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KENDAL . L CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have' Yielded Ui irTOusands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil or VOL. 1. LUMBER 101E11 IN KENDRI, Thieves pave Been Making a Roid on Building Material George Pfunder Was Arrested Sat- urday Charged with Stealing a Window Numerous e omplainte have.heen Made during the -last year by-,reeidente of Ken- dall about loose lumber and building material of all kinds being stolen from th •ir premises. It has freqbeirtly'lisp- pened that when a man would have his home or other buildings in course of con- struction, and have all the material nscessary for its completion on the ground, diet before the structure Was finished considerable lumber would he missing, aq,another order %mild have to be purchased to complete the work. This kind of stealing has been prac- ticed by several people in Kendall, end in some cases on an extensive scale, but no information has heretofoie been filed against any of the offenders for the rea- son that the evidence against tl ern has Sot been of a direct character. W. A.. Shaiudijiiiii_Jvl. c i p l o kof both been heavy losers througli'. the deeredsdione of thine lumber thievea. . Before the Shatilee hotel was completed it was found that something like 7,000 feet of lumber had been confiscated by parties who evidently thought that if no one saw them they Were jilffillied in fak- ing what lumber they needed from (my pile that happened to be trendy. Mr. Cook frequently complained of losing lumber in the night by unknown thieves; and, in fact, it became a common com- plaint of builders that lumber could not he safely left out of doors over night A few evenings ago the wife of carpen- ter E. E. Wright noticed some one g big into the vacant livery stable of Tullock AL 'lily's and heard him dragging some- thing through die %vesicle's' he departed. Mrs. Wright notifie•: her husband of the jot ruder, but lie was too tired to pay much attention, and nu let the party go •mireolested. The next morning when . an investigation was made it was 'Found it hat a window sash had been, taken out l 01. -the stable. • Mr. Wright, who had been working I nn a shed of M. Flaherty's neatly finieli- kr! the structure the same evening the . Itindow was taken from the stable ; there was no window pane on hand, which was all that was needed to com- plete the work; but when Mr. Wright returned the next mottling' be foLhd a *Hell there for him to put it. Wright Immediately recognized it as' the one taken from the livery stable. fie also $onnd some eeentling- on the premiere that acre his (Wright's) property, and /which had been taken: from his lumber ;pile. A settlement Was made for the standing and Wright let the matter Arm) so far as he was concerned. \ When Frank Ttillock, of Lewistown, was informed of the stealing,Aaewever, he determined to ferret out the oilty party and, if possible, give thern their jeat punishment. • - r — tivorste Plunder, who was living at Flaherty's and doing odd jobs about the 11011Se, was accused of the stealing, and • 'KENDALL, MONT the evidence •Sgainst him was strong enough to coninceTellock that he was justified in swearing out a warrant for Pfunder'e arrest. Under -Sheriff Ed. Martin, armed with summons, drove over to Kendall Sat- urday afterneon and placed Plunder wider arrest, returning to Lewistown with his prisoner the same evening. - (4eorge Plunder le well known in most of dbfriduitureamPAnf the west. Iiis ,fortunes have taiett tt:big drop in receht years: There tie several , people in Kenl drill who kifew Plunder tint many 'years ago when he was a wealthy man and -associated with the mining magnates of his days Poor eptasulation at d other misfortunes have eaten tiPit hat Wealth Pfunder had accumillated, until now he is reduced to penury. Pfnnder will•be tried in Lewistown oh the charge of petit larceny arid Wright %ill be called upon as the chiet witness to testify agains. him. It will go hard in the future with any one caught etealieg lumber in . Kendall, for patience a ith these people hasceased to become a virtue, and a determined effort will hereafter be merle to arrest arel coeviet persons guilty of stealing in this camp. LATER—A telephone dispatch to thi CHRONICLE states that Plunder was re leased Monday afternoon on $200 ball furnished by M. Flaherty and Dan Har 74 rington. Phinder is cited to appear fai4f trial before the magistrate in Lewistown rTtn:rs att, monat mordeleek. BEER COMES FIRST All Other Goode Must Take heat In Kendall MAY 26, 1903. No. to iloliliernati among them who possesses a I losses in cattle and sheep were very osto 4 watch, and when the other gentle- heavy, but the:moisture was badly need - met of the track desire to test their ed there also. After the total loose\ ;ea nes' sped, they find it necessary to . bolh,'ow the doctor's watch. A tew days a Colonel Bennett borrowed the time and shortly afterwards Major Tom t telephoned to the doctor for the of it, but when told that Bennett Lu it lie decided to wait a couple of dii I before taking his horse to the track ter the record. In two day's time tt again telephoned to Dr. Hedges, is ng for t lie use of hie stop watch, but wok told that Bennett had not yet re- tutaed it, but when he:did so,he (Pratt) coOd use it. this was too much for Pratt . who edited back through the phone: \h-1 halln't Bennett made that mile yet?