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KENDALL RONICLE. VOL. 2. 'The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their KENDALL, MONT ousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil , JUNE 23, 1903. No. 14 EL IN A PROSPECT HOLE Horse Belonging to Merickle & Mc- Cormack Has Narrow Escape A Barnes -King Miner Was Threat- ened by a Ruffian Last Sunday Night Merickle & McCormack are feeling _ pretty good over the safe recovery of one * of their driving horses last Sunday 'froth - what might have been a slow and tor- tuous death. The above gentlemen allow their horses to graze about the bills in the neighborhood of Kendall when the animals are not doing service. Both horses and cattle thus reaming about here run a big risk of (alb eg into one of the many prospect holes that are to be found about these mount in Last Sunday afternoon as Jlarry Nee - man was going over the hill about 150 yards east of H. I. Shaw's house, his at- tention wat drawn by a strange noise coming from the ground nearby. Ile walked over to investigate, and to his surprise found a horse lying dowt — i — fn a prospect hole and in a perfectly helpless condition. The animal was lying on one Lore leg and was in a cramped position. \iffr.liewmitn recognized the animal as Merickle & McCormack's sorrel pinto. He soon found Archie McCormack and told him of what he had seen. The eery - ices of a half dozen were quickly secured to rescue the brute from it, uncomfort- able position. Block and tackle was bor- rowed from the Barnes -King mine and a tripod erected over the prospect hole to which was fastened ropes for lifting the animal. The men dug around the horse until he could raise up far enough to pass ropes under him and fasten them to the block hook. Then two or three strenu- ous pulls on the part of the men at hand hoisted the poor creature to the top and he rolled over and got onto his feet, feel- ing pretty stiff and sore, but not serious- ly hurt. Miner Refused to Giro Up Last Sunday night about 11 o'clock, as Mr. Sperry, a Barnes -King miner, was on his way to work he was pestered by a solicitor for alms who only wanted two bite, he said. Mr. Sperry being a hard working and careful man, did not believe he would be doing himself and family justice by giving up his well I earned money to what was edidently ' common hobo who made a practice. of begging and who never worked if he could find anything else to do. Spam , refused the tramp assistance several times, but the latter grew bolder and threatened Sperry with bodily injury if he did not give up. About that time Sperry Was real angry and swinging his dinner bucket with a good deal of force landed on the hobo's face just between his eyes. The knight of the road fell to the ground, stunned. The bruised man had a companion near at hand who went to his assistance, and pulled Ifini into the tall grass lit• the wayside. The two Thugs were seen lying asleep Monday at noon in the shade of the ice house in the rear of Reed & Millard's saloon. The people of Kendall should be pro- tected from these ruffians who are be- coming too numerous altogether. We are badly in need of a deputy sheriff in, this camp. Worktng Under Difficulties The Kendall and Itarnes-King mil have been greatly handicapped in the work for the last few days. At the Ks dall mine they have been trouhled wi wet ore which is exi e alingly hard handle at the crusher aria requires mt more time than does the dry dirt. Barnes-King mill men have hail to ea tend with coarse ore and ellen it waft time to sluice the tanks their trouble. -began. It was necessary for the [nee to get in and shovel out the tailings, Enid the time consumed by this method was mole than three times as long asit usU- ally takes with The hose., oeadis instrument The most deadly instrument known to mortal man is the human tongue. Dyn- amite is not iu it as a trouble breeder. It is tie) hair trigger of the universe. The less brains hack of it the freer lts act ion. It goes off on the slightest *- vocation. It strikes heavier blows than a prize fighter or a mule kicking down hill ; causes more headaches than a tax collector. A tongue can lUttlie . sore spot for years. The crimes chargeable to the tongues are words of criticism, nn - kindness, gossip, envy, scandal malice, hate. The aggregate sorrow caused ,by angle yearly far exeeeds theft and murder.—Ex. Surprise Party at Mrs. Stone's Mrs. W. S. Stone, of Kendall 'Walt, was greatly surprised last Wednesdhir evr ning when all of her neighbors called at her home in a•bunch. Mr. and Mn. I Stoee had retired for the night whim a I loud tapping was heard at the-siewr. Stone got - up to -see who WIttil tivrearessi as lie opened the door about 15 women of the neighborhood walked in and took possession of the house. They wore laden ith ice cream, cake, fruit and all kinds of good things to eat. The party spent a very enjoyable evening in conversation and partook of the sumptuous lunch be- fore departing. The occasion was the 62nd anniversary of Mrs. Stone's birth- day. Children's Day Exercises Postponed. The children's exercises which were to have taken place in the Cook block last Sunday were postponed a week, or until Sunday, June 28. Details for the servi- ces had not all been completed. Next Sunday Rev. Geo. Edwards of Great Falls will be here and will also deliver a short and appropriate address. The Rev. Anthony extends a cordial in- vitation to everyone to attend the special exercises