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K EN DA LL, MO • ONICLE. Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil A, JUNE 9, f903. No. 112 11118 CAMP IS PERMANENT It Will Experience a Steady Growth 1 rim Many Years •••• It Has Neves Suffered a Relapse from Wildcat Schemes— . invokes Confident Kendall is growing effemlily, and the growth ismahstantiel. There it -nothing false abotiethiscamp; it is built nrion a Kt/id haahic Rims not °en* reached Itself in :spy way and it is not likely to do so. Rue the camp is bound to teed ill com- petttors in the prodntlion of-The yellow metal, and that la what counts in the lopg run. Promoting wildcat propose tieus anti making a big linrralt about nothing may give a camp prominence foe - a short while, then a relates comes and the aufortunate camp that is boosted in this way is worse off than ever before. The investors grow wary of such a ple.te antl kit doubly herd to get money interestedly% the district. 'Kendall has not had that kind of ex- perience; the reputetion of the-- dirtrict as ; griceLomo 'in a Inch to invest capital is veryhjetetrie: the distlict has never ck; the 1,;;VOittelnuetivit.toi' mines that are now wilanble as development werk• weog- mama; their limits bare ton yyse teem Lithonvedlend eiee we bodies now expos - allure good for years to come. Cepiteliste who are engaged in developing• some of the prospects in the dietrict have bound- less faith in their ground. True, those men have not yet opened up hnineuse ore bodies like those of the Barnes - King and the Kendell, but the chances that they will do ap a re, very fevcireble. Most of the claim's that are now beiest worked under bond have been examined and approved by the most capable ex- perts of the country. Without a sitigle exception the expert milling men a ho have visited the North Moccasin district in it professional capacity, have express- ed themselves as being well plessed with the entire mineral section. They all pre - (hot a wonderful development and assure us that Kendall will be a mining camp of immense proportions. This district he ti been instrumental in placing Fermin uounty in the lead of other counties in Montana ma gold pro- ducer. The contest is nu longer a close one. Pergne county has so far i etripped her competitors in the race that they can eever hope to catch up. Fut lowing are the receipts of the three chief. gold producing counties of the state. for May 1902 and Hey 1908: 1902. Fergus $95,496.39 $19,082.85 Madison 23,276.20 12.427.99 Lewis and Clark... 21,523.24 34 090.26 Fergus county shows tilt inereae in the months receipts at the Helena office in one year of $76,418.54. That it an excep- tionally good record.' The Kendall mines may be given credit for most of the in- crease, and still this catnip is in Its in- fancy. It may be depended upon to grow and produce the yellow metal in inereased quantities fin many years to come. CArIP AND COUNTY NEW Everybody lir •corning to Kendall on Miners Union Day, June 13th, 1903. A heavy rain at this time would la the dust and leave the roads in excellen comfit ion, for June 13111. Mrs. John Steele left Kendall Ins Werineeday en route to Montreal, Can tele, where she will spend the strut me months visiting with her home fake. ; Did you ever kre-se 3.5c . dinner at th Acme Cafe in. Listo•tn? They are th best in town: Next door to the Majes tic buffet. Symmee and Harry Brown o the Power Mercantile company, left Great Fails Sunday morning!' Jee - Stete. the e•ell kneMen Miplahit river sheep man was in Lea istoivn the first of the week. He Faye that the ,range and stock tonditions are most proeperous in his section of the country. Druggist Wileon and wife left this morning for Lewistown in E. W. King't private conveyance. They will return) with Dr. Anbery H. Russell, who e ill visit Imre in a professional capacity for a few days. E. %V. King arrived in camp Monday accompanied by Ids daughters Ruby and Gladys and the Misses Bean. These young ladies will remain in Kendall for a week, the guests of friends and rela- tiled bOrt- - -Timm will hit nothing h -ft undone to ployitie eutertainineet amid sport for vis- itors io'Kentlall on Saturday, J nine little Two boxing contests and two dances will atletaele alleitereA‘kw 414 programme. . • ri 'Iriem the talk betted yout Lewistowix the capital city writ tie web represented in.Kendel next Saturday ;It the celebra- tion of Miners' Union •tlay. With it acrod clay there willije hundreds from in amid about Lewistown traveling Kendall - ward onilhe 13111. . . R. A. Holley, the youn(Aining engi- neer and surveyor wlinlias been em- ployed in various mines.aboui Gilt Edge for the past four months left; Thureday toe Salt Lake, : having been called there by the dangerous illness of his mother. Miss Mickey left Lewistown on Fri4 . dity's coach en' mute to her home in Macemb, Ill. *here she will visit during the slimmer months, after which she in- trude L.; return to Fergus county. Miss Mickey is a twice of Mrs. J. Holzemer of. Lewistown, and a sister of Congressman. Mickey of the 13th district of Illinote. Rev. /leery Quickenden lett Friday morning for Chicago where he still take a course in the Chicago university this summer. He was accompauied east by his wife and Misses Dwight and Shea - art, both teachers in the public schools of this place and both of whom will take work in the university. Preparations for the celebration of the _glorious fourth are being rapidly carried on in Leeistown, and unless all signs Fail it will be one of the greatest nee ever given by the county seat. Over one thousand dollars have been subscribed by the business men of the town towards the project and every one in working for a big crowd and a good time in Lewistown on that day. Firs broke out in the second hand store of Rchnick & Pratt on Main street near the creek Friday night at Lew - hem% in, and the hose company buys had their first opportunity since tthe water- works were put in. They put two stleame on the blaze lint - made short work with it, but the water did consid- erable damage to the goods not damaged by the