\ And now Bennett is waiting for a chince to get even with Pratt for that . erSel:remark. • The Worst Yet In speaking of last week's storm, Mbses Solomon, one of Montana's first pioneers said : \I have resided in Mon- tana for forty years and never saw storm so late in the season to equal it in severity and long duration.\ Bed Reside a Result -11wrreadwias wielnity ore *haslet impassable ; the horses in many places have to wade and plunge through slush, Ba°IC snow and mud several feet deep, and no one is traveling exceptithoee whom necee- Ken•Iall people must have their beer, end that before all things elite. No mote convincing evidence that the above state - merit is correct is needed than that which is forniatied alien bad roads lb the railroad Fioirrta prevail, send a food fiiuiuiuu threatens for want of tranapor- ta lion facilities. It is iliteresting to note that at such 'a tone the first freight teams to arrive are invariably laden svith iiq nid refreeht- merits to quench the parched throats of those who must have their drink first and food afterwards. Souse will say that the freighter is paid a trisher rate for hauling refresh- ments that cheer, but the facts of the case do not bear out the assertion. Ode business multi in Kendall said a few days ago: \I pay the highest rate in order to get my goods in first, but no, the beer meet come firet, awl so I sit and seSit and lose sales until the thirst of ihe majority is satisfied.\ LEWISTOWN'S FAST HORSES _ A Coating Remark Made by One Owner About Iii. Nefghber's Arshoval Harry Hughes, the well-known pros- pe'etor in the North Moccasin triountaina, tells a story about the fast horses :of Lewistowe. Harry says he has heard more talk about speedy onimals in the suetropoii• of Fergus county thaw esSld be piped off froma gang of horsemen st the New York track ; and to hear the tales of records broken by the local talent, one soon begins to believe Oat he is in the horse center of the world. When Audi Men as Major Bennett, Colonel Pratt, Dr. Hedges, and other owners of fast stock get together, there is nothing to it ; each of them claims to have the fereest trotter that ever came over the pike, and trial speeds are fre- quently made for better records. It appears that Dr. Hedges is the only sity compels to do so. Open -Cot Mining Delayed The storm has put an end to open cut mining here for a short time, and all the miners who were thus employed are ow working underground in dry ore. A few days of warm, dry weather will make it pomade to resume work in the re en again. and Losses Wilt About Balance In this section of the country the bene- fits to be derived from the storm will overbal.ince any losses to the sheep and cattle men, which were small compared with losses reporte•I from other section,. of the mate.\' In the Great Falls district from the storm are figured up, and the good it done to the country is estimated, the result will most likely be about a stand off. Telephone Line Down The teleplitine line between tie Ken- dall mill and the power plant on Warm Spring creek was down for a couple of deys during the storm and communica- tion betvieen these two points was tem- porarily cut off. The mill was Shut down as a result, it not being known at - the powet house a bether or not it Was side to turn the electric current until ie- structed from the mill to do so. The solution men didn't appreciate having to go their rounds at night guided by the light of a lantern ; they have been accustomed to the mill being brilliantly illorninatsd with are lights. - -- Jeremiah, the Great Falls Tribune solicitor, was in Kendall last week in the interests of Isis paper. Jeremiah reports exceedingly good luck for himself during his stay in this great gold camp. A Revelation If you make inquiry it will ben revela- tion to you how many seccumb to kidney or bladder troubles in one form or en - other. If the patient is not beyond medical aid, Foley's Kidney Cure will cure. It never disappoints. For sale by L. C. Wiledn. ---- 41.4. &Woes, Lasistown , succor is - fully treats diseases of the bladder and stomach. The Wattmeter Watch aid Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired end put in as good order RR the day it ieft the ''factory\; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold, HOUSE FURNISHINGS Our magnificent new Home Furnishing Section on the second floor, contains by far the greatest and most beautiful display of Floor Coverings, Portieres, Couch Covers and Lace Curtains ever seen in Lewistown. We have made a special effort to make this the banner department in our store and are making special pricers throughout the entire house furnishing section, during the month cot May. LACE CURTAINS Our carefully selected assortment of fine Lace Ctirtains, as well as all popular and less expensive grades, is included in this sale at May Vrities. . . The Lowest -Prices of the Year SEND US . le W I STOWN POSTAGE YOUR PAID ON MAIL ORDERS COM MINtlAlico- ALI, SIA II, ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MONTANA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 26 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.