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ENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their•Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. 2. KEEL CELEBRATED 13111 Hundreds of Visitors Were Here to Enjoy Themselves The Day Was a Success in Every Way --Both Dances 'Were Well Attended Miners' Union Day was celebrated in KendeIt by the . miners and It eir friends in te'befitting style. The day was a per- fect on,-; the roads leading to this camp were in good condition. end everything was favorable for it large delegation of visitors to attend. Many visitors ar- rived the night before and iii the early morning the rigs could he seen streem- trig into camp. The people who vane -- represented the commercial, ratesh and mining interests of the entire county. Nothieg happened to IIIHr the at ccess- ful carrying ont of the ilay's progimm, and the site selected for I he Irillitig con- test was an admirable one. Hundreds of people lottedl the side hill at the west end of McKieley avenue, Ned under the shelter of the treett looked down On the contesting millers alio were its plain view of the - crowd A good deal ot in- tereet wits center , ed in the drillieee — 710171,71iieh rits one trf the best_ rver sealed off in thW cenety. Five teams eautteelert for tire 'ew Jile e es i Prry ci of them bad their eupportme who bet big' hunebee of money that their favorites wouId win. The first teem to drill was (rein Midden and censidering the quel- ity of the rock it tnade a good record with 274 inches to its credit. Geo. an Weighted d Cyrus Nelson composed the Maiden team. The second m tea to drill was from ihe Kendall mine, Thec Nalitel anti Toni Diction were the drillers. These two husky miners drove t) little 30 inches deep in the 15 minutem alloued for working. Than came Sul Koko aml Den Foot, two Barnes -King fevorites. These men drilled hard and fast from first to last, and quit with 324 inches to their credit; then another Berrie - King team, composed of Jim McDonald and Chas. Bell, entered the ring and in 15 minutes time had drilled only 24 c 4 inhes. Aire last team was John Meal- len and Fate Robinson m fro the Ken- dall mine, theee men made a gOOd show- ing with 294 inches to their credit. Sol Koko and Dan Foot, the Barnes-King team secured first money—$100, and Theodore tient& and Tom Dignon of the Kendall mines secured second money Toere was good teeling between the contesting miners all through the con- test, and no dissatisfection was ex prettied by any one at the management of the drilling match. The judges were Nei* Johnson and John Cusiek: and Hugh Tully, and Geo. Baker were the time- keepers. After the drilling contest the trig -of - war event was pulled off. Eight sturdy men from the Barnes-King mines stood ready to mill any other eight men in the county. The Barnes-King t tem aim composed of Roy Dutcher, W. D. Rice, Win. Reese, James McKay, A. Dennis, E. E. Wright, Al Zellers aid - Henry Backstrum, while the opposing team assH.•C. Wilson, J. E. Greenslitt, Wil- KENDALL, MONTANA, JUNE 16, 1903. bur Wareham, Lon Riser Ern Bullard, Johe Gendrou, W u . 0. Larence and W. F. Nelem. The Barnes-King men htmlthings all their nay from the start alai it was only a matter Of a few minutes be- fore the contest was WOII front their /opponents. The r ze for the a nn nr team was $35.00. 'I'lie standing jump winli tieetween E E. Wright and W. R. Woedson after three jumps. Wright finally won with it jump of 9 ft. 6 in., $5 was he prize for this '-vent, Putting the stone was 'an event wi h about a doze!' entries. James McKay and William Reese far ontstripiwd all other competitors. Wee Reese finally won whit four feet to spare Ity jutting the stone 39% feet. 1st Prize $10; sec- ond prize $5.00. Lii the horse rave Roy Paterson fin- ished in the lead ei 11 hitt hotee sailor which he uses mery day em the round lip. Prize, $25. Six contestants entered the 100 yard rate a hich was eon by Ern Bullard t‘ith only a itifise to spare. Prize $10.00. In the hoys rocs. under 14 years there %%ere seven entries, and fleet little fel- lows they were. Ede ard Johnsen attiredfit st and Wm. Durnen second. Prizes $7.50 end 2.50. There were four girls entered its the tome under ten years of age. RQINI Au - berry secured -first prize, $5.00, end Ida Benson got second place e ith $2.5() purse. In the early evening a pet was palled dTin the IC bet weett Sileet Bowen and lishwithi 4411111, - tee. The first thee route's were some- what teme, their the fight - was fast and furious to the end of the tenth roul. Silent Rowan was given the decieiTie. Those who attended got their money's wottle The home was worth $175. In the evening the two dunce, were well attended, and the miners cleared a neat Film for the benefit of their hos- pital, the exact emonitt could not be obtained at. this writing. 75 couple danced in the Cook block and the Deer- field Mercantile Co.'s Store was crowded to its utmost capacity with toe merry t brong. Everything passed off smoothly, the visitors enjoyed themaelves e ell and the heat of order prevailed during the entire time. The following visitors were registered at The Shailles: A. T. Andres, S. W. Pennoek, G. J. Weidman, J. I. Corhly and wife, W. S. Smith Slid wife, N. D. Dwight, Miss H. Sprite/. L. N. DuClow., C. L. Wentworth and wife, A. Decker, W. C. Draper, W. R. Walker, S. K. Bennington, E. 0. Bee- enteirte . D. E. Hemphill. H. R Wateon, J. H. Withal anti wife. Miss Maud Cline, H. J. Kelly, Marion Leeeh, W. H. Cul- ver and wife, Geo. W. Zeigler, Ferman Tullock, T Stout, J. B. Ritch, Mittt Regan, M. B Darrow, Harry Hon ard. Lewistown. E. F. Hampson and *Be Meginnie, Illomena; Geo. Carolus, Marion Walter, Mr. and Mrs. G.Robin- son, C. S. Allen, Mrs. W. Abbott and son, Kendall; Ed Nave and wife. Nellie B. Glancy, Deerfield; Mrs. Bellanger, Harry McGee and wife, Gilt Edge; John Shea, New Year; W. Duritirum, Warm Springs: Charlie