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• KENDALL CHRONICLE 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Foil VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, MAY 5, too3. No. 7 FIGHT WITH MOUNTAIN LION Great Excitement in Kendall Gulch a Few Evenings Ago Winchesters Were Kept Busy— Some Very Badly Scared People The oldest inhabitants of Kendall tell tales of the capers of mountain lions in these mountain(' in the early days, but none of them would believe that there 1 weie any of these mammoth felines left were it not for the statement of one of our citizens who knows a mountain lion when he sees one, and whose veracity we cannot call in question. A few evenings ago one of the resi- dents of Kendall gulch, hearing hie dog, which is rather a savage brute, making a great fuse, sent his boys out to tee what was worrying him. The dog Would run off across the bottom toward Hie bill in the direction of W. A. Shanks' rich, and then come tearing back grotslieg and barking RS though there was a mon- ster in the woods. The boys, not sue- pecting any danger, folios% ed the dog into the edge of the timber, whets)) large ---verivrartrelleirerteseirsesseisi-sesir-reSeterehr in the dusk of the evening, started off through the brush closely followed by the infuriated dog. The boys sturted back for the house as fast as their legs could carry them, but when at a safe distance, stopped long enough to cast look backward, when they beheld t e object of their alarm clearly tacit) el against the evening sky, closely crouch- ing on the leaning trunk of a dead pine. Rushing into the house, they informed their father, who hastened to a spot where a view of the animal could t Not knowing exactly what it was, and not having any gun to kill the beast with, be sent the boys to a neighbors tor a rifle, while he remained to encourage the dog, and so kept the animal up the stump until the return of the artillery. In a few minutenquite a number of the neighbors had gathered, and together they approached as near as they dared to the tree containing the animal, wonder- ing all the time what sort of a beast it could be. After etationing themselves in convenient positions, they opened fire, and for a few minutes- it sounded as though there was a pitched battle going on. This brought out the remaining of the residents of the gulch who, hear- ing the noise and not knowing is hether there ass trouble or fun on hand, grab- ed what weapons were handy and started for the scene, but before they could arrive some One .bad chanced to hit the animal which knocked it off its perch, and it fell to the ground with a screech that sent the cold chills running up their backs, and as their places of nil - vantage were now turned to places of disadvantage the men, like the boys be- fore them, hastenek from the scene, leaving only the dog master of the 'situ- ation and on the animill's trail, where it had slunk away into the brut- b. At this juncture tm experienced holster relived, and after listening to a lescrip Lion of the berust knew it to be a moun- tain lion ; but as it wive growing too (lark to follow it through the brush, the crowd started for home; before they had gone far they were startled by hearing the brush cracking close to one side of the road, and were able to see the form crawliiig away from Chem, only a few yards distant. They immediately open- ed tire and were oatisfled that they had ended its existence, but none cared to venture close enough to make certain of it. preferring to leave it where it lay un- til morning. Finally, oust old bunter more courageous than the rest, decided to bring -the trophy, into crimp, which be did, dragging the monster by the hind leg, with its tawny hide literally perfor- ated with bullet boles. Quite a crowd wits viewing the aeimal when a ten-3 ear- old boy exclaimed: \You bave killeti my little . sister's poor old yellow tomtny cat.\ Messrs. A. P. Hull and Atithon Gilsky returned to Kendall Friday from a buei- nese trip to the bail lande near the Little Rockies. M. Flaherty has built a very neat stone fettle around his residence. Mr. Fhtherty takes much pride in his home surround- ing?, anti in making these improvements he sets a good standard for others to emulate. Mrs. Wai. Abbott, eh() is sojourning at Hunter's Hot Springs for the benefit of her beadle in a letter to her brother, Charles Allen, of the Kendall mine, gives the gratifying news that she is rapidly getting strong and expects soon to . entireTy_!!•cover her former health. Monder (yesterday) aftercoon the 7 stock of liquors and cigars belonging to John 'I ierney who conducted a saloon for several weeks iii the Turner block, was (hold at public auction to satisfy the claims of Tierney's creditors. Tierney's indebtedness was about $85, and the pro- ceeds of the sale amounted to $8.45. His stock . i» trade consisted of one keg of beer, one bottle of beer, three drinks of whiskey, several cigars and a half -plug of chewing tobacco together ith Tier- neyre good will. Attorney J. E. Waseon of Gilt Edge, awl who is an expert on tnining spent several days in Kendall last week doing the necessary legal work prepare - try to patenting the Minnie Healy and Riley Boy mining claims, belonging to the Kendall -King Cyanide Gold Mining and Milling company. Jack has the whole North Moccasin mining district in his head, so to speak, and it is no trouble for him to draw, at a moment's 'mike, a diagram of any 'surveyed min - end claims in the Kendall district Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Ore