Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, May 05, 1903, Image 7

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IC. Asti, Mmtana, May 5, 1903. 7. ') PUNGENT PARAGRAPHS. Always in Danger.—\A bachelor can't be happy.\ \No he's never quite out of danger.\—Detroit Free l'ress. \There' S a boy for you!\ exclaimed the Billville citizen. \Been . to tow.n six times, an' never blowed out the gas but once!\—Atlanta Constitution. Mamma—\This paper says that parlor matches are prohibited.\ Daughter—\Never mind, mamma; I can see my men in the dining -room.\ , —Town Topics. Chaffer—\You can stop your auto very quickly, can't you? 1 suppose it has an eccentric brake.\ Shaffer -- \Huh! it's had all kinds of breaks, and they're all eccentric.\—Flailadel- phia Press. Great Labor Saver.—Customer-- \The metal in that knife' you sold me is as soft as putty. It got dull the first time I used it.\ Dealer —\Y -e -s, but think how easy it. will be to sharren it.\—N. Y. Weekly. It Annoyed Her. ---\Yes the widow is perplexed.\ \How is, „that?\ \She doesn't know whether it means that her husband was a good man or she Is n vixen.\ \I don't anderisiadd.\ - When he died the papers said that he had gone to a happier home.\— Chicago Post. Deacon Jones—\Don't you think it wrong for your husband to go fishing on the Sabbath?\ Mrs. Brown-- \IVrong? It's positively- wicked the way he wastes his time and his . Money on tackle and bait, and hardly ever brings home more than one or two mean little fishes.\—Boston Transcript. P \Wha-a-t's the moter, John?\ gasped Mrs. Torque; \don't you *lie the new dishes I've cooked'?' \Wirbee did ycu get the recipe?\ \Out of the cookbook, of course. NV1ty?\ \Don't you think that you happened to ge!, the cookbook mixed with some dia- lect story—this dish tastes like it.'— Baltimore Herald. FORTUNES IN PUDDINGS. ItnifIlish Holiday Cnatom Expensive Breanne of „I evs elect Plums Con- cealed In Them. The old custom of putting a three- penny bit in' the family, .plutp platidiag has developed into a very expensh e fashion. Costly jewelry and charms are now sent concealed in the heart of Christmas. puchEng, says an ante. Christmas report from London. At one place in Oxford street there are huge pyramids !.f basins fille$ with Chr!strnas plum pudd:ngs. Were a quarter of a million rich cakes will be made, chiefly for children's parties. A manager told a correspdpdent that, roughly, 82000 puddings, ave rag-, ing seven pounds each, or say 254. tons, were the usual Christmas output of plum pudd hogs.. \Mary et our customers,\ he said, \send us small toys and ornaments to be inserted in the puddings. We have several times dispatched diamond rings in this way to different parts of the country. \A year or two ago a royal sperilon- age tent us an Ornament worth $2,500, etv]th instructions to boil it in the pud- ping. Yes, it is rather a dangerous fashion. \The postage rates for plum pud- tlings are extraordinary. A seven - pound pudding, costing 7s. 6d., cent to Rhodesia, is charged Is. per pound, 'which brings the cost up to 14s.tkl., :while the rat es to !limy -Hong are only about 2s. for -11 pontolp cf pudding. \The duty of nearly 50 per cent. on • plum puddings imported -into the United States has now been abolished, and we are sending many to AmerIca.\ One firm sent no fewer than 72 tons of plum pudding to South Africa for liristmas. . WHAT SAILORS LIKE TO READ. Sea Yzarna A re Noi I. Dasnapd--ne.- teetIve and Lov• Sterilise Preferred. Down on the East river sides push- cart vender of cheap books has re- cently taken his stand. His specialty is books for the seafaring men who abound in his immediate neighbor- hood, but with considerable shrewd- ness the enterprising purveyor of \something to read for everybody,\ has chosen for his location a spot whence he can trap ferryites as well as the mariners and wayfarers. Brisk is the business being done by the street book merchant, and by far -the greatest proportion of it is with sailors. For the present he is con- fining, himself to soiled novels (with here andAthere a few religious books) at \bargain\ prices, a humble nickel purchasing any volume