Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 15, 1903, Image 3

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Kendall, Montana, September 15, 1903. 4. imslkcivEtA't,kr.. mud that will result in its early disap- pearance. When the people of a community get sufficiently tired of poor roads they mend them. A few wheelmen, if they are live members of the L. A. W., can so point out the disadvantages of mud HOWL FROM MICHIGAN. that many others will unite with them in working for good roads and clean This Man Pleads Eloquently for ,ubstans streets. tlal IL:ravel Roads. Everybody wants good roads when I want to make a small howl in re - their attention is called to the matter. With some one to act as a leader they will follow. Pick out just the right sort of a man, and put him in charge of your streets and highways, and he will make it more of a pleasure and of greater profit to reside 'in his neigh- horhood.—L. A. W. Bulletin. gard to road -making. I do notsuppose it will do any good, but it will reliev my mind. This, as we all knew, is thi ason for the fanner to go out with the new road machine and serape the grid along the side of the road into the mid- dle of the came and kall•it a road. It is very nice for a few weeks, and thear comes a , little rut & here and an- !ther . there, so th‘filliar the time the . inter sets in we laliridS ineddy, rutty t cod to ride over. Ana it i:, not a few 'oda, either, for a read district can do - tulle or two of it in the time required to \work on the road.\ Now, why ern:- tibt they work' y9 f It if) rods with the road machine; make dgo3d, wide iondhed, and then draw on good gravel, not' sand? Almost every district has a bank of gravel t as i ft t h4it ilnilts. If rot on the rbad, go back on the farm. It the farmer is a good, generous, frer:-hearted mane will give it to his own district. If Ildt; cancel his road- work for the gravel. He certainly rhould he willing to do that. It is a , i ; • g • WOULD ANYONE WITI1 \HORSE SENSE\ CALL THIS A GOOD ROAD? rood plan to get the teams ard men all cut together, and, by a little systera, you can get a great deal mcire demo. Of course, it is hard to do so, lint once ket your district in that habit and they will t hill]: there is no other way. Perhaps some may think . that the f!rst part of this is an imagiaation, but I know of one road district (and I pre- inic there are others) that has not ,ran enough gravel in two years to cover 20 rods of roadan goal shape. Yet 1!:cy have scraped and scraped and will v - ebably continue to serape. .Aryone who has driven 50 miles with' a horse knows that when he gets on n e - ravel road he gets on a good road. It very seldom thttt you see a railroad oraneny drawing sod, sand and clay to tallast their road. If the proof of the pudding is in the ating, the proof of a rood road is in lit smoothntssond I ar t • rg And a well -made gravel road vill knock out a sod, sand al:el clay road every time.--Cor. Mich:fr . :a Farmer. ROADS ARE IMPROVING. Continued Agitation Is Iteetnninz to Dear Good Fratt. From scores of Iscaiitica in every rorrer of the land comes the cheering I,ssage: \Our roads are better thou they have been.\ And ths came thing Lohlts true of town and e:ty It ia very clear to an int(11:gent c.1)- ver in a position to broadlyiview the field that more and better road- inilding is being done thin year than lima been in any fart year. The ag:tat :on for improved h:ghways has Legua to produce vortical results. The people are getting their feet on he ground, and arc noteealizing the rth of their theories regarding good I oads. It is pleasant to note that the pecple erywher.: appreciate thy mar y ad- % autag , .:ti to he gained from improved Irghways. Every mile cf good road - altes it cat•icr ta secure E..ors of the erne sort. The example i•.contagOris. Even in localities where no work lot the betterment of roads Iras begun, there has been created a dislike for American norms In uermarsy. One,of the influential German illus- trafert papers, 'tieing the report of the American consul at. Bremen as a text, says there is a good market. in Germany far American horses. Since 1895 it ap- pears that fully 10,000 horses have been shipped from this country to the vari- ous German ports, the chief markets being in Hamburg and Bremen. They bring on an average about 8175 each, and are often resold, according to the Paper, for $350 at Leipsic and other in - hire] cities. Purchasers for the animals have gone from Sweden and Denmark to Vamburg, showing that there is probably a market for .them in those countries as well. The German news- paper, however, warns American ship- pers that it is useless to send poor horses to Germany, and suggests that great care he taken in handling and feeding them while on the water. While a football game was in prog- ress' at Hanley. England, a bull in- vaded the field. Some of the players being dressed in a bright red the bull deterinieed to have a little game him- -elf, hnd the manner In ; which he ' 'eked the center and made the foot- iSalers scatter in all directions showed that he had nothing to learn from them in the gentle game of football.