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ICLE. 1 he North Memo* stave Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions - Left for Honest Toil • VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, JUNE 2, 1o03. No. ii RE TRAVELED ItiCH Rut Be Couldn't iltt4e thir ' lletnlitana , Breuer.° ' • e ' likePoleon 'Jtitres, elho haile from Schenectady, N. Y., was a visit& to Kendall Monday. • Napoleon rays he anaermauen tly reside here and ea. e in Mining. He claims to have travels* extensively, having visited all cif the Eurot elan countries, South Africa, .and the countries of Asia ; he also says that he has toured the United States In the Southind East, but this is his,firievisit West, and it may be stated _right here that in Kendall Napoleon met his Tate!: loo. He was telling the boys al toutwlit t a wenderfully good horseman he watt at d boasted that he would ride any one that Kendall could produce and that he would ride Where beck and witheht a bridle. What a picnic for the fheitIA'job• ben.\ Napoleon. tried a couple of lamb like steeds and succeeded in staying, on all right, then a third nag waa produced for this celebrated bronchi) tomer to conquer. After walking the animal all over town and making several 'tin:Luxes'- tut attempts to mount it, dyeing hicli time he as jeered at Ity a hoa•lites mob, he finally tired the horse to a state of submission enoegli to let him mount. Then the fun begets; in a remarkably short time Napoleon was eliding over the horses head in a very ieugraceful attitude. The local talent thi l et , gave Napoleon a loud horse laugh.. He satisfied himself bir calling bitck at the moist\ ,\you're I& of Jamie' aliaiiii , tbils1 pew* msekied. 'sited of me and the *rile too.\ --And t fry *rely did. pOlIP111 4 1/10/1 IN RUNAWAYS Mendell Drtewee — s - 4 Milk Wagon• Try to Outdo Zook tiltbor The local drivers of milk wagons are lidently trying to otitdo-eacb other in the matter of ranawaye- toth drivers show .good records hut the temett is now 3,to 2 in favor of Ronunstadt of the 4tepliens ranch. On Smithey the 24th lest., Ille tied his competitor *ft I. an ex- citing runaway down McKinley avenue which resulted in dumping hie supply of licteal fluid over the road and depriving his euetomers of their regtear Sunday steeply. Last Sunday Rommetadt twain put himself in the lead with another eunawny to his credit, making a total of three. The cause of this last rtinaway away was the breaking of a 'bit in the titotith ot one of the horses, thus leaving the animal free to make for home with all possible speed. Ronunatadt jumped out before much headway was attained thus saving hisown bones, while the milk was dumped over awl helped to moisten the ground, and Ronunstadt's customers drank their tea and coffee clear once more. The Cow Punrhers Had Lots of Fun. About a dozen cow punchers turned themselves loose in Kendall for several days last week. The cow puncher's idea of fun tends% good time is to get well jagged up on cyanide, then cavort on a bucking broncho for the entertaitiment of street crowds ; lie enjoys screeching wildly every time 1031161watt drink at d several times beta een drinks, but the best sport of all, in his opinion, is 10 stealthily get close behind open1 hie as- sociates and crack him over the cocoa- nut with the brush end of it 'Proem—et least that is the wey they do is 'Kendall and it is presumed they act enteral here : for there Is no one in this camp vested with authority to compel the respant. of law and order amongst them. The 1509 who sojourned here last week were mem- bers of the P. N outfit belonging te,Nocrie at the intoutb of - the Judith river. They *tartest on theloondnp yestettlay. A C t for Lewistown A r te have been perfeeted for the bu atconvent in I t ewMtown thin summer ,it is, expected that the Sisters. of Charity, with a local Another on ' will be established here this fall. , e ultimate object Of the sie- tere to ,betibLgo .. academy huspital in Lewistown le — - irthe public is l de die- posed to aitelet . the work. The academy will lie -• .zhe benefit and training -of yeti* ladles in music, rebate lag, draaing,„lausit.nor.k..etc, The loose pital will be like all hospital's!' of OHO character, open and free to all irrespec. tire of religion or creed. They accuse- plitili a sforld'OlZ a rrevee innetteri di Rini n , effort t .