Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, July 14, 1903, Image 5

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Kendall, Montana, Ju'y 14, 1903. 5. Th ° em and I have seen buildinge that IMMIGRATION FACT ! 0. would . he ;.creemned and torn down in I a I Londe - r P.' they were inhabited only by ' a coster.s donkey.\ Foreigners Flocking to This Country STRANGE NOISES AT HADDAM in Increased Numbers. Figures for the Fiscal Year 1503 Likely to Surpass Thoie of Any Preceding Year Except Perhaps 18t3. Immigration figures for the fiscal year 1503 seem likely to surpass those of any preceding year except 1882. The figures of the bureau of immigration I urnished to the bureau of statistics for its monthly publication. Commerce and Finance, show that the total immi- gration into the United States for the nine menths ending with March, 1903, was 494,425. against 370,575 for the cor- responding months of last year. This makes i; alruost certain that the total immigration into the Ur. , ted States for the fiscal year which ends 50 days hence o ill exceed that of any preced- ing year Ncept 1882, in which the total 7i8,992. Italy supplied the largest number of inuni,!rants in the nine months ending with Maroth last, the total from Italy (inciuding Sicily and Sardinia) being 129.800. The next largest number con- sidered by nationality was frum Aus- tria-llungaly, 123.234; and thitd in rank,' lItiss:a (including Finland), 81,- 731. Swedt n ranked fourth. 23,080; tier:r ary. 23,482; Ireland. 16,933; Ja- pan. 13.185: England, 14.621; Norway, 11.316, .r.n:1 Roumania, 7,258. Ths table which folloNNs shows the total r. umber of immigrants into the United States from each of the prin. :• cal countries in the fiscal years 1872, 1Q52. 1892 and 1902: 1672. 1882. MI 1802.. n:y 4,190 32.160 61 631 178.375 -Hungary 4.410 19,150 76.977 17 ,989 3.666 21.f99 t4.5,1 1 1 7,147 FIR • 23.461 30,894,d 35,733 76.172 k!,_ 183 22.33 to be teetotalers. Drinks will be sold x:.,rway 29 .1 0 1 2 7 . 484 .or cents. - worn en are - to be ; a: .1.:80 14.*270 permitted in the place and no intoxi- 69.764 82,394 84.109 18.575 660 8,104 eated man can buy a drink. • ltnota 7,196 Denmark 3,690 11,68 10,126 5.560 -or euaal 416 42 3.4:0 5.307 r: - anc • 9,317 6.103 4,673 9.117 Foot:and 13,916 18.937 7.177 2,540 lzwParr,and 3.650 10,844 • 6.686 2 344 \9 9,517 6,141 2,\84 99,296 ...... 636 Towns Is Connecticut River Valley Again Hear Mysterloo• Thum- . derlike Sounds. The Haddam noises which have alarmed the inhabitants of the Con- necticut river valley for 250 years were heard again the other morning. Hesi- dents cf 1 - ..dclam jumped out of bed at four &el( eh, when the rumb:ing noises commenced. The sound was similar to heavy thunder. The only explanation i is that it was \moodus noises\ sup- posed to be connected with Mount Tom in East Eaddam. The noise was heard in Chester and in Alocdus, and in East Haddam the phenomenon was even more distinct than on the Haddam aide. POTTER'S NEW SALOON. New York Bishop to Establish a Drinking Place flat Will Be Fre• trona Tresating and Woman. Nsth€r.ands DrItish N. Amer 40,176 t:S53. The following table shows the num- ber of immigrants arrived in . the United States, by grand dirisions and principal countries, during the nine months ending with -March, 1902, and 1903, respectively: N:ne months ending with March, 1902. 1903. Total, all countries 370,575 494,425 Europe ' 151.640 464,980 Austria-Hungary 105.44 123.234 Belgium 1,641 1.968 Tier mark - 3.383 3,933 Frttr c • 2.180 3.222 16,642 23,432 3.102 6 633 95,265 129.300 1.265 2.010 8.019 11,316 2.604 6,156 5.270 7.368 63,282 81,731 720 1.231 115.601 26.060 Su:tzt r:and 1,471 2.302 Entrined 9.423 14.021 Ire:and 12.986 16.980 At'a:eis 512 799 As:a 13,140 22.499 Ch:nese Empire 1.017 1.469 Japsn 8,197 15,188 India 43 33 Turl - ey lo Abla 4,232 6,676 A ustra:asla 241 612 A fr:el. 34 et North America 4,811 6,792 South America 234 Dermsn Empire crrece linty Netherlands Nora noun-In:1 flus sin Spa:n Swsd•n Backed by a number of well-known men in this city who share Bishop Pot- ter's ideas regarding salon saloon.., the \Acorn No:Treating Tavern,\ to be located on Upper Broadway, New York will