Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 02, 1903, Image 2

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7. Ke9d8.11,,plontrui 4 Jupc 2, 199 WISCONSIN'S DEER HARVEST. I estimates that the various branches of the mining industry of that'section Manners Coming Out of the Woods have grown 300 per cent, in the last I Make a Great Display of two years. Careas•eo. Last year we imported nearly 8,000,- 000 bushels of potatoes, this quantity being exceeded only twice in our his- tory. In the previous fiscal year we imported only 372,000 bushels. Japan is getting the bicycle craze'; it imported $2,700,000 worth of wheels last year, mostly of the cheaper grades, costing from $12 to $25. They are chiefly used for business purposes; also in the army. The Austrian navy is being used as an aid to commerce. One of the ves- sels is visiting the ports of Africa and South America in 'order to study their trade conditions. R? , ports will bet/lade to the government, with the object of -increasing Austlian exports. Some workmen, while digging gravel at Wendell, Saffron Walden. England, unearthed a very ru'dely decorated cinerary urn, containing a quantity of dark earth mixed apparently with the cremated remains of a human be- ing. The urn is probably 2,000 years old, and of Celtic origin. Harry De Windt, the arctic explorer, lecturing in London, Old a curious story of f- Russian Croesus whom he met during his overland journey from Paris to New York. It was at Irkutek, in far distant Siberia. and the man of millions, who lived in a fine house and employed a French chef, proved an excellent host. Luxuriously fur- nished rooms were paced at the 'dis- posal of Mr. De Windt and his compan- ions. As for the Millionaire himself, he took his night's' rest upon a couch formed of three chairs placed side by side, and never troubled to undress. Any man spending the night in one of the small towns along the line of the Wisconsin Central railway in the northern part . of the state on any evening between November 15 and No- vember 30 werslel have wren enough dead deer to last him a lifetime. Each day they cituse In from the woods for 20 miles on either side of the road, hau:ed in by wagons which brought also the tents and chests of the ama- teur sportsmen who annually isit that part of the country when the deer .season is on, states the New York Sun. The law permits 'a hunter to carry . two carcasses home with him, and there were few men who did not kill thtir quots. The Wisconsin (leer is larger than the deer further south,as well as dark- er in color, and in November itl'apt to he fat. Many of the .bucks taken out this season weighed between 189 and 190 pounds dreased-aud_nne or two of them touched the 200 mark. The ven- ison was all in the primest condition. On rtne night at Fifield. a lit t:e town in Price county. 23 bucks wer Lipped out. many of them with eipht points, some with ten, and some with 12. These 23 pairs of horns made a sight worth seeing. Without exception these deer were killed with the rifle. The shotgun for some reason seems to be discredited as n . deer weapon. though it will kill cleanly at 75 yards when Icaded with buckshot. and the majority of shots obtained in the woods are inside of that distance. Some of the bodies showed the vitality of the Wisconsin MADE MONEY KILLING BIRDS. deer.being hit four and live timer.the ' bullets going through at places, and in iXlokiga.n Man Who a way that ought to have been instant- Nearly 7150,04N) English, ly mortal. Sparrows. KILLED BY \SLEEP DISEASE.\ Uganda Being Depopulated bop illeknean and Crar• Ars Felt for Egypt. The School of Tropical Medicine haa issued a report on the sleeping sick- ness'whidh is note devastating Uganda. Though it was discovered only a few years ago, it is cornputto-that the ease has already killed from 20,000 to 30,000 peop:e. and is spread'Aig to new areas with. increasing virulence, sap a Lonnon aqcount. Its extension to the nortis' will be of the greatest menace to Egypt. Sci- entific reports made on the spot de- crIbe the ele,e.p:Dir sickness as a Com- plaint.. opieitiing ',like that group of . 1,:spivrik, as meningitis or in- flammation of ,t14 1?!:atp. Legi,n,sIzt- oirkipatsbi • with uhungettip,jlie ,n t erit al Patkittulei of the ,pati m ebt. Fro that time the disease progresses, and the pa tiast-laaahmea-kiliiiig 4 nti. .r..V 0.1! 