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1 6 KENDALL CHRONICLE. I he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toll VOL. 2. KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEllBER 8, !conj. No. 15 IN THE DAYS Of SLAVERY True Dennis Posses a Rare Book of Letters It Was Among the Effects of _a Boarder Who Left His Bag- gage Behind True Dennis, manager of the Stephens hotel, and who recently came from Ten- nesee, is the owner of A well yeteserved^ book containing letters of a southern gentleman who was engaged in various pu mite. Eppinget, for that is the name of the original owner of the book, was t vinently one of the principals in a lottery business, for numerous of his letters are devoted to the transaction of such affairs ; but he was not conffned to ene thing as him many ;and interesting messages treat c ith a variety of callings with which he was connected. Eppinger was an attorney by profession, and he also written owner of slaves. A copy , of . one of his letters which is here repro- duced, presents the gentleman in a big stew regarding a female slave who had unceremoniously left iris protection and shelter. - • Savannah, 21st May, 1830. Daniel Carney, Jr., Esq., Boston. Dear Sir ;—If I thought thnt aq apol- ogy PPs necessary for addressing this letter to you I would make it, but be- lieving that you are not fastidious it is omitted. Since I saw you in Boston in August a negro girl belonging to me eloped from me in Bristol, R. I., in Oc- tober last. If I am not mistake!! I think you have seen and probably know her. Her name is Nancy. She was in Mr. Lowell Mason's family while they re- sided in Savannah for about three years, and I believe at the time you also eao here. \ She is from 22 to 26 years old, tall, thin, rather slender, black complex- ion, is intelligent and Mill read. She was afterward in the employ of Mr. Geo. W. Coe, when I bought her. About ten days previous to her absconding I per- mitted her to go on. a visit to Mr. Mason's family in Boston. About five (lays after her return she went off, from Bristol, R. I., and I have not bad any positive or certain intelligence respecting her Mime. A friend at the north has written to me 'mil stated that some of her colored acquaintance in Bristol said that Nancy had mentioned she was very much pleased with the situation of Mr. N1148011'8 family, and sire was going to live with them. From a variety of cir- cumetances I strongly suspect that Nancy has been .at MRE011 ' El since licit elope- ment, and would remain with him if he would permit her. I wrote to Mr. Mason tire day after she left me and on the 16th of February last I addressed a letter by Mail to \Mr. Reed, high constable, Role ton,\:on the subject of her being a fugi- tive Illave belonging to me and offered one bundred dollars for her reatoration to me. I have not had an answer from the letter. I am aware of the feelings and senti- ments in relation to slavery which gen- erally prevails at the north ; that many would rkther seduce and persusde our slaves to abscond and protect them against their owners. This they may consider not inconsistent sith morality And religion, but I %lee it tie downright robbery. Enthusiasts atiti hypocrite find little difficulty M :teCOnciling the most flagrant crimes with their accomo- dating consciences. To do what the canting scoundrels worill call God a servile they are ready to violate every command in the Decalogue. One of the A postlee has pronounced the doom of those \who do evil tnat good might come.\ If there many at the north who are influenced by such motives!, there are also very many I believe who are situated by different viees end have purer principles. The constitution of the United States guarantees slaves to their rightful owners and my object now is simply to ascertain where Nancy is, and then to take legal steps to recover her. 11'ill you have the goolness my dear sir to endeavor to find whether site- is in Boston and communicate to me airy in- telligence you may obtain respecting her. I will give one hundred and fifty dollars to any person who will deliver her to me in Savannah. Your frimuls, Judge . Foot sled Mr. Thomasson are in good health.' Your attention to this letter will confer IIII' important favor on one who e ill notch a ppr ec late your kind- ness. With much esteem and respect, Y Obt. St. K P. S. Nancy may be since married. She went ,sometimes by the name of t;ancy Gindrat. pp • 25 Mail Mr. and Mrs. ,Eoseph Wunder:1in at d Lela, of Lewistown, were in camp last Fridays and Satunitry piloting two old family friends through the workings of the Barnes -King and the Kendall mines. Messrs. J. S. Marshall, of St. Louis and John 'McLaughlin, of Niehart, Montane, shared with Mr. Wunderlin the ups and downs of a prospector's life in the early days, and they have enjoyed many pleasant honrs at this re union recalling past history cnd the mimes of many of their pioneer (Heeds. The two visi- tors were glad to see their old friend Joe taking life eo easily, and far removed from any eorry or care incideht to keep - the eel( from the door. Alias Nevill, naive of E1rs. • Wunderlin, and who re- cently returned from San Francisco where she was attending school, was also a guest of the Wunderlins during their visit to Kendall. It is somewhat difficult to keep up religious enthusiasm in Kendall with II0 resident sky pilot here. It has been demonstrated that some Kendallites will go to church ellen sufficiently urged, but atter the shepherd of the local flock recently hied Iiiincelf to renew his stud- ies in ell eastern city, the religious senti- ment of our people faded away into a dim nothingness. Next year, probably, the delicate plant will revive during the heated term, only to wither away again under the cold blasts of a Kendall winter. L. C. Wilson, the popular druggist, is having troubles of his own there) days. He shaved his moustache without first consulting Mrs. W. Foot Swollen to linmenvio \1 had kidney trouble so bed that I could not work,\ say r1 J. J. Cox of Val- ley View, Ky., \my feet were swollen to immense size and I was confined to my bed and physicians were unable to give me filiV relief. itly doctor finally pre- scribed Foley'a Kidney Cure, tt hich made a well man of me.