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• 1 KENDALL 11RONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Thad Thousands and Have Millions Lett for Honest Toil VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, MAY 19, 1903. No. 9 [RUSE MAKES RICH STRIKE After Strggling for Years He at Last Discovers Rich Ore The Abbey District is a Scene of Activity—The Coming Big Mining Section W. C. Kruse is the happiest man in this district just now, ,and the source of all this good ,feeling is prospective wealth. Kruse has struck it rich. After spending years of toil, digging and delv- ing and sampling good looking rock, he hart at last won out, and he may soon be investing in Lewietown real estate and engaging in other ventures that only men of means are privileged to engage in. Mr. Kruse has been working on one of his claims that is located north of the Abbey group, all winter, hut while noth• big of consequence Was opened up, he believed it was there POMO place, and he m as determined to find it if he had to spend everything he possessed in the search. One day last week while work- ing in the Paine old determined say, his pick book e throug:i a formation that was basses of value, into a irottly .ej,erc_thet assays from $1.80 to f8.00 per News of the find aeon spread to the prospectors who are developing adjoin- ing claims, and they all went over to the place where K ruse was working, to satisfy themselves that a mine had been foiled. \It is sure enough there\ one old prospector paid, \and there is no doubt but that the same vein continuee right through our claims also.\ The effect of Kruse's strike has been to confirm the confidence of others who are spending time and money in that section in search of a body of ore that will make their tontines. Every owner of a mining claim in that vicinity feels mere secure than he did two weeks ago, for he realizes that there is to be great, activity there, and some of them predict that it is the coming big mining district. MinerskUninn Hospital The local Miners' Union has spent about $140 in fixing up its old union hall for the accommodation of sick or disabled miners. The main hall has been divid- ed into two compartments,one of which is occupied by Dr. KcCoy, the union physician, and the oilier is fitted up with two beds and other necessary arti- clef( for use in a sick room; the room is light, cheerful and comfortable, and those things go a long way towards help- ing the recovery of a sick man. Dr. McCoy will have the patients under his personal care all the time, as has sleeping apartments in his office. The ante room to the main building will be provided with a small cook stove and a few cooking utensils and when a light meal is required by the sick it will be an easy matter to prepare it on short notice. Dr. McCoy is very solicitous about the welfare of the sick miners and he makes every reasonable provision for - their comfort during the time they are under his care. hotel during floe absence of the regular kitchen official Mr. 1V. B. Bement 15 receiving the hotel's guests and attend- ing to the affaire of the office generally. Mr. Benson goes about the work like an old•titrer at the Imeinerm, and he is tell- ing the boys that once upon a time he was head clerk at theWaldorf-Astor. The Barnes-King boarding house is for rent. H. A. Moulton, deputy puperintendent of schools, has received notice from Miss Meyersick that the following certificates have been granted: Miss Grace Mc- Hugh, Lewistown, first grade ; Miss Minnie Cook, professional grade ; Miss Agnes Hughes, Stanford, third grade; Miss Evelyn Bruner, Philbrook, second_ grade ; Mrs. Stella Henry, Everson; second grade. Lewistown is going to have a big cele- bration on the 4th of July. Mr. W. W. Calder, financial secretary of the Kent tin miners' union, is rejoking over the arrival on the Ilt 11 inst. of an 8 pound girl at his home. He reports that Mrs. Calder tied the baby are both doing well. The Montana railroad extension to Lee istown will not be completed in time for the 4th of July celebration. President Harlow stated that possibly it will be August 1st before the rails are laid into the county seat. Baol weskits( has caused numerous delays in the of grading, hut all the help availabies now pressed into service and the arItt•tserleaveieet as fast as possible. . Lewistown merchants will close their stores at 7 o'clock p. m., after June let. The terrible storm has caused Abel& Co. several days delay in opening their meat market in Kendall. Early next week the public may buy their meats from Kendall's leading meat market. Mrs. Johnny Biglen, formerly of Ken- dall, was caught kidnapping her eldest eon on the 9th inst. Mrs. Biglen recent- ly secured a divorce from her husband, and the court granted each parent the custody of one child. Mrs. Biglen was not satisfied with this arrangement, however . , and when a wealthy annt in Eros wrote to her to cone to her (the nutit'e) place, and she ovoid provide the children with the advantages of an edu- cation, the mother could not resist the temptation to steal her