\ • ettekkeinsti- tu Lion here .will..certaiolg.nteet . itith sub- stantial enconnigettiehl. Tell - sisters will arrive in 1141ens next month, where they will retie/tin ti,s guests of the Sill - ten of Chaff(); at , that 'dace unti.1 . the convent ; here is imnly for their 'TRIP - tiote—Lewistown . pemocrat„ Bart Noble, of Lewistown. w,nei Sunday eltli to party of friends. • ' F. C liltierehnose, the ratenir t.ttlfteit frons.alt Like, is in camp uy ,sejoing Deputy Sheriff Ed. Silverthoeij) ' - • Lewietown, passed through Ktkedell S1104}11,y 011 his wily to Salt Critelt - int official bosiiiese. Masse Gudgell, of Leivi .Mason has some valuable Minim; these hill wan in camp Sugehil! after hie interests. .Hedirg. 111 1 1.1011lineefrier ' egi 'dye that IMe i r t1 / 1 .— flitef . *: etillittl to the Gold Beef properties Breit] opera& •e again. An effort is being made to organise a a band is Lewistoen. The Fergus county metropolis will no doubt peeride [etude of a high order for the 4th of July celebration. Geo...11. 4 Carolus, who has been en. Kneed in photography in Kendall tor several mend» peet - italt Maaiday ler home in Bozeman Mont. Mr. Osseins has taken roam xery creditable pictures of Kendall and earroondiwg scenery. He reports a good sale for his work in this camp. John L. Mears, proprietor of the Ken- dall stage lines, accompanied by Mrs. Mears, was in eamp last Sunday in the interest of his business here. Mr. Mears states that there is considerable traffic between this great gold camp and Lew- istown and that the stage Wiriness ii In a flourishing condition. There will be two dances given in Keit,- dell on Saturday, June 13, for the bene- fit of the North Moccasin Miners' Union Hospital, one in the Cook block with supper at Shaulee hotel and one in the Deerfield Mercantile Co'di old store with supper at Stephens' hotel. All outsiders will he amply provided for in the way of dancitig and hotel accommodations. Representative D. J Huger, Senator Jack Waite, Judge E. K. Cheadle, Edi- tor John R. Vrooman and Attortier Ru- dolf Vdn Tobel, all of Lewistown, went to Helena in a body to attend the extra etheion of the Montana legislature and shake the hand of President Roosevelt. Judge Cheadle also attended the soldiers reunion at Butte. Mrs. A. B. Barrows joined the party at Ubet and accompati- tel them to the elate capital. She left her son Clarence and his wife in charge of the hotel at Ubet during lier absence to see the President. • II, d Was Wasting Away The following letter from Robert R. Watts, of Selem. Mo., is instructive. \I have been trembled with kidney disease for the last five years. I lost fleet' and never felt well and doctored with lead- ing physicians anti tried all remedies enal without relief. Finally 1 tried o tt F z fs Kidneythan two Cure and lees tha two bott completely cered me anti I ant now sound and well.\ For sale by L.C, %Tibor'. KIMBALL GUN CLUB wdric.or orgariteetiou Was Completed 'at Wednesday NIglit`a Meeting Last Weileestlay the pro miners ofehe KenilaidGue Club held a well anomied meeting. in. the office of Dr:\ 'MeCoy. There were ten people pre:teat who signified their intention of becoming members, and several 'Who ntoulti net be at the mee ing had their kettnes• presented for membership. , permauent organizatioe was formed ilte•following officers were elected: rant' Robinson, president; L. C. Wil stse'y-trette; Cline. McLean, Dr. Mc - y and Wm. Defermery, committee on piles awl regulations. The club is to be known as the Ken- dall Gut Club, and it is open toreceive aa members all those who have any de- sire io affiliate in promoting the, welfare of this kitel of sport. The.applieation fee . ie47.'30. • Two miring bird traits nod 4000 clay pigeons havwbeen sent for. The following persons have joined or \Red 'their intention of joining at