Bragen, J. T. Sperry, Kendall; Rice Dougherty and wife, Mrs. Norman Poland, Gilt Edge. box All thoee wanting hats call on Mrs. Comstock for I expect to leave in a few days. Also our house and furniture is for sale cheap. There INAS an early morning ,celebra- tion at the home of Geo. Wells on Min- ers' Union Day. A bouncing boy arrived to make things lively for awhile. Work on the new poet office building in Lewistown wee commetwell lest Sat- urday. The building Will he pushed to completion as fast as poseihle. It - is Sit- uated just north or the Majestic buffet. Places that Deserve Your Patronage Two new etivertisements appear on the ith page -of the CHRONICLE this week One is or the Shaulee Hotel which changed management on the 10th inet , Messrs Dement dr Shatiles assenting charge end the other is for the Buffet in con eection ellieh a ill lie conducted ne- ater the pereoteil supervision of Mr. t'lealles. The Shanties is the finest hotel in Fergus, eomity, the heildieg alt I turn - bete are all piactieally new, mid the accommodatione offered to guests are tbe best to lw had. Mr. Mellen and hie family are experienced iu the hotel !, I. itess anti come tosKendell reetenteritted as being equal to the hest when it comes to properly keeping a hotel. In the Die net, family are two girls aml leo boy, s all atticustomed to treating their guests like old time frientle, and they have tfe; happy faculty of making the regular bottelers its %elf HS the travelieg ptthhit at- once feel like they were at home, and would be well eared ter while % stnying at the SI a Iles. A spe.tal effort •will he Made to accommodate miners and provide for them all the comforts to he found in borne life. e Laraway-Weideman About noott, June 9th, at the home of Item mother, Mrs. Margaret Larne ay, 709 Fifth avenue north, eccurred the welding of Miss Levadna K. Lariteay to Mr. Benjamin C. Wiedeman 44 Lew- istown. The ceremony wits performed by Rev. John Raeffitlph Smith, pastor ()falls First Methodist church, in the preeence_teLosely the relatives of the bride. The hr -de was gowned in white silk melte with Velenciennes trimming tend carried white nisee. she wits at- tended. bit Mise Emote Larsen, who was owned. w white %menthe and tarred vies41\ . \ - 1'ge eons\ Th. losae Lar.away, brother tif the bxitle; Following the cerentoey a %ted- dies dinner WaS re -reed. The you 7 coulee were tile recipients of a laret niebber of beautiful end costly pres eta\. ()nit*, a number of the friends of 111re Lent way were entertained at the e in the aftertmon and the young coup e received for their many young friends in the eventing at 8 o'cloek. Mr. and Ales. Wietlemmi remained in the .•ity ufltil Wednesday emitting, a hen they 'left for Lewistown, where they will make their future home.— Great Falls Leader. John R. Cook returned to Kendall last Friday after an absence of several months. Mr. cook will make arrange- ments at once for the continteition of work oelt he Alit ey mine The Abbey is an excellent property and promises to lw one of the big gold producer of this , listrict. No. 13 Important Announcment to Catholics. Farther J. M. Verrnaat wishes to an- nounce to the Catholics of Fergus county that the first (lief mention thin year will take place August 15th, when Right Rev. J. B. Brondel, Bishep of Helena, will be in Lewistown. Those parents who have children and wish them to make their first commu- nion will he so kind an to write to Father Vermaitt :text week, These children Mille be able to alas- wer all queet ions of the Baltimo• e cate- chism. Those who successfully passed exam- inations for this year's class are: George Bertiand, Frank Crowley, Lee Sullivan, Jaeoh Holziener, Thoe. Walsh, William Heckford, Job Johnson, Charles Brass. The Club Cafe, next door to Able dr Co.'s meaemarket, hi now open for hue - hires. James 3 1 rEwen, the well known proprietor of this restaurant solicits the patronage of all his old customers, and new ones as well. He guarantees that in the future as ha the past, the patrons of his cafe will he served with the beat the merket affords and receive courten toettment (row those in his entit y. The Club Cafe leis a deserved reputa- tion for serving the best coffee. FOUND—A child's white cloak, in the 'lance hall Stintlay morning. Owner may have same at this office by pitying for this ad. • Wan Wasting Away The following letter from Robert R. Wefts, of Salem. Mo., is instructive. \I hew been trotshied with kidney disease for the Islet five years. I lost flesh an never felt well anti tioetored with lead - bet physicians anal tried ell remedies istiggemitel a it limit relief. Finally I tried Folev's Kidney Cure and leas them Deo %steps completely rerreet ere anti I am now amend and well.\ For sale by L.C. bile opened a shop at C. H. Williams' • drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired end put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\; also jewelry repaired anti rew jewelry made to order from , Native Gold. - 'Boys' Hats, Boys' Shoes, Boys' Furnishings. To After you've may impel you to our method dietinguirdi we're rests, to take out asking why. the cash—no refunds sell that doesn't give l 'you hack at the price given. The fact proves the satisfaction SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS _..— . Mothers taken home return or exchange us back, if unwoon, We have confidelice with strings the you paid, that we have our clothing L Ewisro wN COMMERCIAle„ LEWISTOWN, your from service less the tied your built gives. and Boys. a dozen good reasons case you'll find how Anything we sell week—any time, with- If paid for we refund Any boy's clothing we we want to bey of the service it has on just that basis p.p...,...0, ...., u‘y • MAIL ORDERS boy's clothes, them. In that average retailer. next day, next in our clothing. to them. you think it should, own estimate up our business MONTANA r it

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