Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 09, 1903, Image 8

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a. • Kendall, Montana, June 9, 1903 Nimmenam••••••• HEATH & MILLIGAN'S PAINTS AT KENDALL DRUG STORE cAriP AND COUNTY NEWS Dr. F. F. Attiz, Lewistown, Mont. * Mrs. Paul Smith was confined to her room last Sunday from sickness. 1 -her absence from the Sunday School was was noted a it h reg re t Kelly & Moulton pay cash for bounty Rev. Anthony bas secured pleasant living rooms in the Wedge block. All those wanting hats call on Mrs. Comstock for I expect to leave about the 15th. Also our household furniture is for sale cheap. Mrs. M. Maser was quite ill last Sat- urday, it being necessary to summon medical assistance. She is now enj y- ing her usual good health. No good health unless the kidneys are sound. Foley's Kidney cure makes the kidneys right. _ For sale by L. C. Wilson. Miss Eveline Parrent returned - to Ken- dall a few days ago from a bliort visit to Gilt Edge. Miss parrent is staying at the home of her uncle, Henry Parretti. The Lewistown Meat & Provision Co. carry fresh meats, fish, home-made lard. and home-made hams and bacon. Miss Ruth Luton, of Lewistown, sis- ter of Mrs. Paul Smith, is spending the summer holidays at Mrs. Smith's home in Kendall. During the summer kidney irregular- ities are often caused by excessive drink- ing or being overheated. Attend to the kidneys at once by using Foley's K Miley Cure. For saTe — bY - 3: - X;:rtsorr. - Wm. Sullivan left the,horne of A. P. Hall last Wednesday for Ft. Benton. Sullivan has been 'flaying at Halt's place for a week or more mulling a fractuied arm. He was one of the unfortunate passengers on tbe Benton coach during the runaway on May 29th. If you want a drink of first-class whisky try Hunter's rr, or W. II. 51cBryer'e Cedar Brook bourbon, for sale at Clingan & Hamilton's. Rev. P. W. Anthony went to LewiF- town Monday of last week accompanied by J. L. Mears and wife, in Mr. Mears' private conveyance. Mr. Anthony re- turned to Kendall on Wednesday's coach. On the first indication of kidney trou- ble, stop it by taking Foley's Kidney Cure. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Frank Malcolm who has been employ- ed in the mechanical department of tl.e Lee istown Democrat for the last seve- ral months, is helping out in th- CHRON- ICLE for a while. Chronic bronchial troubles and sun. mer coughs can be quickly relieved and cured by Foley's Honey and Tar. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Hon. S. S. Hobson, has b4n desig noted by the board of county Commis• eioners as the member of the state falr comMissioner from this comity. Reprecentative David Iiilger was fa• ; cored %%Ali an invitation to the banquet at Butte in honor of Presidetit Roosevelt. There were only 100 invitations issued .and Mr. Hager feels justly proud in be- ing one of the favored guests of Mayor ; Mullins. Mr. Hilger posseeaes a valua- IA« souvenir of the occasion. It is one of the menu cards made of Montana copper, wetaining a Butte silver heal; an excellent likeness of the President <torus the head of the card and below is .tie menu of the banquet. The cards ss-cost $10 a piece. In the rush of last week mention of tie new ad of Able & Co. on the 8111 page of the CHHONICLE was over mokviL Abel & Co. are experienced leachers; they come to Kendall well recommended As gentlemen of honesty and for deal• ipg; their meat -market speaks for itself and it certainly is a drawing card to Men's 'Work Shirts those who desire their meats f in good condition; their new ice box was corn- pleted yesterday and Abel 6‘ Co. noW intend to put in a large *supply Of all kinds of fresh meat, fresh fish, home made sausage, and choice vegetables. This new firm is deserving of your pat- ronage and support. A SWELL CLUB.. Lewlstown's Business Men Are to HAVO Elegant Quarters. There is nothing that denotes wealth, refinement and intelligence in a com- munity more than becutiftil homes, eub- stantial and modern. bueiness bowies and rich and costly club rooms where the man of affairs.may speed his leaeure hours. Lewistown has ,stores and resi- dences that compare . favorably with those of any city in the west several times larger, and now the business men of the county 110111art4orhave handsome quarters in which to spend their spare time both profitably and pleasantly. A tew days ago one of the town's progress- ive business men conceived the idea of organizing a club to 14 'compose, of the leading spirits of the town. He talked the matter over with a few of his friends and it was soon decided , to .canvass the business people arid learn the senti- ment of the majority regarding the prop- osition. Most of those inteeviewtd fell in a ith the idea at ooce and it Was de- cided to perfect arrangements for the or- ganization. It is proposed -to 'reel another story over the Majestic soon, fit it up in luxurious style, provide a first-class libraryi'llie ,daily press, bil- liards and other forms of entertainment that are to be found in city clubs of the better class. Ths1 • inItTiIi0h fee 'wilt ba $100 and this provideelfor acontintiosts membership for six Ytdari kilt:at soy additional dues or paymetns. C. A. Case, the mining man, hits \vest' to 'ad- vance money for the erection. .of I awl, fureisbing of the club.- room.. Young of the Majestic may soots leave' for Chicago to purchase the furniture and fixtures which will be of the swel- Jest kind. Warning If you have kidney or bladder trohble and do not use Foley's Kidney Ctire i 'you will have only yourself to blame foif• re- sults, as It positively cores all fornirof kidney and bladder diseases. For''sale by L. C. Wilson. The mining camp of Maiden r6erris to comieg to life again. It is said that the old town may soon be hotter than at any time in the early days. We are showing an elegant Men's Work Shirt at 75 CENTS Men's Straw Hats Large Assortment of lien's Straw Hats in all the Latest Styles Refrigerators from $18 up We have five refrigerators; We do not want to have any in two weeks. If you want one at a bargain come at once as we are closing them out. POWER MERCANTILE COMPANY We Pay Postage on Mail Orders Lewistown, Montana A. HOPKINIS ec SONS PtJRhhiOoI?thfOCKI$ LEWISTOWN MONTANA GROCERIES Pure and Fresh Always in Stock We Carry a Complete Line Once a Customer Alwaya - IWCustomer NVe are niter the Kendall trade and will deliver all orders amounting to $50 or more free of chanre George_111._Stafford • Lewistown, Montana Merracturer and Dealer in • Harness and Saddles A Complete Line of Turf Goods, Guns, Ammunition and Bicycle Supplies 106.14 AlktAlt • JIG.% /43.01. .ilitAt11004. Aitt4twill1L.Alt Alkislit.suLeut Montana Meat Phone 24 Market ABEL & CO., Props. We Invite Your Patronage A ChOice Stock of Fresh Meats Always on Hand romitv FISH VEGETABLES EGGS All Mesta in Season We Pay Cash for Hides \Irilr vele-vele ielevrys vanevele- ai• LEWISTOWN k_ IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their mail orders to, We when you visit Lewistown always come in and see us. We can serve you beet whether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, o.. Farm Machinery, Garden and FieW Seeds or anything from our large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE acc. Tin Shop in Connection Telephone 63 4

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 09 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.