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Kendall, Montana\ May 12, 1903. 3. 1 A ABOUT THE SPOTTED FEYER Exaggerated Stories as to the Num- ber oi Casts The Wood Tick Theory -Has Not Yet Been Proven to be the Correct One Commissioner J. A. Ferguson of the bureau of agriculture, labor and in- dustry, returned to Helent recently from a stay in Missoula and Itavalli counties, where he had some opportun- ity to observe the spotted fever situ- ation. \It is unfortunate,\ Mr. Fer- guson said, in speaking of the stor- ies that have been sent out about the disease, \that some of these stories have taken such an exaggerated form. It is true that the percentage of deaths from the disease is high, but the percentage of eascts is not, when one considers the population of the section to which the fever has so far confined itself. \In certain quar6rs of the valley there is some excitement over the matter, but there is no cause for alarm. The authorities of both Mis- soula and Ravalli counties have taken the matter up and made appropria- tions for pursuing the investigation by experts, and the people as a whole are pleased with the determination chown to go to the root of the mat- ter. \The theory that the spotted fever comes from the bite of the wood tick Is as yet a 'theory. It may be proved correct or it may be abandoned as the result of the investigation being made under the direction of the state board of health and the authorities of the two counties moat interested. There Is nothing unusual in the fact that the people of that section of the state are bitten by wood ticks. The ticks are as plentiful as fleas in California; and it would be remarkable if any people were not bitten by them. But it does not follow that the person bit- ten will have the spotted fever. \One cause of the high percentage of deaths from the disease is the fact that the patient does not put himself Into the hands of a physician until the poison has been generally die- ' tributed throughout the system. The filet day after the bite the person bit- ten thinks nothing of the matter ex- c:jpt that he believes he has the grip, as the first symptoms in the two cases are quite similar. The second and third days usually pass the same way, no that it Is often the fourth day be- fore the patient consults a physician, and by that time the disease has gone tog far to be cured, as death general- --- ty—roluita braise or ten days. The tick bores into the flesh with . a cylindrical motion, and in remov- ing it It should be given a twist—un- screwed, to use a common term—or the head and feelers may be left in the flesh, with serious results. A drop of coal oil or terpentine on the tick when it is imbedded in the flesh will bring it out in a hurry. \It is a case for serious considera- tion, of course, but as I have said, there is no cause for alarm, and there should be no more sensational stories about the fever. Considering the in- crease of population in the valley, it is no worse now than It was ten years ago.\ It was through the efforts of Com- missioner Ferguson that the investiga- tion of the disease was taken up by the state board of healLn. The disease has been prevalent to some extent for years in the lumber camps, and the labor unions had their attention called to the trouble by reason of the number of sick and death benefits that they had to pay at certain 8311 - sons of the year. They placed the matter before Commissioner Fergu- son, who took it up with Dr. F. A. Longeway, of Great Falls, secretary of the state board of health, and the Investigation followed. FOUND IN THE HOLY LAND. Most InterestInst and Extraordinary Discovery in the Hiattsry ol Pal- estinian Explanation . . -- A remarkable testimonial to the truth of Bible history has recently been idscovered in the Holy Land. Ac- cording to a most reliable authority,. the house in which John the Bapt:st was born has been located, and a tablet found in it on which was written the name of John and his father, Zach- arias. The method by which this interest, ing and valuable discovery was made was a most unusual one, and perhaps the most extraordinary in the whole history of Palestinian exploration, says the New York World. About eight years ago a mosaic map was discovered at Mada Lir, in the hilly country east of the Dead sea. This map, which dates from the fourth or fifth century, gives the names and loca- tions of a number of places mentiosed in the New Testament. A native Christian, seeing this rap, noticed that one of the sites was nanied ileth Zahar, which means \the house of - Zacharias.\ The common tradition before this time had been that the house of Zacharias was somewhere near Ain Rarem, west of the city of Jerusalem. A party of . archaelogists at once rec- ognized the importance of the dis- covc.ry and set to work making exca- vations on the site indicated by the Madaba map. A few days' work brought to view the mosaic pavement and foundation stones of a chutch; which was shown from the situation of thr stones to have been a dotted structure, as it was reprer.ented in the pictorial map. • More tha - i this, an inscription was discovered on the pavement, which, when interpreted, was found to be the names John and Zacharias. This in- scription removes all doubt in the mat- ter and shows conclusively that the Madaha map was correct. The domed church, the ruins of which have been discovered, was very evidently a mem- orial church built on the site of John the Baptist's birthplace. The place where the excavations have been made is 20 kilometres from Jerusalem and 16 kilometers from He- bron. lying to the right of the road that connects the two places, The (homed church was situated near the point where the read crosses the river Ain Ilarrub. whose waters Pon- tius Pilate brought to Jerusalem. It appears to have been a fair-sized build- ing, 12 meters in length. The domed roof is significant in view of the fact that every other ancient building that has been excavated in the vicinity hoe a gable roof. The name given by the natives to the site was found in Herbst Belt Shakkar, which means \the ruins of the house of Zacharias.\ The Hebrew word \Beth meaning house, has been Arabianized into \Belt and \Zahar\ has been changed by the same process into \Shakl'ar.\ Deadly Arsenic Spring. There is a deadly spring in the des- ert in south Nevada. A prospecting party found the skeletons of several men about the spring, but drank of the water unwittingly. They were seized with violent cramps and suffered in- tensely. Some of the water was brought away and analyzed. It was found to contain a large percentage of arsenic.—Chicago Inter Ocean, In Berlin restaurants oysters cost from 50 to 75 cents per dozen. They Ire small and of inferior quality. Cooked oysters are never seen on German tables. oe Cigars C.* lu.b Saloon! CLINICIAN & HAMILTON, Proprietors .31 . 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 12 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.