Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 09, 1903, Image 4

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4. Kendall, Montana, June 9, 1903 KENDALL CHRONICLE Published weekly where the big mines are mituated. E. R. CLEVELAND Editor and Proprietor. SUBSCRIPTION RATIN : One Year. $2.00 Six Months ..$1.25 Pay in advance and avoid the disagreeable dunning letter. As to Raising Large Families Since President Roosevelt issued his ukase against \race suicide\ many in- teresting articles have been written in opposition to the stand taken ,hy the President in the matter of large fam- ilies. In the North American Review for June is an able uncle headed \Race Suicide\ and Common Sense and signed Paterfamilias. The author of ihi paper treats his subject from a standpoint of quality and not quantity. In the race for existence today it is necessary to be equipped with a good education and a perfect constitution. It is impossible for parents of the mid- dle and poorer classes to give a large family the advantages they should have in order to give a good account of theinselves in the present keen compe- tition for success. It is the desire of all sensible parents to give their dren all the advantages possible, and in many cases the lather and mother be- come mere drudges at a time %%hen they should be doing their best work in life, in order that their offspring may be given the same opput . tunities that . their neighbors' children have. In other words the parents of large fam- ilies must sacrifice all pleasure and en- joyment, good clothes and good society in order that their children may be be properly fitted for life's contest. Then again there are parents who raise large families without any means of propeily providing for them. rheir hildren grow up densely iknorant and without any worthy ambition ; these children usually marry at an early age and produce more large families to be raised in the saute manoer. 'they are not a credit to the nation nor to them- selves for they barely eke out an exis- tence; they seldom develop themselves either mentally or morally ; and what the United States needs most is men of vigor and intellectual ability. One hundred men of the latter class are worth a thousand men who are men- tally unab'e to progresa in tift world. The following extiact from \Race Suicide\ and Corninon Sense is worthy of reproduction here: \It seems to me that the French are about the happiest people I know— and . I do not refer to Paris, but to the other cities, the villages and the (min try. It seems to me that the French ale the most frugal and romfortable people I know, and they just barely succeed in reproducing the race with- out any increase at all. I do not see why the Frenchman should be con- trasted with the rabbit to the disciedit _ of the former. I have never noticed in history'ihai41 - Wite - 11 - milici — ii:d in tellectual and - morel development seemed to go together. \ rhe last word I have to say is the most important. I am ri c tikirlistittit families principally on account of thl women, who are compelled to bear most of the burdens of life, and who are asked to give up all the comforts which they crave and which in , some measure they are beginpigg,dinifig, and to which they are itisif'f . fl tiled. I consider it brutal to reiterate con- stantly that child bearing is -woman' function. I consider it .no 1 brutal to relegate herself tion of a brooemare, not !Ici0 the; sonal happiness of either mall or wte but simply that the aggregate number of human beings in the wiirld . may increased. I do not thitskthat a large' population in and of itself is' a greet blessing. In all things in the world am concerned more with quality than quantity.\ _ The clooked postal official who thinks his \pull\ will save him from investi- gation and Punishment by the United States government, is waking up to the: fact that a \pull\ has its limitations. , The mineral ground in this district' is bring developed somewhat slowly but none the less surely. Kendall is certain to experience a steady and sub- stantial growth for many years to come. Several back yards have been cleaned up during the last week. Others should do likewise at once so that the camp will preaent a neat, tidy and clean ap- pearriti - et - TO - Itte — htmdsids of visitors who will arrive on the.t3tkof June. . \Kid\ Curry has been denied a new trial by the Urvited.Stsies Court of ap- peals at Cincinnati. The \Kid\ will have twenty lung y . eatti tryvhBe awity• in the