Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, May 12, 1903, Image 8

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8. Kendall, Montana, May 12, 1903 t HEATH & MILLIGAN'S PAINTS AT KENDALL DRUG STORE CAMP AND COUNTY Dr. F. F. Attix, Lewistown, Mont. • Mike Riser was in Lewistown on busi- ness last Wednesday and Thursday. Montana union made cigars for sale at Clingan & Hamilton's Kendall. There was a good pay day in Kendall Saturday and everybody had money. If you want a drink of first-class whisky try Hunter's rye, or W. II. MeBryer's Cedar Brook bourbon, for saleat Clingan SE Hamilton's. Ernest Elsner left for Lewistown on Saturday's afternoon coach. The . tenants for his two-story nliteon du joy arrived Saturday noon. The Lewistown Meat & Provision Co. carry fresh meats, fish ; home-made lard, and home -wade hams and bacon. Mrs. Turnblade came over from Gilt Edge early last neck to visit a feW . dayi , with her sister, Mrs. Henry Parrent. 4 The telephone wire betWeen Kendall and Lewistown was down MOnday, ttud communication with thecounty seat was stopped for the day. You never heard of any one using Foley's Honey and . Tar and not being satisfied. For sale by IL C. Wilson.. Mrs. J. W. Canis, of Gilt Edge, was visiting with Kendall friends for a few days last week. John Dobson left Kendall today for Utica, where he will spend a neck mak- ing the necessary improvements oa his ranch before making final proof on the same. Foley's Honey and Tar is peculiarly adapted for aethma, bronchitis and h arseness. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Martin Clausen suffered a painful ill- ness last Thursday night and Friday, caused by eating canned lobster. It is ',resumed the lobster east poisonous. Things looked pretty serious to Mr. Clausen or a Tew tours. Kenneth King, the seven-year old son of Mr. and - Mrs--Hersoltel-K Mg r gave a birthday party to a number of his play- mates last Thursday afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock. W sh . A. anles was in Lee istown on husiness from Tuestley until Friday. Mr. Shuttles reports that the burns his d little aughter teceived a by telling into bon•fire about three weeks ago, are not so set ions as they were at first thought to be. Pete Rosa, a miner who has been prospecting in the vicinity of the old Spotted Horse mine at . Maiden, is much elated over it rich strike he niade there a few days ago. He claims to Imre an im- , menses body of cyanide. ore' that will assay all the, way from $9 to $20 to the ton. • NEWS' Rev. George Edwards, accompanied by Rev. Robert Warren Anthony, arriv- ed in Kendall last Sunday and took charge of the Sunday echool services in the afternoon and the religious exercises in the evening. Mr. Anthony preached the evening sermon and held the close attention of a large congregation during the entire discourse. He will remain in Kendall during the summer months and devote his time to building up a per- manent church organization in this camp. The good people of Kecdall will assist Mr. Anthony in every way possible and it is safe to predict that by the time his eork here is finished and he departs for Auburn, N. Y., to continue his stud- ie3 in the theological seminary there, lie will have the reli s ipusly inclined peo- ple of Kendall well organized and ,hey will all work in unison for the cause of good, and the betterment of the morals of the camp. • • • Fuley's Honey and, Tar contains no opiates and can safely be .given to _chil- dren. For sale by L. C. Wilson. AV. A;Sliatilee has:secured the agency for the Kendall district, of this New York Life Insurance Company. This is one of the strongest companies doing business today, and Mr. Similes can make you Houle very good propositions in the way of insurance, lie will be pleased to call upon you at your office or• in your home, and explain why he can give you better insurance than other companies. Dr. McCoy is medical ex- aminer for the company Mr. Shuttles represents. Last Stinday -night a hands , me meer- schaum pipe r valued at $40 and belong- ing to P Leary, was raffled at the' Wedge buffet. There were forty $1.00 chances sold on the prize pipe, and a large crowd 1 ad gathered about to see who was to be the lucky winner. Dave Wareham carried off the prize. he getting the high- -eat shake with the dice. Messrs. Field, Walker Wells and E. W. King arrived in camp yesterday in a prikate conveyance. Mr. Field tepre- sents the Herring, Hoe & Marvin Safe - .company. WalkerWelle is here in the interest of his clothing house in Lewis- town,. E. W. King has just returned from a business trip to Chicago. It is rumored that Win. Newton who bolds down a job about .the solution tanks at the Barnes -King mill has grown weary of city life, and the steady stra!a of his arduous occupation has Wee more than he could endute. It is New- ton's intention to raise sheep and ,till the soil and, in a general way, take life easy on his ranch. He will begin the new life in August. Will C•re Cossumption A. A. Herren of Finfla, Ark , write- : aration-for coughe, col& and lung ton- GENERAL HARDwARE & - \Foley's Honey awl Tar is the best prep- ble. I know that it lias cured coneump. Telephone 63 - thin in the first stage..\ For sale by L. I Tin Shop in Connection Travel's's is Dostgerous Constant 'Iloilo,' jate the kidneys which are kept in place in the body by delicate iittIdiiiita. ,This is the reason that travelers trainmen, street car men, n teiostere and all who drive very much. suffer front kidney disease in some form. Foley's Kidney Cure strengthens the kidneys and cures all forms of kidney and Wielder disease. Geo. E. Hansen, locomotive • ngincer, Lima, 0., writes, \Col slant, vibration of the engine caused me a great deal of trouble with my kid- neys, and I got no relief until I used Foley's Kidney Cure.\ For sale by L. C. Wilson. Mr. M. Maser is building an additit n to his home. Mike is a thrifty and pros- , perons citizen and he takes advantage of every opportunity to improve his home property. Ile intends to cultivate a garden on the side -bill back of his holise where the soil is exceedingly rich. Mr. L. Lambson, engineer at the Refrigerators Very Cheap Any Kind at Prices Ranging lrom $20 to $45 Another Large Shipment of Hats Prices from $1.50 to $3.50 A Great Shoe Sale Men's Shoes that formerly sold at from $1.50 to $5.00 now selling at from $1 to $3 POWER MERCANTILE COMPANY We Pay Postage on Mail Orders Lewistown, Montana A. HOPKINS & SONS PURE FOOD GROCERS LEWISTOW N MONTANA GROCERIES Pare and Fresh Always in Stock We Carry a Complete Line Once a Customer Always a Customer NVe are after the Kendall trade and will deliver all orders amounting to $50 _ _ or more free of charge George M. Stafford Lewistown, Montana :11annfactitrer and Dealer in Harness and Saddles A Complete Line of Turf Goods, Guns, Ammunition and Bicycle Supplies Barnes -King hoist, has been bothered eeveraill times' during the past week with nose bleeding. Sunday evening a week ago, he picked all artery in his nose 'and it bled continually for five hours. Several times since he has had to quit work and get medical assistance to Mop the How of blood. Brother Van arrived in camp yesterday and was around shaking hands with his many Kendall friend. In the evening lie cueducted well attended and inteiest- ing services in the Cook block. Mr. Thomas Metcalfe who was engaged in the hotel business in Kendall two years ago, and who has been prospecting in the Belt mountains during the last year, was transacting business in Ken- dall u few days last week. /Settee to the Public. PrOridithE as many as 40 residents of Kendall will each contribute 50 cents per month, I will remove all garbage and refuse collected at their back doors semi-monthly, and deposit the same a safe distance from the camp. R. W. DUTCHER. JUDITH HARDWARE CO. LEWISTOWN IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their mail orders to, and when you visit Lewistown always come in and see us. We can serve you best whether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden and Field Seeds or anything from our large stock of C. Wilson. 'I - 011111,

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 12 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.