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K . iik NDA - LE. CHRONICLE fff ,.. ; 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. ,uun3v1, N t wir , A,R, KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER I. eloo32 No. 24 ROCK FABULOUSLY RICH. It Runs from $10 to $100 to the Pound in Gold. ..., 5 ., And There is a Great' Nal' Of It— The Find is Made in Ok at iogan County, Washington. Gold of sir . th fabulous richness ,as to be almost plikbelief bag bean : km(1 in the Pinnacle, in the Okatiogen (Wash.) country, where, according to teports thee reached the Spokane Reviee office, a shipment of 150 . pounds of ore netted $10,000. There is said to be from 300 to 400 pounds more of the same ore on hand, which runs been $10 to $100 a p rend. Mirk:set from Okanogan declare that no one ever saw such wonderful gold quartz before, even in that district of bonanza gold. General J. B. Metcalfe of Seattle is the owner of the Pinnacle group. When in the camp htet summer he took out and ran through the Mack Bear mill a quan- tity 64 -this rite) ore. At • that time an evteneive cave oecturred in the tnnnel. Some two or three months ago, under the supervision of Frank Grogan, a force of men started to cleaning out and tim- bering the tunnel. Two weeks ago 11rte gen commenced extracting thie rich qusrtz. There is a large shoot of this ore.about 50 feet from the mouth of the tunnel, the extent of which Is imknown. indeed a fine quality of quartz continues frem the shoot to the face of the tunnel. some 200 feet beyond. The quartz ex• hibited is a marvel of richness.. Gold covers the rock and is all through) it. They ate not merely le cket specimens, but large pieces of quarts, end already several hundred prelude have been se- cured. A couple of weeks ago Mr. Gro- gan shipped 150 pounds of this ore to Seattle, and he states it yielded over $10,000 in gold. Save the Palmer Mountain Prospector: \All of this wealth has been taken from a space not, as large as ail ordinary office desk. This gold ore runs from $10 to $100 to the pound. It has been seen by eaores of people in the camp and et rang- ere visiting the town. No tem lois ever seen any richer quartz If such me were totted In any other district in the land a wild scramble to get there would follow. The Pinnacle group has an interesting history. It was that discovered some 15 years ago by feo proerectore. Free gold was found on the surface, high upon the west slope of Palmer mountain. The first discoverers took out cieuederable gold. They went to the outside to die - pose of it, and for reaeons never ex- *Med they del not return. The. prop- erty was left in charge of James O'Cou- Dell, better known SS Pentacle Jimmy. hitime he relocated the claims. With all thie respect to the memory of the deceased' we meet say thtJiunmy wits the crank of cranks. Several times he \I had kidney trouble so had that 'I heal opportmeties to sell at big figmes; hat ha tv ,.„ 1 , 1 raise wale objections at could not work,\ mum J. J. Cox of Vel- ley :View, Ky., \my feet wero swollen to the last minute and the deal would fall immense size and I was e.onfined to my thromlb. lie goehered around doing t lie lied and physiciane were unable to give aesessment work from year to year. 'Some four years ago he bonded the rrT i an i v r F eli l ef. a NV doctor finally pre - mine to a Canadian investor. The party Zam a a we r i e n y t ' att of me. For sale by Ilia considerable work, was not entirely 1.. C. Wilson. satisfied asked for an extension of time. O'Connell refused, as it had come to his ears that A rielt ore shoot haul been struck on the Bunker Hill. A few weeks after the expiration of the bond O'Con- nell, who was quarrelsome in his cups, met with a tragic end. Then rtlations sprang upon every hand, and the prop- erty has hardly been free from litigation since. General Metcalfe purchased the mine at administrator 'a sale, but owing largely to the cominual discovery of new claimants lie has been able to do little in the way of real development. What litde has been done has been ender the direction of Mr. Gragan, and lie has got- ten the property in such shape that fu- ture work can be carried on to the best at I var tiege. MINING CLAIM DISPUTE. -- -- A Shot Gnst Annoyers. Decasions a Mil. Appeal to Justice. A ufispute.over a milling claim re/tith- ed iii the arrest on the 24th of Angnst of Jake Miller anti Ovide LaSelle, the corn - paining witnesses being James Crow- ley and C. NI. Burrou-e. !melee John Jackson, Jr., issued the • necessary papers and ordered the hearing set for the 25th at 3:30 p. iii. lii order to get LaSelle it was necessary for the voila to send it team to the Horseshoe mien. At the hoer set for heating Itilfee Sege were present, but the protrecuting witnesses were conspicuous by their ob.