penitentiary :thinking of the, pod old times when he. rode the Mon- tana ranges and behaveed- himself -like the ordinary cow pu9cher. The President had just ps good a time in Montana as he. had 10 any of the Other states that entertaiadd him. His welcome in this great copper and gold state was hearty and ... genuine. Montana people irrespective .tt . L.pat admire a manly man, and in Roosevelt ; they find an object upon which they can extend their admiration. Ainerie cans are proud of such a genuine; American as the President. øç . The business men of Kendall and Lewistown who adveitise in the CiritONICILS: express themselves as being well pleased with the ieturni from the money spent in this way. rhese advertisers are, .without excep- tion, progressive and up-to-date, and. they are thoroughly itCquainied with the details of the several businesses they represent. They treat' their cus- tomers cordially and are satisfied to sell their goods at a fair. profit. You make no mistake when patronizing the business house that is represented with an ad. in the CHRONICLE. The. man who advertises is deserving of your support. The Presbyterians, at the convention in Los Angeles, decided that . a child dying rri - Fallacy will be saved. In other words the Presbyterians have - de- cided that they will no longer preach* and uphold the, doctrine of infant dam - siation. Thus one by one the roses tell! Old religious -beliefs and super- vitions are gradually being rejected to things limbo. If John Calvin and a few other ancient gents of that set were lo retuin to earth and enter a modern hurch they - would have a hard time • ogn zit% their old faith. The fact is,. modern thought is working in the pews, Arid the occupants will no longer stand e preacher who is not, prepared to discredit the belief in hell, the lake of le and brimstone and the rekt of it. Roosevelt is growing more popular with the people every day and,next year when the Republican convention meets the chances are that he will . se- cure the presidential nomination with- tert any opposition worth speaking of. Those republicans who have in the past taken a stand against Roosevelt are fast yielding their positions and joining the majority` in the cry for Roosevelt. One . Washington corre- spondent has ,already figured it out that the President will secure the nom - nation with 237 votes to spare at. the convention in 1904. The Roosevelt wave is , a mighty one and it is steadily increasing in force. It is safe to say that none of the political bosses will have daring enough to set themselves against h m a y4ar herve. Lewistown Hotel Telephone 58 CHAS. E. WRIGHT j$ Proprietor J1 .• , The Best Hotel in the Judith Basin Tilt MA] STIC LEWISTOWN MONTANA YOUNG & WYDERT, Proprietors LE WISTOVVN'S SWELL BUFFET Join Your Friends at the ilajestic Bowling Alleys The Majestic is a lJnion Resort los Geo. R. Creel :Main Street, Lewistswn Licensed Embalmer and Undertaker Local and Long Distance Telephone Calls Answered Day or Night Dr. Gaylord McCoy Successor to tor. Wiemer Office on First Floor Above the Post Office, Kendall, Montana. W. J. Wells & Co. Jekie The Only E.xclusive Men's Clothing 40, and Furnishing Goods House In the Judith Basin. Jetle J. Wells 8c. Co. LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. Judith Steam Landry , LEWISTOWN, MONT. , . ' Striilly first-class work. PartietEktr . attelitioacgiven to Kendall and outside orders, ;• AI 1TH BROS. Agents in Kendall. Harry Smith Frank Smith I. E. WASSON Attorney at Law GILT EDGE, MONTANA Mining Law a Specialty Judith Basin Bank Lewistown, Mont. Incorporated Under the Laws of Montana Paid -Up Capital $75,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits $30,000 HERMAN \TTEN Oresident. Davin HILGER, Vice, -President GEORGE J. BACH, Cashier. W. B. MINER, Ass't Cashier DIRECTORS: herman Otten, Louts Landt, David Hager, Matthew Gunton, H.Hodgeon, John Lana, H.M. McCauley, W. B. Miner, • George J. Bach. A general banking business transacted. including the purchase and sale of State and County Warrants. and Bounty Certificates the welling of exchange on all the prinitipal cities of the United States and Europe; the traidifering of money by telegraph. Careful attention given to collections, and the s•fe keeping of valuable papers Interest equal to that paid by any Bank in the State allowed on Time Deposita CHRONICLE $2.00 A YEAR

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 09 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.