fire. The loss will be about $250, fully covered by insnratice. The explo- frion of it gasoline can is given by Mr. Pratt who was in the building at the time as the origin of the titer Peter Sea, who has been holding down position as solution mon at the Barnes - inn: mill, left Kendall on last Wendes- v's coach for Landneky, Mont., vn het e Inns eccepted the position of euperin- ndent of E. W. King's new cyanide ill there. Mr. Montgomery will fill e vacs:ivy in the Barnes-king mill 'mated by the departure of Mr. Sea. The Club Cafe, next door to Able dc .'s meat market, is now open for hug- est!. James Merman, the well known roprietor of this reitaurant solicits the tronage of all his old enetomers, and ew ones as well. He guarantees that in e future as inn the past, the patrons of is cafe a ill be served with the best the rket afforda and receive courteous aternent from thoee itt/1Iiseunt ploy. le Club Cafe has a deserved 'repute - in for serving the best coffee. ‘; - Alive Martha Gilskey has been con - (hied to her room at the lionle of her - Aster in Kendall. Mrs. A. P. Hall, for the past week. Miss Gilskey WAS mider pliveiciati'm care in Lewistown for two weeks previous to her return to Kendall. At this writing she is much improved in health. The Montana railroad extension to town will moat likely be completed .the latter part of August. Everybody, •and the bneiness men in particular, in this section will be made glad when the railroad reaches Lewistown. It will menn much tetra ! ** the rapid develop- ment of our miners) vowel, as it is always easier to get oapital interested in mining country situated on or near the ailroad than in a country her distant from radrotel transportation facilities. Wiii!Ifthe mineral resources of the entire eountry sill benefit by the advent of the iroh horse, the Kendall district wilt -411 1 011bre—emlyesid-414P haA 101 l it en tni' at .d ts in pronsieln: character' wilieb will *hen Ire worked, nrd wIntrinever the showing iv at all en- couraging capital can he four a to hike a chance on it. This cent -toy is in need ot capital more than anything else. What might have been a very disas- trous fire occurrenljlast Thurerlay;abont noon in the C. E. Carlisle barber shcp in the Turner Idol+. Through tine quirk action - and presetica of mind on the part of Weber E. W. Hayden, the whole row of buildings there was @lived from total deetrnetion ;and Hayden deserves the everlasting thanks of time property (min- ers in that vicinity for taking the chan- ces he did to save their buildings. A gareline lamp was used inn the barber shop for the heating of water, and dur- ing the absence of Mr. Gerliele (morn the place the light began u) splutter and show signs of an early explosion. Hay- den stepped in the shop at this tin.e amid lie realized right away that something serious was about to happen, arid qiiinnker Dian it takes to tell it lie grabbed the imming lamp in his hands and rushing to the front door threw the lamp into the street. Before it. struck the ground the flamee had penciled ihe gasoline which exploded milli considerable force breaking the lamp into a tlions.nd - pieces. Hayden hart a narrow escape himself, and as it was he burned his !lends slightly and scorched his mous- tache so that he hail to shave it off. A curtain in the barber shop conght fire lint it e as extinguished before any head- way Was attained. radneting exercises have been the order of the past week in Lewistown. On Wednesday evening the junior class of the Feigns county free high teemed held their exercises which were of the most entertaining nature. The class eunibere4 thirteen all of whom deliver - 1111 essay or an oration of more than av- erage merit. On Friday evening the graduating class held commencement ex- ercises in the auditorinin of the central school building. The class numbered fourteen, eight boys and six girls. The auditorium was heatnifully decorated for the occasion and an audience of not less than three hundred people gave ap- preciative attention to the repays and orations. Secretary of the board it. von Tubel delivered the diplomas and also gave a short talk on the intention of the trustees as to the future of the school. Was Wasting Away The following letter from Robert R. Watts, of Salem. Mo., is instructive. \I have been troubled with kidney disease for the heat five_yeaza.___Lhast flesh and never felt well and doctored with lead- ing physicians end tried all remedies euggested without relief. Finally I tried Foley's Kidney Cure and lees than two --ssowc**•sit -sae Newt- -1 Ansi • now sosiskralinlicetl.'i Forwtale by L.C. Wilson. •• ; hung opened a Shop at C. H. Williams'. - drug store LEWISTOWN •• here you can get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. SEND CS YOU i i i i i . Ei . MAIL ORDER& 1 .• wisTo w COI V II V EACIALCO Mer PAI A D ° 0% ALL • MAI ORDERS MONTA/stA _ LEWISTOWN, Low Shoe The ideal shoe for spring and voti'venever worn them you have perature and comfort. As to appearance, more trim than when incased in comforteblt : they are correct, and summer than ever. The newest all fairly priced. The following I Low:Shoes for Ken at $3.50 They are the acme of perfection in fit, comfort and shape, matisfac- tory in every respect ; they a ill withstand good, hard wear awl retain their shape to the verylast, Kid, Goodyear welt el a Poles, all sizes at fastIV Time. summer wear is the low shoe. If no idea of their effect upon your tem- the foot never looks smarter nor a IOW shoe. They are cool ; they are will be more in vogue this spring and lasts and leathers are fully represented, offers are two representative values: Low Shoes for Women at $2.50 They are doubtless the best shoe at the price in WWII. In Vici Kid, welted overturn soles : wide or medium 'hoped tees; military or low heels; shoes that keep their shape anti combine corn - fort with style and wear; $2.5e .per pair - The Acme Cafe is the best vet; short orders served to tempt your appetite. Lewistown, M011ialia.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 09 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.