next Sunday evening. Development Work on the Santiago. Frank Wright of Lewistown and Mr. Bonean, a Denver mining man, were in camp Thursday and Friday on business in connection with the Santiago mining claim. Mr. Wright states that the prop- erty is very promising, and next week about six men will be started to work develpping it. The men will be in charge of Bert Losinger, the well known inqiden mining man. Mr. Wright is well pleased with the outlook for this district, and he predicts a great growth here during the next few years. Mrs. Luton, of Lewistown, is staying at the home of her daughter, Mrs, Paul Smith, nursing her through a siege of of sickness. Mrs. Smith is muzli im- proved in health and will probably he up and around again in a few days. ArIP AND COUNTY NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parrent and baby lit to Lewistown to visit friends for a li ()lin Jackson, Jr. made a lousiness trip Lewistown last Thursday. He return - to camp Friday. H. V. Tnrm r has been conspicuous on ir streets during the past week ley rid- ing a dashing iron gray horse. Filing Johnson left Kendall last Wed- nesday for his home in Portland, Ore., where he intends to remain during the NWT; pier months. R. W. Dutcher is making preparations to build a room onto the front of his resi- denie near his livery stable. Mr. Dili . - OW!' iins had the old house moved back 25 feet to make room.for the addition. Frank Saversey, the v.riety hall man- ager, moved his place of bilinnegEl Sunday from the Turner block on McKinh.y ave- nue, to the Kendall hotel, situated in the rear of Clingan & Hamilton's saloon. The good people of this camp ate mighty glad to have such a nuisance removed from the main thoroughfare. There are few camps in the country where they live as well as do the Kendall people. Four vegetable venders visit this place twice a week each, and they all do a good business, _Ng_ dealer in garden tru,:k said a few days ago: \There are enough vegetables sold in Kendall to supply the average town having a popn,.1 traSin 0( . 1 . 20 g postpitt... Irte local gun club Nen:ion/ay waiting fo ' i'the arrival of traps awl clay pigeons which are now due. There will be a pi -settee shoot in the Kendall tailings Within gulch within a day after the supplies get here. ;The regular practi.:e will be on StiOda t y afternoons. Shitoles has hail several men and teams at wwit during the last week grading the hotel lot month of the Shaules. Wh .n the contemplated work is completed the Shaules hotel grounds will be among the most art ractive in the Parrent's wife and children re- turned to their Kendall home last Satur- day from an eight months' visit with friends and reliti ices in loan and Illinois. Merchant Parrent is more than happy to have his family st home again. Ile went to Han owton to meet them. Harry Hill, book-keeper at the Ilames- King mine, and wife, have taken up their residence in the lann Reed home situated south of the Cook block. Mr. Reed has removed his family to his ranch near Kendall. Abel & Company, Kendall's up-to-date dealers in meat, fish, etc., are making arrangements to start a delivery service. This new feature will be appreciated by the local public, and it will no doubt add considerable trade to the already large bushiest; of these progressive merchants. Mrs. P. Leary and Master Eddie left Kendall last Friday for Butte, where they will remain indefinitely. Mr. Leary went with them as fares Harlewton. . Red Lodge Picktt : According to an exchange, the man who went out to milk and sat dowu on a boulder in the middle of the pasture and waited for the cow to back up, was a brother to tne man who kept a store and wouldn't ad- vertiae, because he reasoned that the purchasing public %mild back up to his place of business e hen it %sinned some- thing. Was Wasting Away The following letter from Robert R. Watts, of Salem. Mo., is instructive. •'1 have been trotibled a ith kidney disease for the last live years. I lost flesh and never Mt all and dontored_with lead- ing physicians and tried all remediem suggested e Ultima relief. Finally I tried Folev's Kidney Cure and less than leo bottles completely cured me and . 1 am new scunilled well.\ For sale by L.C. Wilson. aw \ ) Ti. NEIN • The Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. II. Williains' d rug store LEWISTOWN where you can get yonr watch repaired and put in SIP good order as the day it left the \factory\; alito jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. Boys' Hats, Boys' Shoes, Boys' Furnishings. To Mothers and Boys. After you've may impel you to our methods distinguish we're ready to take out asking why. the cash—no refunds sell that doesn't give back at the price given. The fact proves the satisfaction SEND US YOURYOUR MAIL ORDERS taken home return or exchange us back, if unworn, We have confidence with strings you the you paid, that we have our clothing L E„,, .,,,mwN COMERCIALCA LEWISTOWN, your from service less the tied your Imilt gives. boy's clothes, them. in that average retailer. next day, next in our clothing. to them. you think it should, own estimate up our hnsineas . MONTANA a case week—any If Any ofthe `\'\' dozen good reasons you'll find how A nyt Iiiiig we sell (line, with- paid for we refund boy's clothing ae me want to buy service it has oil just that linsia POSTAGE ALL MAIL ORDERS e

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 23 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.