Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, August 25, 1903, Image 8

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8. Kendall, Montana, August 25, 1903 PAINTS AT WILSON'S DRUG STORE CArIP AND COUNTY NEWS Hurrah for the Reliance! Dr. F. F. Attix, Lewistown, Mont. • Oswald and Arthur Lehman of Lewis- town, have gone east to buy goods. ' Melly persons in this commithity are Fnffering front k t.ey cotn plaint who could avoid fatal results by using Foley's Kidney Curt-. For sale by L. C. Wilson. .1.1'. Andrus, of the Louistown Com- mercial Company, has returned from a business trip in the east. Do to Clingan di Hamilton's for W. H. Maim yer's celebrated Cedar Ilrook whis- ky. bottle I imm bond and guaranteed by the government to be strictly pure. M. Maier, who was critically ill last week, is rapidly regaining his normal health and activity. The Lewbtown Meat & Provision Co. carry fresh meant, fish, home-made lard, and home-made hams and bacon. r . O. Patrick returned last week f o im a protracted visit to relatives at Stoeewall, Manitoba. she had a pleas- ant visit, and found that section in a re- markshly 'prosperous condition. The Acme Cafe is the heat yet; short orders served to tempt your appetite. Lewistown, Montana. Satnolay evening a farewell reception • was tendered R. W. Anthony, who is to ret n to the east and resume his studies for the m . nistrv There a are a large number pres nt and the occasion wa moat enjoyalle. Refres'Iments were served, -amid many good womhee were ex tended 11.e young gm nfle name S u nday eveiming he was assisted at the services by C. F. Ii •liardson of Great Falls, and Rev. Albert Pfaus of Lewistown. - THE BALL GAME. ----- Lewistown Defeated Sunday by a Score of 19 to 15. The Lewistown base ball club went down itt defeat at the hands of the Kendall club S lay afternoon. The score at the close stood 19 to 15. It was an exciting game from start to finish, and nobody could hare safely guessed the tesult till the last inning. It a as a clean case of the Cyaniders outplay- ing the visitors and of aourse the result was Immensely pleasing to the friends of the Ken den nine. The lineup of the two clubs was as follows: Lewistown—Stout, c.: Smith, r. f.; Hebb, 21 b ; Fredericks, I. f.; Gallagher, 5.1 b.: Weidemati, c f.; John*, 1st b ; Gibbons, s. a.; Carmichael, p. iKendall —Rd. Baker. c : Carr, let b.; H. Jihker,.2d b : Ryan, r. f. Il. Bullard, I f ; c. f.: Hamilton. p.; McCoy, lid b.; C. Amnia. s. s. Ole Olsen acted as umpire. !The Kendall boys acre. first at the bat, and I mmediately commenced to do business with the ball hi a brief time the bases were all fpli. But none of them reached home. The +Boni made a sorry showing at the bat, go. ing ouLlia one, two, three order, due to the Pretty work of the Cyaniders In the second and third inniugs the Lome team made tunny with the ball tied turned the diamond into it race track, adding nine run• to their score. However. the visitors were not idle In the ! vecond they made tao runs, and In the third ilid'iit do a ting\ but pile up ten rut its : At this stage of the game it looked blue for ' the Cyattiders. But a change of Ditchers brought Lea istoan almost to a standstill so , far as making runs was concerned. They had trouble in finding Ryan's twisters, and I when they did connect, the ball seemed to be at the base waiting for the runner to arrive. The decisions of the umpire acre not always e atisfactory, aud at times it looked*. though • football game as. on, with the storm cen- ter around Ole Olsen. But he held on to his job just the same, and refused to reverse himself. General good nature prevailed, however, and. no heads were cracked. The game furnished a barrel of fun and at its close everybody was iii good humor even Jetry Johns. The score by lunings was: Lewistown 0 II 10 1 0 0 0 2 0-15 Ketid•11 ..... 