Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, July 14, 1903, Image 8

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8. Kendall, Montana, July 14, 1903 PAINTS AT WILSON'S DRUG STORE CAllP AND COUNTY NEWS Dr. F. F. Attix, Lewistown, Mont. * The cool breeze of today feels tolerably good after the scorching heat of yester- day. Kelly & Moulton pay cash for bounty C laims. That clanging cow bell is a source of annoyance to the restless sleeper at all hours of the day and night. The Acme Cafe is the best yet; short orders served to tempt your appetite. Lewistown, Montana. The dining room of the Stephens' hotel was closed last Saturday evening. The hotel will be run only as a lodging house for the present. Hunter's Rye whisky at Clingan & Hamilton's. John B. Ritch, traveling representa tive of the Argus, was shaking hands with the Kendall boys last Saturday. Foley's Kidney Cure purifies the bl••od by straining out impurities and tones up the whole system. Cures Kidney and bladder troubles. For sale by L. C. Wi I son . W. G. Norman, the Lewistown travel ing jeweler, was in camp for pay day. The Lewi,town Meat & Provision Co. carry fresh meats, fish, home-made lard, and home-made hams and bacon. Misses Lela Wunderlin and Myrtle Sullivan, of Lewistown, were visitors to Kendall Saturday. They regie.ered at the Shanles. A. R. Bass, of Morgantown, Ind.; had to get up ten or twelve times in the night, and had a severe backache and pains in the Kidneys. Was cured by Foley's Kidney --- Cuie. --Ircir sale by L. C. Wilson. Fred. L. Stephens was a business visi- tor to Kendall Sunday. Go to Clingan & Hamilton's for W. H. Mclie yer's celebrated Cedar Brook whis- ky. bottled in bond and guaranteed by tne government to be strictly pine. Mrs. Charles Hilyard will leave Ken- dall next Monday for Butte, Mont., %%here she a ill visit her mother for a couple of months. Sound kidneys are safeguards of life. Make the Kidneys healthy with Fo'ey's Kidney Cure. Vur sale by L. C. Wilson. John R. Cook informs 118 that within the next few days it hoisting engine will he in place at the Abbey mine and the work of continuing the shaft down to a depth of 225 feet will proceed with all possible dispatch. Did you ever try a 35e dinner at the Acme Cafe in Lewistown? They are the hest in town. Next door to the Majes- tic buffet. Messrs. John Dobson and Arthur Den- nis drove to Lewistown Saturday after- noon to attend a meeting of the Masonic lodge in the evening. Mr. Dobson also saw his wife and children safely depart front the county seat on the Great Falls stage Sunday morning for Utica, a here Grey will visit Mrs. Dobson's uncle for two weeks. Banner Salve 'fetter, eczema and skin diseases yield quickly to the marvelous healing quali- ties of Banner Salve made from • pres- cription of a skin specialist of world wide fame. 25c. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Stanton' Fowler l•ft yesterday after- noon for a month's vacation touring the state on his bicycle. Ile will proceed to Great Falls and from there will go to Helena and Butte, visiiing the inter- mediate towns en route. Stanford has a orked faithfully at the Barnes-King mill tor the last fourteen months and is deserving of a vacation. nronenttis for Twenty Year. Mrs. Minerva Smith, of Danville, writes : ' I had bronchitis for twenty years and never got relief until I used Foley's Honey and Tar -which is a sure cure.\—For stile by L. C. Wilson. Steve Saicic, manager of Stephen's hotel, went to Lewistown on Saturday's afternoon coach ; he returned Monday. The cyanide process does not extract all the gold from the ore that passes through the Kendall mills. It is said that the slum still carries some values, and there are well posted men here who claim to have a means of extracting gold from slum which now passes away down the streams. The efforts of a couple of Kendall mining to save gold from the slum in paying quantities will be closely watched by many interesced parties. N. J. Littlejohn and R. E. Gibson, of the Judith Steam Laundry, Lewistown, were visitors to Kendall last Sunday. Mr. Littlejohn is an experienced mining man ; he is familiar with the treatment of cyanide ores and has hopes of being one of the mine magnates of Fergus county before many more years pass by. He has secured a bond on some good looking prospects in the South Moccasin mountains. It is said that that district, when developed, may prove to be as rich in minerals as are the North Moccasins. A good deal of inquiry is being made Icy Kendall parents regarding the next school term. The CHRONICLE is reliably informed that no action can be taken towards providing a school house until the county assessor makes an affidavit of the assessed valuation of this school district. It is expected that Assessor Pick will send in the required papers early this week, and then there will be a meeting of the Kendall school board to decide upon what course it is necessary to pursue to taise money for building a Buy Your Groceries at POWERS and Save Money POWER MERCANTILE COMPANY We Pay Postage on Mail Orders Lewistown, Montana A. HOPKINS & SONS PURE FOOD GROCERS LEWISTOWN--- _MONTANA GROCERIES Pure and Fresh Always in Stock We Carry a Complete Line Once a Customer Alwyn a Customer We are after the Kendall trade iind will deliver all orders amounting to $50 or more free of charge school house. A report of the meeting, if it is held this week, will appear in the ' George M. next issue of the CHRONICLE. Frank Saversey, the variety theater manager departed on Saturday's coach for greener fields. Saversey'e experience in Kendall was brief, but it is hoped that it will be lasting. Ile brought an undesirable element into this camp and Ire opened a \joint\ right in the center of town. It was impossible for any self- respecting lady to to shopping during the day and not be confronted by sights dis- gusting and revolting. One thing much to the credit of the working men of the camp is that they refused to patronize the \dive.\ They just froze the place out of business. About the only Males who frequented there belonged to the dam of \never -sweats\ who live on the ill gotten gains of fallen women. When Other Medsolue• Hate Failed . take Foley's Kidney Cure. It has cured when everything else lees disappointed. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Subscribe for the CHRONICI.R. Lewistown, Stafford Montana Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness and Saddles A Complete Line of Turf Goods, Guns, Ammunition and Bicycle Supplie-s 1434 divitAAt ALAt Aar. AlkilettWe.ffle. ALeitsit..§1st Montana Meat Phone 24 Market ABEL & CO., Props. We Invite Your Patronage A Choke Stock of Fresh Meats Always on Hand POULTRY FISH VEGETA IMES EGOS All Me•ta In Season We Pay Cash for Hides lreVelele JUDITH HARDWARE CO. -7 4 • a, 41 LEWISTOWN' ' IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their mail orders to and when you visit Lewistown always come in and see as. We can serve you best rhether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden and Field Seeds or anything from our large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE 8w. Tin Shop in Connection Telephone 63

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 14 July 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.