Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 08, 1903, Image 3

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Montaqa, Septen?i er 8, 19Q3. 3 • • „DAIRY MANAGEMENT. 1.104 Rinse yews to...eticy >Wilt ilk ,, tor Ttemscite$3. s s • I will first quote the golden rule of satiisfied with g ip ; feed and pure A.:a- ter, and keep her clean and give hCr exercise. The man with only three or four cows can fix a warm place in or about his Anon.. taftelbiac a plan for ten cows which. can be reduced for n smaller number or enlarged as much us desired, and yet be very handy and econoinieal.' For ten e0w4 ctaillp f- a k14 silo: - n this artfc e she nb Ore d detailed plan for belltizg tire rimer, eat- and best silo, but may in future. A staple should blight, well ventilated and warm. It should be so arranged _ 1 DAIRY flAitti. 1, silo; 5, feed t oigay_ stuL 5, enneleti • ra Pt*IIs # Te 7, sawdust bin: b I n; n Ihlt : 10, oil meal: 11, cottonseed meal: 12, avc for roots, extending fore feet above ground, over which are cutter and grinder; 13, position of utter. to. to be handy and Save as much labor as possible. I think there points are attained in the following plan, and a look at the diagram will be sufficient in prove it. For 20 cows I would extend the length of the building, and for a greater num- ber I would build in the opposite direr- tforefrem ado. The cotter ewes- on the tloor,. up level witb frame on wagon, making it easy to untbad the heavy You ask ',what all thla has to do with the producing of milk. Well, you can': produce reeh milk in winter without good winter quarters. Though they need not be expensive, they must he warm, and if really handy, one mai, can care for twice as ninny cows, and thus intke. 1,4e . prodeet cheaper. The ilpybli lilies in din7rorn represen t s(alla Made 1LS t h'.` Walla of r house, and filled with cut straw or saw- dust. I *mild have foundation of brick if able; if not, I would set v.alla au equate logs laid right on ,ttre ground, but set the frame on without ra!l!n7 to logs, so they may be easily, rcplaccd ' when rotten. ,rut the I ill)tif Opt 0:,i • house went herboaraing, int.erted, 83 a to rue Alto leaking dust- irto, the, wall. Cement roorp ore r.s rs Flatted and much hillttr. Iieueld have a wir• dow 24x30 ir.ches behind emeh stalls; if in cold climate, have doubh , sash on hinges, no you can throw manure out in shed. Also in front a lergter window teeeame apace, with eat - tam n to regulate the light. P.ptween stalls I use two little posts, one 1 nchet; from manger and the other /7 aiches from that. They are made of 2x & 'Mei? and are :14 and 24 inches respectively: this makes the beet stall I mer saw. Tli.? hay carrier and tracl, r.:a he moved from loft to feed alley nod en ,Ic to carry a large box of feed along the alley to mangers, which is it great eon- ulence. We have room for elmut a11 lre different kinds of hay, ensilage and round grain. (live the cows a balanced ration of so: CDP pound cottonseed meal, two pound oil meal, five pounds bran, anti -if er- sila:re is not eat in gain. «tough cora meal to make 40 pounds ns rich as Avliere full crap of cern it cut.,40. but .eases use 3 - 0fir Segue& Di %vide awake airl study the waots of each cow. Be * Club $alcron-. ••• . * CLINCIAN & HAMILTON, 'Proprietors * d uo air m y f • o in rt g a : ble ll b ak y e ke teh p e ing co h w er til e o s r r o m ug ahn i:k 1 ground graioa es\ossible. By rows ef pipes and b . 'i , ickets each * .1/ ' A.' ./ X t A; r 4,,rEN-1TE; A'RNDA LL' Z * . ,atall Should be supplied with pure wa- 4( * ek * es T R T 0 U R ..... • iiitiet and gentle with them at all times, and onthe 01 , .ion al' nrtiene*.1 Its f•ou haie kind- of 10661.'neo have as many kinds of hay, fodder and ter all the time, and flii>euttnit e ras i ni i also. Also a box of ro6leert4t lit a portment . far s the cows to lick ,forzmuse- ment. Don't forget to give a nulegel, or two in each day's ration; they can n . be raised cheaply, and altt4ughhee , ronA tam n but little that goes into-th0-rki1 they. aid -digestion and give tone to the szeyen, and appetite. ,- We think we can't drivigthout clover hay (cut early). A. little mash of cut - clover 914 wleat br#di risade 141 y'4, is relished by evert -6 . 