Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 15, 1903, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. !he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest roil VOL. 2. KENOALL, MONTANA, SEPTEr1BER is, ioo3. No. 26 ROOSEVELT'S WISE SAYINGS It can oot be too often repeated that in this country, in the long run, we all of us tehd to go up or down together. 'I here must be ever present in our minds the fundamental truth that in a republic such as ours the only safety is :o stand neither for nor agaiest tiny man because he is rich or because he is poor, I ecause he is engaged in one occupation or another, because be works with his brains or bream , * he works with his hinds. We must treat each man on his worth and merits as ft man. If all the existing instromentrilitiee of aealth conld be abolished, the first and treverest seiffraing would conic among hose of us who are least well off at pres- ent. The wage -worker is well off only when the rest o; the Country is a - ell off, and he can beet contribute to this gen- eral well-being by showing sanity and a , firm purpose to do justice to others. The welfare of each of n • is •leperelent fundamentally upon the a elfare of all of us. • 'fbere is no worse enemy of the wage- orker than the man who condones mob violence in any shape or elm preaches class hatred. • To win succors in the busine fr ss amid, to become a ftrat-elass mechanic, a sue- ceaeful farmer, all able brayer or doctor, it metes that the man has devoted his beet energy stud power throng!, long years to the achievement .4 his ends. Let the watchwords of all our people be the obi familiar wetchwords of hon esty, decency, fair-dealiug a tin common sense. The qualities denoted by these words are essentiel to all of is, its we •teal with the complex industrial prob- lems of today, the problems affecting not merely the accumulation, but even more, the aloe distribution of wealth. If alive to their true interests rich and poor alike will sitt their facer like flint against the Spirit which seeks peteonal advantage -1)y overridiug the laws, with- out iegard to whether this spirit shows itself in the form of bodily violence by one eet of men or in the form of vulpine cunning by another set of men. The good citizen is the from who, whatet - er his a ealth or his poverty, at manfully to do his dirty by him- self to his family, to his nellibor, to the state. We Call keep our government on a mane and healthy lersis, we con make arid keepour system what it should be, only on condition of Judging each man, not RP mionber of a • -- • tier uid home maker, or as mite and mother, has done all that lie or she ran .10, patiently and iincomplainingly, is to honored; awl is to be envied by all three who have never had the god f••r• tone to feel the need and duty of iloinu such work. There is no room in our healthy Airier - lean life for the mere idler, for the man or the woman whose object it is through- out life to Shirk the duties which life ought to bring. I.ife can mean nothing worth meaning, unless its prime aim is the doing of duty, the achievement of re- sults worth achieving. • Any republican government must rest upon indiViduals, not - noon classes or BectiOuP. As soon as it becomes govern- ment by a class or a 'section it departs from the oI•1 American ideal. Legithition to be permanently good for atli• elatiti Must also be good for the na- tion as a whole, and legisletion which does injustice to any class is certain to work harm to the nation. Take our cur- rency system for example. This nation is en a gold basis. The treasury of the public is in an excellent condition. Never before has the per cepa* of circu- lation been Helm ge ar it is this day: and this circulation, moreover, is of money every dollar of which is at par with gold. Now, our having this sound currency systi m is of beneflt to banks, of course, but it is of ii:finitely more benefit to the people as a whole, because of . the healthy effect on businees conditions. The reason why our future is asseired lies in the fact that our peorlle are genii- inely skillfel in and fitted% for self-gov- ernment, and therefore will spurn the Leadership of those who seek to excite this ferocious and foolish class antago- nism. . • 1si the history of mankind many re- publics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state; and in no way has this loss of pouter been no often and 60 clearly shown its in the tendency to turn the government into a government pri- marily for the benefit of one clans imrtead of a government for the benefit of the peeple HS a whole. People show tl eintelves hurt no unfit for liberty a hether they submit to an- archy or to tyranny; and class govern- ment, weether it be the government of a plutocracy or the government of a mob, is equally incompatible with the princi• plea established in the days of Wmalling- ton slid perpetuated in the 'lays of Lin- coln. Fiiii•lanientally, the unscrupulotre rich Mall who seeks to exploit and oppress those who are lass wed off is in spirit not opposed to, but identified with, the un- scrupulous poor man who desires to plunder and oppress those who are bet- ter off. No one seems to arrive at any goal really worth reaching in this world alio does not come to it heavy Wien. No man need* sympathy because he has to work, becatiee he IMP a burden to carry. Far and away the best prise that life uffere is the chence to work hard at The man or woman who as brea•I work that im worth doing; arid tflia is a prize open to every Plan, for there can be no work better woriklioing than that done to keep in health Red comfort and with reasonable advantages those imme- diately depen•lent upon the lineban•l, the tether, or the RCM. The Ways of the Prospector. read him. He means well, leo le. John Rich was in Kendall one d a y doesn't know.