8 .! and after other syniptinris have passed nte raj 5 - Yiretrmairnd•dierr • - , The duraiion - oTili Fm - Plitiiiif s wholt 0 'from a month in acute cases to six time to sparrow hunting. ,H 'months or more in chronic cases. The afterwards used CPrepatalIon iirtvhicb ft disease is practically invariably fatal, he soaked wheat.asid nilltet seed. an s ,and, although taking longer to cause PA.Torthree kernel of this was enough ' f l e ma)ii i ans arro* hiskii a fete min• ates' thls-viay hec wonfd take thousands in a day. says that he does not're- ratmber ever finditi& . but one bird aside ?Mint t hat had esten the eisdried gra bis - a nd Dt tother birds d ,not .eat•grain,,..4fAligeikught the pOsts . in nearly every county in the lower' itertitifitla 44ketf fn th e : upper ment use las ot4) Ter 14/4000 was pa id ' to hint _by tile slap. bounties and : - nettrifilirt l etptbritwrs'o!it4rtillion birds were killed by him in the five years be followed the work as a business. ; , P • Ift . Louis Gorsline has a peculiar and unique history. His name and picture the have appeared in both state and na- tional papers, and thousands of peo- ple who have never • seen him are fa- miliar sith the peculiar point's In his life. And this nOtoriel3 sat achieved, not in any deed of daring, reckless , ad s , venture or by having great wealth' thrust upon him by frugal ancestors. In short he has been the greatest sparrow bunter in the state, the na- tion,• and, probably, in the eteirld,eay t a recenreport. , • - Some years ago he Was a trainman on the- old Toledo & Ann Arbor rail- road. lie lott his right hand in an ac - Plant at ,Mel3ain. and when he was isble to work the company gave him a piaee au,a. flagman. lie %vas iettless to Increase his ineorne, and began to hunt' Sparrows, receiving the bounty oLtso. '4enta apiece than • provided by 'state death than hydrophob.a, may be classed along with the latter as one of the most fatal complaints known to nialficind. It -is heittlaViiiti§ ANTON prtad...kvalsisured by;,sirprermwiliag many ,indiyiejstals,in th.)ame .. houses.. The depopulation of ininilitfge thickly \*Onpulated areas\ is 'onirstitistg Itself felt, Rad the ou1iook,411,,,vAry gloomy. The only scheme yet devised for the prevention of the spreird the -disease is the iaolation,of new cases. SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. From HambUrg 124 different: kinds tot merchandise were Cuba last year. Three shillings per *ord. ioettt be • charge for cable mesage#, betyweri { England and Auetialaeite sia the 0, 7 cific. A • Several French • eities'have beetfistdi- , vided with a system yitijeb•doehaway• with telephone el . 's, enda . central sia- -- *Ion. . The Southwest Miners' association CHOICE • BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE L T S : I'FOR SALE Kendall Investment Co. Kendall, Montana We are now in the new bank building and are prepared to show to the public a splendid chance for Investment in both business and resident lots. 00 • Special terms will be given parties wishing to secure sites for residen- ces. Quite a number of such lots have been sold in . the past few days, and several very neat cottages are now being erected in the residence portion. He shot them ahd trappeti them at odd thrnes . trntil he found • the work se; 1 , Drotital21? that be . Mred . A . non to d* 1.4I\'' his. wurk. _as..flagman-and. _mule • 41 7 : :sr c - , oi -,• , ...AF , t A Weapon. pe,-) \Mah goodness. cunnel,\ exclaimed - hell tAielilittar ntkin, \yo' face sholy a . ls' l'' . . ' s.J .c.utAtio pati - ahtn1 had die ificiinin'. 4 j fi,'.. 'replied the cotepeste \my razbe Atlis t AI govAcoodition. That's how : al ha pent e_i ' e ' irC ' 5 \ ' - i ' • '5 ; i tAilettecearry a gun de next time o i Kits in . an nrgyment, cunnel.\—Iild a- - ; The town of Kendall is an assured fact and people on the outside are beginning to realize the importance of securing property. • 1 , The mines are known to the whole mining world and are spoken of in great favor. The town site is beauti- fully situated. 'One of the finest hotels in the state is now completed and doing a first-class business. -.# Call at the office and get prices on property. Maps and other informs- ' tion for the use of the public can be 'Communications., from the „out= - side cheeefully. answered • John ook President' n Ja,ckgon, Sectietary -1 •ites • , • '04

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 02 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.