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KENDALL CHRONICLE. VOL. 2. I he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Ha ve Millions Left for Honest Toll KENDALL, MONTANA, MAY 12, 1903. No. 8 AN OLD I1MER IN KENDAL George P. McClure has Lived Here Many Yeats Killed Buffalo and Placer Mined in the Early Days—Says These Hills Have Great Future Every person Who is at all familiar with the North Moccasin mountains amid their early history, knovts Geo. P. Mc- Clure, pioneer prospector in these hills. Mr. McClure was in town several dap.' ago for a supply of provisions, and be- fore leaving he made a brief visit to the cHRONICLM office. The old gentleman knows every foot of the Non ii Moccnsin mountains, he having prospected them for more than twenty years. He can tell many interesting stories of their early history when heffalo roamed in large herds where Kendall now stands, and of . •hair raising\ conflicts with the indians, and thrilling experiences a bile hunting wild game which in. the early days was quite plentiful. This interest- ing pioneer is seventy-three years young as Elbert Hubbard would say, and he resides in the gulch about two miles vreet of Kwndtill , end whitr Saes striff name. \Twenty-two years ago last March\ be nail& \I landed hi 'tli. gulch where my cabin still stands and where I have lived ever since. 1 haye done much placer mining in that gulch, and still do some when there is enough.. running water to make the work possible. .,Yes, I have washed out considerable of the yellow metal; of course I never kept ercount of how much, but no doubt it would Amount to 'Isere than $10,000. 1 have enjoyed prosperous seasons and have endured times of hardship and suffering, but that falls due to all pion - eerie So I have no complaints to make. '•These mountain are rich iumineraln and there a ill be many other big mines operating in this district in a few years. I have traveled over the entire North - xi eat and prospected the mountains of all the north-western states, but never was in a district that showed as miltdi gold ore as does the Kendall district. Every new mining camp is better for going slow at first and establishing a reputa- tion for permanency, in .lace of bootrZing to an extraordinary degree and thee to 'fall down' and suffer from over growt Mr. McClure usually buys a year's provisions at a time and he keeps them stored in a cabin situated about one mile from where he lives. Sometime during the last week in March the old gentle- man discovered that some unprincipled thieves had broken into his store -house and looted it of everything in sight. Mr. McClure is alert in mind and en- joys telling a good story; he reads much, and was delighted to get an armful of magazines that were Offered him to take home. \Send me the CHRONICLE\ lie said, be- fore leaving. \I believe that Kendall will support a daily newspaper sometime and I expect that I will be one of your snliscribers for thitt oleo.\ A VALUABLE PROPERTY Bonded for 11100 . ,000 to Solt Lake Cupl-: tallete;-lrbe Outlook Good Outside capital is by no means losing' interest in Kendall; on the coairary; the mining possibilities of this district are forcing themselves more and morel into prominence with the moneyer class whp are seeking legitimate mining investments. Kendall ham never yei had a set back, and the big gold mine in operation here are recognized in min; ing circles the worhEover to be the most. wonderful mines of their character that. have ever been discovered. It is not 80 difficult now as it was a year ago to interest capital in the 'level= opment Of claims in the North Moccasins that show reasonably good surface indi- cations. Salt Lake parties recently secured a $100,000 bond on two claims owned by H. O. Warelimm,:of Kendall. and Dr. W. A. Long and J. L. Stuart, of Lewistown. Extensive development work will im- mediately be commenced on t heft claims which are located at the north end of the Barnes -King properties. There is every indication that these claims will rival the great Kendall and the Barnes - King mines in the production of wealth. Miss Eveline Parrent, neice of Henry Parrent visited with friends in Gilt Edge for a few days last week. Joseph Wunderlin and M. L. Wood- man were in camp yesterday shaking hands e ith their many friends here. It F. Wareennadorff retnrned home early last week from Celle Bette where he hial been surveying some mining claims. Joseph McDonald, who received a severe cut in the back several weeks ago while working at the Barnes -King mine, is nide to be around again. \Curly's\ back is somewhat bowed, butt he will no doubt be \straight\ again soon. Mr con ety commissioners have award- ed to M. A. Adams & Co., a Minneapolis bridge building firtn, a contract to build flour bulges for a consideration of $9,.:99. The bridges are to be of steel and will be located as follows: one across the Judith near Philbrook, one across the Judith at Pleasant Valley, one ut Cotton - Weed MA one across Big Spring creek, on the Kendall road. Dick Young, of the Majestic buffer, has assigned his contract with the gov- ernment for the rental of the propoeed new building to be occupied as the poet - office, to E. C. Wilson, of Trenton, N. J. Mr. Wilson is a member of the Case - Wilson Cyanide Development Co., of Montana. He has purchased the lot upon which the building is to be erected from Ora Bennett for a consideration of $2,500, and will at once commence work preparatory to building. The building will be a two-story structure, the upper story to be occupied as offices by Mr. Wilson's mining company.