines s -ill soon boperated to their fullest capacity REED WEARS A PANAMA Ace Weed Took a Liking to It—All the Hoye Had a &disk on It turn Reid created some consternation Itnt1 eimr. the subject for mutdi joshing it Satin -de) , night by appeari tag on our streets wearing a fine imported Panama bet. His friends hardly recognized him at first siglitottel they generally kept 9,vity 1 from him not taking kindly to the bringers' familiarities from, as they thitight, an entire stranger. R. L. \Weed whe Arse* sragta.i.u.latly lantreood, took a area, liking to the aim ii decidel that he needed it worse, than the Weerer, so he unceremon- iously &Miler:tied it. %Vinci then made a quiek get -assay down the street Hail as ;mewed by at healing mob alto ewe overtook she itoocrealit, carried bun back to Reid's thirst reeort, gave him aj reel spanking tiil il,':i nAie,1 him to trey the drinks for the boos., a /*kit he gladly did. McKay imooroves His Property James MeKey has been masking ex- to:revive lieprovemente on his home at the north end of M'Kinley avenue; lie' liaa had his homer plastered and repaired both Inside and outside rind he is milk- ing prepatretions to beautify the prem- ise\; lie proposes citing his wife awl family a pleiteent surpriee uperi their re - taro from Gilt Felge whew they have been visiting for set -crud eeks. \Opposition im the Life of Trade\ H. 0. Wareham, proprietor of the Kendall Meat Market, is having a new grooved floor laid in his shop, and other improvements made. His friends are joshing him some. telling him that op- position makes us man tidy up it little. H. O. takes it all good naturedly and says he had contemplated the improve- ments now under way for a long time. Professor McKenne and his company of funny people arrived in Kendall Sun- day anti cotnenenced a three nights' en- gagement at the Cook block last even- ing (Monday.) The company played to a small house, the disagreeable weather being somewhat to blame for en few People attending. Jtunes Whitaker, of Gilt Edge; arrived in Kendall last Friday. Mr. Whitaker will take the position as engineer in the Bisrnes-King i mill, left vacant by the re-, moval of thigh Tully to the Little Rock- ies e here Mr. Tully has accepted a alai Oar poaition in the new mill of the Al- der Gulch Cyanide company. The livery biteinees in Kendall is im- proving, and there is now a much great- er demand for livery rigs than there has been for the past two months; iii fact the demand la so great that Merickla & McCormack have found it necessary tip have on hand more stock. They have brought in ii team of frisky range horses and are breaking them for buggy use. Messrs. Fred liortop. Ben Hendricks, Henry Hogan and H. C. Wilson made up a party who went to Lewistown last Sunday. A;Chaftanstoga Druggist'. Statement, R061. 1. Miller, Proprietor of the Read House Drug Store, of Chattanooga, Tenn., writes: \There is more merit in Foley's Honey and Tar than in any nt her comfit syrup. Tlie calls for it multiply wonderfully and a e sell more of it than all other conk syrups combined. L. C. Wilson, agent. 4. The Chronometer Watch and Clock IllAker has or stied a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you cam get your watch leptiirell and put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\ ; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. True and Tried CARPETS and RUGS It's to our interest to sell, and yours to buy, only that brand of car- pets end reel which has a sound a ill reliable reputation. One cnn toll off the great carpet and rug makers of the country on one's fingers and thionlis—juet a handful of companies, who, by kill, sit, ingrained hon- esty of prirpoee and perseverance, have won the bulk of the good carpet and rug business of the Utrited States. There are hundreds of other makers—some of whom may be fawns some day—but the safety of the carpet buyers today Is in holding to the known great makes. For no man or woman can tell the wetness of a carpet or rug by any usual examina- tion. One must buy %%WI confidence in the maker's name and in the store that offers the goods. Our reputation coupled with such carpet and rug firms as Bigelow Carpet Co.; Amsterdam Mills;' Leiveatershire Carpet Co and Shut tlewortli Bros. Co., stands back of all carpets and rugs sold by us SENO US YOUR NIAIT ORDERS Filw i ,LSTOWN iimmbiciAlico. POSTAGE AID ON ALL MAIL ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MONTANA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 28 April 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.