eldest boy from the home of Johnny Biglen's mother. The boy was missed before it %as too late to effect his capture, and a telephone message to the officer at Junction, where Mrs. Biglen was to board the train for the East, to hold the boy and let the mother proceed on her way with the younger child, resulted in his capture and return to his father. Mr. Lee Hilyard, who has been em- ployed at the Kendall mine, departed last week for Iowa where he intends to remain. MINERS WILL CELEBRATE The Thirteenth of June in Kendall This Year s Business Men Have Contributed Liberally and Cash Prizes Will be Given The North Moccasin Miners' Union has completed the preliminary arrange- ments for a grand celebration in Kendall on Miners' Union day, June 13th, 1903. Committers have been appointed to artange and perfect all the details for the demonstration, and every member of the union is doing his level best to make the affair an entire success. The program for the day will consist of a drilling contest ; tog of war between a local team and any outside u am that may desire to pull against them ; a run- ning horse race ; putting the stone; foot racing for boys and girls, and a free- for-all jumping contest. The business men of Kendall have contributed $260 to he distributed in cash prizes, and every prize is email training for from now until the day of #ie celebration. ,litireereersweiereilaseeir.-imil mewl sap. per will be given by the local union, the proceeds to be applied to the hospital fond. The committee in charge of the dance haa been instructed to spare no pains to make the evening's entertain - inept a source of ple s astire and happiness to all who participate therein ; to provide the best music obtainable and arrange for a supper that will put renewed en- ergy into every dancer. to that when the night's gaiety again continuer( the pleas- ure seekers will cutter into it as fresh and gay as when the dance begun in the early evening. Kendall people are looking forward to the 13th of June in antieipution of seeing the largest crowd that was ever assem- bled here, as there is no other town in the county that -will celebrate on that day. Ample provision will be made to A Bevelellee If you make inquiry it will be a revela• tiort,to you how many succumb to kidney or bladder troubles in one form or an-, other. If the patient is not beyond medical aid, Foley's Kidney Cure will cure. It never disappoints. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Mrs. McLain, of Kendall, spent Friday and Saturday of last week in Lewistowi. The mining camp of Maiden is agrtin coming to the front and when raillrrnool facilities are near at hand the old camp will be as lively as in the early days. accommodate 118 many as can find it possible to attend. Following are the committees appoint- ed to arrange for the celebration and (lance :— Committee cm arrangements: S. D. Whipple, Wm. Zollinger, Chas. Benson, John Meallen and W. W. Calder. Committee on sports: Robt. Wetlock, Chas. Benson and Orley A mould. Reception committee; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. A. 1'. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Flaherty, Mr. and Mrs. George' McDonald and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bullard. Floor manager: Charles Bell. Floor committee: Hugh Tully, Wm. Mader, Tom Dignon and Wm. O'Connor. Full sheet posters will be out this week.with a complete announcement of the day's exercises and the prizes to be given. Mr. Sennott, who has an extra fertile patch of ground west of the Kendall mine, was in camp last week loading up his wagon with garden seeds of all kind.e. It is his intention to raise garden truck on all extensive scale this season, and he will supply the residents of Kendall with vegetables eof% all varieties and in any quantity desired. What is Foley's Kidney Cure Answer : It is made from a prescrip- tion of a leading Chicago physician, and one of the most eminent in the country. The ingredients are the purest that money can buy, and are scientifically etissiewed tegMi weseest uaa.Sur sale at L. COW' has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN a here you call get your watch repaired and put lit AP good under as the day it left ttie\factory\; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. Folks that haven't a boy will want to borrow one when they see the nice things we are showing in our boys' department SPRING SUITS' FOr All Kinds of Boys For the rugged little felfow whose rough and tumble ways are the tie - light of his father and a source of grievance to the mother that does the household mending. This little chap needs a dnrable and at the sante time a stylish and well fitting snit. WE HAVE THEM Just Come and See ---You'll be Interested SEND US E w 1 sirowN POSTAGE PAID ON YOUR . MAIL ORDERS C014MERam,c ALI. (:)- MAIL ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MO,NTANA 4 0 - While Manager Cari:Ornntreld is Pert- ing in the 'Capacity of chef at Shades A

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 19 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.