\ For sale by L. U. Wilson. WI HORSES FOR THE FAIR Everything points to one of tlie best race meetings ever held in . Lewistown Whirr the runners are lined up fox the county fair purses on the 1611), 17th wid- th:1i of this month. Since sending the premium lists out Secretary Belden has received daily letters from owners of rave horses, stating that they would have entries for the different events says the Argus. Dr. 'F. B. Moore, of Butte, will be here witIn a string of pacers and trotters and frilly expects to take POMO money home with hirri. He has some good ones in Iris stable. Dr. Ernest Crutcher, of Fort Benton, was on the track last year and the way Its took down purses made the men who have horses on dila track .emember him and his string of runners. They sill be here agaiu and some new ones may he in the inn rich. There are at present nine or ten horses in training at the track and their I.ewis- town owners say they are working out splendidly. Dan Crowley'e little bay parer, Etta V, is going like the winds. She has no difficulty in making the dis- tance in 2.:10 and her driver states that he can send her around in 2:15 s ithout any trouble. She is a beautiful little mare arid perfectly gaited -George B., the big bay pacer also belonging to Crow- ley, is another one which is going alotig in good shape and will be a dangerous cotnpetitor in any event in which Ire starts. Tracy B., Otto Phillips' trotter, Nag slightly lamed last week but is all right agaiii and going the distance in splendid style. Otto is getting him %tell track broken and expects to be there when the purse isdivided. George Parrot lute his big roan cover- ing all sorts of track these days and the !loose is improving greatly. He was al- lowed to run away two or three times a few weeks ago and that set him behind in his training, but he is steadying down now and travels without a break. Ora Bennett is working out a pacer of his own and two greet) horses belonging to S. S. Aolatton. All are negotiating tlie distance in impressive manner arid may Ire ntered this year. Teddy Smith has a green pacer a hich he may enter, thought lie has not decided yet. The horse can certainly go the dis- tance very fiat. Daisy Dean and other runners about town are beitig put nushape for the races and some of the best running ever seen tin the track may be looked for. The track was never in anvil tine simile and when fair opens will be as fast as any one could Isiah. 'F. B. Lease wes this eeek given the contract for building a new grand stand and poultry line. The grand stand is to be 26 feet longer and and three seals wider than the present one. It sill rhos seat about te ice as many people and will be covered with a shingis roof , so diet if a shower comes up no one need get wet. It is to be moved back several feet and will give Et better view of the track. The poultry exhibit house is de- signed to permit of a larger and better' display of the poultry industry of Fergus county. On vieceseary improvements are being made on the ground and siren the gates open on the 160 everything will he perfectly arranged for the com- fort and pleasure of the visitors. Re- member the (late and arrange your heti- noes eo„that you cati come in every day, ! if possible, but one (lay for sure. A New Jersa7 MAttarr'• Irestitts , nhil. M. T. Lynch, editor of the Philips- ! burg, N. I., Daily Post, writer); \1 Imes used many kiiida of medicines for concha and colds in my family but never anything so good as Foley's Honey and Ter. I 4.1a1-1 'tot say Lou much in praise of it.\ For sale by L. C. Wilson. NIMY T. W. WARM The Chronometer atch and Chick Maker has opened a shop at C. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you can get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it ;eft the \factory\; also jewelry repatred and new jewelry made to order Irorp Native Gold. Right In the Neck In the Shoulder In Style In the Front In the Back and in Price We store\ Their the Theirs haod-made—t who We for suite We (trees ion, CARD - _ are not competieg with \ready -male - clothes : clothing is not in the same class ia ith Stein -Bloch custom tailored gartnente. is turned out by machines; Ours is he product of cutters and tailors command fancy salaries. are after men who pay tailors $30 to $60 to order. can save them malt their money and them better—in the very height of lash - for $15 to $27 SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS L E w ComnER LEWISTOWN, 1 sTowN °Mac° • MONTANA POSTAGE PAID ON A1.1. MAG. ORDERS

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 08 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.