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KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Lett for Honest Toil VOL. a. KENOALL, MONTANA, AUGUST 18, t9o3. No. 22 FAiR WILL BE RCM. The Managers Busy Making Ade- quate Arrangements. A Long List of Premiums for Ex- hibitors - Features that Will Attract Many People. The event ei the season in this neck of the woe& Will be the county fair, to be held irrI e sewistown in September. The fair last yearWas s success, but the ex- hibition next month will put it in the shade. The preminms this year are larger than ever before, and the general interest in the fair is much greater than formerly. The fair management has made a eise move in its determination to advertise the mineral resources of Fergus county. It is the intention to make a fine display of oreri, and every camp in the county will be represented. With this end in view a colleo0or is now out scouring the field. After the min- eral exhibit, has done service at the county %kilt will be sent to the state fair at Helena; thence it will go to the great Inland Empire fair , at Spokane, and next year it will form part of the Montana exhibit at St. Lpide: Of course a strong featu're ot The coun- ty fair will be the speed pi•oge,sm. lie Is \a has-been\ who does not warm up at a horse/ram, and the fair managers, tak- ing this view of it, have ar rips! to give the public what it likes -a good deal of horse racing. But a good fair is made up of a 'variety of features, So there will be much at the Lewistown show to in- struct and amuse. Since the memory of men of this generation runeth not back to the contrary, a balloon ascension has aroused keen interest. How many coun- try folk have traveled twenty or fifty miles 4 see a balloon gently rise and go gracefully sailing through the air. Prof. Baldwin will be on hand this year and make daily trips toward the stare,to the open -mouth wonderment of the old and young. Than there will be exhibits of live stock and ranch products, not to men- tion fancy articles fashioned by the ar- tistic hand of fair ladies, and so on and so forth. It will all be very interesting and diverting --something to turn the mind for the moment from the everlast- ing tread mill of daily life. Appended is a list of premiums: Lire Stork Department. HORSES. Best standard bred stallion, first $16; second $10. Beet thoroughbred stallion, first $15; second 410. Beat draft stallion, fi re! $15, second $10 Beat jack, first $10; second $5. Best colt from standard bred sire, first $10; nowt $5• Beetjtelt trout thoroughbred sire, first $10; second $5. Boot colt from draft sire, first $10; sec- ond $5. Beet mule colt, first $10; second $5. CATTLE. Best registered Durham bull, first $25; second $10. Beet registered Hereford bull, first $25; second $10. Best registered Poll Angus bull, first $26; second $10. Best registered Holstein bull, first $25; second $10. Best registered Jersey bull, first $25; second $10. Beet Durham cow with calf by side, first $15; second $5. Best Hereford cow with calf by side, first $15; second $5. Beet milch cow, first $15, second $10. SHEEP. Best thoroughbred Merino ram, first $25; second $10. Best Rambouillet ram, first $25; sec- ond $10. Beet yearling ram, and mutton bleed raised in Fergus county, first $10; sec- cffil l e t5 t s . yearling ram, combining shearing and mutton qualities, raised in Fergus county, first $10; second $5. Best pen of sheep, not less than 10 nor more than 20, combining best features of general purpose sheep, firat $25; sec- ond $10. HOGS. Best Berkshire boar, pure bred, first $5. second $3. Best pure bred Poland Caine boar, first $5, second $3. Best pure bred Essex boar, first $5, second Best pure bred Berkshire slow, first $5, second $3. Best pore boat Poland China sow, first $6, second $3. Best pure bred Essex sow, first $5, see - cod $3. Best pure bred pigs, any breed, not less than four, first $5, second $3. POULTRY. Trio barred Plymouth Rocks, first $2, second $1. Buff Plymouth Rocks, first $2, sec- ond $1. Trio White Plymouth Rocks, first $2, second $1. Trio Brown Leghorns, first $2, sec- ond $1. Trio White Ieghorns, first, $2, sec- ond $1. Trio Buff Cochin', first $2, second $1. Best trio Bantams, first $2, second, $1. Beet exhibit of pigeons, first $5, sec- ond $3. Best pair turkeys, first $3, second $2. Best pair geese, first $3, second $2. Best pair docks, first $3, second 2. Best pair peacocks, first $8; second $2. Ladle* Department. Wash stand set, first $2, second $1. Dresser scarf, first $2; second $1. Fancy apron, first $1; eeoond 50c. Pin cushion, first $1; second 50c. Handkerchief case, first $1, second 50c. Centerpiece in drawn work, first $1.50; second 75c. Embroidered center piece and six doilies to match, first $3.50; second $1.50 Tray cloth, first $2; second $1. Sofa pillow, first $2; second $1. Table cover, first $2, second $1. Embroidered picture frame, first $1: second 75c. Infant's afghan, first CM; second. The Crazy quilt, first, $2; second, $1.50. Display point lace (six pieces), first $6; second $2.50. Embroidered pillow cams, first $2; second $1 50. (Continued on page F) , - Foley's Kidney Core Will cure Bright's disease. Will cure Diabetes. Will cure Stone in Bladder. Will cure Kidney and Bladder Diseases. For sale by L. C. Wilson. FERGUS IN THE LEAD. A VI•itor Saw Enough to Make Mon an Enthusiast. State Examiner William Hudnall was recently in Fergus county on official bueinese. Ile is thoroughly impressed with the convicticn that this section of the country is worth keeping an eye on. To the Helena Record he said: \Lewistown is by all odds the best in- land town in the state, and when the railroad gets in there it will undoubted- ly move forward more rapidly than ever. The people over there th!nk that the -road is to be pushed into Lewistown by the middle of September. The site of the new town of Moore ha a just been laid out. It is about nineteen miles front Philbrook and a like distance from Utica, and is to be the shipping and dis- tributing point on the railroad for that part of the country lying in the direction of Great Falls. In Fergus county I (taw great ranches of the finest wheat, oats and barley I ever saw, and the crops are being grown on unirrigated land. \Speaking of stages, the line to Lewis- town is a bird. The passenger going Into the county seat has an all night ride, and the 'fastest stage line in Amer- ica' certainly gives the traveler • run for his money. But the reign of the picturesque old six -horse stage coach over this line is not for many more month.. The iron horse and the pas , en- ger coaches of modern days will replace the old -timer -and the world will go right on -pausing now and then, per- haps, to wish for a few jolts on the old stage coach.\ XINING GROUND BOLD. Two Deals Mottle In th• North Moce•- sin MotiW•inii. 0. L. Arnold has mold to B. F. Lindsey of Kendall, a one half interest in the Gray Hound, Black Bird, tiweepstaker, Blue Bird, Triumph, Troy and Mendota. The claims are situated near the head of Plum creek and a mile and a half from the Kendall mill. Considerable nom- pect work has been done on the claims and assays as high as $30 have lapti oh- tkined. On one of the claims it is said a fine body of cyanide ore has been lo- cated. It I. understood the sale involv- ed considerable money. Gudgell has conveyed to It. .1. Burr a fourth interest in the tissl Luck, Handicap, and Ohl Flint Lock churns ii Dog creek, not far from Barnes -King ground. This ground has a good tihn%\ - ing, and no doubt if depth were attained a fine body of cyanide ore would he de- veloped. - -- A FATAL ACCIDENT. A Railroad Laborer Killed In an F.x. plosion. P. F. Sullivan, a laborer employed on the railroad grade. met with a fatal tic- cident at McShane's camp near Rock- ford last Wednesday. Sullivan was engaged in; tamping it stick of giant powder in a hole prepara- tory to a blast, when the charge ex- ploded. Sullivan's face was over the hole at the time, and the result was fa- tal. One eye was blown out, the other one seriously injured, and the whole face badly lacerated. Dr. Hedge's was summoned and gave the unfortunate man the highest medical skill, but he could wily afford temporary relief. Sullivan died the following day. Tuning Up Their Little Hatchet. Next year, when the Kendall voters get a chance to express themselves, they will very likely tell what they think of the manner this section has been treated by the powers that be. For instance, they have repeatedly asked for police patrol; but they have petitioned in vain. To Heal • Hart Use Banner Salve, the great healer. It's guaranteed for cuts, wounds, gores, piles and all skin diseases. Use no sub- stitute. For sale by L. C. Wilson. 111Dfrf Olt j '\ u6 T. NORM The Chronometer Medi and Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN aliere you call get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it I left the'factory\; also jewelry repaired anti new jewelry made to order from Native Gold. Right • CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price $15 We are not competing viii, \ready-ina store\ clothes : Their clothing it not in the same class e itli the Stein -Bloch custom tailored garments. Theirs is turned out by machines; Ours is hand -made -the product of cutters and tailors who command fancy salaries. We are,after men who pay tailors $30 to $60 for suits to order. We can save them half their money and dress them better -in the very height of fash ion, for to $27 SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS E w 1 5TowN Alhco, POSTAGE 'ALL MAIL ORDERS LEWISTOWN, MONTANA •

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 18 Aug. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.