Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 30, 1903, Image 5

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Kendall, Montana, June 30, 1903. 5. TO EDUCATE THE 'FEET Yale University Professors to Give Instruction in Dances. Irish Jigs, Clog Dances, Reels, Tilts and Stage Dancing to Be IncInd- ' led in the Work of the Gymnasium. Irish jigs, clog dances, reels, tilts and stage dancing will be taught to students of Yale who elect such in- struction as part of the work required of freshmen in the gymnasium of the university. Dr. William G. Anderson, director of the gymnasium. will be in- structor in the unique curriculum. He will be assisted by AV. Hand and I. H. Warner, also instructors in the gym- nasium. The purpose of the dancing exercises is to give physical poise, grace, agil- ity and suppleness. Dr. Anderson said to -day: \Doering was an impor- tant part of the training given to the boys of ancient Greece. They were the most graceful men of ancient na- tions, largely -because --04- the ts train- • tag. In fact, the Greeks so much ap- preciated that fact that they made the dance an integral part of the young boys' education. No less wise a man than Socrates took instruction in dancing to reduce his stomach, and in his later years commended dancing. \We shall begin our course of in- struction with the Irish jigs This will enable the students to acquire balance on the feet and the shifting of weight. After that we shall try the Irish tilt. The tilt is a leaping dance and is used for its practice in sparring. These two dances are all which will be given this year. We plan to put on another school year the clog and the soft-shoe dances, the buck and Aving Narieties. Of conrsei - thease - Irstd - logien I ly to dance with the handsprings and the shoulder rolls, but we have made no specific plans for trying them here yet.\ SUPERSTITIOUS HUNTER. California Taxidermiet Shoots a White quail. and Then Sprains Ill• Ankle. Notlwice in a decade does It fall to the lot of a man to behold a white California quail. So far as is known not more than half a dozen have ever been discovered in this section of the state, and until this week none has been captured or killed. As sacred as the albatross to the sailor has been the white quail to the hunter. It is the popular belief that ill luck will be- fall the person who molests one of these birds. George C. Morris, an amateur tax- idermist and collector of birds, did not share in this superstition with the other spor:smen, and when. In n little canyon neer Tropic°, he disenvered n pair of them he fired and brought down one of the birds. It Was a strnnge coincidence and one calculatt d to strengthen the superstition attached to the birds. but in• running to capture the bird he had shot and w hich was not totally disabled he turn«! his ankle and sustained a severe sprain. He secur«1 his bird and. using his gun for a staff, he managed to get into the house of a rancher at the mouth (if the canyon and was by him taken to the station at Tropic°. The plumage of the bird, which he has since mounted, is soft and silken. The form and points of the bird, other than color, are identical with the ordi- nary quail. BIG SUBMARINE BOAT. Craft of. Large Dimennions fa to De Constructed by the rem\ GoversimiaL It has just been announced that the construction is to be undertaken at Paris of n submarine boat, the dimen- sions of which will surpass that of all other submarine boats built or build- ing in France. The construction of the beat A.11 he begun year. Her displacement when submerged will be 350 tons, as compared with`the 266 tons of the Gustave Zede. Which heretofore has Gen the largest subma- rine boat. She will be 49 rasters long, 41-5 meters broad, and will have a draught of 2% meters. She will have a single screw and four torpedo tubes and will cost £50,000. The problem of a craft of this cate- gory,.it is claimed, has definitely been salved by submarine boats when re- garded as purely 'defensive. The new submarine boat will ! be able to attack an enemy's ports. mild will also be able to cruise on commercial routes. It is expected that the new boat will be built in two years. PRAISES