Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 08, 1903, Image 8

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t.' 8 Kendall, Montana, September 8, 1903 • 4' TRY MOCCASIN LILY CREAM, WILSON'S DRUG STORE CArlP AND. COUNTY NEWS Dr. F. F. Attix, Lewistown, Mont. * Born—Thursday, September 3, to the wife of Samuel Hamilton, a boy. The Lewistown Meat & Provision Co. carry fresh meats, fish, home-made lard, and home-made hams and bacon. W. W. Caldergashed his left foot with an axe while whiling the hours away at providing wood mall enough to squeeze into the kitchen stove. Calder has since solemnly resolved never to cut wood any more. Hunter's Rye whisky at . Clingan & Hamilton's. Chas. McLean, foreman at the Ken- dall mill, treated many of his friends to venison last week. He broufilit down a fine animal a few miles west of Kendall on the 3rd. For fine watch repairing and engrav- ing go to D. E. Hemphill & Co. Sadie gave birth to a good sized boy last Sunday* night. Latest novelties in Jewelry and•silver, ware at D. E. Hemphill & Co. 'Brother Van will be in Kendall next Thursday evening to preach the word of God to our people. Brother Van always has a full house in Kendall and next Thursday will he no . exception to the rule for his Kendall friends never grow weary of him. Foley's Kidney Cure makes the dis- eased kidneys Sound so they will elimi- lithe the poisons from the blood. For sale by L. C. Wilion. The all important topic for discnssion In KMAIttl theee dew - ist - the Fergie County Fair. Everybody is talking \lair\ and if everyone who says he is going, goes, this mining camp may as well close its (Imre September 16, 17 and 18, for there will be no businese Montana sapphires anti souvenir spoons —D. E. Hemphill & Co. Dr. Stjll, of Lewistown stayed in Ken- dall over night last fittfArdny while on his way hotne from . Gilettlee. Avoid aerions results of kidney or bladder disorder by taking Foley's Kid- ney Cure. For sale by L. C. Wilson. Many Kendall people left Sunday for (lilt Edge to help their brother miners celebrate Labor day on the 7th. Cut glass and hand painted china at D. E. Hemphill & Co. • Messrs. Frank Thinkers, Neil Dawson and George Wentworth returned to Ken - doll a few days ago from an extended limiting and fishing trip at the head of the Judith river. Mr. Thinkers says there are lots of fish in the Judi: h, 'Red he backed tip his assertion by bringing home a bucketful to distribttte tariongst hit; friends. the party also visited the celebrated sapphire mines at Vogt), atul they foetid the methods employed there to be intenteli interesting. Foley's Hoaey and Tar is peculia-ly adapted for cironte .throat troubles and will positively cats; brenehitie, hoarse- ness and all bronchial diseases. Defuse anbetitutes. , For 'foie by I.. C. W4son. Hugh Tully has shaken the dust of Kendall from ; his feet. lie will take up his abode in the Little Rockies and pass the time awai looking after the require - meting of the boiler and engine in E. W. King's new cyanide tnill there. Co to Clin ' n & Hamilton's for AV. H. Mciloyer's ce ibrated Cedar Brook -wells. Icy. bottled it bond and guaranteed by 11:e govertim nt to be strictly pure. .._ ; The hills and rocky ridges of this f-ountry will itemetime be need - lot i krowing fruit, while the richer land will l ie devoted wholly to grain. The cranberry might be cultivated upon many a no, rsh t hat i5, now prac- tically useless. • There will be a Grand Ball in Lew istow n the last night of Fergus County Fair and every ticket to the dance is also good for a chance on the $400 piano which will be given away there. 1 on may a in the piano. You may also secure chances at the following stores. LewistownCommercialcompany,dry goods, one ticket with every $10 cash purchase. Bertrand & Shannon, general merchandise, one - ticket with every $10 cash purchase. - W. S. Smith. furniture. one ticket with every cash $10 purchase. James F. Skinner, restaurant, one ticket _with every $10 cash purchase. L. N. DuClos, tailor, one ticket with every $10 cash pnrhase. Judith Hitrdware company, one ticket with every $10 cash purchase, on all goods except- ing wagons, farm rnactrinery, barb wire and twine, upon which a $20 purchase is required to secure a ticket. New York Store, one ticket with every $20 purchase. A Physician Healed Dr. Geo. Ewing, a practicing physician of Smith's Grove, Ky., for over thirty years, writes his personal experience with Foley's Kidney Cure: For years I had been greatly bothered with kidiisy and bladder trouble and enlarged pros- trate gland. I used everything known to the profession without relief, until commenced to use Foley's Kidney Cure, After taking three bottles I was entirelY relieved anti cured. I prescribe it no daily in my practice and heartily recom-• mend its use to all physicians for such tit:rubles. I have prescribed it in linn- dreds of class *hii perfect success.\ For sale by L. C. Wilson., — - Mrs. M. E. Van Dusen's HOSPITAL Lewistown Montana The experience of trained nurses afforded to all our patients Utes from Silo to Also per week tabrrespotalenee solicited. Teleph fine MO Doctors Could Not Help Her. \I had kidney trouble for years,\ writes Mrs. Raymond Connor of Shelton, Wash., \and the doctors could not help me. I tried Foley's Kidney Cure, and the very first dose gave me relief, and I ain now cured. I cannot say too much for . Foley's Kidney Cure.\ For sale by L. C. Wilson. _ Liberality. Gilpin—I saw a nice, kind lady give a poor little boy a nickel, this morn- ing. Mrs. Gilpin --Dear, sweet creature. \Yes; the poor kid carried her three satchels a mile in the rain.\—Colum- burn (0.) State Journal. Power's Wrapper and Waist Sale Money Saving Bargains for All Closing Out Summer Goods at About One=Half Regular Prices Staple Groceries at Bed Rock Prices $400.00 PIANO DANCE POWER MERCANTILE COMPANY We Pay Postage on Mail Orders Lew istow n, Montana A. HOPKINS & SONS PURE FOOD GROCERS LEWISTOWN . MONTANA GROCERIES Pure and Fresh Always in Stock We Carry a Complete Line Once a Customer Always a Customer We are niter the Kendall trade and will deliver all orders amounting to it,51, or more free of charge George 111. Stafford Lewistown, Montana Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness and Saddles A Complete Line of Turf- Goods, Guns, Ammunition and Bicycle Supplies c. M. KELLY II \ M.rt I Dr . . KELLY & MOULTON ABSTRACTERS Convexancieg Real Estate Insurance Collections Abstracts of City, Ranch, or Mining Property Electric Building LEWISTOWN, Telephone No. 3 MONTANA The Acme Cafe is the best yet; short orders served to tempt your appetite. Lewistown, Montana. J. S. KELLY NOTARY PUBLIC REAL ESTATE All Kinds of Legal and Mining Blanks KENDALL, flONTANA Did you ever try a 35c dinner at the Acme Cafe in Lewistown? They are the beet in town. Next door to the Majes tic buffet. JUDITH HARDWARE CO. LEWISTOWN I 1\ IlE KCNDALL PEOP IsT 141 SHOULD 6wRLA ADDRESS Their mail orders to, and when you visit Lewistown always come in and see us. We can serve you best whether you want INwder, Picks and Shovels, or Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, or Buggies, Harness, Robes and Sporting Goods, or Farm Machinery, Garden and Field Seeds or anything from ;;L;r : large stock of GENERAL HARDWARE Tin Shop in Connection

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 08 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.