the Unit eegular ‘ meeting to he held Mow daye.IttneiRi, 1903: Grant Robinette, .L. G. Wilson, Chas. McLean, Dr. McCoy, Wm. Defermery, Geo. htll tilt, Claret', e Parker, A. B. Fox, E. B. Beck, Jim Ron, W. S. •Lareeen otod H. N. Clingan. W 10 9 141 6 , chlY Pigeon* 3e,.,eseliteR4 4,Ftg . irt anti: the club to en tlud tu every 0110011r4gRineut.andreapport. from lover of theziport in Kende • The Kende!' Miners' Union it lowkieg fostered to June 13th in lintic.patittn of having one uf the most slicceeettri dem- onstrations ever woueeeed iit Fergus county. Every member of the union is doing his part to complete the arrange- m ents 1,ir . the entertnednent of visitors in excellent style. The events to he pulled off that will be of Carticular in- terest in all aid he the drilling contest avelitive ing-of-sear. The prises offered tor Lie tee events tire well worth tram - nor herd for now until the time . tbeir taking place, and the expert dril- lets awl strung teen of the county will all make a aeterrnined effort to oihtain the money prizes. The other 'nixes iii- (er ii are also good and are mutticient in- ducement for hours! of careful training on the •pert of the contestan 8 in the events Dancing in the evetting iii two dour le -et hishlawithi it good super, to be served in the two hotels of the camp will amply accommodate all these who desire to participate in the evening's en- joyments. . he proceeds of the dances are tatie donated to the Miners' Union Hospital fend. _ . A letter from Harty Sexton to Mende in Kendall states that lie was recently married in Ft. Benton to Miss Creeeie - Roe oft list Cleve. Harry does not stet* iii III1P letter just when the hom'v event tcok place. The Chrotticle kilns Mr. Sexton's many friends in Kendall in wishing the happy couple a long and prosperous married life. Keutlall vicinity is proving to he ex- cellent for raising garden ',vo l itive and chickens. Several residente here have engaged in misting vegetebles 411i a small scale with wonderful success. A. I. Hall has about 150 chickens that wart - hatched this spring ;lie sees a good (town Ong for the , . extensive. raiaing of pooltry , in Kendall. The twenty round go that wogs to be pulled off last Sattinlay night in the lo- cal variety theatre pt -evil to be it rotten hike. 'Thom , It McGee, of Glt Edge, line been slisking'hantle with friends in Kelidn41 the last fele days. The lift dunce that will tie given Ity the Entre None club took place in the Cook block teat Friday cvenieg. The music was gliP011, 114 Attendance large and tempily hail an excellent time. • \Stlekto It\ • Goo. lb -Meted of •High Tower, Geor- atm, ernee t : \Eczema broke put ('ii Illy baby coveeher his entire hotly. Under $reetinenk -of our' family pltyeivian lie 'Vat a orse, as he eituld not *Wei) for the hunting and erhing. We used it hex of 'Banner Salve' on Ii Ian and by the time was, one 14 Wee well, The doctor s Wø^setts leafaehi, ttu nt . it for it 4e &leg him more veil Than ' anythitee 1 hare dime fur hisn, lrisr sale by L. C. Wilson_ * A A /44 11 ‘ 4. jrWELID T. W. WORM ' The Clinameter Watch mil Clack Agar has opened a ehop at C. II. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch tepaired soil put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jewelry repaired and cew jewelry made to order from Native Gold. 'THE SECRET . of correct dress is simply knowing whete to buy your clothes. Getting your spring snit ho-re—one of the itobby Stein Bloch styles—solves the 'problem happily and at slight expense. Suits from $10 to $26 that give all the costly creations of the exclusive tailor. We lune your size. Wit have the style you fancy most. We have the cloth yon like—the all wool t kiwi ; and we have all the accessories, too— Men's Fine Furnishings, Hats and Shoes of Every Description Sole Agents for Hanan's Shoes, Knox Hats and Stein Bloch Clothing MOD US YOUR MAIL ORDlitt9 POSTAGE PAID ON MA 11, ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MOSTA NA

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 02 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.