—Lewistown Democsat. Wm, Gordon recently had a provoking mishap while driving on the Lewistown road, at the foot of the steep hill about two miles from Kendall. The road at that point was very soggy, arid when Gordon's vehicle got in the midst of it it stuck there. After much persuasion his home landed part of the rig on solid ground, but a section of one wheel re- fused to come out. Gordon had to aalk hack to Kendall and when he arrived here hie usual plcatient timelier a as somewhat reified. WilS 1 SERIOUS ROHN ifors.' Attached to Lamb Wagon Tore Off Its Bridle The Driver Jumped ani Sustained a FrietJred Leg—Daltne the Victim . Last Saturday afternoon SI runaway oecurred on Idalloy'a ranch about 10 miles west of Kendall which resglted in disaster to the driver of the fractious horses. J. K. Dalene was employed on the ranch aa driver of the lamb wagon, when one of the horses he was driving tore the bridle off its head and togethet the team awned oil a mad run across the ll e l,h.. Dal t ine was poweiless to stop, the runaway so he concluded that his safest move would be to jump, a liieli lie did. When assintance arrived it wall as- certained that the unfortutece wan had broken his leg just Wiove the knee. He was helped to the Malloy ralich house and medical assistance was immediately semi for. Dr. McCoy responded to the e i cal nil he ieports that the man was re gr easily after the wounde.1 limb Wsok41 res sr I, - VIZ iliAltifeTK OEM Doweloptnent Work is Progressing and Attain will be Its-Ailitassed F. G. Croeell and Tully Scott, two of the tilaturnoth Group Gold Mining Co.'. otliciaile, were in Lewistown and Gilt Edge the latter part of last week and perfected arrangements for the re ad- justment of the company'saffairs. Thirty per cent. of the indebtedness it all paid sea a small fund set anitle for develop- ment work, which is now goiag torment miller the direction of W. Jonek Ender the new order of arrangement, the mines and will all be consolidated ned the capital stoek will be Increased accordingly. Time old company is to liquidate till indebtedness aii.1 are Lnder a ritten contract to do SO within 'dimly dip. We are authorized to say, how- ever, that this indebtedness elll be cleared just as soon as the company can perfect their organization along the lines as above indicated, and which will re- quire from thirty to sixty days time to complete. The stock-holders have great faith in their property and will invest a liberal amount for development pur- poses as 80011 as they complete the necessary arrangements. — Lewistown Detnocrat. A. Revelation If you make inquiry it will ben revela- tion to you how many IDICCUrriti to kidney or bladder troubles in one form or an- other. If the pntient is not beyond medical aid, Eoley's Kidney Cure will cure. It never disarpoints. For sale by L. C. Wilson. A party of distinguished visitors ar- rived in Kendall yesterday and they will remain in this great gold cern') for a few days. The party was Composed of R. K. Neill of the Kendall no i mlii, Hal S. Corbett and Judge Moore, of Spokane, and who are interested in some u ich mineral claims here, and ex •congressman Charles Hartman, of Bozeman, Mont. Mr. Hart- man is \sizing tip\ the mining possibil- ities of this district and lie may invest in swim promising propositions hare. What la Voley's Rodney Cure Answer : It is rnada# from a prescrip- tion of a leading Chicago physician, and one of the most eminek in the country. The ingredients are the purest the money can buy, snit are scientifically combined ter get their utmost value. For sale at L. C. Wilson's. luau opened A shop Are LEWI where you OOP get and put in as pod left the \factory\; and new jeeelry Native Gold. ' The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker at C. II. Williams' store TOWN your watch repaired order as the (lay it also jewelry repaired made to order from Busy ,The Commercial Millinery Department Our millinery department is said to be the busieSt spot in Lewis- town. We know that up to date we have turned out more lists than we did last spring. Miss Doyle is giving better satisfaction than ever ; her months stay in New York City, where she worked daily in one of the largest emporiums, in telling daily, in the gracious conceits she is turning out of our work room, which tor style, character and beauty, stand un- daunted side by side with the pattern lists from Paris. ('one in aryl have MRS Doyle make you a hat and if you don't like it we will not expect you to take it. SEND US E w 1 sTowN po,,..ii YOUR COIIIMERCIALCO PAID ON RAIL ORDERS 4 ALL MAIL ORDERS LE W ISTOW N, M ONT A N A New hats just arrived and more corn- ing at Mrs. L. 0. Con - Muck's, Kendall.

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