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L CHRONICLE The North Moccasins liave Yielded Up Their Thousands sad Have Millions l ett tor Honest Toil Tedl ete' RIENOApl... MONTANA, JULY 2l3\17o3 No. 19 BIG STRE.PBANIESIING An Immensi Body of $12 Ott Foind in the North Tunnel Everything Progressing Well at Landusky—Some Rich Dirt cn the Alabama claim The owners of the Barnes -King mine were made jubilant last Friday ellen returns horn their asr;iiy office showed that the north drift trom the 200 foot level was all in ore of high grade. The whole fare of the drift averages $12 to the toil, and which can be treated at a Profit of #10 per ton. It is the intention of the Barnes-King company to drive the tunnel north from the 200 toot level, a distance of about 4,000 feet, to the Dog creek _part of their property where another large ore body is opened up. The tunnel will come out near the surface at the, north end, and ore froth The north end claims will be hauled via this route for treatment in the company's mill. A near Reed air ecunpreseor drill arrived at the mine last Saturday and will bain operation in( the north tuunel within the next two or three days. Manager E. W. King states that it is not the company's intention to drive the tunnel cleetr through whin:let any delays lint that they will follow un whatever ore vets they may strike en ratite, thereby developing the property for the entire distance. There are 85 men now on the pay roll • . of the Barnes -King company, and one- -, third of thee are engaged in developing the mine. The total grosa'output of the Barnes - King mine a date is $420,000. Doings he the Little Rockies In reply to a question from the Cintoe- lens reporter regarding the Alder Gulch Mining company's new cyanide mill in tin- Little ROckielm, E. W. King, a ho is piesident of the company, said : \The mill is now completed and ready for the power to be turned on. Our ore there is just like what we have in Kendall, and we also mine from an open cut similar to that of the Barnes-King company. Soine of the ore there, however is very high grade and may be emelted. We sent 12 tons from our, Alabama claim there to the Helena smelter a couple of weeks ago ahich netted us $4,000. The tank capacity of our Little Rocky mill is 100 tons daily, ahd the company will employ from fifty to sixty men to begin with. Peter Seib, a former solution man at the —Barnes -King mill, is the Alder Gulch • company's superintendent.\ \The Alder Gulch of the Little Rockies was tarried after the original Alder Gulch at Virginia City, Montana. lu 1884 rich placer claims were located in the Little Rocky country and the people of Ft. Benton Were so excited over the tales of wonderful riches there that the old town was almost depopulated by the people's mad rush to take up claims.\ C. E. Carlisle has tired of paying rent so he has decided to build a barber shop of his own. The new structure will be erected on the vacant lot between Mer- ickle & McCormack's livery stable and Reed & Millard's saloon. Shotj by the Kendall Dan Chair The Kendall Gun chill is keeping rpn- stantly.nt it,,atitl,,bertily a I lay intRsee some of its fluent - hers are noi out shootingast the reund clay pigeons..Sev- eral of the' boys make very good scores conel•lering the fact that the sport is eltbgetherliew to them,. tend 'they prom- ise to become excellieit shots with a little more practice. The folloe ing score was made by some of the_ctnh, members while out practicing last Friday: • George Smith 14 out of a possihle of 30; E. F. McLean 5, possible 20 ;, A. A. Fox 13, possible 30; De Fertner$•18, pos- sible 30 ; Grant Robineott 20, possible 30; Chas. McLean 16, possible 25; G. Smith 4, possible 5. , A Libsirsi Donation Messrs W. A. Shaules and .1101111 Cook have egfeedro donate to Ketelell School District No. 37, n site for the pro: posed new school house. This most Ii beral offer from these public Spirited men is deserving of the sverliMting thanks of the Kendall people. There are several desirable sites offered from which the school board may choose. In case the board of trnstees does not feet eompetent to select a site the question may be submitted to the voters of the district and a slet;ial 'election ordered the purpose of choosing a 'oration. Warat Resumed at the Abbey t Monday morning (yesterday) a force of ten men began , work sinking the shaft at the Abbey mine. The steam hoist, formerly used at the Kendall mine, -48 now doing good service et the Abbey and it will only be a t. w weeks before the shaft is down to a depth of 400 feet, the dietance to whi..h the Abbey company hiss now planned to sink. The (attire work of the company in developing the property will be decided by the results ofthe development e ork now in progress. Elting Johnson is in charge of the work- ing crew. Darnell Children Take a Ride The Montana railroad company gave a free excursion to the children about Gamed when the first train arrived there. It was the first time many of them had peen an iron horse and the sensation of a ride on the cars was such that they will never forget it. They were made the happiest youths in the country by the experience and the memorable ride ie still the chief topic of discussion hem. - Terrine Sterns Rear