Will be Blocked Out Immense Cyanide Mills Will Then be Built and Kendall Will Have a Real Boom 'the Kentrall and the Barnes -King mines continue to blast out ore by the hrtedreds of tons daily. T11113 has been an exceptionally dry spring and the ore it) tie open emits is now as dry and work- able as it usually is in midsummer, so molt of the ore is flOW being taken from thee. And what imtuenee holes those open cuts have grown to be-- there are three of them on the Kendall proecrlY and one on the Barnes -King -0106a on the Kendall property are over 200 feet in diameter at the top, and 100 tett deep; Lo f oivi WK clrtlettroughott the United States,io o about$7,000,000 ,cap- ital, it is authoritatively stated that so far as the Kendall mine is concerned the deal has fallen through, but not so with the Barnes -King, the Wright and adja- cent properties. The deal for the consoli- dation and purchase of these properties , is on until the first of July. Several noted experts are expected to arrive here 'within a couple of.weeke,.and very likely one or more of the eastern cnpital- lets interested in the purchase of these local properties will also arrive about' that time, and the work of testing and sampling will continue once more. Other claims in this district have been bonded for large amounts, notably Set' - end claims located north of and adjacent to the Abbey group. The Case -Wilson Cyanide Gold Mining Company, of Tren- ton, N. J., secured a $40,000 bond on these claims last fall, and the develop- ment work done thus far gives meat gratifying results. It is also reported from a source that a deal is on to bond claims owned by IL 0. Wareham, which join the Barnes -King mine on the they are funtod shaped, being blasted north. Nothing definite will be given out from the top of the mountain. The out regarding the latter deal until all the details are completed. one pn the Barnes King is blasted from the gide of the mounfein. There IlitYS What ha Foley's Kidney cure beee 150,000 tons of ore taken from the Barees-Kiez open cut. The iseilicy the management of theses to big mines will puroue this year is to elehisicroP \eicteAtrine 5r. - \Ttre - R Aft iTI in n management, besiues taking out enough ore to keep their 300 ton mill running fall capacity, will open up and block out as much ore this suturnei as it is possible I to do. It is the intention of the opera- -tors 10 put (-Dough ore in sight this sea- son to keep a 1,000 ton null running to its fall capaeity for several years; when that is accomplished, contracts will Ile let for enlarging the mill, and the neces- sary machinery will be installed for grinding daily three times as much ore as • now goes through the mill. The management of the Barnes -King mine is pursuing a similar policy. It is terror est that they will drive a 1,000 foot tunnel on the north end of their properly be- fore a mill is erected there. \Regarding the \big deal\ that was the subject for PO much talk in mining The spirit of travel took hold of Messrs. Fred Smith and Tom Ague, carpenters at the Kendall mine, lett Thursday, mid they could not resist the glittering possi- bilities of tho Little Rockies, where E. W. King's 100 -ton cyanide mill is in course of construction. Accordingly they I hunted up Frnnk Munkers elm is always looking for an easy way to make a few dollars, and offered him a satisfac- tory consideration to haul thorn to their destination. The many friends these two popular carpenters left behind wish them all kinds of good fortune in their new location. A Re•eloatittn If you make inquiry it will ben revela- tion to you how ninny succumb to kidney or bladder troubles in one form or an- other. If the patient is not beyond medical Rid, Foley's Kidney Cure will cure. It never disappoints. I New hats just *rrived and more com- ing at Mrs. L. G. Comstock* Kendall. reliable several and Answer : It is made from a prescrip- tion of a leading Chicago physieian, amid one of the most eminent in the country. The iligledient a are the purest that enenrey vim bey, awl ale scientifically combined to get their utmost value. ,TY LIE ..1,7Vei I T. TY. YIARfitil The Chronometer Wat and Clock Mak :r has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired and pot its as good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jewelry repaired end eew -jewelry made to order from Native Gold. True and Tried CARPETS - and RUGS It's to our interest to sell, and yours to bity, only that brand of car- pets and rugs which has a aottini ate' reliablkreputation. One can toll off the great carpet and rug makere of the country on one'S fingers and thumbs—just a handful of companies, who, by 'skill, wit, ingrained hon- esty of purpose and perseverance, have eon the bulk of the stood carpet and rug business of the United States. There are Inindrede of other makers—some of whom may be famous some ilay—but the safety of the carpet buyers todny is its holding to the known great makes. For no tnan or woman can tell the goodness of a carpet or rug thy any omit examina- tion. One must buy en!) confidence in the maker's name and in the store that offers the goods. Our reputation coupled ivith PUCII carpet and rug firms as Bigelow OTvpet Co.; Amsterdam Mills; Leicestershire Carpet Co. and Shuttieworth.Broe. Co., stands back of all carpets and rugs sold by US. SEND US E w I sro‘vIN POSTAGE YOUR MAIL ORDERS COMINERaAhco. ALL MAIL ORDERS LF:WISTOWN , 'MONTANA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 05 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.