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\ KENDALL CHRONICLE. lhe North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Thafrrthousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toll VOL. a. KENDALL, MONTANA, JUNE 3o, 1903. No. is CRUM HIVE THEIR DAY The church Was Beautifully Dec orated With Wild Flowers L C. Wilson's New Drug Store is a Credit to the Camp—Descrip- tion of the Interior Tlie Children'. Day_exercises held iii -- the Cook bnilding Feet Sunday evening were very largely attended by the peo- ple of the town and nearby ranches. The Jail was beautifully decoroteil with ever- greens and.flowere ; the pillars covered with green bloodies and tiger lilies were especially pleasing. The large masses of flowers around the organ and out the pillars were all gathered by the children and their friends. On account of the illness of 'Al re. Paul Smith, the euperilitendent of the school, the exercises were under the direction of Mr. Anthony. The greater portion of the service was taken up by the songs and recitations of the chillieD. Every- one enjoyed having the children show such on interest and do so well. The program was as follows : Song — Beautiful Summer — Sunday ftcheoi. Recitation—Golden Hair—Julia Butler Dialogne—Making the Summer—Ken, neth King, Dora Butler, Julio} Butler, Gertrude .kackson, Ida Weik-k and Willie Newtbn. Recitation — Only a Daisy 7 Judith Newton. Song—All for Jesus—Dora Butler, Julia Butler, Judith Newton. Recital ion—hla Benson. Recitation—Fay Dobson. Song—Suuday School. Recitation—zHel pingTogether — Olga Benson. Recitation—Borne of Four—Ella Mc- Lean. Remarks Scripture Reading. Closing Hymn —\All Hail the Power of Jesus Name.\ •There were about two hundred people in attendance. Kendall'• New Drug Store L. C. Wilson ilia completed . the ar• rangement of the stock of goods in his new store on lower McKinley avenue, and everything about the place DOW looks new, fresh and up-to-date. The store room is 24x32 feet, and on t,ach side spa- cious shelves run nearly the entire length of the building. One-half of the shelv- ing to the right of the room is well filled with prescription medicines, while the remainder space is taken up with books and magazines. The stock of literature will be largely increeeed within a short time, and then the local public may select their reading matter from a varied assortment of the best books of the day. On the same side and below the base shelf there are many drawers in which is stoied dry and powdered drugs. The shelving and drawers are of white pine with light mahogany finish. On the left hand siile the shelving is filled with pat- ent medicines, paints, oils and varnishes There is also on this side two neat show cases in which are displayed fancy crepe tissue papers and novelties. On the right are two new double decked four foot show cases with beveled plate glass tops. They are very swell and display to ad- vantage is complete line of point brushes, sponges and toilot novelties. In the rear end Of the room is the prescrip- tion ease, back of which is more shelving filed wi4h drugs. There are two spacious show ,wiodowe, each 10x2% feet, the south it:I/Moir having at Rreeent an tractive arid well displayedThI of tire - works for the Fourth, while in be north window is a tasteful display of paints. The walls of the room are papered in light green of pretty design, and on the ceiling is a cream colored paper having a dainty green figure. An 18 inch border to match completes the decorator', art. The - fttare ItClIgliQtr with. a - Wetsbach gasoline lamp, and the effect at night is especially pleasing. BIG CYANIDE PROPOSITION The Old Camp of Malden Promises fa Become Famous Once More Pete Itoeseau, the owner of the Cum - bet land group of mines situate near the old Spotted Horse mine, came down front Maiden last Monday bringing with him 14% ounces of bullion, the result of his first experimental tank run. The bullion will run about 850 tine, and is, therefore, worth about $17 an ounce. \hie is a clean-up front a 443 -ton treatment of ore without crushing_ and nets Mr. Rossean about $6.10 per ton, 31r. Rosseau will shortly put in elevated screen, something after manner ot h.coal scren and will, in ftrttrre, work all of the ore direut-Assra the mine, lie figures that with this lit- tle plant he can develop the Orilte .a.ail pay all operating expenses. The indi- cations are that he has an immense body of ore that will mill, when properly crushed, in tte neighborhood of seven or eight dol rs a ton, and all that he now needs to do is to develop this ore body, which, if found to be what it promises at this stage of development, will make him an independent fortune. The values are there and they can be extracted by the cyanide process. This much has been determined by his ex- perimental run. We may look forward to the Cumlier- land becoming one of the leading pro- ducers in the near future, It is singular that this property should have passed through the various hands that it has without its value having become known. Ed. Martin, Sam Grant, A. L. Losinger and Jack Mansfield all had this same property located at different times, and none of them ever realized its value or received a dollar out of it with the excep- tion of Mansfield, who was paid $300 by Mr. Roaseau for the property before he left for the gold