- Renee. At 4:31) o'clo.:k the case was die- miased . }' The complaint, in eitbstenee. charged Miller and LaSalle with thriving Crowley. and Burrows from the claim on which the latter were at work, a shotion being part of the cativincing argument used. Miller claims the ground and Dodoes Tom Riser and Ida associates of Lewis- town. It is located about 20011 feet west of the Ketelsil hoist. Riser calls the claim the Golden Roil, anti Miller Itas named it the Kendall. Both sides claim the ground by right of location, and the controversy is CM that proposition. — — KENDALL'S KNOOL Winter term will Conssaenee on Sep- tember list. After a long vacation the Kenthill pub- lic school will open Septemtvr 21ri1 for the a inter term. Sessions will he held in the bending formerly oecupied by E. A. Hutton as a grocery store, such time as a new school house hi eon- struete , i, which will be tonic time the coining winter or spring. Prof. Busen- berg of Indiana, a brother to E. 0. Busen- burg of Lewistown, has been appointed principal, and Mitre Showy ot White Sulphur Spring., Mont., has been se- lected to teach the loiter grade. It is believed there will be funds enough to give nine menthe of school. Ruttiness in Gilt Edge has picked up wonderfully since the Drake people have mit on a full head of steam. From now on merchants over there expect to do a rushing trade. Gilt Edge always was a hot camp for itemize. Feet enrollee to Immense *lee. LEWISTOWN THE VICTOR. Ti.. Cyanlders Lose Slanaday's Ball Gasne by a Score of IL to 5. Weakties,4 of the Kendall outfield end en- croachment of the crowd at third base in the third inning during an important play. lost Kendall he ball game Sunday by a *core of II to8. The some was a good one, however, and It gave satistartion to the big crowd in t tendency. The day was beautiful and Well adapted for good ball playing, and both nines showed lip in gdod form, aa follows: Lewis- town -Stout. lit h.: Myers. e.; Smith, p.: Gibbons, cu.: Fredericks. I. f McNulty, of.: Gallagher, Ild b.; Hebb. 24I tv; Weideman, r. f. Kendall p.: Ed. Raker, c.: Dennis, a. a.: Carr, lit b.: H. Baker, 2.1 Lloyd, Li b4 r, f. Wil.00. e. f.; K. Flul- lard, r. t. Kid Fredericks acted as umpire, ism, with the exception of a bad decision on a Kendall base runner at second, gave gen- eral satisfaction. Both aides started in ui the game to win, and they played ball a ith a dash end spirit that put the crowd in good humor. Every good play was applauded. and the bad one, generously overlooked. Toe pitchers passed nut their best curves, and kept the batters guessing all the time. Although they fre- quently eonneetsti with the ball, the lively and aceurate fielding kept the *core well qit hitt the limits of a good amateur recyrd. The Kendall boys were hospitality entert•in- ad anti enjoyed the day immensely. The Aware by inning, was as follows: Lewistown „ . 0 1 2 2 2 0 I 0- 11 lends II 0 0 $ 2 1.0 2 0—•8 COCEEETT TOO OXYGEN. that would prove a wonder in reviving Corbett during the rounds. I remarked casually if it was oxygen. He turned to me and asked where I haul heard about it. I said that I knew nothing about it. except that I had always wondered why oxygen haul not been used in the ring. The fact that Cot bett was to use oxygen was a profound secret. Only four knew about it—the two rloctors, Corbett and his trainer. The oxygen was smuggled into the ring on the night of the tight. Between the rounds Corbett was not sponged or rubbed down. The oxygen was sprayed over him and it had a won- derful effect on him. \The fight was a good one. The sym- pathy of the crowd was all with Corbett. Jeff. lea appealed iii the ring ii neatly stripped for the tight. His immense size and wonderful condition had a terri- fying effect on Corbett. The fight was really over after the second round, when Corbett received the trementloes punch of Jeffries.\ Some work has been tlone on the high- ways in this district this Reason, to their betterment; but there is sore nerti of more repairing and patching. Kenthill would do a good deal more blueness if conditions were more favorable—better thoroughfares for one thing. _ _ A Maw Jamey Mdttar'a Tipailavolatat• T. Lynch, WIWI Orthii - Plulipe- burg, N. I., Daily Poet, writes: \I have used many kinds of metlicinee for coughs and colds in my family but never ; anything to 'pod as koley's Honey and I caultiol any too much in praise of it.\ For sae by L. C. Wilson. That It r kir He watt Able to Stay Ten r ounds Against Jeffries. Jim torbett's novel method of recup- erating betweee the round, aided him it great deal in staying ten rounds in his late tight with Jeffriee. For the first time in the history of the ring oxygen ; Was used as a method of reviving a tight- er. „loft. White of Spokane, who attend- ed the tight, said to the Spokesman -Re- view: \It was the oxygen need on Cor- bett thet enabled him to stay after the third round. The fact that Corbett Was to use oxygen was kept a profound secret. -While I was going through Coreett's training quarters with Tomtny Dare, lie rernarkeul to me that they heti a emcee* The Utreameter Watch and Clock Maker has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN • where you can get )our aatxhi lepsired end put in as good order as the limy 1 i t the \factory\; also jewelry repairer : and Lew jewelry made to order from Native Gold. Right CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and In Neck Front Back P rice We are not competing a ith \ready Anode - store\ clothes : Their clothing is not in the *time dais a iti the Stein -Bloch custom tailored garments. Theirs is turned Dot by machinee; Omer is hand -made— the product of clutters and tailor. alto conimand fancy salaries. We are after men alto pay tailor' , $.3t1 to $4s) for suite to reslor. We can gave them half their money awl ttress diem lietter— e in the very height of Nab l'\). for $1 5 to $2 7 SEND I s IOU it MAIL ORDERS E w COMMERIC1 LEWISTOWN, 1 sTowN MONTANA ALA°. POSTAGE N A1.1. . A I l. OEM. 4:4 —...

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