\ last week gathering, ore specimens for the comity fair. Ile has found the task THUNDER NIOTINTAIN. of strewing R representative display a ; laborious one. The mining companies ! Messy Men at Work and Ing Properties that are carrying on active work have Heins Developed. given a a illing hand to Mr. Rieli, but F. D. Culver, a Washington mining the prospectors and claim owners who Man, has the following to say about should naturally be interested in such Thunder Mountain: \There are probe - an undertaking have given little .note of bly a thousand people in the Thunder the proposed display. • Mountain country. More than half of The prospector in his normal state is them are developing properties in the anything bat practical. Mu c h (if I l ia Big Creek district. This is totally 'Us - effort to direct attention to his hol•linge Omit in character from the region about is misdirected. He will pack rock about Roosevelt. The Dewey and the 'Mines with him the year round, and display it 'to his cronies and chance acquaintances, give it fictitious values, and tell of the enormous deposits he has in sight. But his efforts in this regard are put. forth, RP a rule, in R barren field; there is no money in it for him ; only a keen satis- faction of \jollying\ and being \jollied.\ When it comes to taking an interest in it permanent display of ore at some cen- value. Several of the groups of claims tral pouttt. for instance, the prospector now being developed on Big Creek and h creek are held by their owners as worth from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000, and in several cases bowls for very large sums have been taken on these properties. should judge that fully 500 men are there ' Brother Van\ Here Tonight. who are developing properties in groups Reu. Van Orsdel, the Well-known d:- of from two to four.\ vine, will be in Kendall tonight, *WI A New Jersey Editor's TestIns•inini. M. T. Lynch, editor of the PIrlipe- burg, N. I., Daily Post, writes: - 1 have used many kinds of medicines for coughs and colds in my family but never anything so good as Foley 's Honey and Socialism, Beal and Imaginary. Tar. I cannot say too much in praise of I A. Hickey of !soot York, the It,\ For sale by I. C. Wilson. let lecturer. lit Kendall last Tule,- day evening and addressed a fairsized ffelTYON airdienve. lle espoused the canoe of socialism. Alla lilt tue came before his II- ditnra in the best possible light. There are a few people in Kentiell who think they are socialists; there are many others who are not socialists aii•I take r n i oi i r e sterest in the subject. It is a noto- ol fact that while there are hundreds of professed socialists in the country none of them make any strenuous effort to live the life that socialism Stands for. The man who stoutly denounces the Main itoctrine of socialism is always puz- zled how to explain the attitude of the average 'ruination. After all, the socialist Is not a bad fellow, if you know how to turns a deaf ear, aiiil thereby loses a valuable opportunity to help along the mining industry. hold services in Cook's United Church. Everybody h. invited to a t ten•l. \Bother Yall\ ehoidd be given a a boleasonled welcome. about it are in porphyry, composed of 'volcanic scoria or ash. One bushel of the rock will show enorn - .ons values in gold, while the next and perhaps many succeeding bushels, from the same plaCe and of exactly similar appearance, will show no trace of gold or other metal. In the Big Creek district the forum- tient is that of other mining districts,. he ore bodies are in place, and many of them tire of enormous size atti great jmia I!! WARM - The Chronometer Match and Clock Maker has opened a shop at ('. H. Williams' drug store LEWISTOWN where you cell get your watch repaired and put in as good order as the day it left the 'factory\; also jewelry repaired and cow jewelry made to order from Native Gold. , Right CARD In the In the Shoulder In Style In the In the and in Neck Front Back Price _ We are not competing a ith \ready -made - store\ clothes : Their clothing is not in the same class a ith the Stein -Bloch custom tailored garments. Theirs is turned ont by machine.; thirti is hand-made—the product of cutters and tailors who command fancy Warier,. We are after men who pey tall.•rs PO to \SO for @trite to order. We can save thein half their money and dress them better—in the very height of hash ion, for $15 to $27 usSKND YOUR MAIL ORDERS 1E w COMMER LEWISTOWN, I sirow °Alto . MONTANA N POST A G E N PAID A LI, NIA II. ORDERS Hunter's, Rye whisky at l'hogaii

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 15 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.