fields of Alaska. Mr. Rooseau even had the property located in his own name years ago and allowed It to revert back to the government. —Lewistown Democrat. Patrick Norris returned to Kendall last Saturday from a visit of several weeks in Peoria, Ill. Mr. Norris says that labor conditions in the East are - somewhat different from those in Mon- tana, lie has been accustomed to get- ting $3.50 for eight hours work in the Kendall mines, and a job paying $1.9K for 12 hours work didn't look good to him even in Peoria. That base ball game between Lewis- town and Kendall next Saturday wilEbe well worth seeing. The Kendall boys have been practicing for some time now and they promise to acquit themselves with credit when they meet the Lewis! town team on the diamond. • KENDAL SPORTSMEN SHOOT Treasurer WIlooTi -- 1111t; Upon a Novel Plan to Collect Dues Theiocal gun club met last Sumlay fin the first practice shoot in the Kep- dall tailings gulch. The boys met at 3:30 p. I n . and kept up a critintions fire at clay pigeons until 7 o'clock. The wind naq strong, and considering the fact that the sport was new to many of the parti- *ants, a very good record was made. l bont 35 per cent. of the pigeons shot al ere killed, Dr. McCoy claims to have t d per cent. of the dead birds to his edit, an as there was no score kept to low anything different, we will have to lieve his story. There*will be another .teiiie shot next Sundiftern --- oor — i7 - • Secy-Treas. Wilson, of the club, has it unique way of collecting dues. When any member is slow to trry up, Mr. Wit. bit consults Dr. McCoy win) is a special- ist in the treatment of the complaint. The doctor gives him a prescription which he fills and the dose given to the delinquent member with instructions to take a teaspoonful ala often as necessary to loosen up the pocket book to the ex- tent of $7.10. Wilson says one dose is a positive cur.. The total paid up membership of the club is 14. CATIP AND COUNTY • NEWS Miss Joel*. Gend row- is staying at the ome of Mrs. A. P. Hall. Theifineking eon - test in Lee - MAO - ern on theelith- premires to be a good one. $50 it the -vivise offered. A $7,000 two story stone building is to be ereated at the . t.wrner of Fourth ave. and Janean street in Lewistown, by Morrie - Sloane. Mr. Chas. Wright, superintendent of the Gold Reef mines tit Gilt Edge, is bile in Lewistown last week stated that the work of filling the ore bins with black ore is in progress and thou the Gilt Edge mill will start up about the 15th of July. There will be mighty few people left in Kendall next Saturday. They are all go'og to Lewistown to celebrate. This clamp keeps right to the front. A shoe Shiner's chair was established early last Weili In front of the Shaules hotel. Willie - Durnen is the energetic proprietor of the out and he is pre- pared to turn out cracker jack shines at tendon prices. The 4th of July committee in Lewis; town are putting forth their best efforts to have ample accommodations for their visitors on that they. Every available room in town has been secured, so that guests may stay for the fireworks . at night anti need not worry about sleeping • accommodations. The Judith Basin News does not seem to be a very patriotic sheet. In its last • week's issue there is but one line invit- ing the people of Fergus county to cele- brate July 4th in Lewistown (it's home town) while 12 lines are devoted to knocking\ the celebration. 'Diets- the News editor kicks because the Lewistown merchants don't pa-tronize his paper. John W. Hobbs, of Lewistown, and his brother .1 R., of Montgomery, Kansas. arrived in comp Saturday evening nod stayed over Sunday. The finhlis Broth- ers are agents for the New Yolk life In- surance Company. Carpenter E. E. Wright has rented his new three room cottoge to Harry Hill, the latter to take possession on the 8th of July._ Was Wasting Away The following letter from Robert P. Watts, of Salem. Mo., is instructive. \I have been troobled with kidney di#ease for the last five years. 1 lost flesh and never felt well and doctored with lead- ing physicians anti tried all remedies suggestedocithont relief. Finally I tried Foley's Kidney Cure and lees than two bottiesidarapietidg cured me and I ant now pound and well.\ For sale by L. C. Wilson. • \' T. W. WINO a- , The Ciresometer Watci aid Clack Maker has opened a shop at C. II. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it left the\foctory\; also jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. _ Havea FOURTH With Us Come to Lewistown and have a glorious day—Have a barrel of fun— Shoot your shooting crackers—Shoot your mouth off—Do anything your conscience bide you—just so you celebrate the glorious fourth of July as a patriot should. Cost you but little, as we will help you foot the bill. We've arranged a code of special values throughout our entire home., whereby you are getting your (mirth of July flain's with a good sized re- bate—enongh saved to buy you a good day of fun. rlillinery at Half Price 4th of July Week Women's Silk and, Shirt Waists and Ready to Wear Suits at OnoilSourth Off 40 4011 July Week SEND U S YOUR MAIL ORDERS Ila W C° 114111€11A1141G°. LEWISTOWN, I STOW MONTANA N POST PAI A D O , E )N ALL MAIL IHIDERS

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 30 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.