on the cart. Among the wares are a remnant lot of \Vanity Fair\ (complete), novelsby Daudet,Scot t, Cooper, etc., all published at prices ranging from a quarter up- ward. \No sir,\ replied the vender, to an inquirer, says the New York Times, \there is no demand for sea yarns, ex- - cept among youngsters. The sailors can tell better stories than Many in books. Anyhow, the ship folk get ' quite enough of the sea, and the read- ing matter they want on a voyage a rattling good love story or a de- tective yarn with plenty of excite- ment in it. \Sale - sailors, jtv t berfore going off on a -long voyage, buy as many as 20 books at a time, and others club to- gether and take quite a small library on board. to while away their idle hones. -- \Almost any sort of story sells well. 411 that the sailors ask is something to interest them and they don't both- er about style or the author's name. So I can sell here heaps of books that would be dead stock around Broad- way, even if I were allowed to peddle Lhere.\ C. Si. K VI IA il A. MOULTON KELLY &. MOULTON ABSTRACTERS Conveyancing Real Estate Insurance Collections Abstracts of City,- Ranch, or Mining Property Electric Building LEWISTOWN, Telephone No. 3 MONTANA J. S. KELLY NOTARY PUBLIC REAL ESTATE All Binds of Legal and Mining Blanks KEN DA I L , rIONTANA Montana Railroad Company Nearest rail.line and quickest route to the new gold camps of the Judith Basin. Direct com- munication with Northern Pacific railway at Lombard, and with stages to and from Lewistown at Harlow ton. 0:00 n.m. Lombard Arr.9:05 p.m Arr. 2:45 p.m. Itarlowton Lve. 3:30 p.m Daily, Except Sunday F. T. ROBERTSON, Supt. Lombard, Montana. ROBT. RANTOUL, (ien'l M'gr. Helena, Montana _ Foley's Kidney Cure makes kidneys and bletdder right. Foley's Honey and Tar cures colds, provents pnettomeni.z BANNER SALVE ths most heelles salvo In the world. Interest Allowed on Deposits Left X for a Specified Time. W. 6. Norman & Co. Manufacturing Jewelers Lewistown, Montana Filie Watches and Clocks Repairing Given Careful Attention W. G. NORMAN VISITS KENDALL AltOUT THE TENTH OF EACH MoNTH. HE ALSO CALLS AT OTp.LiER TOWNS MONTHLY Kendall Livery and Feed Stables ,MERICKLE & M'CORMICK Proprietors Opposite Stephens' hotel ass Headquarters for Lewistown - Kendall Stale Patrons Given Every attention ,Stock will be cared for at reasonable prices. BANK OF FERGUS COUNTY (ine0r1. 4 .111tell 11114101 the Itivtei of Montana.) Lewistown, Montana. 5.8. HOBSON, President. L. W. ELDRIDGE, Vice -President. P. E. WRIGHT, Cashier, AUSTIN W, WARR, Asst. Cashier. Board of Directors: T. C. Nu. er. Perry kl'Adow. W I) Symmes, S. S. Hobson, L W. Eldridge, J. Holsemer, L. H. Hamilton, amain W. Warr Frank E. Wright. ' Capital Stock $300,000. Surplus and Reserve Sin,000. Correspondents: smell -lean National. Helena, Montana Konntse Bros., New York, - Continental National, Chicago, Illinois Livery and Feed Stable Reed & Millard's Saloon McKinley Avenue, Kendall ./A Headquarters for the Choicest of Wines liquors and Cigars .at Large Club Rooms Attached .1 1 We are always pleased to See old and new friends. North end of McKinley Ave. 4$ 4$ R. W. • DUTCHER, ‘ Proprietor. 0 1 0% Livery Rigs and Saddle horses Good Facilit'es for boarding stock. Kendall Barber Shop oldest established barber shop in Kendall Clean Towels and First -Class Work C. E. CARLISLE, Proprietor In the Turner Block NIELSEN & HOFFMAN Merchant Tailors Lewistown, Montana * WIII be in • KENDALL , the loth of each month to take orders for custom made clothes and suits made by eastern clothiers Job Printing eAtf With our own ideas coupled with your suggestions, we think we can do as artistic things in job printing as any establishment in the state. If experience counts for anything we will be able to suit you. No order too small or too large for us to turn away. As to rates, the hronicle Job Office o twill be on the safe side, ard not allow an rder to be sent elsewhere on that account. •2 ti Foley's Honey and Tar for children,safe,sure. eplates. 1. C Wilette age ti

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 05 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.