—N. Y. Sun. Used for Pneumonia. Dr. C. .1. Ilieltop of Agnew, Mich., Rays: \I have used Foley'e Hot ey ited Tar in three very severe eases of Meade with good results in every care.\ Ref use sedge itutes. For sale by L. . Wilson ALlis MUMAIIONM Di THS DISTRICT COURT of the Tenth Judicial 111.triet of the State of Montana in and for the County of Fergus. John R. C •ok and filling Johnson. Plaintiffs Ali P. Leary defendant he State of Montana sends greeting to the aboveniamed fietPtIdatit: You are hereby required to appear in an action brought agaiiist you by the above - earned plaIntiff iii the District Court of the Teni ii Judicial District of the State of Mon- t ens, in and for the County of Fergus, and to answer the complaint filed therein wit ain ten days(exelusive of the day of service)after the • rvive on you of this sown° is, if served Wi but this cantor ; or if served out of this Con..ty tint in this district, within twenty days otherwise within forty (la) a, or judgy- meld by default will be taken agailast you, according to the prayer of mid complaint. The said at tion is brought to obtain judge - merit against the said defendant Ii. favor of the niaint in.a for the sum of $200.00 (Two HIM` deed Dollars) on account of rental of the Wedge thiloon iii Kendall Fergus Connty, !dont/tea. and for a further slim of Twenty. nic WO dollars on the tiCCOUll , of rental of a m vain club room connected with slid saloon anti for the sum of Forty (40) dollars dam- a4es ut •cettiant of injury to property lii said silos ti building. tom her with interest on tne sum of $223.03 (Two Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars) from the 25th day of June, 1044, aid for touts of •uit, all of which is more folly set forth in a complaint tr. tile herc to Which reference is hereby made for a more !articular des: riptlan of the ranee and nature of sell action. And you are hereby no' in/id that if you fail t app sr Ivol answer the said complaint, rs above require I. that the plaintiff will take Igentent against you for the gum of Two H indrt d and Sixty -Five Dollars and coats of an n t lt iivea under my hunt and the seal of the District C met of the Tenth Judicial District of the Salta of Montana, in and for the County of Per Con this 4th day of September in the year of our Lori one thousand nine hundred and three. EDMUND WIUGHT, Clerk. RUDOLF VON TORSI. Att'y for Plaintiff. Judith Steam Laundry LEWISTOWN, MONT. os Strictly first-class work: Particular attention given to Kendall and outeide orders. Club Saloon -I/ ' CLINUAN & HAMILTON, Proprietors K I XLEY E , It'EXIJA TRY OUR Cedar Brook l Hunter'shiskij Rye W ivatrbuti &it sf+0444 , 444++.44rit VirfOrf+.0104 -0 1 1 1 ir+44044 1 14.4 0 .4Ififirf 4.4u ap• High GrAt ofe Cigars NTAN Rustlers for RDWARE Trade COMPANY Lewistown Montana PARTIES ATTENDING The Fergus County Fair in Lewistown will find quite a few attractions at the Montana Hardware Co. Store, where we will have on display a fine new line of Stoves both Heating and Cooking also the Celebrated Majestic Steel Ranges all styles and sizes. Fine Buggies and Surreys are to be seen in our establishment, especially during the Fair. Guns, Rifles and Ammunition, all the new makes on hand here. Visit us during the fair. Montana Hardware Company Telephone 52 When in Lewistown Call on Montana Lumber Company Mail Orders Promptly Attended to Everything in the Lumber, Sash, Door and Moulding Line Largest Retail Stock in Montana. Prices Reasonable. (live us a call. Telephone 77 t4-azt Race 'greats Fair Wash. cif Il The race events fair week are as fol- lows: First day—Trot or pace. three minute clam; pulse $200-100, 50, 30 and 20. Quarter of a mile dash; purse $25-15 and 10. Breed race; purse $25-15 and 10. Second day—Trot or pace, 2:40 class ; purse$200-100, 50, 30 and 20. Half mile dash and repeat ; purse $100 fill, 26 and 15. Breed race; purse $15-10 and 5. Third day—Free for all trot, heats three in five; purse $400-200, 100. 60 soil 40. Five -eighth i mile dash; purse $75-45, 18.75, and 11.25. Three -eighths mile (15511; purse $60— 30, 20 and 10. . en a Bakery MdRTIX CLJUSFX Proprietor and Confectionery Store Bread, Pies and Cakes Fresh Every Day !Candies, Tobaccoes and 'Cigars, Very Choice I Local Agent for Kendall Stages C. E. CARLISLE, Agent in Kendall.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 15 Sept. 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.