0 4 5 4 1 2 1 1 1--19 Quick Relief for Asthma Suff Foley's Honey and Tar affords im- mediate relief to asthma @offerers in the worst stages mei if 'taken in time will effect a cure For sale by L. C. Wilson. F..ley's Kidney Cure Will cure Bright's disease. Will mire Diabetes. Will cure Stone in Bladder. Will cure Kidney mid Bladder Diseases. For sale by L. C. Wilson. MAKING A NINE. Development NVork Going Ahead on the W righ t Property. Tom Riser has a force of Jnen pushing development work on what is popularly known as' the Wright property, located between . the Kendall and Barnes -King mines, and of which Riser himself owns a large slice. The main tunnel is being extended along the hanging wall of the big ore body. It is time intention to drive this tunnel six or seven hundred feet into the hill. While this work is going on the ore body is being blocked out, so alien the opportune time comes for ex- traction the work can be done with ex- pedition. Near the portal of the main tunnel a blacksmith shop has just been completed and equipped. Now every- thing is in shape to carry on work to the best advantage. , There is no 'doubt but that this prop- ood milling quality, and when it is tl er carries a great body of cyanide ore of properly developed it will prove to be one of the big mines of the county. BADLY DIVIDED. Divergent Religious Views Retards Church Construction. Some time ago there was talk of build- ing k church or two in Kendall; but the religious enthusiasm of a year ago seems to have shaded off into a condition of listless indifference. It would appear the sworn enemies of Satan are hopeleea- ly divided by denonminaticemal prejumlicee and doctrinal differences. The Presyte- Power's Wrapper and Waist Sale Money Saving Bargains for All Closing Out Summer Goods at About One -Half Regular Prices Staple Groceries at Bed Rock Prices POWER MERCANTILE COMPANY We Pay Postage on Mail Orders Lewistown, Montana A. HOPKINS SCSONS PURE FWD GROChltS LEWISTOWN MONTANA GROCERIES Pure and Fresh Always in Stock We Carry a Complete Line Once a Customer Always a Customer We are after time Kendall trade and will deliver all orders amounting to $50 or more free of charge miens, for instance, are - in two camps on the questiou of infant * darnnation. The George Methodists are in as bad a plight; one faction insists that hell is a place amid not a condition; the other wing takes the modern view of the question and tolenitea nothing else. The Episcopalians are little better off; oue class insists that high church methods should prevail while the more liberal are willing Ili minister should appear in the pulpit everyday garb if lie is so . disposed. Catholics even have their differenc Then there are the Baptists, with a lone line of traditions behind them, and wha are earnest in the belief that their ere, outranks all others as a guide to this land whim+ is a whole lot fairer tht Fergus county. With mill these conflicting convictio, theological theories and religiomis raii ling, the prospects for \that peace whit: p weed* understanding\ ate not Mil Among those who registered at gather assuring, and the chancee fdi church in Kendall are somewhat duibl- owl. But so good a man 90 COUHt 101- stoy says the orthodox church is 4 1 M. Stafford Lewistown, Montana Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness and Saddles A Complete Line of Turf Goods, Guns, Ammunition and Bicycle Supplies Imiger an inetrement for the betterment of mankind. So it may be the average Kendallite calm gain some consolation from the reflection that \whatever is is right.\ Many Visitors Iva Tow- n. Sunday a large 'lumber of Lewistown peo- ple were in town. Many of them took ee.- Tante e of the occasion to visit the mines. the Shanks* hotel were the folloa Kay Long and wife, Roy Hopkins and wife, Miss Joule Plum, Miss H. Plum, Miss Dem% White, Miss Mabel Surprenant, Miss Just- Gudgel, Mi,s Ander- son, maw Shields, Miss Mary Simpson. Mrs. Kennedy, Alfred Pfau, amid wife, L. C. Tall . ham. John F. A bel, John Tubbs, B. H. Gibson, A. K. Carmichael, Chas Daugherty, Miles Gibbons, Jeff Johns, Tom Stout, H. Wagner. Arthur Aikin, H. Duke, Dave Scott, Geo. Van Cies°, 0. L. Kempettdorf, M. H Deaton, T. E. Cowley, A. S. Carpenter, W W. Watson. Alex. Cringle, Jos. Wouderlin, Wm. Hebb. Foley's Kidney Cure is a medicine free from poisons and will cure any case of kidney disease that is not beyond the reach of medicine. For sale by L. C. Wilson. JUDIT HARDWARE CO. LOEWISTOWN IS THE STORE THAT KENDALL PEOPLE SHOULD ADDRESS Their mail orders to, and when you visit Lewistown always come in and see us. We can serve you best whether you want Powder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden mid Field Seeds or anything from our large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE acc. Telephone 63 Tin Shop in Connection

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 25 Aug. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.