Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 02, 1903, Image 4

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4. Krads11, Montana, June Z 190 3 kENDALL CHRONICLE Published weekly where the big mines are situated. E. R. CLEVELAND Editor and Proprietor. SUBSCIIPTIp21 ItaTZS : (Site Year $ 2 .00 Six Months $1.215 Pity in advance and avoid the disagreeable dunning letter. Advertising Pays Colonel Albert Pope, formerly famed as a maker of bicycles, has . recently been furnishing texts for the , news- papers in his talks on advertising. Colonel Pope has bought the property, the lurniture and fixtures and the good will of the bicycle trust and he is about to make art effort to revive the busi- ness...._ WithinAlm past five years the sale of bicycles has fallen off ninety per cent. It reached a marvelous total in 1897. That year, too, was the high water adverLising year for the bicycle people. In another year the business was reduced in volume 50 per cent. The following year it, fell off still further, and this year witnesses the failure of the manufacturers. During the period of the decline the advertis- ing accounts of the concern diminished in the same ratio. The pioneer maker of bicycles gives testiniony to thia - latt in a statement that is about as good campaign stuff as the advertising solicitors will get in many a day. It will be noted that the testimony is the testimony of an ex- pert. Time was when the biczcle concerns spent a million dollars a year in advertising and there was -a time, too ‘‘ hen Colonel Pope himself received a million dollars a year and his own share of the profits. He was a believer in advertising. He ant ibutes his fortune to it. lie tells the story of the rise and fall of the bicycle business in the following words : In the first year of its triumphal march it b-ean to salt away Money for its stockholders by cutting down its adverttsing—u,ing what brie of its officials likes to call \the conden.iing method.\ Next year it gave some more wringing twists to the compress of its condenser. During the sear just closing it compressed its advertising almost to the vanishing point, and in these years its business shrunk in direct Proportion to the shrinkage of its ad- vettisi - ng. until in September last, just three years from the month of its san- guine start, it defaulted the payment of its fixed charAes and went into the hands of receivers. It never paid a dividend and its fifty operating plants have shrunk two-thirds. Stopped advertising and never paid a dividend I There is the lesson in a nutshell. Colbnel Pope has done a real service to the business men of the country. It is safe to say that in re- viving the business he will not permit himself to fall into the .error made by the oust It is said he intends at once to put a million dollars into the newspapers and periodicals of t :le land, and that he will do so, not vrith the foolish idea held by some that it is just to \help the press along,\ but because he expects it to come back to him with an increment. He endorses to the fullest extent the doctrine that \adver- tising pays.\ It sill be noted with satisfaction, too, by the adsrniths and the newspapers of the country that Colonel Pope in all his advertising gave preference to the newspaper and tlie magazine. He spent very little money to piaster dead walls with flaming posters. He took space in the papers liberally, he word - rd his advertisements attractiiiely, he paid his bills promptly, and he roched the people every day in the year, in their homes and at their places of busi- ness. And the fortune he accumulated proved conclusively that \keeping everlastingly at it brings success.\— Helena Record. • The creed of the Presbyterian chtirch is to be revised so that it will be up to modern ideas. Montana tnay rest easily now that she is Vibe represented in a befitting mariner at the woild's fair in St. Lotus , • next year. • Kendall is overcrowded with round- ers, and that undesirable class seems to be reaping a iich harvest in this camp. We are badly in need of a deputy sheriff here. One postal official in the Philippines is somewhat original in his m - eihod of boodling. The telegraph states that he carried away a goo pound safe con- taining $2.000 in currency. Plesident Roosevelt has come and gone. During his visit to Helena and Butte all factional differences were , for the time being forgotten, and a united na spontaneous welcome was accorded to the l'resident by the people of Montana. _ About the only disaster,. that has happened in the \Vest receiftly, . the de- tails of which wrre not exaggerated upon by the eastern press isAthe Frank disaster. It was impossible\ to depict anything more horrible alai\ the con- ditions as they really existed 'there. A great moral wahe is . sWeeping over the nation and the boodlers i. and.swin- dlers occupying high public places are being hunted down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. When every last man of them is ferreted out and the affairs of nation, state and city are managed on an honest basis, this will then be a most cloilighteul world in which to live. Two women recentry held up a man in Great Falls at the point of a revol- ver, and rifled hisTookett of what loose coin he had. In Butteifie . women go through a man's pockets, byt they give him such a good time while they are doing it that the victir tistiailv doesn't know anything wrong Fis• happened until he awakes the next fricirning. • ...a During the heat of the last few days the stench arising frnm some of the back yards in the main portion of Kendall has been extremely offensive. What are the Kendall people going to do about this condition of affairs? It is within their power to compel the removal of all this rottenness to a safe distance from the camp where it will not interfere with any one. Will they exercise that power, or will the filth be left in ow midst until it is strong enough to walk away of its own accord? A leading paper in Berlin asked its readers \Who are the most distinguish- ed ten men alive today.\ Ten thous- and answers were turned in. Tolstoi led the list with 502 votes; Marconi was third and Edison fifth. Mark Twain received one vote which goes to show that there is at leost one German who loves a joke above all things else. The eastern reporters are reveling in writing tales of hardship and suffer- ing in Montana during the recent storm. According to stories published in the eastern press sheepherders were scatter- ed over the prairie frozen stiff, and hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep perished, the losses thereby run- ning up into millions of dollars. Such stuff is eagerly read by many people in the East who are wholly ignorant of the real condition of affairs in Montana. Their ideas about this fair state be- come distorted by reading these out- landish reports which are purely the result of an over heated imagination. Lewistown Hotel Telephone 58 CHAS. E. WRIGHT .0 .0 Proprietor jt The Best Hotel in the Judith Basin THE MAJESTIC LEW I STOWN MONTANA YOUNG & WYDERT, Proprietors LE WISTOWN'S SWELL BUFFET Join Your Friends at the flajestic Bowling Alleys .0 The Majestic is a Union Resort .1 1 1 W. H. CULVER PHOTO OR APHER Lewistown, Montana Kodaks aid Amateur's Supplies . For Sale Geo. R. Creel :Main Street, Lewistown Licensed Embalmer • and Undertaker Local and Long Distance Telephone Calls Answered Day or Night Harry Smith J Wells & Co. ule The Only Exclusive Men's Clothing and Furnishing Goods House In the Judith Basin. awe W. J. Wells & Co. LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. Judith Steam Laundry A.EWISTOWN, MONT. .as Strictly first-class work. Particular attantleft given tO Kendall and outside orders. SMITH BROS. Agents in Kendall. Frahk Smith J. E. WASSON Attorney at Law GILT EDGE, MONTANA Mining Law a Spettlaity Judith Basin Bank Lewistown, Mont. Incorporated Under the Laws of Montana Paid -Up Capital $75,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits $30,000 HERMAN OTTEN. President. DAVID HILGER, Vice, -President. GEORGE J. BACH, Cashier. W. B. MINER, Ass't Cashier DIRECTORS: Herman Often, Louis Landt, David Miser, Matthew Gunton, H. Hodgson, John Lana, H.M. McCauley, W. B. Miner, George J. Raab. A general banking business transasted. Including the purchase and sale of State and County Warrants. and Bounty Certificates the selling of exchange on all the principal cities of the United States and Europe ; the transfering of money by telegraph. Careful attention given to collections, and the safe keeping of valuable Papers Interest equal to that paid by any Bank in the State allowed on Time Deposit. CHRONICLE 1112.00 A YEAR

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 02 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.