0w end'has 4o equal for produciaggnedniiik. En the • management of cows we turn them in the penning -room after milking at night, and 'pi feed in,the,mangers be- fore we turn 'them in to Milk them in morning: , In every herd there ate some very timid cows, also some regular bosses; even if they areVehortied they push and kneel( ffie Meid . ones around ton much. , We &all the beastle AZT at once, while the others are in the pen, amPviee - We shays - *hike the cow is eating. , There is no rule as to feeding tli‘sii will apply all oTett the country becairse the crops cre sc different in kinds; but if you realize the full meaning of the' rule 1 have queired\rtilia 'desire success, you ceitainly won't, F. Webb; in Ohio Farmer. N aome Philadelphlans•Visited Rich- mo,d, and, asking as to the use of this and that large building. mere told in every -case that it. was s tobstee0 factory. -agad_snirria.. gave them the information: and they, tiring of the monotony ef the reply, pointed Ii a White frerne building on a hill, and esker'. whose - to - herrn factory that was. toys the Detroit News-Tribrine. The old fellow replied: - \ - Oat. tall. am no fact'ry. flat suit S*n John's 'Fileopal 'herd), where Morse Patziakaeau done get up an' ax de. Lewd. gib him liberty or gib hint ei.iit.\\ \Well.' tingle.\ asked one of the trio, \which did the Lord give him? \ 'Pears to me yo' must be strangers hereabouts,\ he answered; \else yo'd all knoe dai. in due time,, de Lawd gabe Marie Henry hofe.\ Cured Hemorrhages of the Loot*. \Second years since et,. binge were so badly affected that 1 had many Immo' - 'Magee,\ writes A. hi. Ake of Wood, Ind: \I took treatment %lilt eeveral physicians Tiii11011t NM' benefit. It hen alerted to take Foley's Honey and Tar, and any lump , are _how as sound as a bul- let. I recommend it in IDIValleeti stages of lung trouble.\ For sale by L. C. Wil- son. ALIAS hillIMINIONS IN THE DISTRICT COURT of the Teilth Judicial District of the State of Montana and for the County of Vellitla. John R. Cnolt and Riling Johnsom Plaintiffs vs. P. Leary, defendant Me State of Montana sends greeting to the above-tiatued defendant: You are hereby required to appear in an action brought against you by the •bove- named plaintiff hi the District Court of the Tenth Judicial District of the State of Mom Dom in and for the Comity of Ifeeitlis. and to ants er thP complaint tiled therein. within ten days (est Waive of the day of service) after the service Olt you of this summons, if Nerved within this county ; or. if served out of this Contity, but in this district, within twenty days; otherwise a ithin forty days, or Judg- ment by default will be taken against you. atwording to the prayer of said complaint. The said action is brought to obtain judge- ment against the said defendant in favor of the plaintiffs for the slim of $2Un.(10(Tvi o Hun- dred Dollars) oil account of rental of the Wedge Saloon in Keedall. Fergus Comity. Montana, and for a further sum of Twenty- kve (45) dollars on the account of rental of • certain chili room co/intoned with said •111111XIII and for the sum of Forty (41)) dollars dam- ages on aceonnt of injury to property in said saloon building, together with interest on the sum of $..a5.u0 (Two Hundred awl Twenty Five Dollars) from the 25th day of June, 154, and for costs of suit, all of which is more fully vet forth in plaint on HI. here to which referesice is hereby made for a more partiettlar denwription of the ranee and nature of said action And you are hereby notified that if you fall to appear and r the •a1.1 complaint, PS above required, that the plaintiff will take judgement itgaitist %on for the sum of Two a ll u o it isdred and Sixty -rive Dollars and costs of Given iiiid•r my hand and the sesi „( the District court of the Tenth Judicial District of the State of Montana, iti and for the County of Fergus this 4th day of September I., the year of oar Lord one thousand nine huodred and three. RODUND WRIGHT, Clerk. RUDOLF To x Tenet. Att'y for Plaintiff. . High Grldt 'sr Cedar Brook I Hunter's Whiskies Cigars nosiehan Rye t 44,404444.40++++.# 414444414440+44 .iirliNifir444444 - #44.4* 4 1 4 - 1 ' NTANA Rustflers HARDWARE rade COMPANY Lewistown 1Iontana We have on hand and can fill your orders for MINING SUPPLIES, ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES, PROSPECTING OUTFITS In fact everything needed for mining and pros- pecting EXCEPT THE NINE Now is the time to beautify your home. Nature is putting a new dress on Mother earth and you should put a new coat of Paint on Your House Inside and out. The Montana Hardware Company has a complete line of Devoe's Ready=Mixed Paints that are guaranteed. DON'T buy cheap paints, but send your mail orders to the MONTANA HARDWARE COMPANY and get the best. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 08 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.