SIBERIAN LINE. Lieutenant G I Mlles Declare* Rusnia's Great Rediway is Equal to American Systems. Lieut. Gen. Miles has, declined to discuss military matters, but praise -3 the Irene -Siberian .railway. He said it was much better than he expecte+ It was now like the Northern Pacific railroad and other American tran3- continental lines in their early days. The train he traveled on, was only a ew hours late after ts-jounrey of- :it; ,days. In discussing the United States' island possessions. Gen. Miles said that Guam was an excellent and useful possession, but i will require con- siderable expenditure of money be- fore it will possess a good harbor. TEACHERS' COLLEGE. The Trustees of the Peabody Fund May Decide to Establish On. in the South. The board of trustees of the Peabody fund has adopted the following resolu- tion: \That in the opinion of the -- , --board of trustees the fund in its 'lords, or a portion of the income thereof. should be appropriated so far as legal and practicable to the establishment and maintenance of a teachers' col- lege. to be called the \Peabody College for Teachers,\ at such print in the southern states as may be found ad- visable. That a committee of five, to be appointed byrhe chair, is hereby directed to cofifer with any other boards or persona interested in the matter, and to report at the next meet- ing a plan for carrying into effect the purposes and objects above stated, and that the committee . be authorized to call to its aid such specialists as may by them be deemed necessary.\ The following named persons were appointed as the committee: Dr. Gil- man, former Attorney General Olney. Senator Hoar, J. Pierpont Morgan. and former Secretary of the Interior Hoke Smith. The board also adopted • resoluticn discontinuing the payments for scholarships to a certain number of students at the Peabody Normal school in Nashville. The Peabody fund capital is now .$2,100,000. The proceedings show that a final distribution of the Peabody fund is now in contemplation. Ten Years In Bed It A. Gray, J. P., Oakville, Ind., writes, \For ten yeare I was confined to my bed with disease of my kidneys. It was so severe that I could not more part of the time. I consulted the very best medical skill available, but could get no relief until Foley's Kidney Cure was recommended to me. It has been a Godsend to me.\ For sale by L. C. Wil- son. NoTICE FoR PUBLICATION - Depart- ment of the Interior, United States Land Office at Lewistown, Montana, Jane 77, 1902. Notice 1. hereby given that the following. named settler has filed notice of his inten- tion to make dual proof in support of his •!laim, and that *aid proof will be made R be- fore egister and Receiver at Lewistown, Montana, on Thursday, August 5, 1909, vis: GEORGE J. WAREHAM ho made homestead entry No. 1101, for the sly ma. sec 2, nvo3.4 nwi/,, see. II, n&4 neN see. 10. tp. 19N., R. 14 E. MM. He names the following witnesses to prove his contiguous residence upon and cultiva- tion of said land, viz: Andrew J. Rodgers. James Awbery, Jethro Wareham and Wilbur A. Moore, all of Kendall. Montana. EDWARD BRASSES'', Register. First Publication, June 90, 1902. G -THE WEDGE BUFFET -9 P. LEARY, Proprietor A Well Assorted Line of WINES, LIQUORSAND CIGARS COMFORTABLE, COZY CLUB ROOMS Opposite Post Office and Shaules' Hotel, Kendall, rlontana W. S. SMITH TELEPHONE 115 LEWISTOWN, MONTANA EXCLUSIVE IN HOUSE FURNISHINGS TERMS CASH The Shaules Buffet Joe. Montgomery, Proprietor A First -Class Stock of Wines, Liquors and Cigars 'Billiard and Pool Table In the Shaules Hotel, Opposite Post -Office Building 14./0...1*.at Mr*Jors.14.14\ MJILIIILM416.11LatAILM.AmatAlltia/4\ DRUGS D. B. MORRIS A 8nceesiot ta C. H. WILLI .MS, Lewistown, Mont. / 12E22_1 leleelelgrIeleVerlirIPM`Vriglele\WWIPICWWWWWWW , Cl i e DRUGS • 0:0 M15%13C:11:kX he Shaules Kendall, Montana E. P. DURNEN, Proprietor Particular Attention Paid to the Accommodation of Miners -- — First -Class Table Board We Make You Feel Like One of the Family Barber Shop with Hot and Cold Baths In Connection 0$0 tt- tittl.•

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 30 June 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.