Lewistown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith and Miss Ruth 1.uton drove over to Lewistown Friday afternoon to visit with Mrs. Smith's parents for a day. They report a much more severe storm near the county seat than what palmed over Ken- dall. Some of the crops in that vicinity are a total lose, caused by the heavy fall of hail. It has become necessary to lower the drain ditch from the Shaules hotel cellar. This will give employment to one man for a hew weeks. Treat Your Kidney. for Rheumatism When you are suffering from rheuma- tism, the kidneys must be attended to at once so that they will eliminate the uric acid from the blood. Foley's Kidney Cure is the most effective remedy for this purpose. R. T. Hopkins, of Polar, Wis., says: \After unsuccessfullydoctor- ing three years for rheumatism with the best doctors, I tried Foley's Kidney Cure and it cnred me. 1 cannot speak too highly of this great medicine.\ For sale by L. C. Wilton. BALI 11 - 0111110 SUCCESS' The Local' Base -Ball Boys Gave • Th:ir Friends a Good Time Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hill Enter- tained Smidt of the Dancers at Their Pretty Home Ttte dance given by the Kendall base- ball boys last Thursday night was a pro- tibunced success socially as well as in a iterate-la! way. 'lite dance hall WON corn- fertably well tilled, although many who purchased tickets did not at Bill- Isit(I's three-piece orchestra pin y e (I (harming music and many of the selec- lions were encored by the jolly dancers who never seemed to tire of the captivat- ing -strains. George Barbey, the Wash- ington prompter, was erspecially accep- table, and many were the favorable com- ments passea tiPim his ability to guide the participants through the intricate thrives of the quadrilles and la:leers. Lemonade Was served free, and it is hardly necessary to Stilt, that this liber- ality on the part of the bsee-tall boys was fully appreciated by their guests. About $50 was netted to the ball team, Inwards buying • The most renvincing approval of the baes-ball boys- as entertainers is evi- denced' by the fact thst they have been requested to give another ball in the near (mare. A Dainty Luncheon Served Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hill entertain- ed a number of Ili, nil, who attended the ball 'given by the baseball boys last Thursday night, at 12:30 o'cke:k hinch. The pretty Hill residence wai tastily decorated for the occasion. The scheme of adornment was in pink and 'gaper), and on the center of it long table at which plates (sere laid for ten couples, was a mirror centerpiece and on, this was built up a pyrarni•I of with pink flowers, intertwined with green foliage gathered from the North Moccasin hill*. From the corners of the table weie strings of pink and green rihbei,. reaelt; ing to the ceiling. The effeet was very, ittractive and reflected much fine taste on the I skrt of Mrs. Hill. The Intich consisted of Pawl's idles, cheese., crack - era, beer, ice cream and cake, mid was much enjoyed by MY. and ?dm appreciative guests. Those invited were Mealtimes Jackson, Wilson, Flaherty, Newman, Jeffries, Robinson, McLean, Abbot Wareham, itliesee Purlieu, Gil - :key, Durni•n, Messrs. Jackeon, elaherty, Newman, Hamilton, MeLeart, Holiineon, Jeffries, Fox Neleon,1Seele, Kelley and McCoy. After howls Use mirthful party returne•1 to the '«innee hall and trippe•1 the light fantastic io the sweet strains of the Bullard' orches- tra until die wee hours of tbe mornieg. ' Mrs. John Dobson returne•I home laet Saturday from a two week's visit eitis her uncle, John Duffield, in Utica. Duffield aCCOMpanied Mrs. Dobson baci to Kendall, and be will remain here fet- a few days. Mr. Arthur Kelley entertained N1r. and Mrs. Harry B. Hill at dinner at the Shaules last Sundey evening. 2*; 0 rates uteons The proprietors of Foley's Honey and Tar do oot ndvertise this as a \sure cure for consumption.\ They iho not claim it will cure this dread complaint in tel- retired cartes, tint do positively assert that it will cure in the curlier stages amid never fails to give comfort awl relief in the worst- criers. Foley's Honey and jgwi t doubt the greatest throat orutTnr - Refuse eatretirtitor. For Pale by I.. C. Wilson. - The Chreaameter Watch aid Clock Maier has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drng store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it left the \factory\; abso jewelry repaired and new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. _ . Right CARD , In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in i Neck Front Back • Price We are not competing with \ready -made - store\ clothes : Their clothing is not in the prime class with the Stein -Bloch custom tailored garments. Theirs is turned out by machines; Ours is hand-made—the product of cutters and tailors who command fancy salaries. We are after men who pay tailors $30 to $00 for suits to order. . We can save them half their money and (bees them better—in the very height of lash - ion, for $15 to $27 .. — .. SEND US MAIL 611-DERS 11 W 11 LEWISTOWN, I 5 TOWN MONTANA el Ai . \ S MU G° . PAIPOSTD ONYOUR ALL MAIL filittEREI

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 28 July 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.