be shortly opened. Bishop Potter and Dr. Rainsford will ii he asked to indorse the enterprise and be present at the opening. The objects of the new tavern are thus set forth in the prospectus: To eliminate private profit from liquor selling. To divorce the liquor traffic from politics and to attack blackmail. To decrease the per capita conaump- tion of liquors. To dissociate immorality from the drinking habit. Managers of the new tavern are all BALD-HEADED MEN'S CLUB. Cleveland Han Wk. Is MIMS His Hirsute Adornment to Organ- ise a Society. Cleveland, 0., is to have a bald -bead- ed club. All men who have 'a hairless cranium will be eligible. So fail' as known it is the only one of its kind in the country. Frank Drew, rrAnager of the Star theater, who happers to be • bald-headed man, suggested to a number of bald-headed friends that they should organize to be strictly up, to date. The matter was Viken at first to be more a Jest than a serious pro- posal. However, later developments Indicate that the club il beorganized at an early (tat', and it It o ill be many of Cleveland's most prominent citi- zens. There are several novel clubs in Cleveland, but the promoters of the bald-headed club intend to make this more novel thsr, any other. No mem- ber will be permitted to wear a wig at any of the eke., events. Tete Sete Policy. Hydroph.ibia may be an imaginary ailment, l'!at rather than have a scien- tific controversy with a dog ruppc•ed to be tiiid, says the Chicago Tribune, It is better to give the animal the en - 4.3 tire street. SHOCKED BY CAPITAL SLUMS. English Sociologist Says Worst Spots There Are Worn, Than the Wormt in London. Budgett Meakin, the English philan- thropist and sociologist, who is travel- ing in this country studying the condi- tions of the working classes, has pub- licly declared that as a result of his investigations in Washington there are worse places in that city thon the worst quarters of London. \In Lon- don the areas of destitution and bad eonditions are greater,\ he explained \and the poor are poorer, but the laws of London would net permit many of the terrible thing, I have seen ,in this city. I have teen rooms with half a dozen or more people living in Photographing Homan lemotiolot. A Pa rhs ion is now able to photo- graph to human (motions. Every one should have a photograph of the emo- tion that accompanies the inheritance of $1 000.000, says the Chicago Record - Herald. There's nothing like a cheer- ful picture to keep gloom away. I , . i The l'ufortunat• Only Chu& i M. M. Ma ii ga•a Hen says an only child never rises to renown. After this, rays the Chicago Item - rid -Herald, the only elli:(1 ti111 have only himself to blame if he consents to go on being robbed of his chance. s Why Women's Teeth Dees,. A philosopher declares that the rea- son why women's teeth decay sooner than men's is because of the friction of iCorresisonce solicited. the tongue and the sweetness of the lips. W. S. SMITH TELEPHONE 1 15 LEWISTOWN, MONTANA EXCLUSIVE IN HOUSE FURNISHINGS TERMS CASH • The Shaules Buffet Joe. Montgomery, Proprietor A First -Class Stock of Wines, Liquors and Cigars Billiard and Pool Table In the Shaules Hotel, Opposite Post -Office Building /0..14 Aintmikt 0444 fif•J&M.-tfaklif•J4114.-$44.116•AtAlt,‘/CAL,16111Latf0. , J4 11' Successm t.) C. H. WI LLI A MS, Less ietovx ii, Mont. • B. MORRIS DRUGGIST Pft - ESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Drugs, Druggists' Sundries, Toilet Articles, Perfumes, Stationery and Cigars teartelerriv-wned-www.ovirve-yrisresirirryrytleievr-sryrys , ! 4 111 • The Shaules Kendall, Montana E. P. DURNtN, Proprietor Particular Attention Paid to the Accommodation of Miners First -Class Table Board We Make You Feel Like One of the Family Barber Shop with Hot and Cold Baths in Connection **0* 51 140 XXXX Asoo*rio 1:BetIM Mrs : M. E. Van Dusen's John HOSPITAL Lewistown Montana The expetkiencr of trained totraea afforded to all our patients Jackson, Jr. Notary Public Fire Insurance Conveyancer, Etc. Rates from $io to $20 per week Kendall, Montana Telephone No.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 14 July 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.